马男波杰克 第六季 BoJack Horseman Season 6 第15集: 中间视角 The View from Halfway Down

上映日期: 2,019

语言: 英语

影片类型: 剧情 / 喜剧 / 动画

导演: Peter Merryman

演员: 威尔·阿奈特 / 爱丽森·布里 / 艾米·塞德丽丝 / 保罗·F·汤普金斯 / 亚伦·保尔 / 拉斐尔·鲍勃-瓦克斯伯格 / 科雷西·克莱门斯

翻译 NETFLIX 校对 蛋挞西瓜 特效 小布 压制 JASON肖
What you got there?
I think it's a hydrangea.
Does she even like that kind of plant?
Probably not. She doesn't like anything.
大概不喜欢 她什么都不喜欢
Hello, BoJack.
你好 波杰克
Thanks for having me, Mom.
谢谢你邀请我 妈妈
You're the guest of honor.
Everyone, BoJack is here.
各位 波杰克来了
Hey, buddy! Get in here!
兄弟 快进来
- For you. - Oh, a plant.
-给你的 -盆栽
Dirt for inside. Goody.
给屋里带点尘土 真棒
You got here just in time, BoJack.
你来得正是时候 波杰克
A bird flew in through the window
and we're having trouble getting her out of the house.
Yeah, call yourself early and go get a worm!
做只早起的鸟儿 去吃虫吧
Golly, she's more coy than a coyote claiming a cottontail.
天啊 她比扮兔的狼还装
Ahem. Phone for you, Mrs. Horseman.
您的电话 马男夫人
Thank you, butler.
谢谢你 管家
- Is that Zach Braff? - Who?
-那是扎克·布拉夫吗 -谁
Zach Braff. Actor, independent filmmaker, real- life friend of Donald Faison?
扎克·布拉夫 演员 独立制片人 现实世界中是唐纳德·法森的朋友
- You mean my butler? - At your service!
-你是说我的管家 -为您效劳
I actually was friends with Donald in real life.
现实世界中 我的确曾是唐纳德·法森的朋友
He's a spectacular man- -
- Butler! - Sorry! Phone call for you.
-管家 -抱歉 有您的电话
I'll take it in the kitchen.
BoJack, make yourself useful for a change and help, will ya?
波杰克 做个有用的人 去帮帮他们 好吗
With the bird?
Hello? Oh, it's you.
你好 是你啊
All right. That does it! Son of a- - !
好了 这次肯定行 混蛋…
With a drop like that,
you'd think she was the ratings for Veronica's Closet
when it moved to Mondays.
Ugh. Comedy poison. Who wants to laugh on a Monday?
简直是喜剧毒药 谁想在周一笑嘻嘻
BJ! Finally made it to our little soirée, huh?
波杰克 你终于出席我们的小晚会了
Yeah, I kept having this dream where I was having dinner
with all the people who were gone and I thought, "I should do that!"
于是我想 "不如真的吃一次吧"
So, here I am.
We've got to flank her from the left.
Hello. Crackerjack?
你好 强手杰克吗
That's what it says on my underpants!
The uncle I never met and yet could never live up to!
我从未谋面 却一直活在他阴影之下的舅舅
All right, soldier. Ready, aim...
好了 士兵 准备 瞄准…
Hey! What's up, man?
嘿 你好啊
Hey, Corduroy. Good to...
嘿 灯芯绒 很高兴…
Still weirded out because the last time you saw me I was naked,
还在尴尬吗 因为你上回见到我
hanging from my iPhone charger, holding a lemon, with a very erect penis
我全裸吊在手机充电线上 拿着柠檬 丁丁翘高高
despite being deceased in my trailer for over an hour?
You're gonna have to get over that, buddy.
别再纠结这件事了 兄弟
- What are you...? Stop that. - Oh! Oh, sorry.
-什么 别这样 -抱歉
Forgot where I was for a second.
- Think this'll help? - Kid's got the right idea.
-这个有用吗 -这孩子的点子不错
We can chuck the choker and spook her with this poker!
让我们丢掉绳索 用棍子吓跑她
- Show her who's boss! - Ruffle her feathers!
-对 让她知道谁是老大 -惹她
Get her to the kitchen!
And that!
- All right! - Go!
-好了 -快去
Yes, yes, BoJack bullied a bird. Bully for him.
对 波杰克欺负了只鸟 可真行
Speaking of useless,
my husband is running late, so we're gonna start dinner without him.
我老公要迟到了 不用等他 先吃饭吧
He'll be here before the show starts, won't he?
He'd better be.
In the meantime, let's adjourn to the dining room
before our dinners get as cold as my parenting style.
趁我们的晚餐还没和我的育儿方式一样 冷冰冰
I think mine would be
the first time someone asked for my autograph.
- Really? - Oh, wow!
-真的吗 -天啊
I didn't even know how to write my name!
I just drew a squiggle!
- Water? - Thank you, Zach Braff.
-水 -谢谢 扎克·布拉夫
You only get to give your first autograph once, you know.
The second time it becomes an obligation, the third time a chore.
到了第二次就成了义务 第三次就是例行公事
But the first time... The first time...
Hey. What is that?
Okay. My turn.
好 轮到我了
Mine was also when I signed on a dotted line to enlist.
我的也和签字有关 是我在征兵名单上签字的时候
Are you ready to sing "The Lollypop Song" in the big show later?
等会儿的演出上 你要唱"棒棒糖之歌"吗
No, Mom. You know I never make it to the show.
不 妈妈 你知道我撑不到演出的
I didn't know then that enlisting would lead to my two worst parts.
我还不知道 两个最糟的时刻 会在入伍后发生
You have two? I didn't know we could pick two.
你有两个 我以为只能选一个
Corduroy, it's a conversation, not an assignment.
灯芯绒 我们是在聊天 不是在做作业
- In that case, I have three. - Three is way too many.
-那我有三个 -不行 三个太多了
My worst parts were saying goodbye to my mother
and seeing a bullet go straight through my general's face,
right before it hit my own.
At least your death was instantaneous.
I can still hear the loud drips of my IV from when I had cancer.
我到现在还能听到 癌症病房里输液的声音
Drip. Drip.
滴答 滴答
- What about you, BoJack? - What?
-你呢 波杰克 -什么
Best part, worst part, what about you?
Well, I guess my worst part has to be, um...
Right before I got here, I think? Uh...
I went to Angela Diaz's house.
Does anyone else's water taste like chlorine?
Hey, Braff, can I get some different water over here?
布拉夫 能换瓶水吗
Right away, Mr. Horseman.
马上来 马男先生
Crackerjack, do you think your death meant something
强手杰克 你觉不觉得 为了崇高的理由牺牲
because it was in the service of a greater cause?
- Aw, shucks. - Of course it meant something.
-没有 -当然有意义了
I think questions like that are too big for a little soldier like me.
对于我这样的小兵来说 这个问题太大了
My brother gave the ultimate sacrifice.
- Because sometimes I wonder- - - But see, this is where I get hung up,
-有时候我会想… -这件事我一直耿耿于怀
because when we valorize the idea of sacrifice,
- of loss, of suffering- - - BoJack, don't start with this again.
-失去 或者苦难 -波杰克 你又开始了
When we grow up in a house that does that,
we internalize this idea that being happy is a selfish act,
我们会潜移默化地觉得 开心是一种自私的行为
but sacrifice doesn't mean anything.
- Yes, it does. - Sacrifice?
-当然有 -牺牲吗
In the service of something greater, maybe, but just in and of itself?
为了更壮丽的事业牺牲也许有意义 但牺牲这种行为本身呢
- What's the good in that? - A lot.
-它有什么好处 -多着呢
Sacrifice is good.
It has to be because I sacrificed a ton, and I was freaking awesome.
绝对是 因为我就牺牲了很多 而我超级无敌优秀
Oh, and what did you ever sacrifice?
是吗 你都牺牲了什么
I gave everything.
I gave my whole life.
You died in a hedonistic bender.
I'm not talking about my death.
I'm talking about my life. I gave my whole life.
我说的是我的人生 我献出了我的一生
If we get into everyone's whole life, we're gonna be here all night.
如果要聊大家的一生 一晚上也聊不完
It's called "Best Part/Worst Part," not "Everything That Ever Happened."
我们说的是"最好和最糟的时刻" 不是"我经历的一切"
Okay, worst part:
好吧 最糟的时刻
the 2007 "Sexually Confident Virgin Tour."
2007年的 "性心满满的处女巡回演唱会"
My manager leaked nudes to get more tour dates added,
我的经纪人为了能加场 故意泄露我的裸照
my mom pointed out every carb I ate, it was hell.
我一吃碳水化合物 我妈就指指点点 烦死了
But it gave millions of fans a show they will never forget.
但我们给上百万粉丝 献上了终生难忘的表演
And that is worth something.
No, that's a high you chase.
不 那只是你的自我高潮罢了
- It was not. - You think you singing songs on stage
-才不是 -你以为在你舞台上唱歌
is the same thing as this guy who died liberating the camps?
和他为了解放集中营而战死 是一回事吗
We don't need to compare apples to Auschwitzes.
Herb, tell 'em. It means something- - the work we do, the joy we bring.
赫布 你说说
It has to, right?
我们的工作 带给人们的快乐 它有意义是吧
Boy, I sure thought so. I- I used to really believe in it.
有的 以前我对此深信不疑
I mean, I was one "trapped in an airport during a snowstorm
毕竟我参演的 "舞蹈决赛前夜被暴风雪困在机场
on the eve of the dance championship guest starring Gregory Hines" episode
away from an Emmy.
Then I lost it all.
Ow! Seriously, is no one noticing this leak?
说真的 没人注意到天花板在漏水吗
Fine, we'll get a bucket.
好吧 我们去拿个桶
- The drips are hitting me! - Then you'll hold the bucket.
-水滴到我头上了 -那就让你举着桶
But the funny thing is,
it wasn't until I got fired that I actually became myself.
被开除之后 我才成了真正的自己
I was out of the closet. I was free. I was authentically me.
我出柜了 自由了 成为了原汁原味的自己
What does being authentic have to do with anything?
Well, when I wasn't hiding behind some facade, I could be at peace.
我不再戴着面具做人 才得到了内心的平静
That's when I really got into philanthropy.
同时 我开始热心慈善
- Can I ask you something, Herb? - Why do people say that?
-我能问个问题吗 赫布 -为什么大家要这么说
If you're asking it, then yes, you can and you will and you just did.
你想问就问啊 你明明已经提了一个问题
Yeah, why are we announcing our questions?
对 问问题前为什么要先预告一下
Yeah, what are these questions, royalty?
对 这些问题是什么 王室成员的吗
Announcing King and Queen Query of the Interrogative Isle.
May I ask you how do you do?
我能否问您一句 您过得好吗
Very well, thanks.
非常好 谢谢
I didn't ask you yet. I asked if I could ask you.
我还没有问呢 我是问您我可不可以问您
Did you get pleasure from your charity work?
Like real, deep pleasure?
像是真实的 发自内心的快乐
It dwarfed every other joy in my life.
Doesn't count then. If you got pleasure, it wasn't selfless.
那就不算 如果你得到了快乐 那就不是无私的
And it's only good if it's selfless.
Who made up that rule? I helped people.
这规矩是谁定的 我帮助他人
Who cares if it made me feel good, too?
Feeling good is inherently selfish.
If I'd given myself to Christ, truly went down the path- -
如果我将自己献给基督 坚定不移地…
I don't care for this talk of religion in my house.
If I wasn't constantly trying to feel good, get it better,
真希望我没有花一辈子的时间 试着让自己开心
always looking for maximum pleasure... That was my worst part.
Well, one of the three worst parts. Wait, actually, can I have four?
不 是三个最糟糕的事情之一 等等 能选四个吗
Discovering you in your trailer definitely cracks my top five.
在你的休息室里发现你的尸体 绝对能排进我的前五名
This is bullshit!
I did a lot for a lot of people! I was not a bad person.
我为别人做了很多事 我不是坏人
No one is accusing you of being a bad person, Sarah Lynn.
没人说你是坏人 莎拉·琳恩
You are! You all are
明明就有 你们都在说
with your "being authentic" and "charity work" and "killing Nazis."
说什么"原汁原味的自己" "慈善事业"还有"杀死纳粹"
I actually never killed a Nazi. All my kills were friendly fire.
其实我没有杀过纳粹 我杀的都是友军
I also never liberated any camps. I'm honestly not sure what I did.
我也没有解放过集中营 我并不清楚自己做过什么
Here you go. Your husband just pulled up, ma'am.
给 您的丈夫到了 夫人
Wait, Dad's here? He's never made it to dinner before.
等等 爸爸来了 以前他从没在晚餐上露过面
- Hey, here's a question. - Another question has arrived!
-我有个问题 -又一个问题驾到
Did any of you have a song of yours played in outer space?
Anyone? No. Just me? Oh.
有吗 没有 只有我吗
That's what I thought.
My hit single "No, No, No " is making its way to Mars!
我的单曲 "不要不要" 在那儿播
That means something. I will be remembered.
这绝对有意义 我会被人们铭记的
That has to mean something. I will be- -
这一定是有意义的 我会…
Sorry I'm late. Did I miss the show?
抱歉迟到了 我错过演出了吗
- Hey! - There he is! There's our guy!
-嘿 -他来了
- Dad! - I...
-爸爸 -我…
Oh, you didn't miss a thing. It's not like we have anywhere to be.
你什么都没错过 反正我们也没有别的安排
Why shouldn't we all bend ourselves to your schedule?
I already apologized. I was running.
我已经道歉了 我是跑过来的
Yes. As always, running late,
对 和往常一样 跑步跑到迟到
while I was running myself ragged trying to get dinner on the table.
Yes, you helped.
对 你帮了忙
And now I'm running out of patience for you running your mouth.
你再唠叨下去 我就要抓狂了
And I'm running out the clock until we both...
而我会一直拖延下去 直到我们都…
Well. Here we are.
算了 已经到了
I'll just squeeze in here.
- Get yourself something nice. - Ooh! Thank you, Mr. Secretariat.
-去买点好东西 -谢谢您 一代骄马先生
- What'd I miss? - We're playing Best Part/Worst Part.
-我错过了什么 -我们在玩最好和最糟的时刻
Ooh! I got one! Machu Picchu.
我想到一个 马丘比丘
When I left "Horsin' Around," I honestly thought about killing myself.
离开"鬼马奶爸"时 我认真地考虑过自杀
Shit, Herb. Really?
赫布 真的吗
Yeah. But the Knicks were having a good season
对 但那个赛季尼克斯队打得很棒
and I wanted to see what happened.
Wait, you didn't kill yourself
等等 你没有自杀
because the Knicks were having a good season?
What would you have done if they were having a bad season?
如果他们打得不好呢 你要怎么办
I don't know. Gotten into baseball?
不知道 改看棒球吧
Oh, for the love... Where's your follow- through?
It's like you didn't even wanna kill yourself!
And I'm so glad I didn't.
Because there I was ten years later at Machu Picchu
因为我在十年后 站在马丘比丘的土地上
and I realized there was so much more I could do in a life.
Okay, my turn.
好了 轮到我了
August 22nd, 1973, I was banned from running ever again.
1973年8月22日 我被终生禁赛
And running, well, that was the only thing that ever made sense to me,
so if I couldn't do that I was nobody.
不能奔跑的我 一无是处
- This is your worst part? - Best part: jumping off that bridge.
-这是你最糟的时刻 -而最好的时刻 就是跳下那座桥
- Jesus. - What did I say about the Jesus talk?
-上帝 -不是说了不许聊上帝吗
It was my choice. I got to go on my own terms.
Not a lot of people can say that.
- No. - That's true.
-是啊 -也对
The view from up there.
Eh, you wouldn't believe it.
Oh, my.
- It must've been from swimming earlier. - Oh, you were swimming?
-肯定是刚才游泳时呛到了 -你去游泳了吗
Yeah. I, um...
对 我…
- When was I swimming? - Don't think about that.
-我什么时候游的泳 -先别想了
- Do you have a best part? - Oh, uh, I don't know.
-你最好的时刻是什么 -我不知道
This past year I took a teaching job.
And I had this one student who was really struggling,
just couldn't get over this hump.
And what, you helped him do good in a scene? For your class?
然后呢 你帮他在课上演好了一出戏吗
That's the best part of your whole life?
I don't know, I was just spitballing.
我不知道 我想到就说了
I didn't know you were gonna put me on the spot like this!
Come on, buddy. What was so special about that moment?
拜托 那个时刻有什么特别的
It felt good to help someone do something.
See? Helping someone, like I said!
你瞧 帮助他人 就像我说的
But he liked it because it felt good, like I said!
但他喜欢这么做 是因为这让他感觉良好 就像我说的
I liked it because it reminded me of when I was young, just starting out.
我喜欢那一刻是因为它让我想起 我初出茅庐的时候
You and me, screwing around, hitting up open mics.
你和我四处乱闯 去表演脱口秀
Trying to figure it out. I think...
想找到自己的路 我觉得…
- I think that was the best part. - Really?
-我觉得那才是最棒的时刻 -真的吗
Well, are we ready to start the show?
- Let's do this! - Okay, nice seeing you all!
-太棒了 -去吧 好 很高兴见到你们
You're not coming?
This is always the part where I wake up. You all go to the show.
每次到这里我就醒了 你们都去看演出
Zach Braff says "Pardon my reach"
扎克·布拉夫说 "抱歉 拿个东西"
even though he can clearly get my plate from another angle.
- Then I wake up. - Oh, okay.
-然后我就醒了 -好吧
Next time then.
那么 下次见
Pardon my reach.
抱歉 拿个东西
Hello, everyone! Please take your seats.
大家好 请坐
Tonight's show is in honor of BoJack Horseman!
What do you say, huh? Should we get this show started?
怎么样 要不要赶快开始演出
Yeah! Tonight's opener needs no introduction,
好 今晚的开场嘉宾无需介绍
but I'm gonna give her one anyway.
Ladies and gentlemen, the one, the only, Sarah Lynn!
女士们 先生们 欢迎独一无二的莎拉·琳恩
Thank you, thank you!
I'd like to dedicate tonight's performance to the man of the hour, BoJack Horseman!
我想把今晚的表演献给今天的贵宾 马男波杰克
Sarah Lynn, I'm so sorry for everything that happened with you.
莎拉·琳恩 我向你经历的一切道歉
With us. I should have protected you...
我们经历的一切 我应该好好保护你…
Ah, ah, ah. BoJack. This is my time.
波杰克 现在是我的表演时间
Yes. Of course. Sorry.
当然 抱歉
♪ Life is a never- ending show, old sport ♪
♪ 人生是一场永不落幕的演出 老朋友 ♪
♪ Except the minor detail that it ends ♪
♪ 只不过有个小问题 它总有一天会结束 ♪
♪ The overture's a lifetime But the show is short ♪
♪ 用尽一生演奏序曲 演出却戛然而止 ♪
♪ Here with all your family and friends ♪
♪ 与你的亲朋好友们一起 ♪
♪ You run the race You blurt your lines ♪
♪ 你用力奔跑 你念出台词 ♪
♪ They put your face On shirts and shrines ♪
♪ 人们把你的照片印上T恤和神庙 ♪
♪ And giant signs a thousand feet tall ♪
♪ 还有百米高空的巨大公告牌 ♪
♪ And don't stop dancing Don't stop dancing ♪
♪ 不要停止舞蹈 ♪
♪ 'Til the curtain call ♪
♪ 直到大幕落下 ♪
♪ Shows are a never- ending life Of course ♪
♪ 演出是永不落幕的人生 当然了 ♪
♪ A silhouette that stays When you are gone ♪
♪ 雁过留声 人过留名 ♪
♪ What use is the struggle And the strife, old horse? ♪
♪ 挣扎与争执到底是为了什么 老马 ♪
♪ End it and your legacy lives on ♪
♪ 结束这一切 你的美名依然流传 ♪
♪ The chatter stops The crowd departs ♪
♪ 喧哗散去 人群退场 ♪
♪ A needle drops, the music starts ♪
♪ 唱针落下 音乐响起 ♪
♪ A song you taught me when I was small ♪
♪ 那是我小时候 你教我唱的歌 ♪
♪ Don't stop dancing ♪
♪ 不要停止舞蹈 ♪
♪ Don't stop dancing ♪
♪ 不要停止舞蹈 ♪
Sarah Lynn? Sarah Lynn!
莎拉·琳恩 莎拉·琳恩
Okay, performing an interpretive aerial routine,
接下来 带来释意空中表演的是
your friend and mine, and a killer hang...
大家的好朋友 上吊杀手...
Corduroy Jackson- Jackson!
Where did Sarah Lynn go?
Try to enjoy the show.
- Where does this door go? - Sit down, buddy. You'll get your turn.
-这扇门通往哪里 -坐下 兄弟 会轮到你的
- No, I need you to tell me- - What? - Watch out!
-不 我想知道…什么 -小心
That's a series wrap on Corduroy Jackson- Jackson!
Down in front, please?
坐到前面来 好吗
All right, let's keep this show going, huh?
好了 演出继续
Next up, you know him, you love him,
你们认识他 你们都爱他
please a give a warm, warm, burning hot welcome to...
- Hey. You wanna grab a smoke? - ...Zach Braff!
-要去抽根烟吗 -扎克·布拉夫
Yes. Yeah, let's get out of here.
好 我们出去吧
Oh- ho, whee! I'm honored. Honored, honored.
我非常荣幸 太荣幸了
So, what's on the other side of that door?
The nerve of that guy. With the beard. Herb?
那个留胡子的家伙还真敢说 赫布是吧
Yeah. Herb.
对 赫布
What, he says he's at peace? 'Cause why, Machu Picchu?
他说就因为去了马丘比丘 找到内心的平静
- I don't buy it. - I don't know. I... I believe him.
-我才不信 -我说不清...我信他
I promise you, every single person in that room
我保证 那间房间里的每个人
would go back if we could.
Peace? That's someone trying to convince himself of something.
内心的平静 自欺欺人罢了
- Of what? - That life has meaning or purpose, that...
-欺什么 -人生有意义或目的…
that if you check the right boxes and do the dance,
如果你做了正确的选择 努力生活
then you get a little parting gift at the end,
a framed certificate that says, "Congratulations, you've got peace."
一张裱框证书 上面写着 "恭喜你 你找到了内心的平静"
- I wouldn't mind that. - But guess what?
-我觉得挺好 -你猜怎么着
All the time those people spent,
trying to do good or help people or be something?
试着做好事 帮助他人 成为了不起的人
I did none of that shit, and yet here I am, same as them.
我从没做过那种事 但我还是在这里 和他们一样
You were the fastest runner in the world. You inspired millions.
你是世界上跑得最快的马 你激励了成千上万的人
And yet, here I am, same as you.
但我还是在这里 和你一样
So, if you could go back, do it again, what would you do different?
所以如果你可以投胎转世 重活一遍 你会怎么活
What would I do? I wouldn't have cared so much.
我会怎么活 我不会那么在意
Cared about what? Racing?
在意什么 赛跑吗
About everything.
I know this part is confusing because I'm Secretariat
我知道你可能有些迷惑 毕竟我是一代骄马
and also your dad for some reason,
但不知为何 也是你的爸爸
but speaking as your dad, it's important that you know that I cared.
作为你的爸爸 我想让你知道 我也在意过
No. You never cared. You cared about your book.
不 你什么都不在意 你在意你的书
You cared about getting drunk
and telling everyone how miserable you were,
but that's not caring.
You think I didn't care because I put up walls,
你以为我封闭了自己 就代表我不在意
but I cared so much, BoJack.
但我太在意了 波杰克
About you, about your mother.
在意你 在意你妈妈
I wanted you to respect me. I wanted you to love me.
我希望你尊敬我 你爱我
I was so afraid that you would know that.
I cared so much.
It's a shame that we could never talk like this in real life.
真可惜 我们在现实生活中从没这么聊过
All the good it would have done.
Least we got the chance this time, before I wake up.
至少现在我们还有机会 在我醒来之前谈谈
Wake up? Oh, you're not getting it, are you?
醒来 你还没搞懂 对吧
Getting what?
Loss is a collaborative art,
between the people who leave us and those who remain.
We dance with the shadows of their absence.
- With that in mind, I present to you... - Stop the show!
-接下来 我将为您表演… -别演了
- Excuse me. - What's happening?
-不好意思 -这是什么情况
You're being very rude. I was about to do my roller- dance routine.
你太没礼貌了 我正准备跳旱冰舞呢
- Calm down, son. - Yes, why don't you sit down, and- -
-冷静 孩子 -对 你先找个位置坐下…
- No! - Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, no. Please!
-不 -不要 求你了
I'm not ready. I never got to direct my Backdraft remake:
我还没准备好 我还没有执导新版"烈火雄心"
"Zach Braff's Backdraft"!
I never finished my memoir:
"I Started A Zach Which Started The Whole World Braffing!"
"小小扎克 让全世界产生布拉夫效应"
I never got to license
the Zach Braff Short Stack Breakfast Attack at Shake Shack!
奶昔小站的扎克·布拉夫早餐 对抗知名汉堡
Cash- strapped hash brown fans who hashtag "Zach's snacks"
手头拮据的薯饼爱好者 只要用了主题标签"扎克点心"
get cash back fast with the Braff Bucks app!
就能在布拉夫钞票应用程序上 获得快速返现
I need to wake up. I can't be here.
我要醒过来 我不能留在这里
Of course. Everything's always about you.
确实 主角永远都是你
- BJ, buddy... - Herb! How did I get here?
-波杰克 兄弟… -赫布 我怎么会到这里来
How the hell should I know?
I broke into my house. But it wasn't my house anymore.
我闯进我家 但那里已经不是我家了
I was... I was watching the "Horsin' Around" Blu- ray.
Yes. Yeah, and I drank some more and I found some pills.
对 然后我又喝了酒 找到一些药
And then I went swimming...
No! No! No! No, wait, wait, wait! I got out of the pool.
不 等一下 我爬出游泳池了
Yes! And I called Diane!
对 然后我给戴安打电话了
BoJack, we're trying to do a show here.
波杰克 我们还要演出呢
But I called Diane.
I couldn't have drowned if I got out of the pool to call Diane!
我爬出泳池给戴安打了电话 所以我不可能淹死
So, I shouldn't be here.
If I could just finish the conversation. Where's a phone?!
要是我刚刚和她打完电话 电话呢
All right, ladies and gentlemen, we have a real treat for you next.
好了 女士们先生们 接下来的表演精彩绝伦
A real treat.
Come and see him before he makes a run for it.
在他跑开前 快来看他表演吧
- No! Stop! - It's Secretariat!
-不 停下 -有请一代骄马
Stay calm. Flyin' off the handle won't change a thing.
冷静 愤怒不能改变什么
This was gonna happen to you one of these days.
A poem. Original, obviously.
一首诗 我原创的 当然
It's called "The View from Halfway Down."
"The weak breeze whispers nothing The water screams sublime
"轻风无声地呢喃 水波纯洁地呼唤
His feet shift teeter- totter Deep breath, stand back, it's time
他的双脚紧张地踱步 深呼吸 退后一步 时候已到
Toes untouch the overpass Soon he's water bound
脚趾离开桥面 他已在水面之上
Eyes locked shut but peek to see The view from halfway down"
紧闭的双眼偷偷打开 窥探半空中的风景"
I'm not done. Hold on. I'm not done. I'm not done.
我还没念完 等一下 还没完呢
"A little wind, a summer sun A river rich and regal
"徐徐微风 夏日晴空 丰饶肃穆的河流
A flood of fond endorphins Brings a calm that knows no equal
喜悦的内啡肽涌入大脑 带来一种前所未有的平静感觉
You're flying now
You see things much more clear Than from the ground
It's all okay, it would be Were you not now halfway down
一切都会好起来的吧 一定会的 如果你没有跳到半空
Thrash to break from gravity
慌忙地拍打四肢 想要摆脱重力
What now could slow the drop?
All I'd give for toes to touch The safety back at top"
只要我的脚趾能重新触碰桥顶的安稳 我可以付出一切"
I change my mind. I change my mind. I don't wanna- -
我改变主意了 我改变主意了 我不想…
It's okay.
"But this is it, the deed is done
"但事已至此 无法挽回
Silence drowns the sound
Before I leaped I should have seen The view from halfway down
在我高高跃起之前 我真应该看一眼半空中的风景
No! I really should have thought About the view from halfway down"
不 我真应该想象一下 半空中的风景"
Find your peace, big guy. Find it.
找到内心的平静 内心的平静
"I wish I could have known About the view from halfway down- - "
"多希望我能早些知道 半空中的风景"
I need to get out of here!
- Wha- - - BJ, where do you think you're going?
-什么… -波杰克 你想要去哪里
Nothing you do in here matters, pal.
Yelling and struggling isn't gonna pull your body out of that pool,
再怎么叫喊 挣扎 也无法让你的身体离开泳池
- so you might as well just- - - Sit down!
-既然如此 不如就… -坐下
But I...
Look, BJ, it's possible that someone is going to find you and save you,
听着 波杰克 也许会有人找到你 救你一命
and it's also possible that someone won't.
We don't get to know.
Can I ask you a question?
Has anyone ever come back from this place?
BJ, there is no place.
波杰克 这个地方根本就不存在
It's just your brain going through what it feels like it has to go through.
All you can do right now is sit back and enjoy the show.
现在你能做的就是 坐好 欣赏演出
Folks, here is Beatrice Horseman
各位 有请碧翠丝马男
with her younger older brother, Crackerjack!
以及她年轻的哥哥 强手杰克
This is the hard part.
And now the easy part.
接下来 是轻松的
Over and out!
Wow. Beatrice Horseman, huh?
You know, she was gonna sing for us tonight,
but apparently, she was a little "horse."
但很显然 她有点赶 "马不停蹄"
Okay. You ready for the headliner?
好 准备好迎接重头戏了吗
Please welcome to the stage...
No. Please.
不 拜托了
The star of "Horsin' Around"
and "The BoJack Horseman Show"! "Philbert"! "Secretariat"!
"马男波杰克秀" "费尔伯特" "一代骄马"
The upcoming "Horny Unicorn"!
以及即将上映的 "淫荡独角兽"的主演
Son of Butterscotch and Beatrice!
Husband to no one! Father to none, that we know of!
没有配偶 没有子嗣…至少我们还没发现
Stand- up comedian, actor,
脱口秀喜剧表演者 演员
crippling alcoholic!
A talented charmer and a stupid piece of shit.
才华横溢的表演者 愚蠢至极的混蛋
It's... BoJack Horseman!
Is it terrifying?
No. I don't think so.
It's the way it is, you know?
Everything must come to an end, the drip finally stops.
凡事总有结束 滴答声总会停止
See you on the other side.
Oh, BoJack, no, there is no other side.
波杰克 根本没有另一边
This is it.
Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
等等 等一下
I... I need to make a phone call.
Someone? Anyone?
有人吗 有没有人
I'm looking for a phone.
Diane! Diane! Are you there? Diane! I need you!
戴安 你在吗 戴安 我需要你帮忙
- BoJack? - Diane! Thank God!
-波杰克 -戴安 谢天谢地
Thank God, Diane. Okay, Diane. Diane, you're gonna save me, right?
谢天谢地 戴安 好 戴安 你会来救我的 对吧
I called you and you're coming to get me?
我给你打了电话 你能来找我吗
BoJack, why did you call me? I live in Chicago. I can't save you.
波杰克 你为什么给我打电话 我搬去芝加哥了 我救不了你
- You didn't pick up. - Right.
-你没接电话 -对
- It went to voicemail. - Yeah.
-转接到了语音信箱 -对
And then... I went back in the pool.
- It's too late. What's done is done. - No.
-来不及了 木已成舟 -木已成舟
There's nothing I can do, BoJack. I'm not real. None of this is.
我什么也做不了 波杰克 我并不存在 这一切都不存在
- So, what do I do now? - BoJack, it doesn't matter.
-那么我现在要做什么 -波杰克 这都不重要了
Well, if it doesn't matter, can I stay on the phone with you at least?
既然一切都不重要 我可以继续和你讲电话吗
How was your day?
- Good. - Yeah?
-很好 -是吗
Yeah. My day was good.
对 我今天过得很好
Yeah. My day was good.
对 我今天过得很好