你能解决死亡竞速问题吗?——亚力克斯·詹德勒(Alex Gendler) Alex Gendler: Can you solve the death race riddle?

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演员: Alex Gendler

The night before the Death Race across the Wastelands is set to begin,
your uncle, the great inventor Slate Kanoli,
你的叔叔,伟大的发明家 斯雷特 · 卡诺利
got kidnapped by the ruthless No-Side gang.
The only way to get him back is to race his Coil Runner
唯一救回他的方法 就是驾驶他的螺旋跑车
against the gang yourself.
Win and they’ll give back your uncle.
Lose and you’ll forfeit the Coil Runner and all his other creations.
输了,你就会失去螺旋跑车 和他所有的发明。
As the grueling race gets underway,
you find yourself falling further and further behind.
Your only chance is to take a shortcut your uncle told you about––
你唯一的机会是走 叔叔曾告诉你的那条近道——
the Flux Ravine gambit.
Fortunately, the Coil Runner comes equipped with emergency turbo thrusters.
幸运的是,螺旋跑车 装备了紧急涡轮增压推进器。
Unfortunately, your uncle was a notorious tinkerer,
不幸的是,你叔叔的 修理水平是远近闻名的差,
and the system still had some kinks to work out.
车的系统仍有 一些小问题需要解决。
Just minor things like the ignition exploding,
仅仅一些小问题, 如火星塞爆炸,
the reactor leaking, or the oxygen levels depleting—
any of which would end your racing career immediately.
当中的任何一个都可以 立即结束你的赛车生涯。
Before his kidnapping,
Uncle Slate determined that each of these critical failures
was the ultimate result of a chain reaction
originating in the thrusters.
He was also certain that while one factor could trigger two different effects,
他十分肯定 一个因素会引发两个不同的结果,
and two factors could each independently lead to the same effect,
并且两个因素可以 各自独立地引起同一个结果,
no effect is caused by two factors in conjunction.
没有一个结果 是由两个因素共同引起的。
However, Uncle Slate never got around to pinpointing
which thruster was responsible for which error.
哪个推进器会引起哪个问题 就被绑架了。
All you have are the notes from his test runs:
1. When thrusters B and C are on, the Fuel gauge glows.
1. 当开启推进器 B 和 C 时, 燃油量表会闪烁发光。
2. When thrusters A, B, and D are on,
2. 当开启推进器 A、B 和 D 时,
the Fuel gauge glows and the Helium tank rattles.
燃油量表闪烁发光 并且氦气瓶发出咔嗒声。
3. When thrusters C, D, and E are on,
3. 当开启推进器 C、D 和 E 时,
the Fuel gauge glows and the Gravitometer spins.
燃油量表闪烁发光 并且比重计旋转。
4. When thrusters A, D, and E are on,
4. 当开启推进器 A、D 和 E 时,
the Gravitometer spins and the Helium tank rattles.
比重计旋转 并且氦气瓶发出咔嗒声。
5. Shortly after the Helium tank rattles and the Gravitometer spins,
5. 在氦气瓶发出咔嗒声 并且比重计旋转不久之后,
the Ignition explodes and the Oxygen levels deplete.
6. Shortly after the Fuel gauge glows and the Gravitometer spins,
6. 在燃油量表闪烁发光 并且比重计旋转不久之后,
the Reactor leaks.
You need to use as many thrusters as possible
to give yourself the best chance at clearing the gap,
without triggering any of the three catastrophic failures.
且不会引起三个 毁灭性故障中的任何一个。
Which thrusters should you activate?
Answer in 3
Answer in 2 2 ,
Answer in 1 1 。
The most important thing to remember here
is that even if we know that one thing causes another,
the converse is not necessarily true.
For example, this panic switch shuts off the coil runner’s engine.
比如,应急开关 可以熄灭螺旋跑车的引擎。
But the engine being off doesn’t necessarily mean
the panic switch was engaged—
the coil runner could be out of fuel, or damaged—
螺旋跑车可能没油了 或者坏了——
or turned off normally.
We can, however, conclude that if the engine is running,
但是我们可以推断出 如果引擎还在运行,
the panic switch hasn’t been engaged.
With that in mind, one way we can start is to work backwards
from the three defects that could knock you out of the race.
从会导致挑战失败的 三个缺陷中反向推导。
So let’s look at Slate’s last two notes,
现在我们一起看看 斯雷特的最后两条笔记,
since they give direct information about those.
因为它们给出了 有关上述笔记的直接信息。
The Gravitometer spins in both cases, but the results are different.
在两个情况下比重计都会旋转, 但它们的结果不同。
That means the spinning Gravitometer
can’t be the cause of any particular malfunction.
If it were, the same thing would happen each time.
如果它是, 那么每次都会发生同样的结果。
So we can conclude that a glowing Fuel gauge makes the reactor leak,
所以我们可以推断 闪烁发光的燃油量表使反应器泄漏,
while a rattling Helium tank makes the Ignition explode
and depletes the Oxygen levels.
Once we know which two errors we need to avoid,
一旦我们知道了 哪两个故障需要避免,
we can make a table and use the logic of cause and effect
to see which thrusters trigger them.
Since the Helium tank is fine during the first test run
when thrusters B and C are active,
启动推进器 B 和 C 时正常,
we can assume neither makes it rattle.
我们可以推断这两个推进器 都不会使它发出咔嗒声。
And from the third run we know that D and E don’t either.
从第三次测验我们知道 推进器 D 和 E 也不会。
That leaves thruster A,
那就只剩下推进器 A 了,
which was indeed used in the second and fourth test runs
where the Helium tank rattled.
Now what causes the glowing Fuel gauge?
From the fourth test run we know it can’t be thrusters A, D, or E.
从第四次测试我们知道 不会是推进器 A、D 或 E 。
So is the culprit, B, C, or each of them separately?
那么 B 和 C 到底谁是罪魁祸首, 还是说它们都是 ?
The answer can be found in the second and third test runs:
从第二次和第三次的测试中 可以得到答案:
the fuel tank glowed in both, but B was activated in one,
燃油量表在两次测试中都闪烁发光, 但是 B 只在一次测试中被启动,
and C in the other.
而 C 在另一次被启动。
That means the B and C thrusters each independently make the Fuel tank glow.
这就说明 B 和 C 推进器 各自独立地使燃油量表闪烁发光。
It looks like the A, B, and C thrusters are off limits.
看来 A、B 和 C 推进器不能用。
Fortunately, the other two are just enough to clear the jump.
幸运的是,另两个推进器 足够完成这次跳跃。
You rocket into first place
and the gang begrudgingly hands over your uncle.
He thanks you profusely, and decides to celebrate your victory
他对你表示了由衷的感谢, 并且决定庆祝你的胜利,
with a cup of tea from his latest contraption...
奖励了你从他那最新的 奇特装置里倒出的一杯茶······