玩具总动员3 Toy Story 3

上映日期: 2,010

语言: 英语 / 西班牙语

影片类型: 喜剧 / 动画 / 奇幻 / 冒险

导演: 李·昂克里奇

演员: 汤姆·汉克斯 / 蒂姆·艾伦 / 琼·库萨克 / 尼德·巴蒂 / 唐·里克斯 / 迈克尔·基顿

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Money, money, money! Hey!
钱 钱 钱 嘿!
- You got a date with justice, One-Eyed Bart. - Too bad, Sheriff.
- 独眼巴特 正义与你有个约会 - 太糟啦 警长
I'm a married man.
One-Eyed Betty!
I think you dropped something, Mister.
我想你好像掉下了什么东西 先生
- Jessie? - Give it up, Bart. You've reached the end of the line.
- 翠丝? - 投降吧 巴特 你已经无路可逃了
I always wanted to go out with a bang.
- Oh no! - The orphans!
- 哦 不要! - 孤儿们!
Hate to leave early, but our ride is here.
还想陪你们玩会的 但我们的专车到了
It's me or the kiddies, Sheriff. Take your pick.
追我还是救孩子 警长 你自己选吧
Ride like the wind, Bull's-eye!
跑出风驰电掣的感觉吧 红心!
Hold 'em steady.
Woody, hurry!
胡迪 快点!
- Glad I can catch the train. - Now let's catch some criminals.
- 真高兴我接住了火车 - 现在我们去抓罪犯吧
To infinity and beyond.
飞向宇宙 浩瀚无垠
- Reach for the sky. - You can't touch me, Sheriff.
- 举起双手 - 你抓不到我的 警长
I brought my attack dog with a built-in force field.
Well, I brought my dinosaur who eats force fields dogs.
好啊 我也带来了专吃磁力场狗狗的抱抱龙
Evil Doctor Pork Chop.
That's Mr. Evil Doctor Pork Chop to you.
Buzz, shoot your laser on my badge. Woody, no, I'll kill you.
巴斯 用你的激光枪射我的徽章 胡迪 不行 我会把你射死的
Just do it.
You're going to jail, Bart. Ah, watch out!
你得去坐牢了 巴特 啊 小心!
- Mom! - No, no, no. Just keep playing. Just pretend I'm not here.
- 妈妈! - 别停 别停 继续玩吧 就当我不在
- Oh, no, Molly! - No, it's ok, Mom.
- 哦 别这样 茉莉! - 没事 没关系的 妈妈
It's a 50 feet baby from outer space.
And she's on a rampage! Run for your lives!
她在横冲直撞! 大家快逃命吧!
Does the red light mean it's going?
Come on say "Happy Birthday" to Molly.
来吧 对茉莉说"生日快乐"
- Happy birthday. - Oh. Charming.
- 生日快乐 - 哦 真可爱
Look how tall you're getting.
Buzz Lightyear to the rescue.
Good work, Buzz.
干得漂亮 巴斯
- Ok, places, everyone. Come on, come on. Get in position. - Wait, I can't find my other eye.
- 好了 各就各位 快点 赶快就位 - 稍等 我的另一只眼睛找不到了
- All right, whose foot's in my face? - It's mine, give it back.
- 哎 谁把脚放到我脸上了? - 是我的 还给我
You saved our lives. We are eternally grateful.
你救了我们 我们这辈子都感激不尽
Buzz, mind if I squeeze in next to you?
巴斯 你介意我挤在你旁边吗?
Yes. No. I mean, why would I mind if I squeeze... squeeze in next to... you?
是的 不 我是说 我怎么会介意挤... 挤在你... 旁边呢?
- Is it hot in here? - Oh, here they come.
- 这里太热了吧? - 哦 他们来了
- Sarge, you got it? - Mission accomplished.
- 警长 你们搞到了? - 完成任务
Careful. Careful.
小心 小心
All right guys. We've got one shot at this.
好了 大伙儿 我们只有一次机会
- Everybody ready? - We're ready, Woody. Let's do it.
- 大家准备了吗? - 我们准备好了 胡迪 开始干吧
Ok Buzz, make the call.
好的 巴斯 打电话吧
- Target is on approach. - Just like we rehearsed it guys.
- 目标正在靠近 - 就跟我们排练的情形一样 伙计们
Hello. Hello. Anyone there?
喂 喂 有人吗?
- Molly, stay out of my room. - I wasn't in your room.
- 茉莉 别进我的房间 - 我没去你房间
- Then who was messing with my stuff? - It wasn't me.
- 那是谁在乱搞我的东西? - 不是我
- Well, that went well. - He held me! He actually held me!
- 哈 进展还真顺利 - 他拿起我了! 他真的拿起我了!
- Uh, this is just sad. - Who we kidding? The kid's 17 years old.
- 呃 真悲哀 - 我们在骗谁啊? 这孩子已经17岁了
We ain't ever getting played with.
Guys, hey, hold up. We need a staff meeting. Everyone, a staff meeting.
大伙儿 嗨 等一下 我们得开个全体会议 大家都过来 开全体会议
- Oh, not again. - Oh come on. Sling, gather everyone up.
- 哦 别又开会 - 哦 拜托 弹簧狗 把大家都召集来
Uh, we are together, Woody.
呃 我们都在啊 胡迪
Ok. Uh, first off ... we all knew "Operation Playtime" was a long shot.
好的 呃 首先... 我们都知道"游戏时间"这个计划成功的希望很渺茫
- More like a misfire. - But we've always said this job isn't about getting played with
- 貌似失败了 - 但我们一直说我们的目的不是玩耍
- it's about ... - Being there for Andy. We know.
- 而是为了... - 陪在安迪身边 我们知道
But we can try again, right?
但我们可以再试一次 对吗?
- I'm calling it guys. We're closing up shop. - What?
- 哦 还是算了 各位 我们就此打住吧 - 什么?
Andy's going to college anyday now.
That was our last shot.
We're going into attic mode folks. Keep your accessories with you at all times.
我们要转移到阁楼上了 伙计们 保证你们的附件佩戴齐全
Spare parts, batteries ... anything you need for an orderly transition.
备用零件 电池... 把需要的所有东西都带上 有序搬迁
Orderly? Don't you get it? We're done! Finished. Over the hill.
有序? 你还不明白吗? 我们玩完了! 结束了 风光不再了
Hey, hey, hey. Come on guys. We all knew this day was coming.
嘿 嘿 嘿 拜托了 各位 我们都知道这一天迟早会来临
Yeah, but now it's here.
没错 但现在这一天真的来了
Look, every toy goes through this. No one wants to see ...
听我说 每个玩具都要经历这一天 没人希望看到...
- Hey Sarge! What are you doing? - War's over folks.
- 嗨 队长! 你们在干什么? - 战争已经结束了 伙计们
Me and the boys are moving on.
- Moving on? - You're going AWOL?
- 离开? - 你们要擅自离开?
We've done our duty.
- Andy is grown up. - Let's face it ...
- 安迪已经长大了 - 让我们面对现实吧...
when the trash bags come out, we army guys are the first to go.
等开始收垃圾的时候 最先被丢进去的就是我们
- Trash bags? - Who said anything about trash bags?
- 垃圾? - 谁说我们要变垃圾啊?
It has been an honor serving with you. Good luck folks.
很荣幸曾与你们并肩作战 各位 祝你们好运
- You're gonna need it. - No, no, wait, wait, wait.
- 你们会需要垃圾袋的 - 不 不 等等 等等 等等
- We're getting thrown away? - No. No one's getting thrown away.
- 我们会被扔掉? - 不 没有人会被扔掉
- How do you know? - We're being abandoned.
- 你怎么知道? - 我们被抛弃了
- We'll be fine, Jessie. - So why did Sarge leave?
- 我们会没事的 翠丝 - 那队长为什么要离开?
- Should we leave? - I thought we were going to the attic?
- 我们也要离开吗? - 我以为我们要去阁楼的啊?
- Oh I hate all this uncertainty. - Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Hold on a minute. Quiet!
- 哦 我讨厌这种不确定的感觉 - 喔 喔 喔 等一下 安静!
No one's getting thrown out, ok?
没有人会被扔掉 明白了吗?
We're all still here. I mean,
我们还会都在这儿 我是说...
yeah, we've lost friends along the way ...
没错 我们一路走来也曾失去过一些朋友...
- Wheezy and Etch and... - Bo Peep.
- 吱吱和画板 还有... - 宝贝儿
Yeah, even, even Bo.
没错 甚至 宝贝儿
All good toys who've gone on to new owners.
But through every yard sale, every spring cleaning...
但经过了那么多次旧货出售 春季扫除...
Andy held onto us.
He must care about us or we wouldn't be here.
他一定很在乎我们 否则我们早就不在这儿了
You wait. Andy's gonna tuck us in the attic. It'll be safe and warm.
你们等着瞧 安迪会把我们收到阁楼里的 那里既温暖又安全
- And we'll all be together. - Exactly.
- 而且我们全都会在一起 - 完全正确
- There's games up there and books and ... - The racecar track.
- 那里有游戏有图书还有... - 赛车道
- The racecar track, thank you. - And the old TV.
- 赛车道 谢谢 - 还有旧电视
There you go, the old TV. And those guys from the Christmas decorations.
你说得对 还有旧电视 还有圣诞节装饰用的那群伙计
Well, they're fun, right?
是的 他们很有趣 对吧?
And some day, if we're lucky, Andy may have kids of his own.
有朝一日 如果我们幸运的话 安迪会有自己的孩子
And he'll play with us then, right?
他又会跟我们一起玩了 对吧?
- We'll always be there for him. - Come on guys ...
- 我们会在阁楼里等着他 - 来吧 大伙儿...
let's get our parts together, get ready and go out on a high note.
让我们收拾好东西 准备光荣引退吧
- I'd better find my other eye. - Where'd you leave it this time?
- 我得找到我的另一只眼睛 - 这次你又把它丢在哪儿了?
Some place dark and dusty.
一个黑乎乎的 布满灰尘的地方
Come on. Let's see how much we're going for on eBay.
来吧 我们看看我们在易趣网上值多少钱
Don't worry, Andy's going to take care of us. I guarantee it.
别担心 安迪会照顾好我们的 我保证
- You guarantee it, huh? - I don't know, Buzz.
- 你保证能这样 呃? - 我不知道 巴斯
What else could I say?
Well, whatever happens, at least we'll all be together.
好的 不管发生什么事 至少我们全都在一起
For infinity and beyond.
飞向宇宙 浩瀚无垠
- Can I have your stereo? - No.
- 能把你的立体声音响给我吗? - 不行
Why not?
- Can I have your computer? - No.
- 能把你的电脑给我吗? - 不行
- Your video games? - Forget it, Molly.
- 那你的游戏机呢? - 想都别想 茉莉
Ok Andy, let's get to work here. Anything you're not taking to college ...
好了 安迪 我们开始干活吧 你不带到学校去的东西...
either goes to the attic, or it's trash.
要么放到阁楼上 要么当垃圾扔掉
- Mom, I'm not leaving till Friday. - Come on, it's garbage day.
- 妈妈 我礼拜五才走呢 - 快点 今天是收垃圾的日子
- Mom! - Look, it's simple. Skateboard: college.
- 妈妈! - 看着 这很简单的 滑板: 带到大学
Little League trophy: probably attic.
联赛小奖杯: 可能放到阁楼上
Apple core: trash.
苹果核: 垃圾
- You can do the rest. - Why do you still have these toys?
- 剩下的你来收拾吧 - 你为什么还留着这些玩具?
- Molly, out of my room! - Three more days and it's mine.
- 茉莉 别呆在我房里! - 再过三天 这儿就归我喽
Molly! You're not off the hook either. You have more toys than you know what to do with.
茉莉! 你也逃不掉 你有很多玩具不知如何处置
Some of them can make other kids really happy.
- What kids? - The children at the daycare.
- 什么孩子? - 幼儿园里的孩子
They're always asking for donations.
- What's daycare? - Sh Sh Sh.
- 什么是幼儿园? - 嘘 嘘 嘘
- Mom! - No buts. You choose the toys you want to donate,
- 妈妈! - 别反对了 你选择想捐赠的玩具
I'll drop them off at Sunnyside.
- Poor Barbie. - I get the Corvette.
- 可怜的芭比 - 雪佛兰跑车归我了
Andy, come on. You need to start making decisions.
安迪 快点 你得开始做决定了
- Like what? - Like, what are you going to do with these toys?
- 什么决定? - 比如说 你打算怎么处理这些玩具?
- Should we donate them to Sunnyside? - No!
- 要不捐给阳光幼儿园行吗? - 不行!
Maybe sell them online?
Mom, no one's going to want those old toys.
妈妈 没人想要这些旧玩具
- They're junk. - Fine. You have till Friday.
- 他们都是些破烂 - 好吧 你可以把它们留到礼拜五
Anything that's not packed for college or in the attic...
- is getting thrown out. - Whatever you say, Mom.
- 都会被扔掉 - 好吧 好吧 妈妈
- What's happening? - We're getting thrown out, you idiot! That's what's happening!
- 发生什么事了? - 我们要被扔掉了 你这个白痴! 就是这么回事!
- You need a hand? - I got it.
- 要帮忙吗? - 我自己能行
Here. So you gonna miss me when I'm gone?
给你 我走后你会想我吗?
If I say "no", will I still get your room?
如果我说"不" 我还能得到你的房间吗?
- No. - Then, yes, I'll miss you.
- 不能 - 那就 是吧 我会想你的
- I can't breathe. - This can't be happening.
- 我喘不过气来了 - 怎么会发生这种事
Quiet! What's that sound?
安静! 那是什么声音?
That's not trash. That's not trash!
那不是垃圾 那不是垃圾!
Think, Woody. Think, think, think.
想想办法 胡迪 想想办法 想想办法
Buster, come here boy. Come here.
臭小子 过来宝贝 过来
Ok boy, to the curb. Heeyah!
好的 宝贝 到路边去 驾!
No, Buster! No!
不 臭小子! 不要!
Get up, Buster.
起来 臭小子
- We're on the curb! - Oh, I knew it come to this.
- 我们在路边了! - 哦 我就知道会这样
Pull everyone! Pull!
大家用力拉! 拉!
It won't rip!
Oh for goodness ... It's triple-ply, high-density polyethylene.
哦 天哪... 有三层塑料袋 高密度聚乙烯的
- There's gotta be a way out. - Oh Andy doesn't want us. What's the point?
- 一定有办法出去的 - 哦 安迪不要我们了 还有什么意义?
Point, point, point!
有意义 有意义 有意义!
- Push! Push! - I can hear the garbage truck!
- 拉! 拉! - 我能听到垃圾车的声音!
It's getting closer.
Buzz! Jessie!
巴斯! 翠丝!
- Andy threw us out. - Like we were garbage.
- 安迪把我们扔出去了 - 把我们当成垃圾一样
Junk. He called us junk.
破烂 他叫我们破烂
How could he?
- This doesn't make any sense. - I should have seen this coming.
- 这没道理啊 - 我应该预料到的
- It's Emily all over again. - The Sarge was right.
- 这是艾米丽的翻版 - 警长是对的
- Yeah and Woody was wrong. - Wait a minute. Hold on. This is no time to be hysterical.
- 是的 胡迪错了 - 等一下 等等 现在没时间歇斯底里
- It's the perfect time to be hysterical. - Should we be hysterical?
- 这正是该歇斯底里的时候 - 我们应该歇斯底里吗?
- No. Yes. - Maybe, but not now.
- 不 没错 - 也许 现在不是时候
Yee haw! Fellas, I know what to do.
耶 呃! 伙计们 我知道该怎么办了
What the heck?
- Oh, we should have done this years ago. - Jessie wait. What about Woody?
- 哦 我们早就该这样做的 - 翠丝 等等 胡迪怎么办?
He's fine, Buzz. Andy's taking him to college.
他没事的 巴斯 安迪要带他去大学
Now, we need to go.
现在 我们得走了
You're right. Come on.
你说的对 来吧
- Buzz? - Woody.
- 巴斯? - 胡迪
What's going on? Don't you know this box is being donated?
这是怎么回事? 难道你们不知道这个箱子是要捐赠的吗?
- It's under control, Woody. We have a plan. - We're going to daycare.
- 一切尽在掌握中 胡迪 我们有一个计划 - 我们要去幼儿园
Daycare! What, have you all lost your marbles?
幼儿园! 什么 你们都疯了吗?
Well didn't you see? Andy threw us away.
嗯 难道你没看到安迪抛弃了我们?
No, no, no. He was putting you in the attic.
不 不 不是的 他是要把你们放进阁楼的
- Attic? So how did we end up on the curb? - That was a mistake.
- 阁楼? 那我们怎么最后到了路边? - 那是个误会
- Andy's mom thought you were trash. - Yeah, after he put us in a trash bag.
- 安迪的妈妈把你们当垃圾了 - 没错 是他先把我们装进垃圾袋的
- And called us junk! - Yeah, I know it looks bad.
- 他还叫我们破烂! - 是的 我知道这很令人伤心
But guys, you gotta believe me.
但伙计们 你们得相信我
- Sure thing, college boy. - Andy's moving on, Woody.
- 当然 大学生 - 安迪已经开始新的生活了 胡迪
It's time we do the same.
Ok, out of the box. Everyone, right now!
好了 所有人立刻从箱子里出来!
- Come on Buzz, give me a hand. We gotta get this thing. - Woody, Woody.
- 来吧 巴斯 帮我一把 我们得把这个弄下去 - 胡迪 胡迪
We need to figure out what's best for everyone.
Oh great, great. It'll take us forever to get back here.
哦 完了 完了 我们永远也回不来了
Oh it's all right, Barbie. You'll be ok.
哦 没关系的 芭比 你会没事的
Molly and I have been growing apart for years.
It's just .. I can't believe she would throw me away!
只是... 我真不敢相信她会把我丢掉!
- Welcome to the club, Toots. - Ok, everyone listen up...
- 我们是同命相怜 小姑娘 - 好了 大家听好了...
We can get back to Andy's but we gotta move fast.
我们有办法回到安迪家 但我们得动作快一点
- We'll hide under the seats till we get back home. - Get it through your vinyl noggin Woody...
- 我们先躲在座位下面 直到我们回到家 - 别犯傻了 胡迪...
- Andy doesn't want us anymore. - He was putting you in the attic!
- 安迪已经不想要我们了 - 他是要把你们放进阁楼的!
- He left us on the curb! - All right, calm down, both of you!
- 他把我们丢在路边了! - 好了 你们两个都安静一下!
Ok. Fine, fine. Just wait until you see what daycare's like.
好 好的 好的 你们就等着看看幼儿园是什么样子吧
Why? What's it like?
为什么? 那是什么样子?
Daycare is a sad, lonely place for washed up old toys who have no owners.
幼儿园是一个悲伤 孤独的地方 专门收留没人要的废弃旧玩具
- Quite the charmer, aren't you? - Oh, you'll see, as soon as we get to daycare
- 你还什么都知道 哈? - 哦 等着看吧 等你们一到幼儿园
you'll be begging to go home.
- Can anyone see anything? - There's a playground.
- 你们能看见什么吗? - 那儿有一个游乐场
- We hit the jackpot, Bull's-eye. - So much for sad and lonely, huh?
- 我们中头奖了 红心 - 忧伤孤独从此拜拜 是吧?
Ok calm down guys. Let's keep this in perspective.
伙计们 冷静点 让我们正确地看待这件事
- Perspective? This place is perfect. - Woody, it's nice.
- 怎么个正确法? 这地方简直完美 - 胡迪 这儿妙极了
See? The door has a rainbow on it.
看见了吗? 门上还画着彩虹
- Hey, there. - Wow. I haven't seen you in ages.
- 嘿 我来了 - 哇 真是好久不见
I just wanted to drop these old toys off. Is this Bonnie?
我是来捐这些旧玩具的 这是邦尼吗?
- Look how big you are. - Say hi, Sweetie.
- 都长这么大了呀 - 亲爱的 快打招呼呀
- Hi. - Hey, how are your kids? Molly and Andy?
- 嗨 - 你孩子们怎么样啊? 茉莉和安迪呢?
- Not kids anymore. Andy's going to college on Friday. - What?
- 不是小孩子了 安迪周五就上大学去了 - 真的吗?
- Can you believe it? - You sure they won't miss these?
- 难以置信吧? - 你确定他们不会想念这些玩具吗?
No, they never get played with.
不会的 早就不玩这些东西了
- Do you see any kids? - Where's she taking us?
- 你看见小孩子了吗? - 她要把我们带到哪儿去?
- Look. - Wow.
- 快看 - 哇
What? What is it?
I can't see.
Ok, everyone recess. Come on.
好了 休息时间到 来吧
- So now what do we do? - We go back to Andy's.
- 现在我们怎么做呢? - 回安迪家去
- Anyone see an exit? - Exit, schmexit.
- 有没有看见什么出口? - 什么出口不出口的
- Let's get played with. - Careful.
- 让我们和孩子们玩吧 - 说话小心
These toys might be jealous of new arrivals.
- I want to see. - It's my turn.
- 我要看看 - 该轮到我看了
New toys!
- Howdy, glad to meet you. - Buzz Lightyear at your service.
- 你好 很高兴认识你 - 巴斯光年 乐意为您效劳
Oh, thank you. May I? Oooh.
哦 谢谢 可以吗? 哦哦
The Claw.
Well, hello there.
嗯 欢迎诸位
I thought I heard new voices. Welcome to Sunnyside, folks.
我就说自己刚刚听到了一些新声音 欢迎来到阳光幼儿园 伙计们
I'm Lotso, hugging bear. But please call me Lotso.
我是抱抱熊 请叫我抱抱熊
Buzz Lightyear. We come in...
巴斯光年 我们到此...
First thing you gotta know about me, I'm a hugger.
识人先识习 抱抱熊喜欢抱人
Look at you all. You been through a lot today, haven't you?
看看你们 今天累坏了吧 是不是?
- Oh, it's been horrible. - Well, you're safe now.
- 哦 不堪回首啊 - 好了 现在你们安全啦
We're all cast-offs here. We've been dumped, donated...
我们都是弃儿 被抛弃 被捐赠...
yard sales, second-handed and just plain thrown out.
宅前贱卖 二手交易 甚至赤裸裸地被丢弃
But just you wait, you'll find being donated was the best thing to ever happen to you.
且莫伤心 在这儿你们将意识到 被捐赠其实是最好的归宿
Mr. Lotso, do toys here get played with everyday?
抱抱熊先生 这儿的玩具每天都有人玩吗?
All day long. Five days a week.
周一到周五 一天24小时
- But what happens when the kids grow up? - Well now, I'll tell you.
- 当孩子们长大了呢? - 问得好 让我来告诉你
When the kids get old, new ones come in.
一群孩子长大了 又一群孩子进园来
When they get old, new ones replace them.
大孩子走了 新宝宝来了 周而复始
You'll never be out-grown or neglected, never abandoned...
你们永远是适龄玩具 永远不会被冷落 被抛弃...
or forgotten. No owners means no heartbreak.
或是被遗忘 没有常主就意味着不会心碎
- Yee haw! - It's a miracle!
- 嘢哈! - 梦一样的生活!
And you wanted us to stay at Andy's.
- Because we're Andy's toys! - So you got donated by this Andy, huh?
- 因为我们是安迪的玩具! - 于是你们被这个安迪捐出去了 对不?
- Well, it's his loss, Sheriff. He can't hurt you no more. - Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
- 那是他的损失啊 警长 他再也不能伤害你了 - 哦不 哦不
Now let's get you all settled in. Ken? Where is that boy? Ken!
现在来给你们安新家 肯尼呢? 那家伙到哪儿去了? 肯尼!
- New toys. - Far out. Down in a jiff, Lotso.
- 来新玩具了 - 棒极了 抱抱 我马上下来
So, who's ready for Ken's dream tour?
那么 谁准备好了踏上肯尼的梦幻之旅?
- Let's show our new friends where they'll be staying. - Uh folks, if you wanna step right this way...
- 带我们的新朋友参观一下他们的新家 - 啊 伙计们 请这边走...
- Hi. I'm Ken. - Barbie.
- 你好 我叫肯尼 - 我叫芭比
- Have we ever met? - Uh uh. I would have remembered.
- 我们以前见过吗? - 没有 你这样的美人我见过一定会记住的
- Love your legwarmers. - Nice ascot.
- 我喜欢你的裤袜 - 你的领带也不错
- Come on, Ken. Recess don't last forever. - Right on, Lotso. This way, everybody.
- 快点 肯尼 课间一会就过去了 - 没错 抱抱熊 诸位 这边请
You got a lot to look forward to, folks. The little ones love new toys.
伙计们 值得你们期待的东西很多 岁数小的孩子们喜欢新玩具
- What a nice bear. - And he smells like strawberries.
- 多好的一只熊啊 - 而且闻起来像草莓
Folks, if I could share...
伙计们 容我为你们介绍...
here at Sunnyside we've got just about anything a toy could ask for...
一个玩具想要得到的东西 阳光幼儿园应有尽有
Spare parts, super glue and enough fresh batteries to choke a hungry, hungry hippo.
备件 强力胶 电池 电池之足可以塞满一只极度饥饿的河马
Think you're getting old? Well, stop your worrying.
担心老无所依? 打消这个顾虑吧
Our repair spot will keep you stuffed, puffed and lighted up.
我们的修理点会为你填充 松化 保你焕然一新
And this... well, this is where I live. Ken's Dream House.
而这里... 正是我住的地方 肯尼的梦之屋
It has a disco, it's got a dune buggy and a whole room just for trying on clothes.
内有迪厅 沙滩车 还有一个专用试衣间
- You have everything. - Everything, except someone to share it with.
- 你拥有一切 - 一切 独缺一位女主人
You need anything at all, you just come talk to me.
如有任何需要 请告知我
Here we are.
Well, thank you, Big Baby. Why don't you come meet our new friends?
谢谢你 大宝宝 来见见我们的新朋友 好吗?
Poor baby. We were thrown out together... me and him.
可怜的宝宝 我和他... 我们是同时被丢弃的
Abandoned by the same owner. But we don't need all this at Sunnyside...
被同一个主人遗弃 但在阳光幼儿园 我们不需要主人...
We own ourselves. We're masters of our own fate.
自主命运 我们就是自己的主人
We control our own destiny.
Oh, watch out for puddles.
哦 当心脚下
Here's where you folks will be staying.
The Caterpillar Room.
- Look at this place! - Wow!
- 瞧这地方! - 哇!
- Holy moley guacamole! - Jackpot, baby!
- 全能的主啊! - 中头奖了 宝贝!
Hello. Hello. Hello.
你好 你好 你好
It's so beautiful!
Huh? What the...?
嗯? 这是...?
Oh, hey, little guy.
嘿 小家伙
How long's it been since you all got played with?
- It's been years. - Well, just you wait...
- 好多年了 - 那么 稍安勿躁...
in a few minutes, that bell's gonna ring and you'll get the playtime that you've been dreaming of.
静候几分钟 当铃声响起 你们梦寐以求的玩耍时间就到来了
Play. Real play. I can't wait!
玩耍 真正的玩耍 我迫不及待了!
Now, if you'll excuse us, we best be heading back.
现在 请原谅 我们也该回去了
- Welcome to Sunnyside, folks. - Thank you. Bye.
- 伙计们 欢迎来到阳光幼儿园 - 谢谢 再见
- Will I see you again? - Oh, I'll see you tonight...
- 我还能再见到你吗? - 哦 我今晚就能见到你...
- in my dreams. - Ken, let's get a move on.
- 在我的睡梦中 - 肯尼 我们走吧
Barbie, come with me. Live in my Dream House.
芭比 跟我走吧 住进我的梦之屋
I know it's crazy. I know we just met.
我知道这很疯狂 我们才刚刚认识
Ah heck, you don't know me from GI Joe...
该死 你未曾见过我在特种部队时的风姿...
- but when I look at you, I feel like we were... - Made for each other?
- 但当我看到你时 我感觉我们是... - 天造地设的一对?
- Yay! - Yes!
- 嘢! - 太好了!
- Ken? - Coming, Lotso!
- 肯尼? - 来啦 抱抱熊!
It's so exciting!
- Sounds like kids to me. - Oh, I want to get played with.
- 听起来像是孩子的声音 - 哦 我想陪他们玩耍
- Why can't time go faster? - How many are there out there?
- 时间怎么就不能走得快一点呢? - 有多少个孩子啊?
Oh, they sound so sweet!
哦 他们真可爱!
Look everyone, it's nice here, I admit.
大家听说我 我承认 这儿很好
- But we need to go home. - We could have a whole new life here, Woody.
- 但我们还是得回家 - 我们可以在此开始崭新的生活 胡迪
- A chance to make kids happy again. - Why don't you stay?
- 有机会再次给孩子们带来欢乐 - 你为什么不留下?
- Yeah, Woody stay with us. - Come on, Woody stay.
- 对呀 胡迪 和我们一起留下吧 - 胡迪 留下吧
- You'll get played with. - I can't. No. No. Guys, really, no!
- 会有人和你玩的 - 我不能 不 不 伙计们 不!
I have a kid. You have a kid. Andy.
我已经有一个孩子了 你们也有 他就是安迪
And if he wants us at college or in the attic...
如果他希望我们跟去大学 或是留在阁楼...
Well, our job is to be there for him.
那么 为他而存在于某处 是我们的职责所在
Now I'm going home. Anyone who wants to join me is welcome.
现在 我要回家了 有人愿意一道 我举双手欢迎
Come on, Buzz. Buzz?
走吧 巴斯 巴斯?
Our mission with Andy is complete, Woody.
我们陪伴安迪的使命已经结束了 胡迪
- What? - What's important now is that we stay together.
- 什么? - 现在 重要的是我们待在一起
We wouldn't even be together if it weren't for Andy!
要不是因为安迪 我们根本没机会聚在一起!
Look under your boot, Buzz. You too, Jessie. Whose name is written there?
巴斯 看看你的靴底 你也是 翠丝 看看那上面写着谁的名字?
- Maybe Andy doesn't care about us anymore. - Of course he does. He cares about all of you.
- 也许 安迪再也不在乎我们了 - 他当然在乎 他在乎你们所有人
He was putting you in the attic. I saw... You can't just turn your back on him now!
他准备把你们放进阁楼 我看见了... 你们不能现在背弃他!
Woody, wake up! It's over!
胡迪 醒醒吧! 一切都结束了!
Andy is all grown up.
Ok. Fine. Perfect. I can't believe how selfish you all are.
好 行 太棒了 真不敢相信 你们居然这么自私
So this is it? After all we've been through...
就此分道扬镳? 哪怕我们共同经历过那么多往事...
Bull's-eye, no. You need to stay.
红心 不 你得留下
Bull's-eye, no. I said stay!
红心 不 我说了留下!
Look, I don't want you left alone in the attic, ok?
听着 我不想你孤零零地待在阁楼 好吗?
Now stay.
I... I gotta go.
我... 我得走了
Bonnie, you in here?
邦尼 你在这儿吗?
Come on, Come on... No, no!
快 快... 不 不!
What? What the heck?
什么? 见鬼了?
Ah, that's better.
啊 这就好多了
Bonnie! Oh, there you are.
邦尼! 你在这儿呀
Come on, honey. It's time to go home.
亲爱的 是时候回家了
No, no, no, no...
不 不 不 不...
Reach for the sky.
Bluebells, cockleshells, eeny, miney...
风铃草 海扇壳 点兵 点将...
You're my favorite deputy.
- Bonnie! - Coming!
- 邦尼! - 来了!
Oh, great!
- Oh, it's gonna be ok, Bull's-eye. - Woody's going to college with Andy.
- 哦 没事的 红心 - 胡迪会跟着安迪去大学
- It's what he always wanted. - Ah, he's crazy.
- 那正是他所期望的 - 啊 他疯了
- College is no place for a toy. - Toys are for playtime.
- 大学容不下一个玩具 - 玩具是为玩耍而生的
Oh speaking about playtime... They're lining up out there!
说到玩耍... 他们在排队了!
- How many? - There must be dozens.
- 有多少人? - 好几十人
- Oh, I can hardly wait! - Places, everyone.
- 我迫不及待了! - 大家各就各位
At last I'm going to get played with.
- Uh Rex... - Come to Poppa.
- 抱抱龙呀... - 到这儿来
There's a snake in my boot.
I'd like to join your posse boys, but first I'm gonna sing a little song.
小伙子们 我愿意加入你们的队伍 但首先我要唱一首歌
A sheriff!
Move over, Mr. Prickle Pants. We have a guest.
让开点 刺头裤子先生 有客人来了
You want some coffee?
It's good for you but don't drink too much or you'll have a .. have a ...
适量饮用对你有益 一旦过量 你就会... 就会...
Be right back!
- Hey. Hello. Hi, excuse me. - Sh!
- 嘿 你好 请问 - 嘘!
- Can you tell me where I am? - Shhh!
- 请告诉我这是哪儿? - 嘘!
- The guy's just asking you a question. - Well, excuse me, I'm trying to stay in character.
- 人家问你呢 - 不好意思 我只是不想跳戏
- My name's Buttercup. You've met Baron Von Shush. - Sh!
- 我叫小奶油 他是刺猬先生 - 嘘!
- Hello, I'm Trixie. - Sh! Sh!
- 你好 我叫特蕾茜 - 嘘! 嘘!
Guys. Hey. Guys, look. I don't know where I am.
嘿 伙计们 听着 我不知道自己在哪儿
We're either in a cafe in Paris...
or a coffeshop in New Jersey. I'm pretty sure I just came back from the doctor...
要么是在新泽西的咖啡店 我确定自己刚看了医生回来...
with life-changing news.
We do a lot of improv here. Just stay loose, have fun. You'll be fine.
我们通常都是即兴表演 放松心情 寻找乐子 你会过得很好
No, no, no, no. I...
不 不 不 不 我...
Who wants lunch?
I have the secret ingredient. Jelly beans.
我有绝密配方 果冻豆豆
- Somebody's poisoned the water hole. - Poisoned?
- 有人在水洞里投毒 - 投毒?
Who would do such a mean thing?
Agh! The scary witch! Look out!
啊! 邪恶女巫! 当心!
She's using her witchy powers.
I know where to hide.
She'll never find us in here.
What's wrong?
Agh! She found us! We need a spaceship to get away from the witch!
啊! 她发现我们了! 我们要坐宇宙飞船逃跑!
- You're doing great. - Are you classically trained?
- 干得漂亮 - 你受过训练吗?
- Look, I just need to know how to get out of here. - There is no way out.
- 听着 我只想离开此地 - 你无路可逃
- Just kidding. Door's right over there. - Well, Cowboy. You just jumped right in, didn't ya?
- 开玩笑的 门就在那儿 - 牛仔 你来得很突兀嘛 不是吗?
- I'm Dolly. - Uh, Woody.
- 我是布娃娃 - 胡迪
Woody. Really? You're gonna stick with that?
胡迪 真的吗? 不考虑一下改名?
Cause now's your chance to change it. New room and all...
新房间 新环境 是时候换新名儿...
That's coming from a doll named Dolly.
- Who's the new guy? - Are you a real cowboy?
- 这个新人是谁呀? - 你是真正的牛仔吗?
- Well, actually... - Of course he's not, Pea Brain...
- 这个嘛 事实上... - 他当然不是了 豆豆...
- He don't even have a hat. - I do too have ...
- 他连个帽子都没有 - 我有...
- My hat! - Told you.
- 我的帽子! - 我跟你说过了吧
- I found a spaceship! - Showtime!
- 我发现了一艘宇宙飞船! - 表演时间到!
Quick. Get in. Strap in your seatbelts, close your tray tables.
快 上船 系好安全带 收起餐桌
Hold on, it might get a little bumpy.
坐稳了 可能会有点颠簸哟
Three, two, one. Blast off!
三 二 一 发射!
Yee haw! You saved us, Cowboy! You're our hero!
嘢哈! 牛仔 你拯救了我们! 你是我们的英雄!
I got a kink in my slink.
My tail! Where's my tail?
我的尾巴! 我的尾巴哪儿去了?
Someone need a hand?
- Where's my nose? - Here it is.
- 我鼻子哪儿去了? - 给你
- Here's your arm. - Gimme that.
- 你的胳膊 - 给我
Honey, the mustache?
亲爱的 胡子呢?
I don't recall playtime being quite that strenuous.
- Andy never played with us like that. - We're just gonna have to make the best of it.
- 安迪从未如此对待我们 - 我们得善处逆境
- But these toddlers, they don't know how to play with us. - They're too young.
- 但这些小屁孩 他们不知道该如何玩耍我们 - 他们太小了
- And they're sticky. - We should be in the Butterfly Room.
- 而且难缠 - 我们应该待在蝴蝶屋
- With the big kids. - That's right.
- 和稍大点的孩子一起 - 没错
You said it.
We'll get this straightened out.
I'll go talk to Lotso about moving us to the other room.
我去和抱抱熊谈谈 让他把我们带到其他房间去
Blast. Try that one.
糟糕 试试那个
- It's locked. - Same here.
- 锁着呢 - 这边也是
- Try the windows. - Uh negatory.
- 看看窗户 - 也关着呢
It's a Fenster-Sneckler 380.
Finest child-proof lock in the world.
- We're trapped! - Wait. Did anyone notice the transom?
- 我们被困住了! - 等等 看到气窗了吗?
Oh great. How do we get up there?
哦 太好了 但怎么上去呢?
All right, everyone. On three!
大家准备好了 我数到三!
- One... two... - Three!
- 一... 二... - 三!
Let go!
- He did it! - Yes, sir!
- 他成功了! - 是的 先生!
Way to go, Buzz!
干得好 巴斯!
- They think they had a fun playtime. - Sh. They might hear you.
- 他们还以为游戏时间很开心呢 - 嘘 他们会听到的
- Ok, now you start. - I...
- 好的 你先说 - 我...
- Love... - You!
- 爱... - 你!
See? That time I said "love".
你看? 这次我说了"爱"
- Ok, now me first. - Ok, ok, ok.
- 好啊 该我先说了 - 好的 好
- I... - Love...
- 我... - 爱...
You! You see what I mean? It changes every time!
你!明白我的意思吗? 每次都会改变!
- You are so smart. - Come on, Romeo. You're late.
- 你真聪明 - 好啦 罗密欧 你要迟到了
I'm going to miss you.
All right. Place your bets. Come on, everybody. Any splits?
好了 下注 大家快点 有逃跑的吗?
- Here we go. - Come on.
- 开始转了 - 转啊
That's it. No more bets.
太好了 不许下注了
- Come on, right here. - Come on, lemme have duck! Come on, lemme have duck!
- 停啊 停啊 - 转啊 鸭子! 我要鸭子!
I won!
- Stretch takes the round. - You lost.
- 八爪鱼拿下了这局 - 你输了
Ok, minimum bet: five monopoly. Coyotes wild.
好 最小赌注: 五块钱 土狼发飙了
Change of two double A's.
Hey, what do you guys think of the new recruits? Any keepers?
嘿 大家觉得新来的人怎么样? 有谁能当守卫吗?
Oh please ... landfill!
哦 拜托... 全是垃圾!
- Cowgirl? Dinosaur? - Toddler fodder.
- 女牛仔呢? 恐龙呢? - 也是没用的人
But that, that, uh, space guy... he can be useful.
但是那个 那个太空人呢... 他是可以利用的
He ain't the sharpest knife in the place where they keep the knives.
在一群打手里面 他可算不上厉害
Neither are you, Chunk.
你也不厉害 恰克
You got a little piece for yourself, didn't you, Ken?
你看上了一个 不是吗 肯尼?
Hey, lay off, Twitch!
嘿 别碰我 战神!
- Barbie's different. - Oh, Mr. Softy over here.
- 芭比和他们不一样 - 哦 好一个柔情男子啊
What do you expect from a girl's toy?
他就是个女孩子的玩具 能阳刚到哪儿去?
I'm not a girl's toy! I'm not!
我才不是女孩子的玩具! 不是!
- Why do you guys keep saying that? - All them toys are disposable.
- 为什么你们总是这么说? - 他们那些玩具都是一次性的
We'll be lucky if they last us a week.
要是他们能坚持上一个礼拜 就算我们走运了
Well, well. Looky who we have here.
- Let me go! - Take him to the library.
- 放开我! - 把他带到图书馆去
1225 Sycamore.
西迦摩尔大道 1225号
Woody, what are you doing?
胡迪 你干嘛呢?
- I gotta get outta here. - You're leaving?
- 我要离开这里 - 离开?
- But didn't you have fun today? - Well, of course I did. More than I've had in years.
- 你今天玩得不开心吗? - 当然开心 很多年没这么开心了
- But, you see, I belong to someone else. - Who's "Ydna"?
- 但我不属于这里 - 谁是"安达"?
- I believe it's pronounced "Ydnay". - Guys, it says Andy.
- 是"安德" - 伙计们 那是安迪
He's my Bonnie. And he's leaving soon.
他是我的邦尼 但他不久就要离开了
- I gotta get home. - Where's home?
- 我得回家 - 家在哪里呢?
Elm Street. 234 Elm.
榆树街 234号
- Do you have guys a map? - We're on it, Cowboy. Trixie?
- 你们有地图吗? - 有啊 牛仔 特蕾茜?
I'll fire up the computer.
Unhand me you, cowards. I demand to talk to Lotso.
放开我 你们这群胆小鬼 我要和抱抱熊谈谈
Zip it, Buck Rogers. You won't talk to Lotso till we say you can...
闭嘴 死太空人 要想和他谈 得先过了我们这关...
Ken, what's going on here? Why is this toy tied up?
肯尼 出什么事了? 为什么他会被绑着呢?
- Uh, he got out Lotso. - Got out?
- 呃 他逃出来了 抱抱熊 - 逃出来了?
Oh no, no, no, no, no, no! This isn't how we treat our guests.
哦 不 不 不! 这不是我们的待客方式
FAO my Schwartz! There you go. I'm so sorry.
抱歉了 我的客人! 好了 非常抱歉
- Lotso, there's been a mistake. - A mistake?
- 抱抱熊 事情不该这样 - 不该这样?
The children in the Caterpillar Room are not age-appropriate for me and my friends.
We respectfully request a transfer to the Butterfly Room.
- Well, request granted. - But Lotso...
- 批准了 - 但是抱抱熊...
Hush now, Kenneth. This toy showed initiative.
安静 肯尼 这个玩具很有主动性
Leadership. Why I say, we've found ourselves a keeper.
领导力 要我说 我们又找到一个新守卫了
Hear that everyone? We got a keeper!
大家听到了吗? 我们找到守卫了!
We're calling you up to the big leagues, son.
我们把你纳入了一个很大的团队 伙计
From now on you'll have anything you want.
从现在起 你要什么有什么
- Excellent! I'll go get my friends. - Whoa, whoa. Hold on there, boss.
- 太棒了! 我去叫我的朋友 - 哇 等等 伙计
Those Caterpillar kids need someone to play with.
- But my friends don't belong there. - Oh none of us do.
- 但我的朋友们不属于那里 - 哦 没人属于那里
I agree, which is why for the good, of our community...
我同意 所以说为了我们这个社区的利益着想...
we ask the newer toys, the stronger ones,
to take on the hardships the rest of us can't bear anymore.
I guess that makes sense.
But I can't accept. We're a family. We stay together.
但是我不接受 我们是一个大家庭 要呆在一起
A family man, huh? I understand.
一个很爱家的男人啊? 我明白了
Put him back in the timeout chair.
Unhand me!
Bring in the bookworm.
Ah! Here it is. It was filed under "Lightyear".
啊! 在这里 它归档在"光年"里
Let's see here... Accessories, Maintenance...
我看看... 配件 维修...
Oh, here we go. Remove screws to access battery compartment.
哦 找到了 拆掉螺丝 找到电池槽
What are you doing?
Let go of me.
To return your Buzz Lightyear action figure back to its original factory settings,
slide the switch from 'Play' to 'Demo'.
Stop! No, no, no!
快停下来! 不 不要啊!
- What was that? - Sounds like it came from the hall.
- 什么声音? - 像是从大厅传来的
I'll see what it was.
- What do you see? Anything? - No, just a dark hallway.
- 看到什么了? 有人吗? - 没有 只看到漆黑的走廊
- Wait, wait, I see Andy. - What?
- 等等 我看到安迪了 - 什么?
- That's impossible. - No, no. I really see him.
- 不可能 - 不 不 我真的看到他了
In his room. Ohh! My other eye!
在他的房间里 哦! 是我的另外一只眼睛!
The one I left behind!
This is so weird. He's packing up.
真奇怪 他在收拾行李呢
Uh oh. Here comes Buster. Out of the way. Get away!
啊哦 臭小子过来了 让开 让开!
Ok. Andy's out in the hall.
好了 安迪在走廊上
He's looking in the attic. Wait, there's mom.
他往阁楼里面看呢 等等 他妈妈出现了
Why is he so upset?
Oh no. Oh, this is terrible!
哦 不 哦 天哪 不会吧!
He's looking for us. Andy's looking for us.
他在找我们 安迪在找我们呢
He's looking for us?
Andy does want us! I just knew it!
I think he did mean to put us in the attic.
我想 他确实是想把我们放进阁楼去
- Well, then Woody was telling the truth. - Holy cow!
- 这么说 胡迪说得是实话 - 天啊!
And you didn't believe him!
- Hey, you didn't believe him first. - Guys, we gotta, we gotta go home!
- 嘿 是你先怀疑的 - 伙计们 我们要 我们要回家!
- Lotso! - Hey there. How are you all doing this fine evening?
- 抱抱熊! - 嘿 大家好 这么美好的夜晚 大家都好吗?
- Thank goodness. Have you seen Buzz? - There's been a mistake. We have to go.
- 谢天谢地 你看到巴斯了吗? - 我们弄错了 我们必须离开
Go? Why? You just got here, in the nick of time too.
离开? 为什么? 你们才来没多久啊 再说 这里很需要你们啊
We were running low on volunteers for the little ones.
They just love new toys, now don't they?
他们真的很爱新玩具 不是吗?
Love? We have been chewed, kicked, drooled on...
爱? 他们对我们又是嚼 又是踢 又是吐口水...
Just look at my pocket book.
Hmm, well here's the thing, Sweet Potato, you ain't leaving Sunnyside.
嗯 事情是这样的 甜蛋头 你们是不可能离开阳光幼儿园的
Sweet Potato? Who do you think you're talking to?
甜蛋头? 你以为你是在跟谁说话呢?
I have over 30 accessories and I deserve more respect...
我有30个以上的配件 我应该得到足够的尊重...
Ah, that's better.
啊 这样好点了
Hey! No one takes my wife's mouth, except me!
嘿! 除了我 谁也不能碰我老婆的嘴巴!
Give it back, you furry air freshener!
还给她 你这个浑身是毛的家伙!
- Come on guys. We're going home. - Whoa, there Missy! You're not going anywhere.
- 伙伴们 走吧 我们回家 - 哇 等等 小姐! 你哪里也别想去
Oh yeah? Who's going to stop us?
哦 是吗? 试试看啊?
Buzz, you're back. Buzz?
巴斯 你终于回来了 巴斯 你怎么了?
Watch out!
Prisoners disabled, Commander Lotso.
囚犯全部搞定 抱抱熊长官
- Buzz, what are you doing? - Silence. Minions of Zurg.
- 巴斯 你这是干什么啊? - 肃静 札克的狗腿们
- You are in the custody of the Galactic Alliance. - Galactic Alliance?
- 你们现在被星际联盟拘留 - 星际联盟?
Good work, Lightyear. Now lock 'em up.
做得好 巴斯光年 把他们关起来
Yes, sir.
是 长官
Where do you think you're going?
- Buzz, we're your friends. - Spare me your lies, Temptress.
- 巴斯 我们是你的朋友 - 少花言巧语 你这个妖女
Your emperor is defeated and I'm immune to your bewitching good looks.
你的王国已经覆灭了 我是不会为你的美貌所蛊惑的
Hey, Mungo. Get your paws off my wife.
嘿 大宝宝 把你的爪子从我老婆身上拿开
Let go of me, you drooling doofus.
放开我 你这个流哈喇子的笨蛋
Not him. I think this potato needs to learn himself some manners.
别关这里 得给这个蛋头点颜色看看
- Take him to the box. - Hey, put me down, you moron!
- 把他放到盒子里面去 - 嘿 放下我 你这个混蛋!
Where are you taking me to? Bad baby. Bad baby.
你要把我带到哪里去? 坏孩子 你个坏孩子
- Ken, what's going on? - Barbie. I told you to wait in the Dream House.
- 肯尼 这是怎么回事啊? - 芭比 我说了让你在梦之屋里面等啊
- What are you doing with my friends? - Get in.
- 你把我的朋友们怎么了? - 进去吧
- Barbie, wait. - Don't touch me!
- 芭比 等等 - 别碰我!
- We're through! - Barbie, I...
- 我们之间完了 - 芭比 我...
- And give me my scarf back. - Ow!
- 把我的围巾还给我 - 噢!
- Lightyear, explain our overnight accommodations. - Sir. Yes, sir.
- 巴斯光年 给他们说下夜宿的规矩 - 是 长官
Prisoners sleep in their cells.
Any prisoner caught outside their cell, spends the night in the box.
一旦被抓到跑出囚房 就关在盒子里面过夜
Roll call at dusk and dawn.
Any prisoner misses roll call, spends the night in the box.
点名不到 就关在盒子里面过夜
Prisoners do not speak unless spoken to.
除非长官问话 否则囚犯禁止说话
Any prisoner talks back, spends the night...
顶嘴的囚犯 就关在...
In the box. We get it!
盒子里面过夜 知道了!
At ease, soldier. They're neutralized.
冷静 他们已经知道了
But remember, they'll say anything to make you doubt yourself.
但是切记 他们会花言巧语 让你怀疑自己
Don't worry, Commander. Any doubt I had...
不用担心 长官 我所有的疑虑...
got pounded out of me at the Academy.
Listen up folks. We got a way of doing things here at Sunnyside.
听着伙计们 国有国法 家有家规 阳光幼儿园也有规矩
If you start at the bottom, pay your dues, life here can be a dream come true.
只要你从底层做起 任劳任怨 生活总有一天会很惬意的
But if you break our rules, step out of line...
但是 如果你们敢坏我规矩 越过雷池...
try to checkout early, well, you're just hurting yourself.
想要逃走 那你们就是自讨苦吃
- Woody! What did you do to him? - You all get a good night's rest...
- 胡迪! 你把他怎么了? - 你们都好好休息吧...
You got a full day of playtime tomorrow. Ha ha ha ha ha!
明天还要陪孩子们玩一整天呢 哈哈哈哈!
1225 Syca...
西迦摩尔大街 1225号...
Who is Velocistar237?
That's just a dinosaur toy down the street. That's nothing. Let me just take care of that.
他只是街角的一个恐龙玩具 没什么 我来回复
Just a dinosaur...
All right. Sycamore. Ok. Enter.
好了 西迦摩尔大道 好了 按回车
Please don't be far. Please. Please.
拜托 不要太远 拜托
- Right around the corner? It's right around the corner! - Yay!
- 就在街角? 就在那个街角! - 耶!
Look at me! I'm big toy on campus!
看我! 哈哈 我马上就可以去上大学啦!
- Hello. I'll see you at the Sock Hop. - Ok, Potsie.
- 你好 回头在赤裸舞会见 - 好的 傻瓜
Hey, wait, listen ... if any of you guys ever get to Sunnyside Daycare...
嘿 等等 听着... 要是你们有谁去了阳光幼儿园...
- you tell them that Woody made it home. - You came from Sunnyside?
- 告诉我的朋友们 胡迪回到家了 - 你从阳光幼儿园来的?
- But, how'd you escape? - Well, it wasn't easy.
- 你是怎么逃出来的? - 是不容易
What do you mean "escape"?
Sunnyside is a place of ruin and despair.
Ruled by an evil bear who smells of strawberries.
- Lotso? - The guy may seem plush and huggable on the outside...
- 抱抱熊? - 这个家伙外表看起来或许平易近人 和蔼可亲...
- but inside, he's a monster. - But, how do you know that?
- 但实际上 他是个恶魔 - 你们怎么知道?
Chuckles. He'll tell you.
小丑 他会告诉你的
Yeah, I knew Lotso.
是的 我认识抱抱熊
He was a good toy. A friend.
他曾是个很好的玩具 很好的朋友
Me and him, we had the same kid. Daisy.
他和我 我们属于同一个主人 她叫黛西
I was there when Lotso got unwrapped.
抱抱熊来的时候 我在那里
Daisy loved us all. But Lotso ... Lotso was special.
黛西非常爱我们 但是抱抱熊... 它是黛西的最爱
They did everything together.
I've never seen a kid and a toy more in love.
One day we took a drive.
有一天 我们一起坐车出去
At a rest stop, we had a little playtime.
到车站时 我们玩了一小会儿
After lunch, Daisy fell asleep.
吃过午饭后 黛西睡着了
She never came back.
Lotso wouldn't give up.
It took forever, but we finally made it back to Daisy's.
我们走了很久 最终我们回到了黛西的家
But by then, it was too late.
但是 已经太晚了
Something changed that day inside Lotso.
- Something snapped. - She replaced us.
- 变得和以前不一样了 - 我们被取代了
- Come on. - No, she only replaced you.
- 我们走 - 不 只有你被取代了
She replaced all of us. Didn't she?
我们全都被取代了 难道不是吗?
She don't love you no more.
Now, come on!
We were lost. Cast off.
我们迷路了 被丢弃了
Unloved, unwanted.
没人爱我们 没人需要我们
Then we found Sunnyside.
But Lotso wasn't my friend anymore.
He wasn't anyone's friend.
He took over Sunnyside and rigged the whole system.
他接管了阳光幼儿园 并建立了一整套邪恶的制度
- So, how'd you get out? - I got broke.
- 那么 你是怎么逃出来的? - 我被玩坏了
Bonnie found me. Took me home. Other toys, they weren't so lucky.
邦尼发现了我 把我带回了家 但其它的玩具 就没有这么幸运了
It ain't right what Lotso done. New toys, they don't stand a chance.
抱抱熊不该这样做 新玩具 他们不可能成功逃走的
- But my friends are in there. - You can't go back.
- 但是我的朋友们在那儿 - 你不能回去
- Returning now would be suicide. - But what about your Andy?
- 现在回去等于自杀 - 而且你的安迪怎么办?
Isn't he leaving for college?
Quiet, musical hog! Knock it off!
安静 音乐猪! 别吵了!
Oh, Bull's-eye. I miss Woody too.
哦 红心 我也很想念胡迪
But he ain't ever coming back.
- Rise and shine, campers! - Commander Lotso, sir.
- 该起床喽 露营者们! - 抱抱熊长官
- All quiet. Nothing to report. - Excellent, Lightyear.
- 一切正常 没有任何需要回报的 - 好极了 巴斯光年
- Come on. We need you back at Star Command. - Wait! What have you done with my husband?
- 上来 我们需要你回到星际总部 - 等等! 你们把我老公怎么样了?
Big Baby.
Sweet heart!
It was cold and dark. Nothing but sand and a couple of "Lincoln Logs".
那儿又冷又黑 除了沙子和几块"林肯积木"以外 什么都没有
Uh, I don't think those were "Lincoln Logs".
嗯 我不认为那是"林肯积木"
You all get ready. You got a play date with destiny.
你们都准备好了 你们的游戏时间就要到了
- Uh, hello? - You shouldn't have come back, Cowboy.
- 嗯 喂? - 你不该回来的 牛仔
They've cracked down hard since you left.
自从你走后 他们采取了更加严厉的防范措施
More guards, more patrols. You and your friends ain't ever gonna get outta here now.
加强了看守和巡逻 你和你的朋友永远不可能从这儿逃出去了
- I made it out once. - You got lucky once.
- 我成功过一次 - 那是你幸运
Want my advice? Keep your heads down.
想听我的建议吗? 把头凑过来
- You'll survive. - Yeah, for how long?
- 你们不会死的 - 嗯 苟活几天?
I've been here years. They'll never break me.
我已经在这儿有几年了 他们永远没法玩坏我
There's only one way toys leave this place.
Poor fella. Trash truck comes at dawn.
可怜的孩子 垃圾车会在黎明的时候到
- Then it's off to the dump. - Look, I appreciate your concern, Old Timer.
- 然后开往垃圾场 - 听着 我很感激你的关心 老前辈
But we have a kid waiting for us. Now we're leaving.
但是有一个孩子在等我们 我们现在就要离开
If you'd help us, one toy to another, I'd sure be grateful.
作为一个玩具 如果你能帮助我们这些玩具 我会感激不尽
Well, if you're gonna get out, first thing you gotta get through is the doors.
好吧 如果你要逃跑 第一件事就是要通过那些门
Locked every night. Inside and out.
- Keys are left on a hook in the office. - Got it. What else?
- 钥匙就在办公室里 - 明白 还有呢?
Lotso's trucks patrolling all night long.
- Hallway, lobby, playground ... - Yeah, yeah. What about the wall?
- 走廊 休息室 操场... - 好的 好的 围墙呢?
8 feet high. Cinder block. No way through it. You go over or under.
8英尺高的焦渣石 不可能穿过的 你只能从上面或者从下面绕过
- That's it? Doesn't seem so bad. - It's not.
- 就这些? 不算太糟糕嘛 - 不只这些
Your real problem's the monkey.
The monkey's the eye in the sky. He sees everything.
猴子是总监控 他能看见每个地方的情况
Classrooms ...
hallways ...
even the playground.
You can unlock doors, sneak past guards ...
你可以打开门 绕过守卫...
climb the wall, but if you don't take out that monkey ...
爬上墙 但是如果你不制服那只猴子...
you ain't going nowhere. Do you want to get out of here?
你就哪儿都别去 你想逃出去吗?
Get rid of that monkey!
Recess. Come on, kids.
课间休息 快点 孩子们
- Hey guys. - Woody?
- 嘿 伙计们 - 胡迪?
- Thank goodness! - You're alive!
- 谢天谢地! - 你还活着!
Of course I'm alive.
My hat. Wait. Where's Buzz?
我的帽子 等等 巴斯呢?
- Lotso did something to do with him. - He thinks he's a real Space Ranger again.
- 抱抱熊对他动了手脚 - 他又以为自己是真的太空守护者了
- Oh no! - Oh yes. Return of the astro nut.
- 哦 不! - 哦 是 又变回一个太空狂了
Woody, we were wrong to leave Andy. I... I was wrong.
胡迪 我们不该离开安迪 我... 我错了
Jessie's right, Woody. She was wrong.
翠丝说的对 胡迪 她的确错了
No, no, it's my fault for leaving you guys.
不 不 是我不该离开你们
From now on, we stick together.
从现在开始 我们要团结在一起
But, Andy's leaving for college.
但是 安迪马上要离家去上大学了
College! Flag down the mailman! We gotta get you home before Andy leaves tomorrow!
大学! 我们必须在明天安迪离开前把你送回家!
- Tomorrow? But that means ... - That means we're busting out of here.
- 明天? 那也就是说... - 也就是说我们要逃出这里
- Tonight. - What? Impossible!
- 就今晚 - 什么? 不可能!
- There's no way out of here. - No, there is a way out.
- 根本没有办法逃出这里 - 不 有一个办法可以出去
One way.
- Slinky Dog? - Present.
- 弹簧狗? - 到
Green guys? Cowgirl?
太空外星人? 女牛仔?
- Here. - Horse?
- 到 - 马?
- Piggy Bank. - Yup.
- 存钱罐 - 到
- Tyrannosaurus? - Here.
- 恐龙? - 到
- Barbie? - Here.
- 芭比? - 到
Potato Head?
Hey! Hey! Super Troop Man. Wake up!
嘿! 嘿! 捣蛋的蛋头 醒醒!
Little late for a stroll isn't it, Potato Head?
现在散步有点晚了吧 蛋头?
That's Mr. Potato Head to you smoothie!
叫我蛋头先生 你这个小白脸!
You ascot-wearing pink nosier! You're not a toy!
你个打领带的闲事儿王! 你就不算个玩具!
You're an accessory! You're a purse with legs!
你不过是个配件! 你就是个绣花枕头!
- Take him back to the box! - No, not the box!
- 把他带到盒子里去! - 不 我不去盒子里!
I'm sorry. I didn't mean it. I like ascots.
抱歉 我不是那个意思 我喜欢你的领带
- Ok check. - Good work, Lightyear.
- 好了 搞定 - 干得好 巴斯光年
All right. Resume your ... uh ... space guy thing.
好了 你可以继续你的... 呃... 太空事业了
Yes, sir, well-groomed man.
是 先生 潮男
Ken? Ken?
肯尼? 肯尼?
- What do you want? - I can't take it here, Ken.
- 你想干什么? - 我在这呆不下去了 肯尼
I want to go to the Butterfly Room. With you.
我想去蝴蝶之屋 和你在一起
- Yeah, well, you should have thought of that yesterday. - I was wrong.
- 是嘛 你昨天就该这样想了 - 我错了
I want to be with you Ken, I do, in your Dream House.
我想和你在一起 肯尼 我真的想和你一起住在你的梦之屋里
Please take me away from this! Take me away!
请带我走吧! 带我走!
Darn it, Barbie. Ok, but things are complicated around here.
见鬼 芭比 好吧 但是这里的情况很复杂
- You gotta do what I say. - I will Ken. I promise.
- 你要按照我说的做 - 我会的 肯尼 我保证
Wait! I'll do anything! I'll change your diapers!
等等! 我可以做任何事! 我可以帮你换尿布!
Get the tape!
And this is where the magic happens.
Look at all your clothes! I can't believe you never brought me up here!
你有这么多衣服! 我真不敢相信你愿意带我来这!
- Tennis whites. Mission to Mars. - Check this out.
- 网球服 火星服 - 看看这儿
Kung Fu Fighting. Canvas Hero with matching sports pennant.
功夫装 帆布超人还有配套的运动奖旗
Flower Power. Oh, Ken!
嬉皮士 哦 肯尼!
No one appreciates clothes here, Barbie.
但是这里没人懂得欣赏服装 芭比
- No one. - Ken, would you model a few outfits for me?
- 没人 - 肯尼 你能做模特为我秀几件你的衣服吗?
Just a few.
- Go get the key! - Where is it? Where is it? Where's the key? Where's the key?
- 去拿钥匙! - 在哪儿? 在哪儿? 钥匙在哪儿? 钥匙在哪儿?
Hey, what do you think you're doing? I told you, keep your hands off of my stuff!
嘿 你在干嘛? 我告诉过你 不要动我的东西!
Make a move, Porky.
有种过来呀 肥猪
No fighting. Break it up.
不准打架 快停下
You can't hit each other. That's my job.
你们不许打架 只有我才能打你们
Help! Prison riot!
救命! 监狱发生暴乱了!
Get the tortilla.
- Ready? - Ready.
- 准备好了吗? - 好了
Uh, Barbie?
呃 芭比?
No more games, Ken. What did Lotso do to Buzz?
玩够了 肯尼 抱抱熊对巴斯做了什么?
- And how do we switch him back? - You can't make me talk. You can't!
- 我们怎样才能把他变回来? - 你休想从我这套话 你休想!
But I'd like to see you try.
Let's see ... Hawaiian surf trunks.
我们来看看... 夏威夷冲浪短裤
Oh, Barbie, those are vintage!
哦 芭比 那些都是有年头的收藏版!
It's ok. Go ahead, rip them. I don't care. They're a dime a dozen.
没关系 继续 撕吧 我不在乎 都是些不值钱的东西
Ooh, glitter tux.
哦 亮片礼服
Who cares? Who cares? Those things are tacky.
谁在乎? 谁在乎? 那些东西都是劣质品
- Ooh, a Nehru jacket. - Barbie, not the Nehru!
- 哦 一个尼赫鲁马甲 - 芭比 别撕尼赫鲁!
This is from what? 1967?
这是几几年的? 1967年?
- The Groovy Formal Collection, yes! - What a shame.
- 这可是我的经典收藏 没错! - 真遗憾
Oh no! No! No!
不 不! 不! 不要!
There is an instructional manual!
- Lotso switched Buzz to demo mode. - Where's that manual?
- 抱抱熊把巴斯回设成了演示模式 - 手册在哪儿?
I don't know why this couldn't wait until morning Ken, but here you go.
我就不明白你为什么等不到明天早晨 肯尼 给你
What's taking so doggone long?
So, how do we fix Buzz?
What are you looking at, Feathers?
你看什么看 大羽毛?
Yeah, fly away, you coward. Uh oh.
哈 逃跑了吧 你这个胆小鬼 啊 哦
Well, that's just great.
呃 真是够狠的
Oh give it up. No one can hear you.
哦放弃吧 没人听得见的
- What? - I said, no one can hear you.
- 什么? - 我说 没人能听见
- What? - He said, "No one can...
- 什么? - 他说 "没人...
- Shh. Be quiet. - Woody, you're back.
- 嘘 小声点 - 胡迪 你回来了
- Stop him! Don't let him get out! - I've been taken hostage by my own prisoners.
- 快阻止他! 别让他跑了! - 我被我的犯人劫持了
- Quick. Open his back, there's a switch. - Unhand me Zurg scum!
- 快点 打开他的后盖 有一个开关 - 放开我 札克邪恶的手下!
The Galactic Court will show you no mercy.
It's not working. Why is it not working? Where's the manual?
它不管用 为什么会不管用? 快看手册?
- Here we go. There should be a little hole under the switch. - Little hole ... got it!
- 继续 开关的下面应该有一个小孔 - 小孔... 找到了!
To reset your Buzz Lightyear, insert paper clip ...
要重设你的巴斯光年 用回形针按住...
- Rex, use your finger! - What?
- 抱抱龙 用你的指头! - 什么?
Ok. Now what?
好了 然后呢?
Let's see. Caution do not hold button for more than five seconds.
我看看 注意不要按住按钮超过5秒钟
It's not my fault.
Starlog, I've awakened from hyper sleep on a strange planet.
星际日志 我在一个陌生星球上醒来
- Now what did you do? - I just did what you told me.
- 你刚做了什么? - 我照你说的做的
I am surrounded by unknown creatures.
Who is there? Friend or foe?
谁在那儿? 朋友 还是敌人?
Amigos. We're all amigos.
朋友 我们都是朋友
I must have crashed and my memory's been erased.
- Has anyone seen my spaceship? - We gotta switch him back.
- 有人见到我的飞船了吗? - 我们一定要把他变回来
- How do we do that ? - I don't know, this part's in Spanish.
- 我们怎么才能把他变回来? - 我不知道 这部分是用西班牙语写的
- We don't have time for this. Come on, El Buzzo. - My ship has landed well.
- 我们现在没时间了 快点 巴斯 - 我的飞船已经安全降落了
Good luck, Cowboy.
好运 牛仔
Here they come.
Come on, Buzz.
快点 巴斯
- What took you so long? - Things got complicated.
- 你怎么花这么长时间? - 说来话长了
- Where's Potato Head? - We haven't seen him.
- 蛋头呢? - 我们没见到他
My desert flower.
- Did you fix Buzz? - Uh, sort of.
- 你把巴斯修好了吗? - 呃 算吧
Behind you. Someone's coming.
你后面 有人来了
You would not believe what I've been through tonight.
- Darling, are you ok? - I feel fresh, healthy ...
- 亲爱的 你还好吗? - 我感觉到了新鲜 健康...
- It's terrible. - You've lost weight.
- 太糟糕了 - 你变得这么瘦
And so tall.
Ah, you're a sight for detachable eyes.
啊 我还是喜欢原来的身体
All clear.
Come on. Come on.
快点 快点
We're almost there.
Back up. Back up.
回去 回去
Come on.
Miss, you are the prettiest flower in the room.
小姐 你是最珍贵的花朵
And together, we'll fight evil.
合起来 我们就能战胜一切恶魔
- Come on, we're almost there. - After you.
- 快点 我们就要到了 - 你先走
Buzz, come here. Give me a lift.
巴斯 过来 抬我一下
Buzz Lightyear to the rescue!
- Open. - Way to go, Buzz. Come on.
- 打开了 - 干得好 巴斯 走
- Is it safe? - I guess I'll find out.
- 安全吗? - 我想我该先去探探
- Woody, are you ok? - Yeah, come on down.
- 胡迪 你还好吗? - 是 下来吧
- But not all at once. - What did he say?
- 但是不要同时下来 - 他说什么?
- I think he said, all at once. - No. No, no, no, no, no!
- 好像是 同时下去 - 不 不是 不 不 不 不!
- Thanks Jess. - Where's my spacecraft?
- 翠丝 多谢 - 我的飞船在哪儿?
Almost there guys. Slink, you think you can make it?
就差一步了 伙计们 弹簧狗 你觉得你可以吗?
I might be old, but I still got a spring in my step.
我可能有点老 但我老当益壮
- He did it! - All right, Slinkykins!
- 他做到了! - 弹簧狗 你太棒了!
Ok, climb across.
好了 快爬过来吧
You lost, little doggie?
小狗狗 你迷路了吗?
Well, well, look who's back.
喔 喔 看看谁在后面呢
I'm sorry, Cowboy. They broke me.
牛仔 很抱歉 他们逼我说的
What are you all doing? Running back to your kid?
你们想干嘛? 去找你们主人?
- He don't want you no more. - That's a lie.
- 他再也不想要你们了 - 你说谎
Is it? Tell me this Sheriff...
是吗? 你倒是说说看啊 警长...
if your kid loves you so much, why is he leaving?
如果你们主人那么爱你们 干嘛要丢下你们?
You think you're special, Cowboy? You're a piece of plastic.
牛仔 你觉得自己很特别? 你不过是块塑料
You were made to be thrown away.
Speak of the devil.
Now, we need toys in our Caterpillar Room
and you need to avoid that truck.
Why don't you come on back join our family again?
This isn't a family, it's a prison. You're a liar and a bully.
那里才不是家 是监狱 你这个骗子 恶霸
And I'd rather rot in this dumpster than join any family of yours.
我宁可腐烂在垃圾桶里 也绝不加入你所谓的家
Jessie's right. Authority should derive from the consent of the governed,
翠丝说的没错 权力应当建立在被统治者的合意之上
not from the threat of force.
If that's what you want.
Barbie, wait! Don't do this, Lotso!
芭比 等等! 抱抱熊 别这样!
She's a barbie doll, Ken. There's a hundred million just like her.
肯尼 她不过是个芭比娃娃 像她这样的 有成千上万个
Not to me there's not.
对我来说 她是唯一
Fine. Then why don't you join them?
既然这样 你去和他们一起 不是更好?
- Oh Ken! - Everyone listen.
- 哦 肯尼! - 大家听着
Sunnyside can be cool and groovy if we treated each other fair.
如果我们能在阳光幼儿园和平共处 那一定很美好
It's Lotso. He's made us into a pyramid, and he put himself on top.
都是抱抱熊 他想统治我们所有人
Anyone concur with Ken?
I didn't throw you away, your kid did.
又不是我抛弃了你们 是你们的主人
Ain't one kid ever loved a toy, really.
没有哪个主人 真正爱过自己的玩具
Chew on that when you're in the dump.
等你们到垃圾场的时候 自己好好想想吧
Wait. What about Daisy?
等一下 黛西也是吗?
I don't know what you're talking about.
Daisy. You used to do everything with her.
黛西 就是那个曾和你形影不离的女孩
- Yeah, then she threw us out. - No, she lost you.
- 对 然后她把我们扔了 - 不 是弄丢了
- She replaced us. - She replaced you.
- 她给我们找了替代品 - 只是替代了你
And if you couldn't have her, then no one could!
你得不到她的爱 也不想让别人得到!
You lied to Big Baby and you've been lying ever since.
你骗了大宝宝 一直到现在都在骗他
- Where'd you get that? - She loved you, Lotso.
- 你从哪听说的? - 抱抱熊 她爱过你
- She never loved me! - As much as any kid ever loved a toy.
- 她从没爱过我! - 就像每个孩子都爱过他的玩具
- Mama. - What? You want your mommy back?
- 妈妈 - 什么? 想回到你妈妈那儿去?
She never loved you! Don't be such a baby!
她从没有爱过你! 别孩子气了!
Push them in. All of them.
This is what happens when you dummies try to think.
We're all just trash waiting to be thrown away.
That's all a toy is.
Hey, stop it! Put me down, you idiot!
嘿 住手! 放我下来 你个白痴!
No, no, wait a minute! Baby, wait!
不 不 等等! 大宝宝 等等!
- He's gone. - Holy cow.
- 他被扔进去了 - 我的天呐
Come on. Hurry.
来吧 快走
- Oh for crying out loud! - Come on.
- 哦 真糟糕! - 快点
- No! - Woody!
- 不! - 胡迪!
Oh boy. Incoming!
哦 伙计们 要过来了!
Come on.
Barbie, no!
芭比 不要!
Can you hear me? Is everyone ok?
能听到吗? 大家还好吗?
Of course not, you imbecile! We're doomed!
当然不好 笨蛋! 我们完蛋了!
Everyone, go to Buzz. Come on.
大家都到巴斯光年那儿去 快
We all here? Slinky? Rex?
都过来了吗? 弹簧狗? 抱抱龙?
- Against the wall, everybody. Quick! - Miss, where are you?
- 大伙儿快去靠着墙 快! - 亲爱的小姐 你在哪儿?
They'll never make it.
Look out!
- Anyone see him? - Over here, y'all. I found him.
- 看到他了吗? - 在这儿 我找到了
Buzz, are you ok? Buzz? Buzz?
巴斯 你还好吗? 巴斯? 巴斯?
- That wasn't me, was it? - Oh Buzz, you're back.
- 之前不是我 对吧? - 哦 巴斯 你终于回来了
Yes, I'm back. Where have I been?
是啊 我回来了 我刚去哪了吗?
- Beyond infinity, Space Ranger. - Woody!
- 超越宇宙 浩瀚无垠 太空人 - 胡迪!
- So, where are we now? - In a garbage truck on the way to the dump.
- 我们到底在哪? - 在去垃圾场路上的垃圾车里
Hold on! We're going in!
坚持住! 我们要掉下去了!
- Have you got all your pieces? - The claw.
- 你的零件都捡全了吗? - 大爪子
- My babies! - Hey guys! No! No!
- 我的孩子们! - 嘿 伙计们! 不! 不!
Hang on.
- Woody, what do we do? - We'll be ok if we stay together.
- 胡迪 我们该怎么办? - 我们只要在一起 就一定会没事
- Woody! - Slinky!
- 胡迪! - 弹簧狗!
It's a magnet. Watch out!
是磁铁 当心!
Don't worry, Slink. We'll get you down.
弹簧狗 别担心 我们会把你弄下来的
I don't wanna take a look at this.
Quick, grab something metal.
快 随便抓块铁的东西
You heard the guy.
It's not working.
Help! Help me! I'm stuck!
救命! 救我! 我被卡住了!
- Help please! Help! - Woody!
- 求你了 救救我! - 胡迪!
- Thank you. - Don't thank me yet.
- 谢谢你 - 别谢的太早
Go! Go!
快! 快!
- Thank you, Sheriff. - We're all in this together.
- 警长 谢谢你 - 我们在同一条船上了
Right guys?
对吧 伙计们?
- Guys? - Woody, down here.
- 伙计们? - 胡迪 下面
Woody, look, I can see daylight. We're going to be ok.
胡迪 看啊 我看到出口的亮光了 我们就要安全了
I don't think that's daylight.
Sheriff, the button. Help me.
警长 那个按钮 帮我一下
Come on.
Go! Go! Hit the button!
快! 快! 去按按钮!
Just push it! Push it! Push it!
快按! 快按! 快按!
Where's your kid now, Sheriff?
警长 你的主人现在在哪呢?
- No! No! - Lotso!
- 不! 不! - 抱抱熊!
Buzz, what do we do?
巴斯 我们怎么办?
You know all that bad stuff I said about Andy's attic?
- I take it all back. - You're darn tootin'.
- 我全部收回 - 早该收回了
You said it.
Oh darling, you were so brave.
哦 亲爱的 你太勇敢了
- You saved our lives. - And we are eternally grateful.
- 你们救了我们大家 - 我们这辈子都感激不尽
- My boys. - Daddy!
- 我的好孩子 - 爸爸!
Hey, where is that furball Lotso?
嘿 那个毛球抱抱熊呢?
Yeah, I'd like to loosen his stitching.
是啊 我想把它拆了
Forget it, guys. He's not worth it.
忘了吧 伙计们 他不值得
- Hey! - Whatcha got?
- 嘿! - 你捡到什么了?
I had me one of these when I was a kid.
Hey buddy! You might wanna keep your mouth shut.
嘿 老兄! 你最好把嘴闭上
- Come on, Woody. We gotta get you home. - That's right, college boy.
- 快点 胡迪 我们带你回家 - 没错 牛仔大学生
Wait, what about you guys? I mean...
等等 你们怎么办呢? 我是说...
maybe the attic's not such a great idea.
- We're Andy's toys, Woody. - We'll be there for him...
- 胡迪 我们可是安迪的玩具 - 我们要永远在一起...
- I just hope he hasn't left yet. - Wait a minute. Wait, I'll check.
- 我只希望他还没走 - 等等 等等 我来看一下
Andy's still packing. But he's almost done.
安迪还在收拾行李 但马上就要收拾好了
- He lives halfway across town. - We'll never get there in time.
- 要穿过半个城市才到他家 - 我们肯定赶不上了
- Come on, Buster. - Honey, you've got everything?
- 臭小子 快过来 - 宝贝儿 东西都放进去吗?
- Yeah, just a few more boxes in my room. - Ok, come on!
- 好了 就剩几个纸箱子了 - 好了 来吧!
Alright, go go go!
好了 快走 快 快!
Ok. All clear.
进去吧 没有人
Oh, there you are!
哦 终于找到你了!
Buzz... this isn't goodbye.
巴斯... 这不是永别
- Hey, Woody. Have fun at college. - Yeah, but not too much fun.
- 嘿 胡迪 祝你在大学里玩得开心 - 对 但也别开心过头了
- Woody, take care of Andy. - Yeah.
- 胡迪 照顾好安迪 - 是啊
- He's a good kid... Tell him to get a haircut. - Sure thing.
- 他是个好孩子... 提醒他去理发 - 一定
- Jessie, you'll be ok in the attic? - Of course I will.
- 翠丝 你呆在阁楼里没事吧? - 当然没问题
Besides, I know about Buzz's Spanish mode.
再说 我知道巴斯的西班牙语模式呢
My what?
You know where to find us, Cowboy.
牛仔 你知道在哪儿能找到我们
- Did you say goodbye to Molly? - Mom, we've said goodbye like ten times.
- 你跟茉莉说再见了吗? - 妈妈 我们已经说过不下十次了
Mom, it's ok.
妈妈 没事的
I know. It's just... I wish I could always be with you.
我知道 只是... 真希望能永远在你身边
You will be, Mom.
会的 妈妈
Hey, aren't you going to say goodbye to Buster?
嘿 你不和臭小子说再见吗?
Of course I am. Who's a good dog? Who's a good doggie?
当然要说 谁家的好狗狗啊? 谁家的好狗狗啊?
- Get the rest of your things. - Ok Buster.
- 拿上你剩下的东西吧 - 好了 臭小子
Now don't let Molly near my stuff.
看着茉莉 别让她碰我的东西
Hey, Mom. So, do you really think I should donate these?
嘿 妈妈 你觉得我真的应该把这些东西捐了吗?
It's up to you, Honey. Whatever you want to do.
宝贝儿 随便你 你自己决定吧
Don't go in there! The bakery is haunted!
别进去! 面包店里闹鬼呢!
Are you crazy? You'll wake up all the ghosts.
你疯了吗? 你会把鬼魂都吵醒的
Look out! The ghosts are throwing pies.
当心! 鬼魂要扔蛋糕了
- Mom! - Andy?
- 妈妈! - 安迪?
- Hi. - Wow, look at you.
- 你好 - 喔 看看你
- I hear you're off to college. - Yeah, right now actually.
- 我听说你上大学了 - 是啊 正要去学校呢
- So, what can we do for you? - Uh, I have some toys here.
- 我们能帮你点什么呢? - 呃 我这儿有些玩具
- You hear that, Bonnie? - So, you're Bonnie?
- 邦尼 听到了吗? - 你就是邦尼吗?
I'm Andy. Someone told me you're really good with toys.
我是安迪 有人告诉我 你跟玩具们玩得很好
These are mine, but I'm going away now...
这些玩具是我的 但我要走了...
so I need someone really special
to play with them.
This is Jessie. The roughest, toughest cowgirl in the whole west.
她是翠丝 是整个西部最疯狂 最坚强的女牛仔
She loves "critters", but not more than her best pal, Bull's-eye.
她喜欢"小牛犊" 但谁也比不上她的伙计 红心
Yes, this is Rex, the meanest, most terrifying dinosaur who ever lived.
来吧 这是抱抱龙 全世界最坏 最恐怖的恐龙
The Potato Heads. Mr. and Mrs. You gotta keep them together,
这是蛋头先生和蛋头太太 你一定要让他们在一起
because they're madly in love.
Now Slinky here, is as loyal as any dog you could want...
这是弹簧狗 他是世界上最忠诚的狗狗...
And Hamm... he'll keep your money safe...
他是火腿... 可以帮你保管钱...
but he's also one of the most dastardly villains of all time...
Evil Doctor Porkchop.
These little dudes are from a strange alien world. Pizza planet.
这几个小家伙来自外星球 比萨星球
And this is Buzz Lightyear, the coolest toy ever!
他是巴斯光年 有史以来最酷的玩具!
Look, he can fly and shoot lasers.
看 他会飞 还会发射激光
He's sworn to protect the Galaxy from the evil Emperor Zurg.
他发誓要保护银河 不受邪恶的札克天王侵略
To infinity and beyond.
飞向宇宙 浩瀚无垠
Now, you gotta promise to take good care of these guys...
你要答应我 好好照顾他们...
they mean a lot to me.
My cowboy!
Woody? What's he doing in there?
胡迪? 他怎么会在这里?
There's a snake in my boot.
There's a snake in my boot.
Now, Woody... he's been my pal for as long as I can remember...
好吧 胡迪... 从我记事起 他就一直陪在我身边...
He's brave, like a cowboy should be...
and kind and smart, but the thing that makes Woody special...
勇敢 善良 聪明 而他的特别之处在于...
is he'll never give up on you. Ever!
他永远不会放弃你 永远!
He'll be there for you no matter what.
不管发生什么事 他一定会在你身边
You think you can take care of him for me?
Ok, then.
Oh, no! Doctor Porkchop is attacking the haunted bakery!
哦 不! 猪排博士正在袭击闹鬼的面包店!
The ghosts are getting away! Woody'll stop them!
鬼魂要逃跑啦! 胡迪会阻止他们的!
Buzz Lightyear to the rescue!
Thanks, guys.
伙伴们 谢谢你们
Look, Mommy! They're all playing together.
妈妈 看啊! 他们在一起玩呢
Come on. Let's get some lunch.
快来 吃午饭了
So long, partner.
老兄 保重