老友记 第七季 Friends Season 7 第1集: 莫妮卡的风头被抢了 The One With Monica’s Thunder

上映日期: 2,000

语言: 英语

影片类型: 喜剧 / 爱情

导演: Kevin Bright

演员: 詹妮弗·安妮斯顿 / 柯特妮·考克斯 / 丽莎·库卓 / 马特·勒布朗 / 马修·派瑞 / 大卫·休默

Hey, what's going on?
嘿 怎么了?
I found a note on my door, "Come to Monica's.
我家门上有张纸条说 "过来摩妮卡家
Bring champagne and a Three Musketeers bar"?
Yeah, I'll take that.
What's up?
- Monica and I are engaged. - Oh, my God.
- 摩妮卡和我订婚了 - 我的天
Congratulations. Where is she?
恭喜你 她人呢?
I'm engaged! I'm engaged!
我订婚了 我订婚了
She's been there for 20 minutes. You didn't hear?
她在那儿20分钟了 难道你没听到吗?
I thought it was a kid yelling, "I'm gay!"
我以为有个小孩在叫 "我是同性恋 "
- Can I bring her in? - Let her stay. It's sweet.
- 可以带她进来了吗? - 让她去吧 好成人
I'm getting married! I'm gonna be a bride!
我要结婚了 我要做新娘了
Shut up.
No, I will not shut up, because I'm engaged!
不 我不闭嘴 因为我订婚了
Oh, big talk! Why don't you come here and say that to me?
只敢说 你敢上来这儿当面告诉我?
My fiancé will kick your ass.
Come on, apartment 20, apartment 20.
来呀 20号 20号
You get her in, you bolt the door, I'll be in the closet.
你去弄她进来 你锁住门 我躲在衣柜里
Okay, wait, wait, wait. Okay, shh.
好 等一下
Okay. Um.
I just want to say that I love you guys so, so much...
...and thank you for being here on my special night.
感谢大家都在这儿 在这个对我很特别的晚上
Our special night.
It just wouldn't be my night... Our night...
我的这一晚不会… 我们的这一晚…
...if you weren't here to celebrate with me... Us. Damn it!
如果不是因为你们和我… 要命
It's okay, I want this to be your night too.
没关系 我愿意这是你的特别的一晚
To Monica.
Come on, wait, stop it.
等一下 停
- Okay, to Monica. - To Monica.
- 好 敬摩妮卡 - 敬摩妮卡
Have you decided on a band for the wedding, because I'm kind of musical.
你决定婚礼用的乐团了吗? 我也能做音乐演出的
She got engaged a few hours ago, I doubt she's had time to think...
她几小时前才订婚 我想她还没时间去想…
Speaking of chiming in, remember burning my apartment?
提到合奏 记得有人烧了我的房子吗?
Yeah, you're on your own.
是 你自求多福
We should get dressed up and go have champagne at the Plaza.
我们换衣服出门 去广场饭店喝香槟
- Oh, okay! - Yeah.
- 喔 好啊 - 对
I can't stay too long.
I gotta get up early for an audition. I gotta look good.
我的要早起去试镜广告 精神必须要好
I'm supposed to be playing a 19-year-old.
So when you said get up early, did you mean 1986?
你说要早起 是指1986年?
You guys don't think I look 19?
Oh, 19! We thought you said 90.
19 我们以为你说90
- Okay, everybody, let's go. - Okay.
- 好了 大伙儿 走吧 - 好
Is my candy bar around here?
No, you ate it all.
没了 你吃完了
I was afraid of that.
You know what shoes would look great with this ring?
你知道什么样的鞋子 能配这只戒指?
Diamond shoes.
You're not getting dressed.
Know what I mean?
Yeah, but I don't think we have time.
知道 不过没时间了
There's gonna be a wedding.
You're gonna be the bride.
Two hundred people are gonna be looking at you in a clean, white dress.
Let's do it.
Chandler, it happens to lots of guys.
钱德 很多人都会这样
You're tired, you had a lot of champagne.
你累了 喝了太多香槟
Don't worry about it.
I'm not worried. I'm fascinated.
我不担心 我很惊讶
You know? It's like biology.
Which is funny, because in high school I failed biology...
很好笑 高中时我的生物被当…
...and tonight biology failed me.
Check it out. I could play this while the guests are coming in, okay.
听看看 来宾进场时我要唱这首 好…
First time I met Chandler I thought he was gay
第一次见到钱德时 我以为他是同性恋
But here I am singing On his wedding day
Phoebe, no.
菲比 不要
If you'd let me finish, it goes on to say that he's probably not gay.
如果让我唱完 后面说他大概不是同性恋
You guys don't have this problem, you're made of wood.
你们没有这个问题 你们是木头做的
- Hey, you look great. - Hey.
- 嘿 - 嘿 你看来很不错
Oh, thanks.
You okay over there?
I don't know. You know? I feel a little...
You know what? Never mind. I'll be fine.
你知道吗?没关系 我会没事的
Don't worry about it. You're probably tired, you had a lot of champagne.
别担心 你大概只是累了 喝了太多香槟
It happens to everybody.
- Hey. Wow. - Hi.
- 嘿 哇 - 嗨
- Happy Monica's Night. - Well, thank you. You too.
- 摩妮卡之夜快乐 - 谢谢 你也一样
Can you believe they are actually getting married?
Well, sure, but I get married all the time.
是啊 我常常结婚
- You okay? - Yeah, I guess.
- 你还好吗? - 我想是吧
Do you think we'll ever have that?
You mean "we," you and me?
你说"我们" 是指你和我?
Oh, no, no, no.
不 不 不
"We," you with someone, me with someone.
"我们"是指你和别人 我和别人
Good, you scared me a minute.
还好 吓了我一跳
I know. Shake it off.
是啊 好可怕
It's just because you and I, we were like a nightmare.
- No, but there were some good times. - Absolutely. Like there was...
- 可是也有好时光 - 当然 就像那次…
- Surely you can think of something. - Just give me a minute.
- 你总想得起一点好的吧 - 给我一分钟
Oh, well, yes.
- I can think of one good thing. - What?
- 我想得出一件好事 - 是什么?
You were always good at the...
...at the, uh, the stuff.
Yeah, I...
I was good at the stuff?
Mm-hm. Yup.
I really liked your hands.
- My hands? - Yeah.
- 我的手? - 对
- Yeah? - Uh-huh.
- 是吗? - 额
Way to go, guys.
做得好 兄弟
You were really good at the stuff too.
Oh, I know.
Hey, you know what we never did?
嘿 你知道我们从没做过什么吗?
Oh, no, not that.
We never had bonus night.
- A what? - You know, bonus night.
- 什么? - "红利"夜
Two people break up, but they get back together for one night.
两个人分手了 然后见面度过最后一夜
One night, just sex? No strings attached?
最后一夜 只是上床? 没有其他?
Yeah, yeah, we never had that.
对 我们从来没有过
- No. - No.
- 没有 - 没有
Okay, this is getting a little crazy.
好 这有一点怪怪的
Um, I mean...
额 我是说…
...I'm sure it would be amazing...
...but I really don't think it would be a good idea.
I really...
What's up?
What's up, dude?
怎么样 老兄?
Take whatever you want, just don't hurt me.
要什么随便拿 不要伤害我
You playing a little PlayStation, huh?
你玩电动游戏吧 嗯?
That's wack.
PlayStation is wack.
What's up with the wack PlayStation, what's up?
怎么样 逊电动游戏 怎么样?
Come on, am I 19 or what?
怎么 像不像19岁?
Yes, on a scale of one to 10, 10 being the dumbest a person can look...
对 从一到十评分 十分是一个人看来最笨的样子…
...you are definitely 19.
Come on, really. How old?
真的 多大?
Young. You're a man-child, okay?
很年轻 你是男人孩子 好吗?
Now get changed, everybody's ready. And please, please, keep my underwear.
去换衣服 大家都准备好了 拜托 拜托 内裤别还我
- Oh, thanks. - Okay.
- 谢谢 - 不客气
- Joe. - Yeah.
- 乔… - 干嘛?
You've had a lot of sex, right?
你和人上床很多次 对不对?
When, today?
何时 今天?
Some, not a lot.
有几次 没有很多
The reason I'm asking is because I had kind of a, uh...
I was unable to...
I really wanted to, but I couldn't...
我很想 可是不能…
There, ha, hm.
There was an incident.
Don't worry about that, man. That happens.
不要担心 有时会这样的
- It's happened to you? - Yeah, once.
- 你也这样过? - 对 有一次
- Well, what'd you do? - I did it anyway.
- 那你怎么办? - 照样做啊
Phoebe, come on, let's go.
菲比 快点 我们走吧
Come on.
Why aren't you dressed yet?
I'm sorry. But I wrote the best song for your wedding.
抱歉 我替你的婚礼写出了最佳歌曲
- Check this out. - No Phoeb.
- 听听看 - 不 菲比
If you get ready now, you can play.
如果你现在换好衣服 你就可以在婚礼演出
- Really? - Yes.
- 真的? - 对
That's so exciting! Thanks, Mon.
太令人兴奋了 谢谢你
But if you touch my guitar again, I'll have to pound on you a little bit.
可是如果你再动我的吉他 我就会打你
Fair enough. Get ready. I'll get everybody.
好吧 去准备出门 我去叫大家
Finally we can start celebrating my...
I'm sorry, apparently I opened the door to the past.
对不起 显然 我打开了通往过去的门
Okay, Monica, Mon. Okay, what you just saw...
好 摩妮卡 你刚刚看到的是…
Can I ask you just a little question? Why tonight?
可以问你一个小小问题吗? 为什么要在今晚?
- What? - I waited my whole life to be engaged.
- 什么? - 我花了一辈子等着订婚…
And unlike some, I only plan on doing this once.
不像某些人 我只计划做一次
Maybe it's selfish, I'm sorry, but I hoped tonight could just be about that.
可能这很自私 我很抱歉 但我希望这是今晚的焦点
- Oh, honey, but it is. - No, it's not.
- 甜心 这是今晚的焦点啊 - 这是今晚的焦点啊
Now it's about you getting back together.
不 现在焦点是你们的复合
See, you kind of stole my thunder.
你看 你们抢了我的锋头
We did not steal your thunder. We are not getting back together.
好 等等 我们没有抢了你的锋头 因为我们没有要复合
- Yeah, no, and nobody even saw. - Yeah.
- 是啊 反正也没有人看到 - 没错
That's true.
- We just kissed. - It was just a kiss.
- 我们只是吻了一下 - 只是一个吻
You guys kissed?
What does this mean?
Are you back together? Can I sing at your wedding?
你们复合了吗? 我可以在你们婚礼上演唱吗?
Thunder being stolen.
- Phoebe, it's nothing. - Let's not make a big deal of this.
- 菲比 没有什么 - 不要小事化大
It was a one-time thing. It doesn't even matter.
只发生一次 根本不算什么
Oh, my God.
I cannot believe you guys are talking about this.
Problems in the bedroom are between a man and woman.
All right? Now, Chandler is doing the best he can.
I don't think that's what they were talking about.
我想他们不是在讨论这事 乔
What a great night. Chandler can't do it, they kissed.
真是好 钱德不行 他们亲吻了
- What? - You guys kissed? This is huge.
- 什么? - 你们亲了?大条了
No, it's not huge.
不 这不大条
People thinking it's huge has led Monica to believe...
大家觉得这事大条 让摩妮卡觉得…
...we're stealing her thunder, which we aren't.
我们抢了她的锋头 我们没有
We're still talking about it.
我们还在谈这件事 不是吗?
That, and Chandler's problem.
那件事 还有钱德的问题
Monica, listen, listen.
Would you feel better if we stopped talking about Ross and Rachel?
如果我们不再谈罗斯和瑞秋 你会不会觉得好一点?
- That would be lovely. - You got it.
- 会很好 - 没问题
Now, I can pass for 19, right?
来 我看起来可以像19岁吧?
Yes, you can pass for 19.
对 你可以看起来像19岁
- Really? - Yes.
- 真的? - 对
- Seriously? - Seriously?
- 认真的? - 认真的?
Seriously, no. Okay? You can play your own age, which is 31.
认真的说 不 你可以扮演 你的年纪 也就是31岁
I'm 30!
Joey, you are not. You're 31.
乔伊 你不是 你31岁
Oh, crap!
So, the Plaza. We'll get some mai tais? Maybe no more for you though.
好 去广场饭店 叫些迈泰? 不过你可能不能再喝了
You know, I think I don't feel like going to the Plaza.
- Why? - This is ridiculous.
- 为什么? - 摩妮卡 这太可笑了
I don't want to talk about it. I don't. Especially with you.
我不想谈这件事 尤其是和你
Pssh. That is wack.
I'll play it at the wedding.
好 我会在婚礼唱这首歌
Yeah, well, we'll see if they actually let you play, huh?
好 不过要看他们 是不是真的让你演唱
They tell you anything you want to hear...
...like, "You look 19."
像是 "你看起来像19岁"
Then they just take it away, like, "No, you don't."
然后又反悔 说 "不 你不像"
Monica won't take this away.
- Wouldn't she? - Would she?
- 她不会吗? - 她会吗?
Would she?
You ate my candy bar!
Guess who.
Hey, I just realized we kind of left some stuff up in the air.
我刚发现 我们似乎还有些事没解决
What did Monica mean
"I don't want to talk," especially with me?
"我不想谈"特别是和我 是什么意思?
Why not especially you and me? We were both kissing.
为什么不特别是你和我? 是我们两人在接吻耶
Still thinking about it?
I'm serious. What did she mean by that? "Especially you."
我是认真的 她说 "尤其是你" 是什么意思?
- Oh, who cares? - I care.
- 谁在乎啊? - 我在乎
And so do I.
I have to talk to her. Will you let me get changed?
我要和她谈谈 让我换衣服好吗?
Okay, sure.
好啊 没问题
Am I going to let you watch me?
I can't believe her. It's just so typical.
我不相信她竟然如此 她就是这样
I know you're upset, but don't forget there is going to be a wedding.
摩妮卡 我知道你不高兴 可别忘了要举行婚礼了
You are going to throw the bouquet, and then a honeymoon.
你会要丢捧花 然后去蜜月
- Maybe in Paris. - Paris?
- 可能去巴黎 - 巴黎?
We will take a moonlit walk on the Rue de la blah-blah-blah.
我们会在月光下的 那叫什么来着的大道上散步
Keep talking.
We will sprinkle rose petals on the bed and make love...
会在床上洒玫瑰块花辫 做爱…
...not just because it's romantic, but because I can.
不是因为那很浪漫 而是因为我可以
I love you.
Bonjour, monsieur.
Don't say anything, you might scare it away.
别说话 你会吓跑它
It's Paris. Who knows we're here?
这是巴黎 谁知道我们在这里?
Hi, Pheebs. What's up?
菲比 什么事?
You said I could sing at your wedding, so I need a small deposit.
你说我可以在你的婚礼演唱 所以我要订金
- What? - Good-faith money to hold the date.
- 什么? - 你知道 一笔钱来保留那个日期
We're not giving you a deposit for our wedding.
Oh, I see.
喔 我懂了
They break your heart, don't they?
他们真能伤你的心 不是吗?
You know, I don't really need their permission.
You want to sing at their wedding, sing at their wedding.
你想在他们婚礼唱歌 就在他们婚礼唱歌
Yeah, and if you want to look 19, then you...
如果你想看起来像19岁 就…
You got to do something about your eyes.
What's wrong with my eyes?
They give you away. There's too much wisdom in there.
他们出卖了你 里头有太多的智慧
Put some tea bags on them for 15 minutes.
- That'll get rid of my wisdom? - Maybe 10 minutes for you.
- 也会去除我的智慧? - 也许你只需要10分钟
Give her the deposit, give her the ring. I don't care.
给她订金 给她戒指 我不在乎
- Yes? - What did you mean when you said...
- 什么事? - 摩妮卡 你是什么意思 当你说…
...you didn't want to talk to anyone, especially me?
你不想和任何人谈 尤其是我?
What a great apology. And you accept it. Bye-bye.
好棒的道歉 你接受了 再见
No, seriously, what was the "especially me" part about?
不 我是认真的 "特别是和我"是怎么回事?
Let's just say it's not the first time you've stolen my thunder.
这样说吧 这不是你第一次抢了我的锋头
Hey, here's a thought...
Monica, what are you talking about?
摩妮卡 你在说什么?
My sweet 16. You went to third base with my cousin Charlie.
我16岁的生日宴会上 记得你和我表哥查理上三垒
Ah, third base.
啊 上三垒
It was all everybody could talk about.
The only reason I did that was because your party was so boring.
摩妮卡 那会发生是因为你的宴会太无聊
- We had a caricaturist. - Oh.
- 我们请了一捆漫画家 - 哦
Whenever I get married Guess who won't be asked to sing
当我结婚时 猜猜不会请谁来演唱
Somebody named Geller And somebody else named Bing
Monica, your sweet 16 was like a million years ago.
摩妮卡 你的甜蜜16岁生日 是一百万年前的事了
Yet here you are doing it again.
Oh, I don't want to steal your stupid thunder.
Why else would you have made out with Ross?
Got me.
Easy, mimey, the moment has passed. It ain't gonna happen.
够了啦 时机已过 不会发生了
It'd be nice if I could have this night.
I never wanted any part of your night.
我发誓 我从没有想要过抢你的锋头
No one was supposed to see us.
Is that why you did it in the secret hallway, where nobody ever goes?
所以你们就在秘密走廊上做 因为没有人会到那儿去?
Uh, Rachel, I've been thinking.
瑞秋 我想过了
I don't think us getting together tonight is such a good idea.
我觉得我们今晚 在一起的主意不是很好
I'm calling it off.
Way to save your dignity, my man.
Mon, why, why would I ever want to take away from your night?
摩妮卡 我为什么要抢走 属于你的晚上?
I don't know, maybe you feel a little resentful.
我不知道 也许你有一点生气
Maybe you thought you'd get married first.
Maybe you can't stand...
...that your formerly fat friend is getting married first.
Oh, wow, that... You know what? That is so unfair.
Now I want to steal your thunder.
Come on, Ross. Let's go have sex!
罗斯 走 我们做爱去
I can't believe you're gonna have sex on my engagement night.
不敢相信 你竟然在我的订婚夜做爱
Well, somebody should.
Look, if we're gonna do this...
We're not. She's just gonna think we are.
我们没有要做 只是要让她以为我们有
I see, so everybody wins.
我懂了 人人都是赢家
- Who is it? - It's Monica, open up.
- 是谁? - 是摩妮卡 开门
Okay, Ross, stop it. Please, wait a minute.
罗斯 停一下 拜托 等一下
Yeah, you like that, baby?
宝贝 你喜欢吗?
May we help you?
I wanted to say I hope you have sex, and I hope you get back together.
我要告诉你 我希望你们上床 希望你们复合
I warn you, the night you announce your engagement...
我警告你 你宣布订婚那一晚…
...I'm going to announce that I'm pregnant.
How is that ever going to happen?
Do you want to know why I was with Ross tonight?
摩妮卡 你想知道今晚 我为什么会和罗斯在一起?
- I know why. - You don't.
- 我知道为什么 - 你不知道
- Okay, why? - Because I was sad.
- 好 为什么? - 因为我很伤心
What do you mean?
Look, I am so...
听着 我很…
...so happy for you guys.
But you getting married reminds me of the fact that I'm not.
但你要结婚这件事 提醒了我 我没有
I'm not even close.
Maybe I just wanted to make myself feel better.
I know that that's dumb, but you were so depressed...
我知道这很笨 可是罗斯结婚时…
...when Ross got married, you slept with Chandler.
I don't care, she slept with me.
我无所谓 和她上床的是我
Anyway, sweetie, I am so sorry I ruined your night.
甜心 很抱歉毁了属于你的今晚
I'm sorry I almost made you sleep with Ross.
I'm gonna take off.
- Congratulations, man. - Thanks.
- 恭喜 - 谢谢
- And Rachel. - Yeah.
- 瑞秋… - 什么?
What can I say?
You missed your chance.
From now on, the only person who's going to enjoy these bad boys is me.
从现在起 只有我能享受他们了
We thought Phoebe would leave
But she just stayed and stayed
That's right, I'm here all night
没错 我整夜留在这里
And Chandler will never get...
Hey, here's a dollar.
来 这儿是一块钱
Consider it a deposit. Please sing at our wedding.
算是订金 请在我婚礼上演唱
- Oh, thank you - Okay.
- 哦 谢谢 - 好
Now who will perform the ceremony?
Who will perform the cer...?
Oh, oh.
I'll pound on him in the morning.