老友记 第七季 Friends Season 7 第17集: 婚纱大减价 The One With The Cheap Wedding Dress

上映日期: 2,000

语言: 英语

影片类型: 喜剧 / 爱情

导演: Kevin Bright

演员: 詹妮弗·安妮斯顿 / 柯特妮·考克斯 / 丽莎·库卓 / 马特·勒布朗 / 马修·派瑞 / 大卫·休默

The caterer sent me this list of 12 appetizers. I have to narrow it to six.
婚宴酒店给我十二道开胃菜清单 我得将选择范围缩小到六项
Food? Oh, give me.
So did Monica tell you we're trying to get The Swing Kings to play the wedding?
摩妮卡跟你们提过我们结婚时 要请《摇摆国王》来演唱吗?
Since when are you into swing music?
Since forever. I used to go all over town listening to bands.
好久以前就喜欢了 我曾跑遍全城听乐团演奏
- Chandler. - Gap commercial.
- 钱德? - 在GAP的广告看到的
- So did you book them? Did you call? - I will.
- 你打电话订下他们了吗? - 我会打的
- You want me to call? - No. I'll do it. You stick to your job.
- 你要我打吗? - 我会打的 你只需要做好你的工作
- What is your job? - Staying out of the way.
- 你的工作是什么? - 别碍事
This is impossible. Why don't you just pick all 15?
这是不可能的 你为什么不挑清单上的十五道开胃菜?
- There were only 12. - Oh, yeah, I added three.
- 只有十二道而已 - 对 我加了三道
What are "peanut-butter fingers"?
Well, hello.
She's cute.
Should we go try to talk to her?
Sure. The great thing about being engaged, I'm not nervous to talk to pretty girls anymore.
当然 订婚后跟美女说话 我再也不会紧张
Could you guys help me?
Yeah, let me get that for you.
- It's really heavy. - I got it.
- 它真的很重 - 没问题
So hi, I'm Ross, and this is my friend, Chandler.
嗨 我是罗斯 他是我朋友钱德
I'm Kristen.
Kristen. Hi. Are you new to the area?
克丽丝汀 嗨 你刚搬来吗?
Because if you are, I'd love to show you around sometime.
如果你刚搬来这里 我可以带你四处参观一下
- I actually just moved from four blocks over. - Oh.
- 事实上 我从四条街外搬来这里 - 哦
But this block is like a whole other world.
Actually, it does have a very interesting history.
This street is the first street in the city to have an underground sewer system.
Before that, sewage and waste...
...would just flow right down the street. Yeah.
Sometimes ankle-deep.
Excuse me?
You're gonna be starving after moving. What do you say I take you to dinner tonight?
搬完家后你一定会肚子饿 你想跟我一起去吃晚餐吗?
- I'd like that. - Yeah? Great.
- 我很乐意 - 真的?太棒了
Let me take this up.
- After you. - Oh, no. After you.
- 你先请 - 不 你先请
Oh, my God!
Am I crazy, or does this totally go?
Oh, my God! You look so beautiful!
我的天啊 你看起来好漂亮
Thank you, Rachel. But look at Monica!
谢谢你 瑞秋 但看看摩妮卡
This is it. Yeah, this is the one.
就是它 就是这件
I can't believe I found it.
Wow, you look so beautiful. If I knew you, I'd cry.
你看起来好漂亮 如果我认识你 我会哭的
I'm Monica Geller. Ball like a baby.
我是摩妮卡盖勒 尽量哭吧
I'm Megan Bailey.
- Have you found your dress yet? - No. These dresses are all so amazing...
- 你找到婚纱了吗? - 这些婚纱都很漂亮…
- ...but I couldn't afford one. - No, I can't afford this either.
- 但我买不起 - 我也是
I'm here to figure out the one I want, then I'll get it at Kleinman's, this discount place.
我只是来这里找婚纱 然后我会到克莱门婚纱店买
Day after tomorrow, they're having a huge sale.
- Thanks for the tip. - When are you getting married?
- 谢谢你的情报 - 你什么时候结婚?
- I'm not. I just like to try these on. - I do the same thing.
- 我没有要结婚 我只是想试穿婚纱 - 我也会那么做
I'm just kidding. I'm getting married July 25th.
我只是在开玩笑 我的婚期是七月二十五日
I'm just kidding too. Ha, ha.
I'm getting married in December.
- When are you getting married? - May 15th.
- 你什么时候结婚? - 五月十五日
Ooh. It's close. So who's your photographer?
已经很接近了 你请谁拍照?
- Jeffrey. - We met with him.
- 杰佛瑞 - 我们跟他谈过
- Did he show you nude wedding photos? - Best Man? Wow!
- 他拿裸体婚纱照给你们看了吗? - 那个伴郎吗?哇
I know. I almost called off my wedding. Heh, heh, heh.
我知道 我差点取消了婚礼
- Oh, who's your band? - My fiancé wants The Swing Kings.
- 你请了哪个乐团? - 我未婚夫想请《摇摆国王》
You're lucky. My fiancé wants the heavy metal band, Carcass.
你真幸运 我未婚夫想请《尸体》 那重金属乐团
Is that spelled with a "C" or a "K"? Oh, my God, it doesn't matter, they're both great!
是"湿"体还是"尸"体? 那不重要 他们都很棒
Oh, you know what? Don't buy that here.
Now that you know what you want, go to Kleinman's. Get it half off.
现在你知道你喜欢哪一件 到克莱门婚纱店买 才半价
This place is so over-priced.
I own this store.
So does this come in another color, or...
Hi. You moving in or moving out?
嗨 你要搬进来还是搬走?
- Moving in. - Can I give you a hand?
- 我要搬进来 - 需要我帮忙吗?
Okay, but be careful. The guy who was helping before had to leave because he hurt his back.
好吧 但是你得小心一点 来帮我的那个人因为背痛先走了
- Boyfriend? - No.
- 他是你男朋友? - 不是
I'm Joey.
Wow. What a beautiful name.
What is it again?
- Kristen. - Ah, that's it. Okay.
- 克丽丝汀 - 对了
- You live around here? - Yeah. Yeah, right down there.
- 你住在附近? - 我就住在那边
Let me give you a tip.
Don't take a nap on this stoop. You could wake up without shoes.
别在那个楼梯上睡觉 醒过来时你的鞋子可能已经被偷了
- I'll remember that. - Okay.
- 我会记住的 - 嗯
Listen, would you like to have dinner with me tonight?
听着 今晚你要跟我一起吃饭吗?
I have plans tonight. How about tomorrow?
今晚我有约了 明天可以吗?
Sounds great. Well, where does this go?
听起来不错 这个要搬到哪里?
You look strong. I'll take that, you grab one of the boxes.
你看起来很壮 把它交给我 你去帮我搬箱子吧
Okay. Yeah.
(书 枕头)
Yeah, I'll get this one.
对 我要中包这一个
What's taking so long?
Come on.
So this is Brooklyn?
All right, listen up. There's usually only one dress in each size.
好 听着 通常每件婚纱 一个尺寸只有一件
So when they open those doors, fan out.
他们一开门 马上冲进去
This is what you're looking for. Memorize it.
这就是你们的目标 记住它
When you locate the dress blow on these, all right?
找到婚纱后就吹哨子 好吗?
Three sharp blasts. When you hear it, come running.
用力吹三声 一听到哨音后 马上跑过来
Okay, got it.
好 知道了
Here he comes!
- Oh, they're pushing! - Don't be a baby!
- 她们在推我 - 别那么孩子气
- Out of the way! - Let's go!
- 别挡路 - 我们冲吧
Hey, Rachel! Come on!
瑞秋 快一点
No. No, not it. Not it. Not it. Ugh.
不 不是…
Don't crowd me.
This is it! This is the dress! Oh, my God. It's perfect.
就是它 就是这件婚纱 太完美了
I'm sorry, this one's taken! Whoa!
对不起 这件是我的
- Megan! - Monica!
- 梅根 - 摩妮卡
- You came! - Yeah!
- 你来了 - 对
- This is my dress! - No!
- 这是我的婚纱 - 不
- Yes, it is. You saw me wearing it. - And now you'll see me buying it.
- 没错 它就是 你看到我试穿它 - 现在你会看到我买下它
You freak!
You wouldn't even know about this place without me.
- Look, you don't want to fight me. - Maybe I do. I'm pretty feisty!
- 听着 你不会想跟我争 - 或许我想 我是很凶的
- I'm coming! I'm coming! - Hey!
- 我来了… - 嘿
Okay! Hey.
好了 嘿
Oh, what do I do?!
What are you doing? Did you find the dress?
Did you find the dress?
No. You gotta get me out of here. These shoppers are crazy.
不 快救我出去 这些女人都疯了
- We've gotta get Monica. - You gotta hold my hand!
- 我们得去找摩妮卡 - 拉我一把
Oh, my God.
Excuse me! Excuse me!
Go! Go! Go!
- Hey. - Go!
- 嘿 - 快走
So, Ross, how was your date the other night?
罗斯 那天你跟她约会还顺利吧?
Did you tell her about the magical ride that starts with the flush of every toilet?
你跟她提过只要一按马桶 魔法之旅就开始了吗?
Laugh all you want, but she left me a message saying she'd like to go out again.
尽管笑吧 但她说她想再跟我约会
- Oh. - In fact, I'll go call her right now.
- 噢 - 事实上 我正要打电话给她
And I'll make sure and tell her my friend Chandler says...
- Hey, Chandler. - Hey.
- 嘿 钱德 - 嘿
Sorry I didn't stop by last night, but I had a date.
抱歉昨晚我失约了 但我有个约会
Joe, when it's 1:00 in the morning and you don't come by? That's okay.
乔伊 你说你凌晨一点要过来 就算你放我鸽子没有关系
Check it out. It was with this really hot girl who just moved in right across the street.
我跟一个辣妹约会 她刚刚搬到对街
- Really? Right across the street? - Yeah.
- 真的吗?她住在对街? - 对
- When did you meet her? - Two days ago.
- 你什么时候认识她的? - 两天前
- You know, Ross met somebody too. - Oh, yeah?
- 罗斯也认识了一个女孩 - 是吗?
- Hey. - How'd it go?
- 嘿 - 怎么样?
Great. We're going out again Saturday.
太棒了 我们星期六要再出去玩
But I found out she's also seeing some other guy.
Joe, what would you do if you were in Ross' situation?
乔伊 如果你是罗斯你会怎么做?
Well, I sort of am. I'm dating this girl who's also seeing another guy.
我跟他差不多 跟我约会的女孩也在跟别人约会
But I'm not too worried about it.
You shouldn't be. Believe me, I wouldn't want to be the guy who's up against you.
你不必担心 我不想当你的竞争者
I mean, that doofus is going to lose.
So this is nice.
I wish I didn't have to go. Believe me.
真希望我能留下来 相信我
But I have to.
By the way, what's the name of the girl you're dating?
对了 跟你们约会的女孩 叫什么名字?
- Kristen Leigh. - Bye.
- 克丽丝汀莱 - 再见
Well, obviously, only one of us can keep dating her.
很明显地 我们之中 只有一个人能继续跟她约会
Obviously. So how do we decide?
没错 我们该怎么决定?
Well now, let's look at this objectively.
好了 我们得客观地来解决这件事
I think I should date her.
Uh-huh. Uh-huh.
额 额
Or I'm the one who dates her.
That's interesting. But check this out. I date her.
那真的很有趣 但是听好了 我跟她约会
Yeah, I like that. But just to go in another direction...
好吧 但是换个角度来说…
Okay. This can go on for a while.
好吧 我们是谈不出结论来的
- We should order some food then. - No, Joey.
- 那么我们该点些吃的 - 不 乔伊
Look, why don't we just let her decide, okay?
听着 我们为什么不让她来决定呢?
We'll each go out with her one more time.
And we'll see who she likes best.
That sounds fair.
Maybe I'll take her to that new French restaurant down the street.
或许我会带她 到新开的法国赛厅吃饭
Wait a second. We have to set a spending limit on the date.
等一下 我们得对约会费用设下限制
I don't have the money to take her to a fancy place like that.
Well, sorry. That's what I do on dates.
抱歉 那是我的约会方式
All right. Well, I guess I'll just have to do what I do on dates.
- So let's decide on a spending limit. - Yeah.
- 我们来决定费用限制 - 好吧
And a slice...
Six dollars?
- I was thinking more like a hundred. - Okay.
- 我想是一百块 - 好吧
Can I borrow 94 dollars?
I know. Can you hand me a tissue?
我知道 你能帮我拿张面纸吗?
You're out of Diet Coke.
What? You what?
You listen here, missy!
你给我听好了 小姐
That was Megan. She booked The Swing Kings on the day of our wedding...
是梅根打来的 她订下《摇摆国王》 日期是我们结婚的那一天…
...and said she'd only give them back for the dress!
还说如果我不把婚纱让给她 我就没有乐团
Does that mean Carcass is available?
What am I gonna do? That's the dress! That is "the" dress!
Chandler wants the band. What do I do?
钱德喜欢那个乐团 我该怎么办?
- Figure out a way to talk him out of it. - How?
- 想办法说服他放弃 - 我该怎么办?
You're out of toilet paper!
- Hey. - What's up?
- 嘿 - 怎么了?
I wanted to wish you good luck on your date.
- Thanks. - What time are you meeting?
- 谢谢 - 你们约几点?
We have 8:00 reservations at Grand Merci Bistro.
我们在葛兰梅西养厅 订了八点的位子
That's in 20 minutes. You'd better get dressed.
时间只剩二十分钟 你最好快去换衣服
- I am dressed. - Oh, well, good.
- 我已经换好衣服了 - 太好了
For me.
What's this? Did you give yourself a facial?
I have an oily T-zone.
Okay, dude.
好吧 兄弟
- Hey, you sent Kristen flowers? - That's right.
- 你送克丽丝汀花? - 没错
You spent 100 dollars. That's the limit. You're screwed!
你花了一百块 你把钱花光了 你完蛋了
Actually, I sent the flowers before the actual date, so technically...
我在约会前送她花 所以技术上来说…
...technically, I didn't break any rules. Thanks for stopping by though.
技术上来说 我没有犯规 谢谢你来看我
That's how it's gonna be? I can break the rules too.
- What are you gonna do? - I don't know.
- 你打算怎么办? - 我不知道
- I'm not surprised. - You won't get away with this.
- 为什么我一点都不讶异? - 我不会放过你的
- You don't have much choice. - We'll see!
- 我想你没有太多选择 - 我们走着瞧
- Bye-bye. - Yeah, bye-bye.
- 再见 - 对 再见
Hey! So just a light layer?
嘿 只要薄薄地敷一层就好?
Yeah, just here and there.
对 只要敷这里跟这里
Joey got meat sauce on the banister again.
Swing music is so out.
Phoebe, he's gotta be in the room for that to work.
菲比 他得在这房间里才可以听得到
What are you guys talking about?
We're talking about The Swing Kings...
...and whether they're the right way to go.
I went to a wedding where they had swing music...
有一次我去参加 请摇摆乐团来表演的婚礼…
...and two months later the couple divorced.
I'm not saying there's any connection here...
...but they did tell me that's why they got divorced.
但他们的确告诉我 那是他们离婚的原因
But I love swing music!
But The Swing Kings?
They suck so much that people actually die at their concerts. They just stop living.
他们烂到有人听他们的演唱会死掉 他们就是不想活了
When Monica and I went to see them, we had fun.
我只知道摩妮卡跟我 去看他们演唱时非常开心
And there's another reason.
- Well, what is the other reason? - I don't want to say.
- 是什么原因? - 我不想说
Well, you have to, because maybe it's stupid.
你非说不可 或许它很愚蠢
It's just while Monica and I were dancing to them...
摩妮卡跟我 随着他们的音乐起舞时…
...it was the first time I knew that...
...you were the woman that I wanted to dance all my dances with.
Oh, crap.
- Our table will be ready in just a few minutes. - Oh, great.
- 我们的桌子马上就会准备好 - 太棒了
- Is your back feeling better? - Yeah, it's fine.
- 你的背好一点了吗? - 没事了
I guess, ahem, the more muscles you have...
...the more they can spasm out of control.
- Kristen? - Joey!
- 克丽丝汀? - 乔伊
- Hi. - Hi.
- 嗨 - 嗨
- What are you doing here? - I like this place.
- 你来这里做什么? - 我喜欢这个地方
And technically, technically, I'm not breaking any rules, so...
技术上来说 我没有犯规 所以…
Well, Ross, this is Joey. Joey, Ross.
罗斯 他是乔伊 乔伊 罗斯
- Hi. - Hi. It's nice to meet you.
- 嗨 - 嗨 很高兴能认识你
I used to have a friend named Joey.
I don't anymore.
Our table will be ready in a couple minutes.
Sure! I would love to wait with you guys! Thanks!
当然 我想跟你们一起等 谢谢
So Joey, you look familiar.
乔伊 你看起来好眼熟
Are you on TV or something?
Joey doesn't like to talk about it...
...but he's one of the stars of Days of Our Lives.
That's right. That's right. Don't you play a woman?
没错 你不是演女人吗?
A woman in a man's body.
Much better.
So, Ross, it's funny, because you look familiar to me too.
真有趣 因为我也觉得你很眼熟
Have you ever been married?
Yes, I have.
In fact, just the other day...
事实上 前几天…
...Kris and I talked about how I've been married and have a son.
克丽丝跟我还谈到 我结过婚 有个儿子
- Yeah, little Eric. - That's right. Wait. No, Ben.
- 小艾力克 - 没错 等一下 不 是小班才对
So you've just been married the one time then?
- Well, um... - You've been married twice?
- 嗯… - 你结过两次婚?
Yes. And...
对 那个…
...another time after that.
Boy, I'm getting hungry.
天啊 我饿了
Ahem. Hey, Joey, have you ever been so hungry on a date...
乔伊 你曾经在约会时饿到…
...that when the girl goes to the bathroom, you eat some of her food?
趁女伴去上洗手间 偷吃掉她的食物吗?
You said the waiter ate my crab cake.
So, Ross, now why did that first marriage break up? Hm?
罗斯 你的第一段婚姻 为什么会结束?
Was it because the woman was straight or because she was a lesbian?
因为你前妻是异性恋 或因为她是同性恋?
- Do you two know each other? - No.
- 你们认识吗? - 不认识
But he seems like a guy who'd marry a woman...
只是罗斯看起来像是 会跟有同性恋倾向的女人…
...on the verge of being a lesbian and then push her over the edge.
结婚后 逼得她非得出柜的男人
Wait a minute! Were you on a poster for gonorrhea?
等一下 你不是 淋病海报上的那个男的吗?
Have you ever slept in the same bed with a monkey?
Hey, you leave Marcel out of this!
Fine! You ever gotten stuck in a pair of your own leather pants?
好吧 你曾经被自己的牛皮裤卡住了?
Hey, hey! Have you ever locked yourself in a TV cabinet, VD-boy?
Where do you think we lost her?
Probably around "gonorrhea."
- Hi, honey, I'm home! - Don't come in here!
- 甜心 我回来了 - 别进来
Why, do you have another boyfriend in there?
No. We only mess around at his place.
不 我们只会在他家胡搞
It's funny, I started it, but now it's scaring me, so could you come out here, please?
虽然是我开的头 但我开始担心了 你能出来吗?
No. I'm wearing a wedding dress.
不行 我正穿着婚纱
You got a wedding dress? That's great.
- Yeah, but I'm not keeping it. - Then why can't I see it?
- 对 但我要把它退回去 - 那么我为什么不能看到它?
Oh. I guess you can.
But I have to return it, so you can't like it.
但我得把它退回去 所以你绝不能喜欢它
Okay, I promise. I'll hate it.
好吧 我发誓我会恨它
Wow. You look hideous.
哇 你看起来好可怕
Yeah. That's like the most ugliest dress I've ever seen.
对 那是我看过最丑的婚纱
Why do you have to return it?
Because it doesn't really fit.
Oh, by the way, I booked The Swing Kings.
还有 我订了《摇摆国王》
Oh, that's great. Great. Thanks.
那真的是太棒了 谢谢
But that dress, I mean, it's like, ugh, terrible.
- It makes me want to rip it right off you. - Okay.
- 它让我想把它从你身上扯下来 - 好吧
But you can't rip it.
- Well, maybe a little. - Okay.
- 或许弄破一点也没关系 - 好
Hey, guys, you want to look at the song list for the wedding?
你们想看看婚礼上 演唱歌曲的清单吗?
I thought you'd be gone all day.
All right, what's going on?
好吧 发生了什么事?
I'm sorry. I should probably leave you girls alone.
对不起 或许我应该 让你们这些小女生独处一下
Laugh all you want, but in 10 minutes we'll have younger-looking skin.
尽管笑吧 但十分钟后 我们的皮肤会变得又白又嫩
- Yeah. - Right there.
- 对 - 没错
You know, she could use a little...
- Oh, nice shot! Yeah! - Oh! Oh! Oh!
- 好球 太帅了 - 喔 喔 喔