老友记 第七季 Friends Season 7 第18集: 乔伊获提名 The One With Joey’s Award

上映日期: 2,000

语言: 英语

影片类型: 喜剧 / 爱情

导演: Kevin Bright

演员: 詹妮弗·安妮斯顿 / 柯特妮·考克斯 / 丽莎·库卓 / 马特·勒布朗 / 马修·派瑞 / 大卫·休默

Hey, hey! Guys, you won't believe this!
大伙们 你们一定不会相信
- I just got off the phone with my agent... - Oh, my God!
- 我刚刚跟我的经纪人谈过… - 我的天啊
- I'm sorry. Too soon. You go. - Okay.
- 对不起 太快了 你说吧 - 好吧
I got nominated for my part on Days of Our Lives!
- Oh, Joey, good for you! - Congratulations!
- 喔 乔伊 这真的是太好了 - 恭喜你
- I can't believe you're nominated for an Emmy! - No, no.
- 我不敢相信你获得艾美奖提名 - 不是
- Soap Opera Digest Award? - Nope, I'm up for a "Soapie."
- 肥皂剧文摘奖? - 不 我被提名"肥皂奖"
Honey, is that something you're making up?
甜心 那是你乱编的吗?
No, no, no, it's real! And it has been since 1998.
不 那是真的 这个奖从1998年开始颁发
Hey, Rach, Rach. I'm up for a Soapie!
嘿 瑞秋 我被提名肥皂奖了
Oh, my God!
Oh, my God! That is the third most prestigious soap opera award there is!
天啊 那是排名第三的肥皂剧大奖
Thank you! Well, I guess now we know who I'm taking to the awards.
谢谢 我猜我们知道 我该带谁参加颁奖典礼
Oh, stop that! Don't kid about that! Will all the stars be there?
别跟我开这种玩笑 所有明星都会去吗?
Many are scheduled to appear.
Oh, my God.
- Oh, my God. I can't go. I'll be too nervous! - Okay, I'll go.
- 我不能去 我一定会太紧张 - 那就换我去吧
No! You are getting married. This is all I have.
不行 你要结婚了 这个机会是我的
And Ernest Muhlbrat first hypothesized that the velociraptor, when threatened...
恩斯特穆伯拉特假设 迅猛龙受到威胁时…
...would expand its collar and emit a high-pitched noise...
他会把颈部肌肉张开 发出尖锐的叫声…
...to frighten off its predator.
Yes, Mr. Lewis?
路易斯 什么事?
What kind of noise?
Just a high-pitched, intimidating noise.
But like how?
Well, we... We don't know for sure.
But in my head, it sounded something like this, uh:
但我想 应该是这样的…
Of course, this is just conjecture.
当然 这只是种猜测
Ahem, okay. That's, uh... That's all for today.
好了 今天的课上到这里
Mr. Morse, can I see you for a moment?
摩斯先生 我能跟你谈谈吗?
Yes, sir?
Mr. Morse, I need to talk to you about your midterm exam.
- I'm afraid I had to fail you. - Why?
- 恐怕我得把你当掉 - 为什么?
Well, you need 60 percent to pass.
- What'd I get? - Seven.
- 我的分数是多少? - 七分
That's not so good.
No, no, it's not. What happened there, Ned?
不 那糟透了 奈德 到底发生了什么事?
Well, maybe you can cut me some slack. I'm sort of in love.
或许你可以放我一马 我恋爱了
I'm sorry, but that's really not my problem.
抱歉 但那真的不是我的问题
I'm in love with you.
Well, that brings me in the loop a little.
See, that's why I did so bad on this test. I'm having a hard time concentrating.
所以我才会考那么烂 我没办法专心上课
When you're up there and you're teaching...
...and your face gets all serious...
...you look so good. When you wear that tight little turtleneck sweater...
你看起来好帅 当你穿着紧身套头毛衣时…
Okay. Ned, um...
I, uh... Ha, ha. I'm your teacher. I'm sorry.
我是你的老师 对不起
You're... You're a student.
And I... And I like women, ha, ha.
In spite of what may be written on the backs of some of these chairs.
Oh, my God.
That guy at the counter is totally checking you out.
- Oh, my God, he's really cute. - Heh. Go for it.
- 我的天啊 他真的好帅 - 去吧
Phoebe, I'm engaged.
菲比 我订婚了
I'm just saying, get his number, just in case.
我建议你去问他的 电话号码 以防万一
But if Chandler is in an accident and can't perform sexually, you know...
说不定钱德发生意外 丧失了性能力…
...then he would want you to take a lover to satisfy the needs he can no longer fulfill.
他要你找个爱人 满足他无法满足你的那部分
- Hi. I... - Oh.
- 嗨 - 喔
Can I just tell you something? Um...
I'm very flattered, but, uh, I'm engaged. Ha, ha.
我真的受宠若惊 但我订婚了
Wow, uh... This is kind of embarrassing.
哇哦 额… 这真的是有点难堪
I was actually coming over to talk to your friend.
事实上 我想跟你朋友说话
Well, you should be embarrassed.
- I thought you knew I was looking at you. - I did, but that was really fun.
- 我以为你知道我在看你 - 我知道 但那真的很好玩
"The winner is Joey Tribbiani!"
"Oh, wow.
I honestly never expected this. I, uh...
I didn't prepare a speech.
But I'd like to thank my parents, who've always been there for me.
我要谢谢我的父母 他们一直支持着我…
Also like to thank my friends, Chandler, Monica, Phoebe, Rachel..."
我还要谢谢我的朋友 钱德 摩妮卡 菲比 瑞秋…"
- I'm fourth? - Jeez!
- 我排在第四名? - 天啊
Look at you with your little maple syrup award!
看看你 拿着你的枫糖奖
Maybe you don't tell anyone about this.
What? No.
It's not a big deal. I do that too, with my shampoo bottle.
那没有什么大不了的 我也会拿着洗发精的瓶子那么做
- Really? - Yeah.
- 真的吗? - 没错
- What award are you practicing for? - Grammy.
- 你假装自己得了什么奖? - 葛莱美奖
- Best New Artist. - Ooh.
- 我是最佳新进艺人 - 哦
Oh, hey, listen. The Soapies people called today. I also get to present an award.
肥皂奖的人今天打电话给我 我还得上台颁奖
- Aw, that's great. - Yeah.
- 哇 真是太好了 - 耶
So you'll get on stage even if you don't win.
好耶 所以就算你没得奖你也有机会上台
- You... You don't think I'm gonna win? - Of course I do.
- 你认为我不会得奖? - 你当然会得奖
But, you know, Favorite Returning Character is a tough category, Joey.
但最受欢迎死而后生奖? 那个奖的竞争很激烈
I mean, you're up against the guy who survived his own cremation.
你要跟一个火葬了之后 还能活过来的人竞争
Yeah. No, I know I might not win. But it's just...
不 我知道或许我不会得奖 只是…
I've never even been nominated before. I want it so much.
我从来没有被提名过 我真的很想得奖
Well, and you'll probably get it.
But you should probably start practicing your "gracious-loser" face.
但你应该开始练习 你的"运动家精神"表情
Like, when the cameras are on you and you wanna look disappointed...
当摄影机拍到你时 你得表现出失望的样子
...but also that your colleague deserved to win. Sort of like:
但也得表现出对方是 实至名归的表情 就像这样…
- Hey. - You know?
- 嘿 - 你知道吗?
- You practice losing at the Grammys too? - Oh, no, at the Grammys, I always win.
- 你也假装自己没得到葛莱美奖? - 不 我是葛莱美奖的常胜军
- Oh, hey. - Hey. How'd your date go with Jake?
- 理 - 嘿 你跟杰克约会还顺利吗?
Great. We couldn't keep our eyes off each other all night.
太棒了 我们一直注视着彼此
Then every once in a while, he'd lean over and stroke my hair, and then touch my neck.
每隔一阵子他就会靠过来 摸我的头发跟脖子
Okay, stop it. You're getting me all tingly.
住手 菲比 你害得我好痒
All I could think of was, "Is he gonna kiss me? Is he?"
我只能想着 他要吻我了吗…?
- And did he? - I'm a lady, Monica. I don't kiss and tell.
- 他吻了你吗? - 我是个淑女 绝不会泄露那种事
But this hickey speaks for itself.
Okay, okay, I got it. I got it.
好了 我知道了
I just like him so much that I just feel like I've had 10 drinks today.
我真的好喜欢他 感觉上像是我今天喝了十杯酒
And I've only had six.
Oh. You know, I haven't had that feeling since I first starting going out with Chandler.
我第一次跟钱德约会后 再也没有那样的感觉
- Wow, I'm never gonna have that feeling again. - You sound like a guy.
- 我永远都不会再有那样的感觉了 - 你的口气跟男人一模一样
Heh. No, a guy would say, "I'm never gonna get to sleep with anyone else." Heh.
不 男人会说 "我永远 都不能再跟别人上床了"
Oh, my God. I'm never gonna sleep with anyone else!
I've been so busy planning the wedding, I forgot about all the things I'd be giving up.
我一直忙着筹备婚礼 完全忘了我要放弃什么
I mean, I'm never gonna have a first kiss again.
You'll have a last kiss.
Can I ask you something? You ever had a guy have a crush on you?
我能问你一件事吗? 有男人喜欢过你吗?
Is that why you wanted to tie my tie?
There's this kid in my class who said he's in love with me.
- Whoa! - Yeah.
- 哇 - 耶
- Whoa, what? - Ross has a boyfriend.
- 哇什么? - 罗斯有男朋友了
I do... I do not have a boyfriend.
There's a guy in one of my classes who has a crush on me.
- Really? - Yeah. I don't know.
- 真的吗? - 对 我不知道
I mean, last year, Elizabeth, now this kid...
去年是伊莉莎白 现在是这个孩子…
What... What... What is it? Am I giving out some kind of...
...a sexy-professor vibe?
Not right now.
The point is, my natural charisma has made him fail his midterm.
重点是我的天生丽质 让他期中考被当掉
Aw, see now I feel bad for the kid.
I had a crush on a teacher once, and it was so hard, you know.
我也曾经暗恋过老师 那真的很难受
I couldn't concentrate and I blushed every time he looked at me.
我没办法专心上课 每次他看着我时 我都会脸红
Come on, you remember what it's like to be 19 and in love.
- Yeah, guess I can cut him some slack. - Yeah.
- 我是可以放他一马 - 太棒了
- How'd you get over that teacher? - I didn't.
- 你怎么忘记那个老师的? - 我没有
I got under him.
Problem solved.
- Bye, Phoebe. - Okay, bye.
- 再见 菲比 - 好的 再见
- All right. Bye. - Bye.
- 好的 再见 - 再见
We said goodbye at the door so as not to flaunt our new love.
我们在门边说再见 不想炫耀我们的新恋情
Phoebe, it's okay. You don't have to tiptoe around me.
菲比 没关系 你不必顾虑到我
I've been thinking about it, and um... You know what?
我已经想过了 你知道吗?
I'm okay about not having that new-relationship feeling.
- I miss you already! - I miss you too!
- 我已经开始想你了 - 我也会想你
See, that's what I mean. That's great, but I wouldn't trade in what I have for that.
那真的太棒了 但我不会拿我的幸福跟你交换
I mean, I'm gonna be with Chandler for the rest of my life.
- That's what makes me happy. - Mm-hm.
- 那让我觉得幸福 - 恩
Hey, sweetie, come here, sit down. We were talking about how our relationship is...
快坐下 我们正在谈 我们的关系有多深厚…
...deep and meaningful. It really is, don't you think?
是那么地有意义 真的是那样 你觉得呢?
Oh, totally.
喔 一点都没错
Pull my finger.
Presenting the award for Favorite Returning Male...
This is it. This is my category!
- Got your speech? - Got my speech.
- 你的演讲稿带了吗? - 带了
- Got your gracious-loser face? - Yep.
- 运动家精神表情练习好了吗? - 有
Now, Joey, remember, if you win, you have to hug me.
记住 如果你得奖了 你得抱我
Okay. Can I squeeze your ass?
好 我能捏你的屁股吗?
- On TV? - Yeah.
- 在电视上吗? - 是啊
- Yeah. - Okay.
- 可以 - 好吧
In the category of Favorite Returning Male Character, the nominees are:
在最受欢迎死而复生 男演员奖方面被提名的有
John Wheeler from General Hospital.
约翰惠勒 《综合医院》
Gavin Graham from The Young and the Restless.
盖文葛拉罕 《年少轻狂》
Duncan Harrington from Passions.
唐肯哈灵顿 《热情》
And Joey Tribbiani from Days of Our Lives.
乔伊崔比亚尼 《我们的日子》
And the Soapie goes to:
Gavin Graham from The Young and the Restless.
盖文葛拉罕 《年少轻狂》
Presenting the Favorite Supporting Actress award:
Joey Tribbiani from Days of Our Lives.
Any one of the brilliant actresses nominated for this award tonight...
所有在这个奖项 被提名的优秀女演员…
...deserves to take it home. Unfortunately, only one can.
得奖都是实至名归 可惜只有一个人能得奖
The nominees for Favorite Supporting Actress are:
From Passions, Erin Goff.
《热情》 艾玲高菲
From One Life to Live, Mary Lauren Bishop.
《一生一次》 玛丽墨琳毕雪
From All My Children, Sarah Renee.
《我的孩子们》 莎拉蕾妮
And from Days of Our Lives, Jessica Ashley.
《我们的日子》 洁西卡艾许丽
And the winner is:
Jessica Ashley from Days of Our Lives.
洁西卡艾许丽 《我们的日子》
Uh, unfortunately, Jessica couldn't be with us tonight...
很不幸 洁西卡今晚因故无法出席…
...so I'll be accepting this award on her behalf.
And I'm sure that Jessica...
...would like to thank my parents...
...who always believed in me.
And she'd also like to thank my friends:
Chandler, Monica, Ross, Phoebe and Rachel...
钱德 摩妮卡 罗斯 菲比跟瑞秋…
...who's sitting right there.
Joey, why did we have to rush out of there so fast?
乔伊 我们为什么要急着离开?
We had to get out of there because...
我们得赶快离开 因为…
Look what I won! Ha-ha-ha.
你看我拿了什么回家 哈哈
Oh, my God. You stole her award.
我的天啊 你偷走她的奖杯
No, no, no. I'm accepting it on her behalf.
I don't think you know what "behalf" means.
Sure I do. It's a verb. As in "I be half-in' it"!
我当然知道 它是个动词 意思是"我能分一半"
- You have got to take this back. - Why? I should've won one. I really wanted it.
- 你得把它还回去 - 为何?我应该得奖的 我好想得奖
She didn't even care enough to come to the thing. It could also be a Grammy.
她根本不在乎才没有出席 它也可以拿来当葛莱美
No, Joey.
不 乔伊
Come on, Rach. No one saw me take it. There was a whole table full of them.
没有人看到我把它拿走 整个桌子上都是奖杯
Do you really want an award that you didn't win?
No, I want an award I did win. But nobody's given me any of those!
不 我想要一个属于我的奖杯 但没有人愿意让我得奖
Plus, look, hey, Rach. If I put it up, when people come over, they'll see it...
如果我把它摆在这里 大家就会看到它…
...and they'll think I won it.
Joey, it says "Best Supporting Actress."
乔伊 上面写着"最佳女配角奖"
I can scratch that right off.
Joey, no, this is wrong. You have to take it back.
乔伊 这样是不对的 你得把它还回去
Okay? You don't wanna win an award this way. You're very talented.
你不会想这样把奖杯拿回家 你真的有演戏天分
And someday you're gonna win one of these for real and that one is gonna mean something.
有一天你会真的得奖 那对你来说才有意义
- Oh, all right. - All right? Thank you.
- 好吧 - 好吗?谢谢
- I'll take it back tomorrow. - Thank you.
- 我明天就把它还回去 - 谢谢
- If I can't have it, you can't have it! - Aah!
- 如果我不能拥有它 你也不能拥有它 - 啊
- Professor Geller? - Yes, Mr. Lewis? How can I help you?
- 盖勒教授? - 路易斯?有什么事吗?
I know I didn't do well on my midterms and stuff...
...but I was kind of hoping you could change my grade.
And why exactly would I do that?
Because I'm in love with you.
Yeah. I'm all in love with you and stuff.
对 我爱上你了
- So could you change my grade? - No!
- 你可以帮我改成绩吗? - 不行
Well, why not? You changed Ned's grade.
Well, that's different, okay? Because he was actually in love with me.
那不一样 因为他真的爱上我了
No, he's not! He's totally yanking your chain.
不 他才没有 他只是在耍你
He's done this with three other teachers.
- What? - He's got a girlfriend.
- 什么? - 他有女朋友
I can't believe someone would do that for a grade.
I know.
It's awful.
I love you.
- Have you seen Chandler? - No, why?
- 你看到钱德了吗? - 没有 干嘛?
I just keep thinking about all these things I'm not gonna have...
因为我一直在想 我会失去的一切
...and it's freaking me out. I don't know what to do about it.
我真的吓坏了 我不知道该怎么办
Okay. Don't sweat it.
Chandler is nowhere around, so get it out of your system. That guy's cute.
钱德不在 别管那么多规矩 那个男的很帅
Phoebe, come on, I'm serious.
菲比 别这样 我是认真的
- I've just gotta talk to him about all this. - That is the last thing you wanna do.
- 我得跟他谈这件事 - 你真的不该那么做
- Why? - Because you're marrying him!
- 为什么? - 因为你要嫁给他
You gotta help me out here, Pheebs.
All right, I've never been engaged and I've never really been married.
我从来没有订婚过 也没有真正结婚过
But I can only tell you what my mother told me.
Whenever you have doubts or fears or anxieties about a relationship...
当你对一段关系有疑虑 害怕或焦虑时…
...do not communicate them to your husband.
So I'm not supposed to share my doubts and fears...
所以 我不该跟我要共度一生的男人…
...with the guy I'm spending the rest of my life with?
That is correct. Yes.
没错 就是那样
You're supposed to put all that stuff in a little box in your mind...
...and then lock it up tight.
- Your mother told you this? - Yes.
- 那是你妈妈告诉你的? - 对
The woman that got married a bunch of times and killed herself when you were 13?
那个结了很多次婚 在你十三岁时就自杀了的女人?
Oh, my God, you're right.
我的天啊 你说的对
All right, go. Go tell Chandler. Hurry, before it's too late!
去告诉钱德 快点 免得太迟了
Wait, no! Does this also mean that putting out doesn't get you love?
等一下 这也表示 放荡是得不到真爱的吗?
- I can't believe I'm gonna meet Jessica Ashley! - Wait, wait.
- 不敢相信我要跟洁西卡艾许丽碰面 - 等一下
Please be cool, okay? I work with this woman.
瑞秋 拜托你酷一点 好吗? 我跟这个女人一起工作
- Okay, I'm totally cool. - Okay.
- 好吧 我会很酷的 - 好吧
Come in.
Hey, Jessica.
嘿 洁西卡
Hey, Jess.
嘿 洁西
This is my friend Rachel.
- Hi. - What's up?
- 嗨 - 你好吗?
Uh, listen, here's your Soapie. I accepted it for you.
这是你的肥皂奖 我代表你收下了它
Oh, my God. I won? Do you have any idea what this means?
我的天啊 我得奖了? 你知道这代表什么意义吗?
That's it. You're not gonna put it on your shelf or anything?
就这样? 你不把它摆在柜子里吗?
No, I try to save that for real awards. Now if you'll excuse me?
不 我只想把真正的奖杯 摆在柜子里 对不起
- Take it back? - Absolutely.
- 要把它拿回去吗? - 那当然
Yeah, you do.
对 做得好
- Honey? As we get closer to the wedding... - Hm?
- 甜心?我们快结婚了… - 哈?
...is there anything you'd like to talk about or share?
Okay. Well, I think the centerpieces are too big.
好吧 我觉得桌上的装饰太大了
You're wrong. The centerpieces are fine.
你错了 桌上的装饰刚刚好
- Do you ever get scared at all? - Kind of. They're really big.
- 你曾经觉得害怕过吗? - 有一点 它们真的很大
Doesn't it ever freak you out that you're never gonna be with anybody new again?
I love you so much. Just...
It's just sometimes it bothers me that I'm never gonna have that feeling.
有时候我会很难过 我无法再有那样的感觉
When you first meet someone for the first time...
...and it's new and exciting. You know that rush?
你会觉得新鲜刺激 你知道那种心动的感觉吗?
No, see, when I first meet somebody...
不 当我刚认识一个人…
...it's mostly panic, anxiety and a great deal of sweating.
我会觉得慌张 焦虑 满头大汗
Okay, but... All right, you're a guy.
好吧 但你是男人
Does it not freak you out that you're never gonna sleep with anybody else?
你不害怕你永远不能 再跟别人上床吗?
Sleeping with somebody, no.
Anxiety, panic and I'm afraid even more sweating.
我害怕的是焦虑 慌张 跟满头大汗
Even with me?
I was dangerously dehydrated during the first six months of our relationship.
我们刚开始交往的六个月 我严重脱水
Look, for me the rush is knowing that we are gonna be together for the rest of our lives.
对我来说心动的感觉是 我们会共度余生
- Really? - Well, yeah.
- 真的吗? - 对
Knowing you're having these thoughts, we're back to panic, anxiety and, uh...
知道你有这些想法 我们又回到了慌张 焦虑跟…
...I'm definitely gonna need some kind of sports drink.
Come here.
Come here. Oh, sweetie, you don't have to worry.
过来 你不必担心
No. Besides, you know what? I'm gonna have a lot of new things with you.
而且你知道吗?跟你在一起 我一定能遇上新鲜的事
The first time we buy a house, our first kid, our first grandkid.
我们第一次买房子 第一个孩子 第一个孙子
Water. Water. Water.
Uh, Mr. Morse? Can I speak to you for a moment?
That was a great lecture today.
- Did you get a haircut? - Mm-hm.
- 你剪了头发吗? - 恩
Yeah, yeah. Do you like it? Do you love it?
对 你喜欢吗?你爱吗?
I want you to know that I'm changing your grade back.
What? Why?
Because I know what you're trying to pull here. It's not gonna work.
我知道你在搞什么鬼 那是行不通的
I'm not trying to pull anything. Look, I love you, dude.
我没有搞什么鬼 听着 我爱你
You know what, I'm not even gonna talk about this. This little "thing" is over.
我甚至不想谈这件事 这个小"风流韵事"结束了
I know you have a girlfriend. Yeah. And I know about the other professors.
我知道你有女朋友 也知道其他教授的事
How do you think that makes me feel, Ned? You used me!
你觉得那会让我 有什么感觉?你利用我
You don't love me and you never did!
你不爱我 你从来都没有爱过我
Ah, Professor Winston. Professor Frederickson.
温斯顿教授 佛迪瑞克森教授
I'll be right with you.
Don't make this worse and I'll give you a C. Shall we?
别让事情变得更糟糕 我会给你"丙" 我们可以走了吗?
- I'll be out in a second. - Hm.
- 我马上来 - 恩
"It's just so unexpected! I...
I'll tell you, it's just such an honor to just be nominated...
我得告诉大家 能被提名诺贝尔奖…
...for a Nobel Prize.
And, you know, to win one for a massage! Oh...
Especially after having just won a Tony Award for Best Actress..."
特别是我刚拿下 东尼奖的最佳女演员奖…"
We have to go. Our reservations are at 8.
"...in Reservations at Eight by Neil Simon.
"以《我们订了八点的位置》得奖 作词人是尼尔赛门
Thank you, Neil. Thank you for the words."
谢谢你 尼尔 谢谢你帮我填词"
You can finish this later. We're gonna be late. We gotta go.
好 待会再玩 我们要迟到了
Please don't play the music. Just one more thing.
请不要奏乐 还有一件事
"Live from New York, it's Saturday Night!"
"纽约现场直播 欢迎收看《周末夜现场》"