老友记 第七季 Friends Season 7 第20集: 瑞秋的同性之吻 The One With Rachel’s Big Kiss

上映日期: 2,000

语言: 英语

影片类型: 喜剧 / 爱情

导演: Kevin Bright

演员: 詹妮弗·安妮斯顿 / 柯特妮·考克斯 / 丽莎·库卓 / 马特·勒布朗 / 马修·派瑞 / 大卫·休默

Hey, out of all of us, who do you think will get married next?
嘿 我们所有人当中 你们认为下一个结婚的会是谁?
Probably Monica and Chandler.
Hi, could I have a pack of Newport Lights?
Oh, um, uh, we don't sell cigarettes, but they do across the street.
我们没有卖烟 对面的书报摊有卖
That'd be great. Thanks.
那太好了 谢谢
Oh, my God.
Melissa Worbert. I don't think I have the energy for this.
梅莉莎伍伯 我没有力气应付她
Oh, my God! Ray-Ray Green?
我的天 瑞瑞葛林?
Melissa. Hey.
梅莉莎 嘿
You've been MIA for seven sorority newsletters.
我们姐妹会期刊 连续7期都说你失踪了
What's up with you?
Why don't I tell you over here?
So last I heard you were gonna get married.
Poor Ray-Ray.
Oh, no, no. It's... It's good. It's all good.
不 我其实很好
- I actually work at Ralph Lauren. - Shut up!
- 我现在替罗夫罗兰工作 - 闭嘴
I will not. Heh, heh. I'm the divisional head of men's sportswear.
我才不闭嘴 我是 男装运动服饰部门的主管
Oh, shut up more! Are you friends with Ralph?
不会吧 你跟罗夫是朋友吗?
- Oh, please. Ha. - Are you?
- 拜托 - 你是吗?
Listen, we have to have dinner. What are you doing tomorrow?
我们一定要一起吃个饭 你明天晚上做什么?
- Oh, tomorrow. I don't know. Um... - You're having dinner with me.
- 明天 我不知道 - 现在你知道了 你要和我吃晚饭
Shut up.
I've gotta go. This has been so great, Ray-Ray.
我要走了 看到你真好
Oh, there you are.
哦 这儿
Um, so listen, just call me. Here's my card.
打电话给我 这是我的名片
Oh, wow, thanks.
哇 谢谢
- Oh, you're in real estate? - Oh, no, heh, that's an old card.
- 你在做房地产? - 不 那是旧名片
Um, I got out of that to do something where I could...
...help people and make a difference.
Wow. What do you do now?
I'm a party planner.
- I'll see you tomorrow. - Okay.
- 明天见 - 好
Hey guys, look who's back. It's Ray-Ray.
看谁回来了 是瑞瑞
That was my friend, Melissa, from college.
She seems really, really fun!
She's actually very sweet, and we used to be very close.
她真的很甜 我们曾经很亲密
Wait a minute. She's not the one who you?
等一下 她不是那个你…?
Who you what? Who you what?
- Yes. - Wow!
- 是 - 哇
Wow... Wow, what? Who you what?
Oh, it's not a big deal.
They were lovers.
- What? - What?
- 什么? - 什么?
No, we weren't. It was nothing.
不 我们不是情人 那又没什么
It was one night, senior year, and we went to a party...
大四的时候 有一天晚上 我们去参加舞会…
...had a lot of sangria, and you know, ended up...
喝了很多桑格利亚调酒 你知道 结果…
...kissing for a bit.
So that's two of my wives.
Okay, so this is where the band is. And here's the bar.
这是乐队的所在 这儿是吧台
And all these pins have people's names on them. Rach, here you are.
这些大头针上都有人名 瑞秋 你在这里
Oh, wow!
哦 喔
Why don't we just put me with a Manhattan in my hand...
...talking to the cute bartender.
These pins aren't for playing, are they?
大头针不是用来玩的 是不是?
Okay, the red ones are my guests, and the blue are yours.
红的是我的客人 蓝色的是你的
This is so sad. I only have like 10 pins.
真可怜 我只有10个客人
Heh, Chandler, relax. It's not a contest.
钱德 轻松一点 这又不是比赛
Certainly not a close one.
- Hello. - Hey.
- 大家好 - 嘿
Hey, Rach.
嘿 瑞秋
Stop picturing it!
Okay, I think that's it. The seating chart is done. This is our wedding.
我想这样可以了 座位表好了 这就是我们的婚礼
Wow. They all look like they're having fun.
他们看来好像都很开心 不是吗?
So where are my parents gonna be?
Well, if this is the wedding hall, then, um...
...your parents would be over here at home in Queens.
They're not invited? Oh, no, they're gonna be crushed!
他们没有被邀请?太糟了 他们一定会很伤心
Why would they think they're invited?
You got me. I don't...
你问倒我了 我不…
- Joey! - Look, I thought parents were coming.
- 乔伊 - 抱歉 我以为父母都会来
Your parents are coming. Chandler's parents are coming.
你的父母会来 钱德的父母也会来
Ross' parents are coming.
Ross' parents are my parents.
Well, see, parents are coming.
看 父母们都会来
- We should invite them. - You just want more blue pins.
- 我们应该请他们 - 拜托 你只是想要增加蓝色大头针
Well, this is just sad.
All right. Maybe I can fit them in if I just do some rearranging.
好啦 也许我可以把他们排进来 不过要重新安排位置
Rachel may have to sit at the bar.
That is not a problem.
- Maybe you'll order a little sangria. - Oh, get out of here!
- 也许你可以叫一杯桑格利亚调酒 - 去你的
These are our tuxedos. If you like anything, we can make a deal.
这是我们的礼服 如果有你喜欢的 可以便宜些
Anything at all. But these are the three that Monica pre-approved.
全部都可以 但这三件是摩妮卡先核准的
Uh, well, thanks a lot for hooking me up.
谢谢你替我们找到关系 瑞秋
And I want you to know that I want you to attend our wedding as my guest.
我想请你做我的客人 参加我们的婚礼
I'm Monica's maid of honor.
Okay, don't try to blue-pin me.
- Well, these look nice. - They are nice.
- 那这些呢?这些看起来不错 - 是不错
When celebrities are done with them, they send them back.
都是帮名人量身打造的 他们穿过后就送回来这儿
- You mean, like, for award shows? - Some of them.
- 你是指像颁奖典礼之后? - 有些是
They've been down the red carpet with people yelling, uh...
这都上过红地毯 被人叫着
..."Who are you wearing? You look fabulous!"
"你是穿谁的?你看来棒极了 "
Might I suggest watching a little more ESPN...
容我建议你 多看一点ESPN体育台…
...and a little less E!
Okay. Who wore those?
- Well, uh, this one's Tom Brokaw. - Not bad.
- 这是汤姆布若考穿过的 - 不错嘛
This one is, uh, Paul O'Neil.
Who's that?
He plays for the Yankees. Seriously, ESPN.
他是《洋基队》的球员 真的 多看ESPN
Just once in a while. Have it on in the background.
有的时候 开着当背景也好
Ooh, this one was Pierce Brosnan.
- Pierce Brosnan? - Uh-huh.
- 皮尔斯布洛斯南? - 额
Are you serious?
007? 007?
This is James Bond's tux? Oh, I have to get married in James Bond's tux.
Ha, ha. It's a pretty cool tux.
Ah, it's not just that. I would be England's most powerful weapon.
不只如此 我会是 英格兰最强大的武器
A jet-setting heartbreaker on Her Majesty's secret service.
女王陛下的秘密特务 环游世界的负心人
A man who fears no one, with a license to kill.
有杀人执照 什么都不怕的男人
Would Monica let me wear this?
We should really learn how to play the real way.
I like our way.
- Ah! - Hey, hey!
- 啊 - 嘿 嘿
- Nice move. - Yeah.
- 走的好 - 是啊
- Hey. - Hey.
- 嘿 - 嘿
I hooked Ross and Chandler up with tuxedos. Do you need one?
乔伊 我替罗斯和钱德 找到燕尾服 你需要吗?
No, I'm not wearing a tux.
不 我要主持婚礼 我不要穿燕尾服
- What are you gonna wear? - Multi-colored robes.
- 那你要穿什么? - 多彩的袍子
Ooh, and maybe a hat.
- Huh. Does Monica know about this? - No.
- 摩妮卡知道吗? - 不知道
Can I please be there when you tell her?
Hey, Rach, you want to go to a movie tonight?
瑞秋 晚上要不要去看电影?
Oh, I can't. I'm having dinner with Melissa.
没办法 我要和梅莉莎吃饭
Can I come?
I won't talk. You'll just hear my video camera.
我不会说话 你只会听见 我摄影机的声音
- What? What's going on? - Can I tell her?
- 什么?怎么回事? - 我可以告诉她吗?
Do you want what happened, or Joey's lewd version?
你要听真正发生的事 还是乔伊的淫荡版本?
- Joey's. - Okay.
- 乔伊的 - 好吧
Okay, come on.
喂 少来
I had this college friend...
...and I made the mistake of telling Joey that one time...
我犯了一个很蠢的错误 告诉乔伊有一次…
...she and I, you know, kissed a little bit.
Yeah, I'm sure that happened.
是噢 我相信你们有
- It did. - Sure.
- 真的啊 - 当然
Hey, heh. It happened.
Yeah, it was senior year. It was after the Sigma Chi luau...
是大四那年 有一次姐妹会 开夏威夷主题派对…
...and Melissa and I got very drunk.
And we ended up kissing. For several minutes.
结果我们两个接吻了 好几分钟呢
Which means she had a couple spritzers and a peck on the cheek.
那表示她喝了几杯 轻轻吻在脸颊上
- Why are you taking this away from me? - Ugh.
- 你为什么要剥夺我的幻想? - 额
Why is it so hard for you to believe?
Okay. I just didn't know that you were a lesbian.
好吧 我不知道你是同性恋
I'm not saying that I'm a lesbian. I'm just saying that this happened.
我不是说我是同性恋 我只是说那件事发生了
It just seems pretty wild. And you're... You know, so...
我只是那觉得很狂野 而你是这么地…
Vanilla? I'm not vanilla. I do lots of crazy things.
乖宝宝?我不是乖宝宝 我会做很多疯狂的事
I mean, I got drunk and married in Vegas.
我还喝醉了 在拉斯维加斯结婚
To Ross.
If you don't believe me...
这样吧 如果你不相信我…
...just come with me to dinner tonight and she'll tell you.
今晚和我一起去吃饭 她会告诉你
Okay. Because I can't picture it.
好吧 因为我想像不出来
You should get inside my head.
- Hey. - Hey.
- 嘿 - 嘿
Guess what I got for your wedding?
A freakishly thin date with a hanger for a head?
Rachel hooked me up with a tux. But not just any tux.
瑞秋替我弄到一件燕尾服 但不是随便一件
Batman's tux!
- What? - That's right.
- 什么? - 没错
Made expressly for Val Kilmer, and worn by him in the hit film...
特快速做给方基墨 让他穿在票房冠军电影…
...that Batman film he was in.
You can't wear that. I'm wearing the famous tux.
你不能穿那件 我要穿名人的燕尾服
- James Bond's tux. - So?
- 詹姆士庞德的燕尾服 - 那又怎样?
If you wear that, it'll make mine less special.
那又怎样?如果你穿那件 会让我的不那么特别
You need something to to make it special?
Hello! You have the most special thing of all.
喂 你有了最特别的一样
You are marrying the woman you love.
Don't take away my cool thing. Pretty please?
拜托不要抢走我的锋头 拜托拜托?
"Pretty please?" Not very, uh, 007.
If you were getting married, I'd never do anything to upset you.
如果你要结婚 我不会做任何让你生气的事
- You slept with my sister. - That was pretty 007.
- 我结婚的时候 你和我妹妹上床 - 那就很007
- Hey. - Hey. Okay, good. You're here.
- 嘿 - 嘿 好 你来了
All right, I figured it out.
好 我想出办法来了
I'm gonna take 2 tables of 8, add your parents...
我把这两桌的8个人 加上你父母…
...and make them into 3 tables of 6.
And I called the caterer. We are good to go!
我已经通知了办酒席的人 要多做两份 都弄好了
Yeah. They're not coming.
They think that you only invited them because of me.
他们觉得 你是因为我才邀请他们的
They feel unwanted.
That's too bad. It's true. But too bad.
真糟糕 那是真的 不过还是很糟糕
- If you could just call my mom. - Oh, Joey.
- 摩妮卡 你可以打电话给我妈 - 乔伊
Come on. Just let her know you want them there.
拜托 让她知道你希望他们去
Let's not forget this is a woman who has sent you many lasagnas.
不要忘记 多年来 她送过你很多很多千层面
No, she hasn't.
Is it her fault if some didn't make it to you?
What am I gonna say?
Just tell them you mixed up invitations. No, no, no, blame it on the post office.
告诉她请帖搞乱了 不 怪邮局好了
They hate the post office. And the Irish.
他们最恨邮局 还有爱尔兰人
But I don't think you could blame it on them.
Hello? Yeah, hi. Uh, Mrs. Tribbiani? Hi, this is Monica Geller.
喂?你好 崔比亚尼太太吗? 我是摩妮卡盖勒
I'm just calling to say that I really hope you can make the wedding.
我想告诉你 钱德跟我很希望 你们能来参加婚礼
Apparently some of our invitations weren't delivered.
Um, I guess there was some screw-up at the damn post office.
Tell me about it.
Yeah, the U.S. Post Office? No. More like U.S. Lost Office.
什么美国邮局嘛? 更像是美国遗失局
What are they, Irish?
搞什么嘛 都是爱尔兰人吗?
Anyway, his name's Allen. And we've been going out for three years.
他叫艾伦 我们在一起三年了
He was my first client when I became a party planner.
He was actually planning a party for his girlfriend at the time.
那时他正要为当时的女朋友 规划一场宴会
- Oh, well. - No.
- 结果就是这样罗 - 不
- Ah. He was Theta Beta Pi at Syracuse. - Oh! Oh, that's great.
- 他是雪城大学兄弟会的 - 真好
- Phoebe, were you ever in a sorority? - Of course.
- 菲比 你参加过姐妹会吗? - 当然
Yes. I was a, um, Thigh Mega Tampon.
What one?
Yeah, we were huge too. But they had to shut us down...
我们也很庞大 但后来被关掉了…
...when Regina Phalangie died of alcohol poisoning.
Isn't it a shame when one girl ruins it for the whole bunch?
真是糟糕 一颗老鼠屎就毁了一锅粥
Hmm. Mm-hm. Ugh.
Speaking of drinking too much, I was, uh, telling Phoebe...
讲到喝太多 我告诉菲比…
...about that crazy night after the Sigma Chi luau where we made out.
姐妹会开夏威夷派对 很疯的那晚 我们亲吻的事
Remember we... Come on, we had sarongs on and the coconut bikini tops.
记得我们…我们穿着沙龙 还有椰子壳比基尼上衣
We went back to the house and got really silly...
之后我们回到家 在那儿疯癫…
...and we made out.
Wow, Ray-Ray, I have no idea what you're talking about.
瑞瑞 我不知道你在说什么
Ross is Batman.
Well, he did manage to keep his identity secret for a long time.
他还真会掩护秘密身份 瞒了这么久
Rachel got Ross the tuxedo that Val Kilmer wore in Batman.
瑞秋替罗斯弄到 方基墨在《蝙蝠侠》里穿的燕尾服
Batman is so much cooler than James Bond.
- What? 007 has all those gadgets. - Batman has a utility belt.
- 什么啊?007有很多工具 - 蝙蝠侠有工具腰带
- 007 has a fancy car. - Batman has the Batmobile.
- 007有很炫的车 - 蝙蝠侠有蝙蝠车
- 007 gets all the ladies. - Heh. Batman has Robin.
- 007有很多女人 - 蝙蝠侠有罗宾
We get ESPN, right?
我们有ESPN台 对吧?
How about you go put on your 007 tuxedo, and I'll make you a nice martini?
你何不去穿上你的007燕尾服 我来替你调一杯马丁尼
Actually I don't like martinis.
- A Yoo-Hoo with a funny straw? - Ooh, yum.
- 那有搞笑吸管的摇摇饮料呢? - 好的
- Hey. - Hey.
- 嘿 - 嘿
I know the invitation says 6:00...
...but does that mean get there at 6, or the show starts at 6?
那是指6点入席 还是6点开始表演?
The show?
Right, the wedding. Gotcha.
对 婚礼 知道了
But weddings start a little late, right?
不过婚礼会晚一点开始 对不对?
Have you ever been to one of my weddings?
Ah, well, it's the same day as my niece's christening...
...and I want my parents to see me.
My part's in the beginning. I'm not in the rest of the show... Wedding.
我的部分是在开始时 我不在剩下的表演…婚礼
The wedding starts at 6.
Okay. I totally hear you.
好 我听到了
Ooh! How about this? I vamp till they get there.
Heh. You'll "vamp"?
Yeah, yeah, like warm up the crowd. Ask where they're from.
像是和观众打诨 问他们从哪儿来
In Joey Tribbiani, you get a minister and an entertainer.
因为有乔伊崔比亚尼在 就同时有教士和演艺人员
I'm a "ministainer."
All right?
There's no one better. There's no one greater.
不会有更好的 不会有更棒的
How can you not remember us kissing?
I don't know. I don't remember a lot of things that never happened.
不知道 我不记得 很多从没发生过的事
Remember, we were on the sleeping porch? We couldn't stop giggling.
拜托 记得我们在寝廊里 一直笑一直笑吗?
Our coconuts kept knocking together.
Somewhere Joey's head is exploding.
I don't want to make you uncomfortable...
抱歉 我不是想 让你觉得不自在…
...but I told Phoebe it happened, and she doesn't believe me.
但我告诉菲比那件事 她不相信我
I'm sorry. I mean, if I thought it happened, I would say it.
对不起 瑞瑞 如果我认为真有那回事 我会承认的
Maybe I passed out and you did stuff to me while I was sleeping.
也许我昏睡过去了 你在我睡觉时对我做了什么
It's okay, you don't have to do this. I believe you.
瑞秋 没关系的 不用这么做 我相信你
If you say you kissed Melissa, then you kissed Melissa.
如果你说你吻过梅莉莎 你就是吻过梅莉莎
- Thank you, Phoebe. - Okay.
- 谢谢你 菲比 - 好
- But she didn't. - I know.
- 可是她没有 - 我知道
- Hey. - Hey.
- 嘿 - 嘿
You carry that around?
I find it to be something of a conversation piece.
- Between you and? - Gunther.
- 你和…? - 阿甘
Hey, hey. Why don't we put them on?
Get a picture of Batman and James Bond, together.
拍一张蝙蝠侠和 詹姆士庞德一起的照片
I would, but my pants are a little tight.
我很乐意 但是我的不合身 裤子小了一点
A little tight? I could see 00 and 7 in those things.
小了一点?我可以看到 里面的两个0和一个7
I was looking forward to wearing our celebrity tuxes together.
真糟糕 我还很期持 穿着我们的名人燕尾服一起亮相
- So you're not gonna be wearing yours? - Are you kidding? It's Batman's tux!
- 那表示你不穿你的了? - 你开玩笑吗?这是蝙蝠侠的燕尾服
Let me try it on.
Okay. But just the jacket. 00 and 7 are not getting in there.
好吧 只有外套 0O和7不要进去
Holy double-vented comfort, Batman!
双面通风的舒适感 蝙蝠侠
- What's this? - Huh?
- 这是什么? - 哈?
An invitation to the At First Sight premiere?
Oh, my God.
Val Kilmer didn't wear this in Batman.
方基墨没有 在《蝙蝠侠》里穿这件
He wore it to the premiere of a fruity love story where he was a blind guy.
他穿这件去参加 他演瞎子的那部文艺爱情片首映
Let me see that.
Oh, man.
The only super power you have is the slightly heightened sense of smell.
你唯一的超能力 是稍微强化的嗅觉
Uh, can I talk to you guys for a second?
摩妮卡 钱德 可以和你们谈谈吗?
I give up. Whatever you want, you can have it.
算了 我放弃了 你要怎样就怎样吧
You want to sing a song or do a dance?
You want your mom at the altar screaming racial slurs? I don't care.
还是要你妈在祭坛前 吼出种族歧视的字眼?我都不在乎
No. I just want to thank you guys for what you did for my parents.
我只是要谢谢你们 为我父母做的一切
They're so happy to get to be a part of your special day.
他们很高兴 能参与你们最特别的一天
Well, your welcome. Tell them we're glad they're coming.
不客气 告诉他们 我们很高兴他们会来
I will. Oh, check out what they got me to wear for the ceremony!
我会的 给你们看 我婚礼要穿的衣服 他们替我准备的
I wear it like this when I marry you guys. And then this...
我替你们证婚时这样戴 然后…
...is for party time.
It happened. I am telling you it happened.
那是真的 我告诉你那发生过
Hey, it was great meeting you.
And, uh, Rachel? I don't think I'll be calling you because, uh...
还有 瑞秋?我想我不会 打电话给你了 因为…
...you know, you've gotten weird.
Take care, you guys.
保重 两位
Wha... Wait a minute. Okay, look.
等一下 好 听着
That night was the one wild thing I've ever done in my life.
那天晚上是我所做过 最狂野的一件事
I won't let you take it away from me.
So if you don't remember that, maybe you'll remember this...
如果你不记得那件事 也许你会记得这个…
Oh, my God. You love me.
我的天 你爱我
- What? - Of course I remember our kiss.
- 什么? - 我当然记得我们的吻
I think about it all the time.
I can still hear the coconuts knocking together, I...
我还能听到 椰子壳碰在一起的声音…
I didn't want to tell you, because I didn't think you'd return my love.
我不想告诉你 因为我不觉得 你会回报我的爱 现在你回报…
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Aw! Look who's being suddenly shy.
看 你害羞了
You have to feel what I feel.
Nobody can kiss that good and not mean it.
一定要发自于真心 才能吻得那么好
I'm just a good kisser.
Shut up.
I'm sorry.
Oh, you don't have to be sorry.
I'm obviously kidding.
I'm not in love with you. I'm not in love with her.
我没爱上你 我没爱上她
I don't hear coconuts banging together.
I don't picture your face when I make love to my boyfriend.
Anyway, I gotta go.
A kiss goodbye?
No? Okay.
I mean, I had no idea that that would...
What the hell was that?
Just wanted to see what all the fuss was about.
- And? - I've had better.
- 然后呢? - 我有过更好的
I found one that fits.
好 我找到一件合身的
Well, you know what they say? 23rd time's a charm.
是啊 人们常说 第23次就会成功
Aw! Look at you, all handsome.
看看你 好英俊
- Whose is it? - Oh, does it matter?
- 谁穿过这件? - 有关系吗?
All that matters is that you look so handsome.
- Whose is it? - I don't want to say.
- 是谁的? - 我不想讲
Come on, I don't care. Whose is it?
我不在乎 是谁的?
Diane Keaton.