老友记 第七季 Friends Season 7 第9集: 糖果 The One With All The Candy

上映日期: 2,000

语言: 英语

影片类型: 喜剧 / 爱情

导演: Kevin Bright

演员: 詹妮弗·安妮斯顿 / 柯特妮·考克斯 / 丽莎·库卓 / 马特·勒布朗 / 马修·派瑞 / 大卫·休默

I'm ready.
- You sure? - Uh-huh.
- 你确定? - 额
Okay, let me just straighten out your helmet there.
好 让我帮你把头盔戴好
- Thanks, Daddy. - No, no. One daddy, two mommies.
- 谢谢你 爸爸 - 不 一个爸爸 二个妈妈
- All right, it's all yours. - Okay, okay.
- 好了 你去吧 - 没问题
There you go, there you go.
加油 加油
Wow, Ben's first big kid's bike. This is so exciting.
这是小班第一次骑脚踏车 我真的是好兴奋
Oh, yeah, I remember mine.
对 我还记得我的第一次
It was my sixth birthday. My dad took me to the park...
那是我六岁的生日 我爸带我到公园去…
...and I got on it and... it bent. Yeah.
坐上脚踏车 它就垮了 没错
- I never had a bike of my own. - What?
- 我从来没有属于自己的脚踏车 - 什么?
Well, we didn't have a lot of money.
But the girl across the street had the best bike.
但住在对街的女孩 有一辆最酷的脚踏车
It was pink and it had rainbow-colored tassels hanging off the handle grips...
它是粉红色的 把手挂着五颜六色的流苏…
...and a bell, and this big, white wicker basket...
还有铃铛 一个白色的大篮子…
...with those plastic daisies stuck on.
That sounds like my first bike.
My dad gave me his old one.
- Did the girl ever let you ride it? - No.
- 那个女孩让你骑它吗? - 不
But she gave me the box that it came in.
It had a picture of the bike on the front.
So I would sit on it and my stepdad would drag me around the backyard.
我可以坐在上面 我继父会拖着我在后院跑
That is so unfair.
Not really, I got to drag him around too.
也不能那么说 我也会拖着他跑
Hey, what are you guys doing?
嘿 你们在做什么?
Making holiday candy for the neighbors.
I'm sorry, who?
对不起 你说谁?
I'm gonna hang this basket on the door.
When the neighbors walk by, they can all take a piece.
只要邻居一走过去 他们就可以拿一块糖果
- But we don't know the neighbors. - I do.
- 但我们不认识我们的邻居 - 我认识
There's, uh, let's see, the guy with the mustache...
让我想一想 那个留胡子的男人…
...smokes-a-lot lady, some kids I've seen...
老烟枪婆婆 我看过一些孩子…
...and the red-haired guy who does not like to be called Rusty.
还有红头发的男人 他不喜欢别人叫他小红
See, this is exactly why I'm making this candy.
看吧 这就是 我要做糖果的原因
We can learn their names and get to know our neighbors.
Wouldn't it be easier if we just moved?
Good morning.
- Ah, somebody's in a good mood. - Well, why shouldn't I be?
- 有人心情不错 - 我为什么要心情不好?
I have great friends. I have a wonderful job...
我有很多朋友 我还有份好工作
Where you can make out with your assistant.
Come on, it's not a big deal.
We stayed up all night coming up with a plan...
...so that us dating will not be a problem.
Oh, yeah? What's the plan?
We... We are not...
...going to let it...
...be a problem.
Wow. It took you all night to come up with that plan?
你们花了一整晚 想出那个计划?
Oh, well, you know, we did other stuff too.
你知道的 我们还做了别的事
Did you two?
Oh, Monica, you know I don't sleep with guys on the first date.
喔 我不会在第一次约会时 就跟男伴上床
- Matt Wire, Mark Lynn, Ben Wise... - Anymore.
- 麦特威尔 马克林恩 班韦斯… - 我已经不会了
Hi, Tag, um, I have a conference call today, is that correct?
泰格 今天我要开会 对吧?
- Yes, at 4. - Okay, thank you, that'll be all.
- 没错 四点开会 - 谢谢你 没事了
Wait, wait.
Did you see that?
That mail guy had no idea there was something going on between us.
- I'd better get back to my desk. - Okay, hard worker.
- 我得回去工作了 - 好吧 工作狂
I'll remember to put that in your evaluation.
- My what? - You've been here for two months now...
- 我的什么? - 你已经来上班两个月了
...and your boss is required to hand in a performance evaluation.
But you know, there is one thing that I have yet to evaluate.
但你知道吗?但有一件事 我还没有做评估
- Are you serious? - No, I've just always wanted to do that.
- 你是认真的吗? - 不 我一直都想那么做
Can you help me clean this up?
The basket is totally empty. My God, the neighbors ate all the candy.
篮子是空的 邻居们把糖果吃掉了
Well, either that or, uh...
喔 不然的话就是…
- Did you eat all the neighbor candy? - Uh, well, yeah, that was the plan.
- 你吃掉给邻居们的糖果了吗? - 本来我打算要那么做
But by the time I got to it there was only a couple pieces left.
我走到篮子边时 里面只剩几块糖果
Yeah. They've been coming by all day. They love it.
整天人潮川流不息 他们喜欢的不得了
They love my candy?
- Oh, man, I gotta go make more. - Hey, Mon.
- 天啊 我得多做一点 - 嘿 摩妮卡
Make some more lasagna too. Something might have happened to a huge chunk of it.
多做一点千层面 因为有人可能吃了一大块
Ross, the neighbors ate all my candy.
罗斯 邻居们吃光了我的糖果
Mine stole my newspaper.
It's like a crime wave.
Pheebs, you, uh, got a second?
菲比 你有空吗?
- Sure. - Yeah.
- 当然有 - 嗯
Ever since you, uh, told me that story about that bike...
自从你告诉我 那个脚踏车的故事…
...I couldn't stop thinking about it.
I mean, everyone should have a first bike, you know? So...
我是说大家都该有第一辆脚踏车 你知道吗?所以…
Oh, my God, Ross.
我的天啊 罗斯
- You like it? - I love it.
- 你喜欢吗? - 我爱死它了
- Yeah? - Oh. Oh, God...
- 是吗? - 喔 天啊…
- And I love you. - Ah.
- 我爱你 - 啊
Not that way.
- But the bike got you a lot closer. - Oh.
- 但这辆脚踏车让你跟我更亲近了 - 噢
Well, uh, take it downstairs.
喔 把它牵到楼下去
You know, give it a test drive.
Okay. Oh, my God.
好的 我的天啊
My first bike.
Thank you for the best present I've ever gotten.
谢谢你 这是我收过最棒的礼物
You're welcome.
Oh, and Chandler's about to cry.
Am not.
Who is that?
Don't worry, I'm brave. I am brave. I... I am brave.
别担心 我很勇敢 我很勇敢 我…我很勇敢
No, no, no, no, no.
Can you tell me who is there, please?
My name's Gary. I live upstairs.
我是盖瑞 我住在楼上
- Hi. - Hi.
- 嗨 - 嗨
- Do you know what time it is? - It's candy time.
- 你知道现在几点了吗? - 现在是糖果时间
My roommate says that they taste like little drops of heaven.
我室友说它们吃起来 就像是天上掉下来的礼物
Oh, please. Heh.
喔 拜托
Did you hear that? "Little drops of heaven."
你听到了吗? "天上掉下来的礼物"
Four a.m.
So can I get some candy?
I am sorry, but some of us have to get up early and go to work.
对不起 但我们之中有人 还得早起去上班
He does not know that I am not "some of us."
Um, listen, I'm sorry, but I'll put some out first thing in the morning.
对不起 但明天一大早我会做一些糖果
Well, okay, I'll swing by later.
好吧 我待会儿再来
- You live in this building? - Mm-hm.
- 你住在这里? - 嗯
Mm. Seems like I would have remembered you.
Mm. Night, Gar.
晚安 盖瑞
So did you read your evaluation yet?
No, it was marked "confidential."
不 上面写了"极机密"
I just sent it down to human resources.
Okay, please, you're kidding, right? I wrote that one as a joke for you.
拜托 你是在开玩笑 对吧? 我故意写那份评估表来跟你闲玩笑
A joke they would appreciate?
I'm thinking no.
- What did you say? - Um, I said that you were a good kisser...
- 你写了什么? - 我说你是接吻高手
...and, uh, that I liked your teeny, tiny tushy.
No, not my tushy.
不 你不该那么说
Well, it gets worse.
When asked if you take initiative, I wrote:
关于你的主动性 我写…
"Yes, he was able to unhook my bra with minimal supervision."
"他几乎不需要指导 就能解开我的胸罩"
And under problems with performance, I wrote, "Dear God, I hope not."
至于你的表现会不会有问题 我写"天啊 希望不要有"
And then, uh... And then I drew a little smiley face.
然后…然后我画了 一个微笑的小脸
And then a small pornographic sketch.
Ross, that is so sweet of you to get Phoebe that bike.
罗斯 你送菲比脚踏车 真的太贴心了
When I heard the story, I almost cried.
我听到那个故事时 差点就哭了
Almost cried, huh?
Hear that, Chandler? "Almost" cried.
你听到了吗?钱德 "差点"哭了
Hey, you cry every time somebody talks about Titanic.
只要有人提到《铁达尼号》 你每次都会哭
Those two had only each other.
Phoebe really likes the bike, huh?
Oh, yeah. I saw her walking it down the street the other day.
对 我看到她牵着它过街
She had these flowers in the basket. It was so cute.
她的篮子里面还有花 那真的很可爱
Yeah, I saw her this morning walking it by the park.
今天早上我看到她 牵着它在公园散步
Wait a minute, she was walking the bike? Both times?
等一下 她牵着脚踏车? 两次都是?
- Hey, Pheebs. - Oh, hi.
- 嗨 菲比 - 嗨
- Hey, so you enjoying the bike? - Oh, uh-huh, so much. Heh.
- 你喜欢你的脚踏车吗? - 非常喜欢
Pheebs, you, uh... You do know how to ride a bike, don't you? Heh.
菲比 你会骑脚踏车吧?
Of course.
Can we see you ride it?
This is why I told you never get involved with your assistant.
我早晨跟你说 不要跟助理交柱
And there's no such thing as keeping secrets when it comes to having affairs.
只要是地下情 绝对是纸包不住火的
Did you hear that, Chandler?
No such thing.
What happened? I'm just eating candy.
Maybe it's not as bad as I think. Maybe they didn't take it the way I meant it.
或许没有那么糟糕 他们可能看不懂我的意思
Absolutely, you know? Because "tushy" can mean both ass...
当然啰 你知道吗? 因为"小屁屁"可以指屁股…
...and good worker.
Ugh, I just gotta get the thing back.
Rach? That sketch you mentioned?
瑞秋 还记得你提到的素描吗?
Might it have looked a little something like this?
Oh, my God, Joey.
我的天啊 乔伊
- What is the matter with you? - God.
- 你是怎么了? - 天啊
I tell you, this little talent came in handy before I could afford porn.
在我买不起色情杂志前 这点天份还蛮有用的
Hi, I'm sorry. I know it's after hours, but I really need candy.
嗨 对不起 我知道现在是 休息时间 但我真的需要糖果
I'm sorry, I can't help you. See? Rules are rules.
对不起 我帮不了你 看到了没?规定就是规定
Please, I have people coming from out of town today.
拜托 我住在外地的朋友 今天来看我
- I told them all about your candy. - You're kidding.
- 我跟他们提起你的糖果 - 你是在开玩笑吧?
Out-of-towners, huh? Heh. What did you tell them?
他们是外地来的? 你怎么跟他们说的?
I told them your candy was absolutely indescribable.
我告诉他们你的糖果 真的是好吃到无法形容
Well, some people have been saying it's "little drops of heaven," but whatever.
有人说它是"天上 掉下来的礼物" 但那不重要
- Please, can't you help me out? - Hey, Chandler, do we know that lady?
- 拜托 你不能帮帮我吗? - 钱德 我们认识那位女士吗?
Maybe. Isn't she the woman who lives below you and has sex really loud?
可能吧 她不是住在你楼下 做爱时会大叫的那个女人吗?
All right, I'll do it just this once.
好吧 我只破例一次
- But you can't tell anybody. - Yes, yes, please, just give it to me.
- 但你不能告诉任何人 - 好 求求你 快给我吧
Yeah, that's her.
对 就是她
- Thank you. - Unbelievable.
- 谢谢你 - 不可思议
I can't believe that sign didn't work.
You know what would work? Stop making candy.
你知道什么才会有用吗? 别再做糖果了
But they like it.
You mean they like you.
Is that why you became a chef, so that people would like you?
那就是你当厨师的原因? 你要大家喜欢你?
Heh. You want to talk about getting people to like you, huh, funny man?
你要跟我谈怎么让别人 喜欢你吗?小丑
Okay, now, just remember everything I taught you and you'll be fine.
记住我教你的一切 你会没事的
Okay? Here we go.
Ready, set...
就位 预备…
Wait, this seat is really uncomfortable.
等一下 这个座垫 真的很不舒服
Maybe before we start we should just get another one.
Perhaps like an airplane seat, or a beanbag chair.
或许我们该换个飞机座椅 或懒骨头
Phoebe, you can't get out of this, okay? You have to learn how to ride a bike.
菲比 你不能逃避这件事 你得学会骑脚踏车
Why? Why do I have to learn?
- Well, in case of an emergency. - What kind of emergency?
- 以防发生紧急事故 - 什么样的紧急事故?
Well, what if a man comes along and puts a gun to your head and says:
如果有人走过来 拿枪抵着你的头说…
"You ride this bike or I'll...
"快骑上脚踏车 不然我会…
I'll shoot you."
Okay. I would ring the bell to distract him...
...and then I would knock the gun out of his hand with a Chinese throwing star.
然后我会用中国飞镖 把那个家伙敲昏
Okay, Phoebe, just get on the bike...
好吧 菲比 快坐上脚踏车
...and, hey, I'll hold you up and push you. Okay?
You won't let go?
- No. - You swear?
- 我不会 - 你发誓
I swear.
- Okay. - Come on.
- 好吧 - 来吧
- Here we go. All right? All right? - All right.
- 好了 要开始了 好吗? - 好吧
Feel good? All right, try pedaling.
感觉不错吧? 好了 试着踩踏板
That's it, you're doing great. Yes, take control.
对了 你做的很好 对 控制住车子
- Yes, yes, yes. - Whee! Hey!
- 这就对了 - 嘿
Oh, oh!
噢 噢
Oh, no.
喔 不
You swore.
- I just thought you were doing so well. - I am shocked. Shocked.
- 我认为你骑得很好 - 我真的很震惊
It's a legitimate learning technique.
There's, uh, some people outside asking about candy.
They're just gonna have to wait, aren't they? I only got two hands.
他们得等 好吗? 我只有两只手
- Need some help? - No, you don't know the system.
- 需要我帮忙吗? - 不 你不熟悉流程
I don't need nobody messing with the system.
By the way, the week before your wedding, you may not see a lot of me.
还有 你结婚前一个星期 不会常常看到我
Oh, hello, liar.
嗨 骗子
Look, I'm really sorry I let go of the bike.
听着 我真的很抱歉 放开了你的脚踏车
I could've been killed, I hope you know.
I know, I know.
But can we please try it again?
I mean, you were so close, Phoebe.
我是说你只差一点就成功了 菲比
Well, I would love to...
喔 我很乐意…
...but the bike got stolen and the police have no suspects.
但脚踏车被偷了 警察找不到嫌犯
- Phoebe. - What?
- 菲比 - 什么?
What the hell?
All right, you know what?
好 你知道吗?
If you are not going to learn how to ride this bike, then I'm sorry...
如果你不学骑脚踏车 那么我很抱歉
...I'm just gonna have to take it back. - What? Why?
我得把它收回去 - 什么?为什么?
Because. Because it's...
因为 因为它…
It'd be like you having this guitar...
...and never playing it.
Okay, this guitar wants to be played.
好吧 这把吉他希望被弹
And this bike wants to be ridden.
And if you don't ride it...
...you're killing its spirit.
The bike...
...is dying.
All right. If you care enough to make up that load of crap, okay.
好吧 如果你真的那么在乎 不惜撒下漫天大谎 我学就是了
You're making the bike very happy.
Okay, Ross.
知道啦 罗斯
Please don't die.
Okay, I think we can get the evaluation back before they see it.
我们得在他们看到评估表前 把它拿回来…
We have to get into Mr. Zelner's office. He doesn't get in until 10, so no problem.
所以我们得溜进塞纳的办公室 通常他十点才会到
But his assistant, Betty, comes in early to eat her breakfast at her desk.
但他的助理贝蒂一大早 就会到办公室吃早餐
- That's kind of sad. - Yeah, well, Betty's kind of sad.
- 那真的很悲惨 - 没错 贝蒂有点惨
Which is why I believe I can lure her away with these chocolates.
所以我相信我可以 用这些巧克力把她诱开
Now, while I distract her, you go in the office.
我诱开她后 你就跑进去
- Got it. - Let's roll.
- 我知道了 - 我们行动吧
Hello, Rachel. You, uh, got a minute?
嗨 瑞秋 你有空吗?
Yeah, sure, Mr. Zelner. For you? Anything. Minute.
当然 塞纳先生 你有事吗?我随时都有空
Okay, great.
好吧 太棒了
Abort the plan. Abort the plan.
Uh, actually, I'd like to speak to both of you.
事实上 我想跟你们两个谈一谈
Uh, well, can we get you anything, Mr. Zelner? Maybe some chocolates?
有什么事需要帮忙吗?塞纳先生 或许你想吃点巧克力
Um, no, thanks, but I'll give these to Betty.
不 谢谢你 但我可以把它们送给贝蒂
So I read your evaluation of Tag.
Or, uh, to use his full name, Tag "Sweet Cheeks" Jones?
或许我该叫他的全名 泰格"小可爱"琼斯?
Is something going on with you two?
Oh, my God, can you imagine if there was?
我的天啊 你能想像如果有会怎么样吗?
I mean, what would happen exactly?
Well, I'd be forced to file a report.
那样啊 我一定得写份报告
I'd have to consult with the legal department.
And your future at the company would be in jeopardy.
你们在公司的未来 可能会有问题
- Well... - Uh, Mr. Zelner...
- 喔… - 塞纳先生…
...I'm the one who filled in that evaluation.
- Oh, no... - Yeah, yeah, yeah.
- 喔 不… - 对 对 对
I thought it would be funny.
You wrote that you have a cute tushy?
I have a weird sense of humor.
And I'm kind of strangely proud of my butt.
很奇怪地 我以自己的屁股为荣
It's kind of a risky joke, Tag.
开这种玩笑太危险了 泰格
And what is this drawing? I can't figure out what this is.
You're looking at it upside down... You know what? It doesn't matter.
它倒过来了 你知道吗?那不重要
Hey, it's not like I don't have a sense of humor, huh?
Hell, I even enjoy a naughty limerick every now and then.
没错 我甚至很喜欢写 挑逗性的打油诗
But there's a time and a place, huh?
Unless you, uh, have a limerick right now.
No? Okay. Well, uh, you've got my fax number.
没有吗?好吧 你知道我的传真机号码
I can't believe you did that. That was really sweet.
我不敢相信你会那么做 那太贴心了
- Ah, don't worry about it. - No, you could've lost your job.
- 别担心 - 你可能会丢掉工作
Are you kidding me? With a cute butt like this, I'd find work.
你在开玩笑吗?有这么可爱的屁股 我一定能找到工作
Thank you, you're great.
谢谢你 你太棒了
- You know what? - What?
- 你知道吗? - 什么?
I feel great.
In fact...
It's just... It took me so long to get that desk organized.
我只是…我花了很多时间 才把桌子整理好
I'm sorry.
There it is.
What is going on?
We're waiting for the candy. Bring out the candy.
我们在等糖果 把糖果拿出来
Yeah, lady, give us candy.
对 小姐 快给我们糖果
- What's up, buddy? - What are you doing?
- 什么事?兄弟 - 你在做什么?
Waiting to get candy.
Get in here.
Hey, and you cannot smoke in here.
嘿 你不能在这里抽烟
Merry Christmas.
Okay, guys, the candy is coming. I just need 15 minutes for the chocolate to cool.
糖果做好了 我得让它 冷却十五分钟
All right, everybody, just be quiet. Be quiet. Be quiet. Pipe down.
好了 大伙们 安静 安静 请闭嘴
What is the matter with you people?
This woman was trying to do a nice thing for you.
She was making candy so she could try to get to know all of you...
她想做糖果 是为了要认识你们
...and I'll bet that not one of you can tell me her name.
我敢说你们没有人 能叫出她的名字
Am I right?
Candy Lady?
No, not "Candy Lady."
不 不是"糖果小姐"
If we know it, can we have candy?
All right, you know what?
好吧 你们知道吗?
Forget it. All of you, forget it. You've ruined it.
忘了糖果 你们毁了一切
Go home. You've ruined it. You've ruined it.
回家去吧 你们毁了一切
That's all wrong. You guys ruined everything. You ruined it.
那是不对的 你们毁了一切 你们毁了这个机会
- Thank you. - You're welcome.
- 谢谢 - 别客气
Did you smoke?
No, smokes-a-lot lady blew smoke directly into my mouth.
不 老烟枪婆婆 把烟直接喷入我的嘴巴里
Uh, are you okay?
I'm fine now, but it was really scary there for a while.
我没事 但刚刚真的有点可怕
Someone slipped a threatening note under the door.
有人将恐吓纸条 塞到门缝下
Oh, yeah. Sorry about that. Mob mentality or whatever. I don't know.
对了 我很抱歉 我受到暴动状态的影响
I can't believe it. I did it. I rode a bike.
我不敢相信 我办到了 我会骑脚踏车了
I never thought I'd be able to do that. Thank you, Ross.
我从来没想过我能这么做 谢谢你 罗斯
Oh, hey, don't thank me. Thank yourself.
嘿 别谢我 谢谢你自己
You're the one who faced your fears and ultimately overcame them.
是你面对了自己的恐惧 终于克服了它
Don't be so corny, Ross. It's not an After School Special.
别说些陈腔滥调的话 又不是《我的这一班》