老友记 第八季 Friends Season 8 第1集: 婚礼之后 The One After I Do

上映日期: 2,001

语言: 英语

影片类型: 喜剧 / 爱情

导演: Kevin Bright

演员: 詹妮弗·安妮斯顿 / 柯特妮·考克斯 / 丽莎·库卓 / 马特·勒布朗 / 马修·派瑞 / 大卫·休默

Great. Great. Just give me a sec to change film.
太棒了 让我换一下底片
Okay. I know I'm not supposed to know, but I do and I am so excited for you.
我知道你不希望我知道 但我知道了 我为你感到高兴
- Why? What's going on? - Monica's pregnant.
- 发生了什么事 - 摩妮卡怀孕了
Oh, my God! Is that why you guys had to get married?
天啊 所以你们两个要结婚
- Guys, I'm not pregnant! - Ah, slow swimmers?
- 听着 我没有怀孕 - 精子游得太慢了
What? What do you mean? You're not pregnant?
什么 你是什么意思 你没有怀孕
- You didn't tell anybody I was, did you? - No.
- 你没有告诉任何人我怀孕了吧 - 没有
I'll be right back.
Now why don't we get a shot of Monica and the bloody soldier?
Oh, about that. Joey, you have to change before the party.
关于那一点 乔伊 你得在婚宴开始前换套衣服
I can't. I don't have any other clothes.
- 我办不到 我没带衣服来换 - 拜托你去找套衣服
Find some. Please! Anything that doesn't say, "I died tragically in France."
Then why don't we see the bride and the groom, and the bridesmaids?
Hey, Mon? Why did you tell the guys that you weren't pregnant?
摩妮卡 你为什么告诉大家你没有怀孕
Because I'm not.
We found your test in the trash. If you're not pregnant...
我们发现了你的验孕棒 如果你没有怀孕…
...it's because I am.
What are you talking about?
Yes. Ahem. I am with child.
对 我怀了孩子
And I didn't wanna say anything because it's your day.
- I didn't wanna steal your thunder. - So you told people I was pregnant?
- 我不想抢了你的风采 - 于是你告诉大家我怀孕了
Does this look like a conversation I wanna remember?
- Who's the father? - Yeah.
- 孩子的爸是谁 - 对
I can't say.
- Why? - Why not?
- 为什么 - 为什么不行
I can't say because he's famous.
我不能说 因为他是名人
Oh, my God, who is it?
天啊 他是谁
Come on, you have to tell us.
菲比 你得告诉我们
Okay, okay. It's James Brolin.
好吧 是詹姆斯·布洛林
James Brolin is the father of my baby.
As in, Barbra Streisand's husband, James Brolin?
你是说芭芭拉·史翠珊的老公 詹姆斯·布洛林
What? He never said that to me.
什么 他一直都没有告诉我
# So no one told you life was gonna be this way #
# 没有人告诉你活着有多累 #
# Your job's a joke, you're broke, your love life's D.O.A. #
# 上班受罪 口袋空空 爱情变累赘 #
# It's like you're always stuck in second gear #
# 寂寞又潦倒 受气又受累 #
# When it hasn't been your day, #
# 日复一日 年复一年 #
# your week, your month, or even your year #
# 时运不济 活着受罪 #
# but I'll be there for you #
# 你我永不离弃 #
# 'Cause you're there for me too #
# 你我相偎相依 #
Monica, if you can step away, we'll get Chandler and the bridesmaids.
摩妮卡 请你先离开 我们要拍钱德跟伴娘的合照
How about just the bridesmaids?
I am the groom. I was told it was kind of a big deal.
我是新郎 听说这个位置很重要
- It is. - Yeah.
- 没错 - 对
- Oh, my God! - Thank you for doing that.
- 天啊 - 谢谢你
I just can't deal with this just quite yet.
So instead you told me Monica was pregnant? -
于是你告诉我 摩妮卡怀孕了
You did, I just didn't disagree.
是你说她怀孕了 我只是没有反驳你
- Sneaky! - Yeah.
- 很狡猾 - 对
- Smile, ladies! - Ohh.
- 笑一个 小姐们 - 噢
- By the way, James Brolin? - Ugh. I know.
- 对了 詹姆斯·布洛林 - 我知道
I could only think of two names: Him and Ed Begley Jr. And then...
我脑海里浮起两个人名 他跟小艾德·贝格利
I remembered he's gay, so...
然后我想起来他是同志 所以…
- Ed Begley Jr. Is not gay. - Really?
- 小艾德·贝格利不是同志 - 真的吗
Thank you very much. Ladies and gentlemen, it gives me great pleasure...
谢谢 各位先生女士 我很荣幸
...to introduce to you for the first time:
Mr. And Mrs. Chandler Bing!
Before we go out there, I got a present for you.
I'm not gonna put my hand in your pocket.
- No. - No?
- 不 - 不吗
- I've been taking dancing lessons. - What?
- 我去上了舞蹈课 - 什么
Yeah, for the last 6 weeks. I wanted this to be a moment you'd never forget.
对 我上了六星期舞蹈课 我希望这一刻能让你永生难忘
Aww. That is so sweet!
So would you care to join me in our first dance as husband and wife?
- Yes. - Okay.
- 我愿意 - 很好
- What's the matter? - These new shoes are all slippery.
- 怎么了 - 我的新鞋太滑了
- Are you going to be able to do this? - Not well.
- 你能跳舞吗 - 不太行
Well, the good news is I don't think anyone's looking at us.
好消息 我想没有人在看我们
- So you ready to talk about it? - No.
- 你准备要谈了吗 - 不要
Okay, we'll talk about something else.
- Thank you. - Who's the father?
- 谢谢 - 孩子的爸是谁
Uh. Look, honey, I haven't told him yet...
甜心 我还没有告诉他…
...so until I do, I don't think I should tell anybody else.
我打算先告诉他 再告诉其他人
Yeah. That's fine. That's fair. Is it Tag?
没关系 那很公平 是泰格吗
Ugh. Phoebe!
- Okay. I'm sorry, I'll stop. - Okay.
- 好吧 对不起 我不说了 - 好吧
Is it Ross? It's Ross, isn't it?
是罗斯吗 是罗斯吧
- Oh, my God, it's Joey! - Honey, stop it, okay?
- 天啊 是乔伊 - 别说了 好吗
I'm not going to tell you until I tell him.
在告诉他之前 我不会告诉你的
Ah-ha! At least we know it's a him.
Oh, sweet lord.
I'm sorry, okay?
对不起 好吗
I went down to the gift shop, and it was either this or a bathrobe.
我跑到礼品店 那里只卖这个跟浴袍
Look, what's more important? The way I'm dressed or me being with you today?
什么事比较重要呢 我的穿着打扮还是我今天能够出席
Honey, I'm not even going to pretend I was listening. Hey! Hey.
I'm Ross. I don't believe we've met. I'm Monica's older brother.
我是罗斯 我相信我们没有见过 我是摩妮卡的哥哥
- Hi, I'm Mona from her restaurant. - Oh.
- 嗨 我是她在餐厅的同事蒙娜 - 噢
Hello, "Mona from her restaurant."
你好 "她在餐厅的同事蒙娜"
Mona. What a beautiful name.
蒙娜 这个名字很美
You think so? I always kind of hated it.
你真的那么想 我一直都很讨厌这个名字
- Aw, come on! Mona Lisa? - Uh-huh.
- 少来了 蒙娜丽莎 - 啊哈
The famous botanist. Huh?
Oh, no. She's... Well, she's dead now.
不 她… 她死了 但是…
But supposedly she was once quite the hottie of the plant world.
- Really? - Yeah.
- 真的吗 - 对
- Well, see, I never knew about her. - Linda Klegglachen...
- 我根本不认识她 - 琳达·利格拉齐…
So, what table are you at?
Oh, heh, me too.
Good. There will be someone who likes my name.
很好 那么有个喜欢我名字的人会跟我同桌
Yes, there will.
对 没错
Guess what, Molly Gilbert. You've just been bumped up to table one.
你猜怎么了 茉莉·吉柏特 你刚刚被踢到一号桌
And if it's all right with you, I'm gonna take your place at table six.
如果你没有意见的话 我要代替你坐到六号桌
Martin Klegglachen!
That's better. Just bend your arms a little more. There you go. Look straight ahead.
那样子好多了 现在双手弯曲 眼睛看前方
Now this time I want you to really put your ass into it.
Chandler, darling, look, my date has finally arrived.
钱德 你看 我的男伴终于来了
I'd like you to meet Dennis Phillips.
- Congratulations. - Thanks.
- 恭喜 - 谢谢
Dennis is a dear old friend. And a fantastic lover.
Bravo, Dennis, thanks for pleasing my mother so.
太棒了 丹尼斯 谢谢你取悦我老妈
I'm so sorry I missed the ceremony. I was stuck at auditions.
抱歉我没赶上婚礼 我忙着在试镜
Dennis is directing a new Broadway show.
对 丹尼斯正在执导一出百老汇新戏
Hi, I don't believe we've met. Joey Tribbiani.
我不敢相信能见到你 乔伊·崔比亚尼
- Dennis Phillips. - Wow. I've admired your work for years.
- 丹尼斯·菲利浦斯 - 多年来我一直很仰慕你的成就
You've done some amazing stuff.
Thank you. Excuse me, I'll get myself a drink.
谢谢 对不起 我要去喝点东西
I'll be back in a moment.
Dennis Phillips! That's great! How did you guys meet?
丹尼斯·菲利浦斯 那真的是太棒了 你们怎么认识的
Well, you know, it's a funny story.
Funny "ha-ha," or funny "boom, uh-oh!"
Thank you very much. Now if everyone will please take their seats,
谢谢 大家请坐
dinner will be served.
- Uh, I thought you were at table six. - Uh, no. Nine.
- 我以为你在六号桌 - 不 是九号桌
Ohh. See, before, when you showed it to me, you held it that way...
你刚刚拿给我看时 是那样子拿的…
...which was misleading.
Well... I'll... um...
Chandler! Will you see if your mom can give my resume to Dennis Phillips?
钱德 你能请你妈把我的履历表拿给丹尼斯·菲利浦斯吗
Because if I can get into a Broadway show, I would've done it all:
只要能演百老汇舞台剧 我就什么戏都能演了
Film, television and theater.
电影 电视剧跟舞台剧
The only thing left would be radio, and that's just for ugly people.
唯一例外是广播剧 因为那是给丑八怪演的
- What size shoes do you wear? - Uh, eleven. Eleven and a half.
- 你穿几号鞋 - 11 11号半
Great. My shoes are giving me a problem on the dance floor.
Can I borrow the boots from your costume?
I don't know where I left those, so...
- Those aren't eleven and a half. - Okay, fine, I'm a 7!
- 你的脚不可能是11号半 - 好吧 我穿7号的鞋子
All right, I have surprisingly small feet. But the rest of me is good! I'll show you!
我的脚非常小 但其他部分都很大 我可以露给你看
- Can you believe Phoebe got pregnant? - Let's not talk about that now.
- 你能相信菲比怀孕了吗 - 现在别谈那件事
- This is so huge. - Sure, but as big as your wedding?
- 这是大消息 - 没错 但它没有你的婚礼重要
Of course not. Nothing is.
当然 我的婚礼是最重要的
- Wow. Between me and you? - Yeah.
- 这是我们私下的谈话 - 是的
In this day and age, how dumb do you have to be to get pregnant?
到了这个时代 谁会笨到让自己怀孕
Hey, sometimes you can do everything right, wear what you're supposed to...
有时候你该做的都做了 大家都戴上他们该戴的东西…
...and one of those little guys just gets through.
- How? - I don't know, maybe they have tools.
- 怎么会呢 - 我不知道 或许它们有工具
Well, I talked to her, and she's definitely gonna have this baby.
我跟她谈过 她想留下孩子
She's gonna raise it on her own.
- Well, maybe that's really brave. - Maybe.
- 或许那真的很勇敢 - 或许吧
I just hope she realizes how hard it's gonna be.
Maybe she hasn't really thought it through that much.
There's a lot to think about.
How is she gonna handle this financially? How is she gonna juggle work?
她要怎么处理经济问题 她怎么有办法去工作
Does she realize she's not gonna have a date again for the next 18 years?
I don't know.
Are you okay?
嗯 嗯
I'm just thinking about Phoebe. Poor, knocked-up Phoebe.
我只是想到了菲比 怀了孕的可怜菲比
- Champagne? - Oh, yes. Thank you very much. Whew.
- 要喝香槟吗 - 好的 谢谢你
That's actually how the French drink it.
Well, I just got off the phone with my lover, James Brolin.
- Really? - Yes.
- 真的吗 - 真的
And apparently, he is married to some singer.
But he said he'd leave her for me. So I said, "Are you sure?"
但他说他会为了我离开她 我说"你确定吗"
- And James Brolin said... - Rachel's the one who's pregnant?
- 詹姆斯·布洛林说… - 怀孕的人是瑞秋
Why bother?
How do you feel?
I don't know how I feel. This is all happening so fast.
我不知道我有什么感觉 一切发生的太快
I have to make all these decisions that I don't want to make.
Mm! Oh! Someone take this away from me!
- Calm down. Maybe you're not pregnant. - What?
- 冷静点 或许你没有怀孕 - 什么
When I got pregnant with the triplets, I took the test three times.
我怀三胞胎时 也验了三次孕才确定
Yes. Maybe it's a false-positive. Are you sure you peed on the stick right?
对 或许是假警报 你确定你尿在验孕棒的方式没错
How many ways are there to do that?
I'm just saying, don't freak out until you're 100 percent sure.
我是说没有百分之百确定前 别大惊小怪
I'll take it again at home.
好吧 我回家后会再验一次
You gotta take it now, as a present to me.
- 你可以现在验 - 就当是送我的礼物
Okay. Thank you.
好吧 谢谢你
- I'll run out and get you one. - Aw, you girls are so great.
- 我去帮你买验孕棒 - 你们真的是太棒了
Wait a minute. Who's the father?
等一下 孩子的爸是谁
- She won't tell us. - Come on! It's my wedding.
- 她不肯告诉我们 - 快说吧 这是我的婚礼
That could be my present.
- Hey! I just gave you peeing on a stick. - See, this is why you register.
- 我才刚答应为了你验孕 - 看吧 所以一定要有礼物清单
It was the chair again, okay? I'm not doing it!
又是椅子的声音 好吗 不是我干的
It was... Look, I don't. You know what?
听着 我没有… 你知道吗
- Hi. - Hi.
- 嗨 - 嗨
- Would you like to dance? - Sure.
- 你想跳舞吗 - 好啊
- Yeah. - Oh, great.
- Dr. Geller? - I wasn't farting!
- 盖勒博士 - 我没有放屁
Uh, a little game from our table.
- Yes? - Dr. Geller, will you dance with me?
- 什么事 - 盖勒博士 你愿意跟我跳舞吗
Oh. Um...
噢 嗯…
Maybe later. I'm about to dance with this lady.
或许待会再说 现在我要跟这位小姐跳舞
Unless this lady wouldn't mind letting you go first.
I'd be happy to. You are very sweet.
我很乐意 你太好心了
Ohh. Yes, I am.
In fact, why don't we try it my special way. You can dance on my feet.
事实上我们来试试我的绝招 你可以踩在我的脚上跳舞
- Sure. - Yeah? Hop on.
- 没问题 - 是吗 跳上来吧
- Is the pretty lady looking? - Uh-huh.
- 那个美丽的小姐在看吗 - 啊哈
Keep dancing.
And the world will never know.
- Hey! Did you talk to Dennis? - Yes. I told him how talented you were.
- 你跟丹尼斯提过我的事了吗 - 有 我说你非常有天分
I told him all about Days ofour Lives.
No, you don't tell a Broadway guy that!
- Now he thinks I'm just a soap actor. - But you're not just a soap actor.
- 他会以为我是肥皂剧演员 - 但你不只是肥皂剧演员
You are a soap actor with freakishly tiny feet.
- Thank you. - No, thank you, Miranda.
- 谢谢 - 不 谢谢你 米兰达
- Melinda. - All right.
- 是梅玲达 - 好吧
- How cute was that? - Oh! Were you watching?
- 那真的好可爱 - 你在看我们吗
- Can I go next? - Uh...
- 下一个是我吗 - 嗯…
Of course you can. Hop on.
当然是 来吧
Okay. But I get to hop on after her.
好吧 但我要排在她后面
- I am so gonna score! - What?
- 我一定能得分 - 什么
I like your bow.
I'd like to propose a toast to Monica and Chandler...
我要请大家举杯 向摩妮卡及钱德致意…
...the greatest couple in the world, and my best friends.
他们是全世界最速配的夫妻 也是我最好的朋友
When I first found out they were getting married, I was a little angry.
我刚听说他们要结婚时 我有点生气
I was like, "Why, God? How can you take them away from me?!"
我心想"天啊 为什么 你为什么要把他们从我身边抢走"
But then I thought back over our memories together.
Some happy memories.
Then there were some sad memories.
I'm sorry.
And some scared memories. Whoa!
And then I realized I'll always be their friend.
然后我了解到 我永远都会是他们的朋友
Their friend who can speak in many dialects...
...has training in stage combat and is willing to do partial nudity.
接受过舞台打斗训练 愿意拍部分裸露的戏
Oh... To the happy couple.
- That was very nice, Ashley. - Can we do it again?
- 谢谢 那真的是太棒了 艾许莉 - 我们能再跳一次吗
No, no.
- So is it my turn? - I'm next.
- 现在轮到我了吗 - 我是下一个
- That's okay, you can dance with her first. - Are you sure?
- 没关系 你可以先跟她跳 - 你确定
- So what's your name? - Gert.
- 你叫什么名字 - 葛特
That's pretty.
Come on.
Whoa! Whoa!
哇 哇
What are you doing, Gert?
你在做什么 葛特
Dancing on your feet like the other girls did it.
跟其他女孩一样 踩在你脚上跳舞
Hop on, Gert.
跳上来吧 葛特
- Why aren't you moving your feet? - I'm trying.
- 你的脚为什么不动 - 我在努力了
Faster! You're not going fast enough!
快一点 你跳的太慢了
Maybe I should stand on your feet!
So did you happen to catch my toast up there?
Oh, my God. That was for my benefit?
天啊 你那么做是为了我
Well, I like to think there was something for everyone.
I know you're casting for this new show.
Look, Joey, I don't think you're right for it.
See, that's where you're wrong. Whatever it is, I can do it.
你错了 不论内容是什么 我都办得到
And if you didn't see it up there, just try me.
如果你对刚刚的表演不满意 考考我
It's an all Chinese cast.
Can you be Chinese?
- I'm not proud of this, but... - Oh, my God. No, please! Don't!
- 我不以此为荣 但是… - 天啊 求求你别那么做
- Ready to get back on the dance floor? - Did it turn into sand?
- 准备重回舞池了吗 - 它变成沙地了吗
- Come on, I love this song. You'll be fine. - No, I won't.
- 我喜欢这首歌 你会跳得很好的 - 不 我不会的
Do you know why I took all those lessons?
For the first time, I didn't want you to be embarrassed...
to be seen on the dance floor with some clumsy idiot.
跟一个笨拙的白痴跳舞 丢光了脸
Aww. Sweetie, you could never embarrass me.
甜心 你不可能让我出糗
Okay, you could easily embarrass me.
好吧 你很容易就会让我出糗
But it doesn't matter. Right?
但那不重要 好吗
I married you.
So I'm gonna dance on my wedding night with my husband. Come on!
我要在我的婚礼和我丈夫跳舞 来吧
- Just try not to move your feet at all. - Oh.
- 尽量不要移动你的脚 - 噢
There you go.
- Chandler, I'm gonna have you arrested. - Why?
- 钱德 我要逮捕你 - 为什么
You stole my moves.
- How much longer? - Thirty seconds.
- 还要多久 - 30秒
Thirty seconds. Okay.
30秒 好吧…
Did I miss it?
Rachel, I want you to know...
瑞秋 我要你知道
...that if it's positive, we...
如果是阳性反应 我们得…
- I know. I know. - You do? Okay.
- 我知道 - 你知道 好吧
It's time.
- Go ahead, Rach. - Oh, wait. You know what? I can't look at it.
- 来吧 瑞秋 - 等一下 知道吗 我不敢看
I can't look at it. Somebody else tell me.
我不敢看 谁帮我看一下
- Okay. - Okay.
- 好 - 好
It's negative.
- What? - It's negative.
- 什么 - 是阴性反应
Well, there you go.
That is... That is really great, great news.
那…那真的是太棒了 这真是个天大的好消息
Because the whole...
...not being ready, the financial aspects, all that...
在经济方面我还没有准备好 所以…
This is so just the way it was supposed to be.
Then, great.
那么说的话 太棒了
God. This is so stupid.
天啊 这真的是太愚蠢了
How can I be upset over something I never had?
It's negative?
No, it's positive.
不 是阳性反应
- What? - It's not negative, it's positive.
- 什么 - 不是阴性反应 是阳性反应
- Are you sure? - Yeah, I lied before.
- 你确定 - 对 刚刚我说谎
Oh, my God!
喔 我的天
- Now you know how you really feel about it. - Oh! That's a risky little game.
- 现在你知道真正的感觉了吧 - 那是个危险的小把戏
Are you really gonna do this?
Yeah. I'm gonna have a baby.
对 我要生下孩子
I'm gonna have a baby!
- With who? - No, it's still not the time.
- 孩子的爸是谁 - 不 现在还不是时候
I just didn't see the fast song coming.
Shh. Don't try to talk.
别说话 我们送你回房问
We'll get you up to your room, soak your feet. You'll be okay.
我们送你回房间 让你泡泡脚 你会没事的
- Oh, thank you. - That is so sweet!
- 谢谢 - 那真的是太好心了
- Yeah. - No, I mean it.
- 是的 - 不 我是认真的
There's so few genuinely nice guys out there.
Tell me about it.
I feel like I'm holding down the fort all by myself.
- It's Joey, right? - Yeah.
- 你是乔伊 对吧 - 对
Wait a minute! No! I'm the nice one!
等一下 不 我才是好人
I'm the one that danced with the kids all night.
是我整晚跟孩子们跳舞 我…
How small are your feet?