老友记 第八季 Friends Season 8 第11集: 罗斯迈步向前行 The One With Ross’ Big Step Forward

上映日期: 2,001

语言: 英语

影片类型: 喜剧 / 爱情

导演: Kevin Bright

演员: 詹妮弗·安妮斯顿 / 柯特妮·考克斯 / 丽莎·库卓 / 马特·勒布朗 / 马修·派瑞 / 大卫·休默

- Phoebe. - Yeah?
- 菲比 - 干嘛
Look at that guy by the window. Wow!
快看窗边那个男的 哇
He's awfully short. And I think he's talking to himself.
他真的好矮 而且我想他在自言自语
And to be completely honest, he's not that good in bed.
老实说 他的床上功夫不怎么样
Ugh, what is wrong with me lately? It's, like, every guy I see.
我最近是怎么了 我对我看到的每个男人心动
Look at that guy, for example.
Normally that's not someone that I would be attracted to.
But right now, with the way I'm feeling...
...all I wanna do is rip off his sweatpants and fanny pack.
Wait a second! This is about the fourth month of your pregnancy, right?
等一下 你怀孕大概四个月了吧
- Yeah. - This is completely normal.
- 对 - 这真的很正常
Around the fourth month, your hormones go crazy.
怀孕四个月时 你的荷尔蒙会很混乱
- Really? So this happened to you? - Absolutely, yeah.
- 真的吗 你也会这样 - 没错
And keep in mind, I was carrying triplets.
So in medical terms, I was thrice as randy.
在医学上来说 我的症状要强上三倍
Wow, this explains so much.
Last weekend, I went from store to store, sitting on Santas' laps.
上周末我走遍每一家店 坐在圣诞老人的膝盖上
Yeah, I remember trying to steal...
对 我记得我想要从运动鞋店偷走 …
...a cardboard cutout of Evander Holyfield from a Footlocker.
Yeah, ugh.
I go see my doctor tomorrow. I'll ask her about this.
明天我得去看医生 我会问问她的
Maybe she can give me a pill or something.
Yeah, that's what you need. A good pill.
对 那正是你需要的东西 你需要吃药
# So no one told you life was gonna be this way #
# 没有人告诉你活着有多累 #
# Your job's a joke, you're broke, your love life's D.O.A. #
# 上班受罪 口袋空空 爱情变累赘 #
# It's like you're always stuck in second gear #
# 寂寞又潦倒 受气又受累 #
# When it hasn't been your day, #
# 日复一日 年复一年 #
# your week, your month, or even your year #
# 时运不济 活着受罪 #
# but I'll be there for you #
# 你我永不离弃 #
# 'Cause you're there for me too #
# 你我相偎相依 #
- Hey. - Hey.
- 嘿 - 嘿
- Hey. - Hi.
- 嘿 - 嗨
Look, I got our pictures developed.
Oh, great. Joey, wanna check out pictures of me and Mona ice-skating?
太棒了 乔伊 你想看我跟蒙娜去溜冰的照片吗
Oh, uh, ordinarily I would love to, but I am just swamped right now.
通常我会想看 但现在我真的好忙
Where are the pictures that creepy pretzel vendor took of us together?
Oh, yeah. Probably at the end.
对 或许在最后面
Oh, my God. All he took were pictures of my breasts!
天啊 他只拍了我的胸部
I'm missing picture time?
You know, she has a face, Ross.
她长得也不错耶 罗斯
- Okay, here's a good one of us. - Wow, that is a good one.
- 我们这张合照很不错 - 那张真的很棒
Wow, It looks like a holiday card...
...with the tree in the middle and the skaters and the snow. Heh.
Every year I say I'll send cards and I never do it.
每年我都说我会寄节日贺卡 但我从来没有那么做
Do you wanna send this one out together?
Together? Like, to people?
Yeah, "Happy Holidays, from Mona and Ross." lt'll be cute. Okay?
对 "佳节愉快 蒙娜跟罗斯上" 那一定会很棒 好吗
Heh. Uh, okay.
- Oh, I gotta get to work. Call me later? - Sure.
- 我得去上班了 待会打电话给我 - 没问题
- Bye, guys. - Bye.
- 大家再见 - 再见
- Bye. - Yeah.
- 再见 - 再见
Congratulations! You just got married!
恭喜 你刚刚结婚了
I know. Can you believe that?
我知道 你相信吗
I'm sorry. What's the big deal about a holiday card?
抱歉 一张节日贺卡有什么大不了的
Married couples send out cards. Families send out cards.
People who've been dating a few months do not send out cards. Is she crazy?
约会了几个月的情侣不会一起寄卡片 她疯了吗
Hey, hey, hey. That's your wife you're talking about.
Bing! Ho, and the Bingette!
宾 宾太太
- Honey, you remember my boss, Doug. - Yes. Hi.
- 老婆 你记得我老板道格 - 对 嗨
So, good news, the divorce is final. I signed the papers this a.m.
好消息 我已经离婚了 我今天早上签了文件
I didn't know you were getting a divorce. I'm sorry.
我不知道你离婚了 我很遗憾
Heh, sorry? Finally chewed my leg out of that bear trap.
遗憾 我终于可以离开那个苦牢了
- Hey! Congratulations to you guys. - Heh. No leg-chewing for us.
- 恭喜你们 - 我们没有离婚
Well, give it time.
So! The divorce, the marriage, we got a lot to celebrate.
How about we go out to dinner tomorrow night?
I can't think of anything we're doing.
Why can't I think of anything we're doing?
Tomorrow night it is. I should be out of court by 6.
那么就说定明晚了 我六点可以离开法庭
They keep throwing sexual harassment cases at me...
...and I keep knocking them out of the park! Ha-ha-ha.
Okay, see you tomorrow.
好吧 明天见
Just so you know, we're not seeing him tomorrow.
你知道的 我们明天不能跟他见面
I cannot spend another evening with that man.
Remember how he behaved at our wedding?
- No. - Because he wasn't invited.
- 不记得 - 那是因为我们没有邀请他
Because of the way he behaved at our engagement party.
Oh, yeah. Boy, urine cuts right through an ice sculpture, doesn't it?
对 他小便时直接喷中了冰雕 对吧
- Hi! - Hey.
- 嗨 - 嘿
Hey, I went by the photo shop. Take a look.
我去过冲印店了 你看
Here is a mockup of our card. What do you think?
这是卡片的初稿 你觉得呢
Huh. Wow, this is great.
Now, do you think it should say, "Love, Ross and Mona"?
Well, we haven't said that to each other yet...
...but I guess it's okay to say it to other people.
但我猜跟其他人那么说 应该没关系
- How many did you want? I'm getting 100. - A hundred? Ha-ha-ha.
- 你要多少张 我要一百张 - 一百张
Well, I, uh, guess I'll take, uh...
Uh, I don't... I'm not sure about the whole, uh, card thing.
Really? Why not?
真的吗 为什么
Sending out a holiday card together?
I just don't know if we're really quite there yet.
I didn't think of it that way. You're right. You're right.
我没想到那一点 你说的对
- So can I ask you a question? - Yeah.
- 我能问你一个问题吗 - 好啊
Where are we?
You know, where are we? Where is this relationship going?
我们到了哪个地步 这段关系会有什么结局
I mean, I love spending time with you. I hope we're moving forward.
我喜欢跟你在一起 我只是希望我们往前走
We should talk about that, don't you think?
我们该谈一谈 你不觉得吗
Let's do the card!
- What? - The card! I think we're there.
- 什么 - 卡片 我想我们到了那个地步
Okay, but I still think we should have this conversation.
好吧 但我还是觉得我们应该谈一谈
Really? I mean, even with the card?
真的吗 即使我们印了卡片
- Hi. - Hi.
- 你好 - 你好
Just so you know, Dr. Long can't be here today. She was called to the hospital.
So Dr. Schiff will be seeing you.
Okay. Can I ask you a question?
好吧 我能问你一个问题吗
Was it me, or was the guy who took my blood sample really cute? Heh.
是我有问题 还是帮我抽血的那个家伙真的很帅
You know who I'm talking about? Bowl haircut, hairy fingers?
你知道我在说谁吗 那个马桶盖头 手指都是毛的家伙
- Hi, Rachel. I'm Dr. Schiff. - Yes, you are.
- 你好 瑞秋 我是辛夫医生 - 你就是啊
So how's it going?
Oh, it's really good. But enough about me! Come on. Heh.
真的很不错 但别谈我了
Where are you from? What do you do?
你是哪里人 你是做哪一行的
- I'm a doctor. - Right. I meant...
- 我是医生 - 对 我是指…
...you know, in your spare time. Do you cook? Do you ski?
你有空的时候 你会煮饭或滑雪吗
Or hang out with your wife or girlfriend?
或你会跟太太 还是女朋友一起出去玩
Uh, I don't have a wife or girlfriend, but I do like to ski.
我没有太太或女朋友 但我很喜欢滑雪
I love to ski! How amazing is this?
我喜欢滑雪 那真的很神奇吧
- Are you experiencing any discomfort? - No, I'm very comfortable.
- 你觉得不舒服吗 - 不 我非常舒服
- Any painful gas? - No!
- 放屁会不舒服吗 - 不会
Ew, Dr. Schiff! What kind of question is that?
辛夫医生 那是哪门子的问题
Okay, then. Would you like to lie down on the table?
好吧 麻烦你躺下来
Would you like me to lie down on the table?
- Sorry, is there something going on here? - Do you feel it too?
- 这是怎么一回事 - 你也感觉到了吗
- Hi. - Oh, hey. So...
- 嗨 - 那个…
...how did your doctor's appointment go? - Well, let's see.
- 门诊看得如何 - 让我想一想
Uh, they gave me "cute boy" doctor today.
In the middle of the exam I put my pinkie in his chin dimple.
检查到一半 我用手指指着他下巴的酒窝中
- Oh, my God! - Why did you do that?
- 天啊 - 你为什么要那么做
Okay, remember that problem I was having during my fourth month of pregnancy?
Oh, yeah, the Evander Holyfield phase.
对 艾凡德·霍利菲尔德的人形立牌
Oh, man. You were so hard up, you practically came on to me.
天啊 你真的很难受 你甚至想泡我
You wish!
Hey, I could've had you if I wanted you.
如果我真的要你 我可以把上你
Oh, yeah? Come and get it.
是吗 来试试看吧
Okay, even this is turning me on.
好了 连这段对话都能挑起我的欲望
- Hey. - Oh, hey.
- 嘿 - 嘿
Hey, Ross. How's it going with you and Mona?
罗斯 你跟蒙娜还好吧
You guys still together?
Oh, yeah, we're moving forward. You'll be getting our card.
对 我们有所进展 你会接到我们的卡片
You and Mona are doing a holiday card together?
We're not just doing a card.
She also wants to have the conversation about where the relationship is going.
Ugh, women.
I know! Why do you guys need to have this conversation, huh?
我知道 为什么你们需要谈一谈
No self-respecting man would ask a woman, "So where is this going?"
懂得自我尊重的男人不会问女人"我们会有什么结局 "
Uh, Ross, you asked me that.
罗斯 你问过我
Hey, you were a closed book, okay? I'm not a mind reader!
你像是本没打开的书 好吗 我不会读心术
Besides, I hate those conversations. I'm horrible at them, really.
而且我讨厌谈那些事 我真的不太会应付那些事
Maybe I need some kind of a gesture.
Something that says we're moving forward without having to talk about it.
我们的确有进展 不必去谈这件事
- Like asking her to move in with you? - Wha...? Ha. Smaller than that.
- 像是请她搬去跟你一起住 - 比那个小
- Making her a mix tape? - Uh, bigger than that.
- 帮她录录音带 - 比那个大
- Give her a key to your apartment. - Whoa, hello. We were closer with the tape.
- 给她你家的钥匙 - 我们比较接近录音带
Have you said "I love you"? Say, "I love you."
你说过"我爱你"吗 你可以说"我爱你"
I don't... I don't think I'm quite there yet.
But, oh, I could say, "I love spending time with you."
但我可以说 "我喜欢跟你在一起"
- No, we hate that. - That is a slap in the face.
- 我们讨厌那句话 - 那像是被人打了一巴掌
Oh, forget it. You know what? I'll just have the conversation.
算了 你们知道吗 我会跟她谈
I'll just say, "I like things the way they are," and hope for the best.
我会说我喜欢我们现在的样子 并怀着最好的期待
What do you think, Rach?
你觉得呢 瑞秋
I think if it was a little colder in here...
我想 如果这里冷一点…
...I could see your nipples through that sweater.
Bing, we're all set for tonight. 8:00.
宾 我们今晚八点出发
Oh, uh, as it turns out, we can't do it. Monica has to work.
我们没办法去 摩妮卡得上班
Oh. My ex-wife didn't work.
Unless you call turning into her mother "work."
Now, fine. Tomorrow night, then.
好吧 那么明天晚上
Oh, uh, well, tomorrow's no good for her, either.
Oh? Why not?
It's the semifinals...
...of her...
...bocce ball tournament.
- Ahem. - What's going on, Bing?
- 啊 - 发生了什么事 宾
Does, uh, your wife have a problem with me, or something?
Well now you're just talking crazy.
Then why can't the three of us go out together?
Because, uh, we split up.
Monica and I split up.
Hold me.
Good God, Bing.
天啊 宾
Well, I can't say I'm altogether surprised.
I saw the way she looked at you, and there was no love there.
我看到她看你的眼神 就知道她不爱你
And the way she looked at me, pure lust.
What would help me through this tough time...
...is choking someone. Can I choke you?
掐人才能让我泄愤 我可以掐你吗
Bing, my boy, we're gonna get you over this.
宾 孩子 我们得让你忘了这件事
Here's the plan: Grab your coat, we're going to a strip club!
我有个计划 拿着你的外套 我们去脱衣舞俱乐部
Oh, no, Monica would freak.
不 摩妮卡会生气的
But to hell with that bitch!
Here we go.
Ah, Mona, um...
...I think it's time we had a conversation about where things are with us.
Yeah, I think I suggested that.
Heh. Uh, we are so...
So, um...
...well, I really like you.
And I love, um, you know, hanging out with you.
And I'm having a lot of fun.
I mean, there's no point in spending time with someone if it's just fun.
如果只是为了好玩 我们就不必交往了
It's gotta be going somewhere, right?
我们得有结果 对吧
So where is it going?
That's the real question.
And the answer is...
...it's going somewhere...
I know what you're thinking. Fun was fine for you 10 years ago.
我知道你在想什么 10年前你只想玩玩
But you're not getting any younger.
No, I mean, not you. Not you. You are getting younger!
我不是说你 不是你 你越来越年轻了
You look like you're getting younger by the second. What's your secret?
你每一秒都在变年轻 你有什么秘诀
I'm sorry, so, uh, where are we?
抱歉 我们是什么关系
Well, to sum up:
We're having fun. You look young.
我们很开心 你看起来很年轻
- Okay... - But that's not enough.
- 好吧 - 但那是不够的
So, heh, so...
...here's a key to my apartment.
- Really? - Really.
- 真的吗 - 真的
You don't think this is too fast?
You gave her a key to your apartment?
Not just a key, I gave her the only key!
不只是那样 我给了她我唯一的钥匙
I am now a homeless person in a very serious relationship.
现在我是个很认真谈恋爱 无家可归的家伙
- Oh, Ross, how'd the conversation go? - Great. I live on the street.
- 罗斯 你们谈的如何 - 很棒 现在我流落街头
- Hey! - Hi.
- 嘿 - 嗨
Okay, Monica, Rachel, this is my friend Roger.
好 摩妮卡 瑞秋 他是我朋友罗杰
- Hi, Roger. - Hi, Roger.
- 嗨 罗杰 - 嗨 罗杰
- Hi. - So, um, I'm gonna get us some drinks.
- 你好 - 我去拿饮料
- Okay. - Could you help me?
Yeah, okay.
Um, he's here to have sex with you.
- What? - You're welcome.
- 什么 - 别客气
Phoebe, no!
菲比 不
It's okay. He's a virgin.
没关系 他是个处男
Rachel, um, I was talking to this guy...
瑞秋 我跟这个家伙提过
...and I think he'll have sex with you. - Okay...
- 我想他会跟你做爱 - 这个…
Yeah, okay. Let's leave these two alone.
No. I don't care what my hormones are doing.
不 我不在乎我的荷尔蒙在做什么
I'm not gonna just do it with some random guy.
Fine. Then you tell Roger. He was really looking forward to this.
好吧 那么你去告诉罗杰 因为他真的很期待
Ooh, Bing, look at those twin sisters dancing together.
宾 看看那对双胞胎姊妹一起跳舞
Let me buy you a lap dance with those girls, huh?
我出钱请她们 坐在你大腿上跳舞
That's all right, sir. And that's just one girl.
没关系 只有一个女孩在跳舞
Bing, what's this?
宾 这是什么
It's a hand. It's a thing you use as a Jack and Coke holder.
那是一只手 是你用来拿酒的东西
No, it's a wedding ring. You gotta get rid of it.
那是婚戒 把它丢了
We're gonna go to the East River and throw it in!
- Oh, no, no, no! - Yeah, yeah!
- 不 - 要
I did, and I felt a hell of a lot better!
我那么做了 那让我觉得好多了
If you whip it right, you might hit a seagull in the head.
Okay. Oh, I'm gonna need a bunch of extra keys.
好吧 我需要一堆备用钥匙
Apparently, I give them away for no reason at all.
很明显地 我会毫无理由地将它们送人
Hey, Ross, what's going on? You changing the lock?
罗斯 发生了什么事 你在换锁
No, heh.
That guy is.
I don't understand.
You give me a key to your apartment and then change the lock?
你把你家的钥匙给我 然后你换了锁
Good luck, buddy.
Um, I thought we were moving forward.
And now you're sending me all these mixed signals.
What are you trying to tell me?
I'm trying to tell you...
...I made you a mix tape.
- What? - I love you.
- 什么 - 我爱你
And I love spending time with you.
- Hi, honey, I'm home. - From the tequila factory?
- 老婆 我回来了 - 你从龙舌兰酒工厂回来
It was awful.
To get out of dinner with Doug, I told him you and I split up.
为了逃避跟道格的晚餐约会 我告诉他你跟我分居了
So he took me to all these strip clubs and sleazy bars.
他拖我去脱衣舞俱乐部 还有色情酒吧
And when I wouldn't give him my wedding ring, he threw a soda can at a bird.
我不肯把婚戒交给他 他用汽水罐丢小鸟
Come here. I can breathe through my mouth.
过来 我可以用嘴巴呼吸
Know what the worst part was?
I got to see what my life would be like without you.
It was like It's a Wonderful Life with lap dances.
那像是有贴身舞的 "风云人物"
Please promise me that you'll never leave me...
请答应我 你永远不会离开我…
...that we'll grow old together, and be with each other the rest of our lives.
我们会一起变老 相伴一生
I promise.
Hey, speaking of together, how about we send out a holiday card this year?
说到相伴一生 我们今年一起寄节日贺卡吧
Ooh, I don't know if we're there yet.
Yes, I'd like to order a pizza. Can I ask you a question?
我想订比萨 我能问你一个问题吗
Is the cute blond guy delivering tonight? Very "Abercrombie & Fitch."
今晚是那个金发帅哥外送吗 长得又酷又时髦的那个
- I'll call you back. - Who was that?
- 我再打给你 - 你在跟谁讲电话
- Just the pizza place. - You hung up on the pizza place?
- 我在订比萨 - 你挂掉比萨店的电话
I don't hang up on your friends.
- Sorry, I'm just having a rough day. - Oh. What's wrong?
- 抱歉 今天我很不好受 - 怎么了
- Oh, you really don't wanna hear about it. - Then why did I ask?
- 你不会想听的 - 不然我为什么要问
Okay. It's just that this is really embarrassing.
But lately with this pregnancy thing...
...I'm just finding myself...
How do I put this? Um...
Erotically charged.
Is that college talk for "horny"?
Yeah. So, you know, I have all of these feelings...
对 我有那样的感觉
...and I don't know what to do about them.
Because I can't date like a normal person.
Which is fine, I don't need a relationship.
没关系 因为我不需要男朋友
All I really want is one great night. Just sex.
我只要一夜情 我只要性
You know? No strings attached. No relationship.
没有牵绊 没有责任
Just with someone I feel comfortable with and who knows what he's doing.
跟我喜欢的人在一起 他得知道他在做什么
For just one great night. I mean, is that really so hard...
只要疯狂度过一夜 那真的那么难…
...to find?
So how was your day?
Good. I, uh, saw a pretty big pigeon.
很好 我看见一只大鸽子
I gotta get up early, and it's almost 7:00.
我还得早起 快七点了
Yeah, I gotta go to my room too.
- Okay, good night. - Good night!
- 晚安 - 晚安
- I can't do it! - I didn't ask you to!
- 我不能那么做 - 我没有要你那么做
- You're Rachel! - You're Joey!
- 你是瑞秋 - 你是乔伊
- You're my friend! Yeah. - Right back at you.
- 你是我的朋友 - 你也是我的朋友
Plus, it would be wrong, and weird and bad!
对 而且那是不对的 那既奇怪又糟糕
So bad! I don't know what you're talking about. I didn't ask you to do anything.
糟糕 但我不知道你在说什么 我没有要求你做什么事
I know!
- You wanna do it? - No!
- 你想做吗 - 不
- Me neither, I'm just testing you! - That's the end of this conversation!
- 我也不想 我只是在考验你 - 那么就这样了
- This conversation never happened. - Never happened.
- 我们没谈过这件事 - 没错
- Good night. - Good night!
- 晚安 - 晚安
Get back in there!
Hi. Listen, ahem, I'm sorry about that whole thing with Roger.
听着 关于罗杰的事 我很抱歉
It really wasn't right, and I wanna make it up to you.
那真的是不对的 我想弥补你
So, um, I brought you something...
...that I think you'll really enjoy. Okay.
Now this is just a loan, okay? I'm gonna want him back. So...
我只是借给你用 好吗 我会把它拿回去的
I'm gonna go now.
I'm sorry, I thought I could do it, and I can't.
抱歉 我以为我办得到 但我不能