老友记 第八季 Friends Season 8 第5集: 瑞秋的男友 The One With Rachel’s Date

上映日期: 2,001

语言: 英语

影片类型: 喜剧 / 爱情

导演: Kevin Bright

演员: 詹妮弗·安妮斯顿 / 柯特妮·考克斯 / 丽莎·库卓 / 马特·勒布朗 / 马修·派瑞 / 大卫·休默

Okay, this one's rare. This one is medium well. Go!
这是三分熟 这是五分熟 快去吧
- Hey, Phoebe! How was dinner? - Hey!
- 菲比 晚餐好吃吗 - 嘿
Dinner was good! Just saying hi! Now I'm gonna go!
晚餐很好吃 我只是来打招呼 我要走了
All right, okay.
- Oh. Well, hello there. - Hi.
- 你好 - 嗨
I didn't see this on the menu.
Tim,this is Phoebe, Phoebe, this is Tim, my new sous chef.
提姆 她是菲比 菲比 他是我的新二厨提姆
- Oh. So you're Monica's boss? - Actually, she's my boss.
- 你是摩妮卡的老板 - 不 她是我的老板
- "Sous" is French for "under." - Ah! I "sous-stand." Heh.
- "二"在法文里是"之下"的意思 - 我"了解"了
Tim, I need a calamari and a caesar salad. And could you get me the pesto?
提姆 我要一份乌贼跟一份凯撒沙拉 你可以给我青酱吗
- Yeah. - You made pesto?
- 好 - 青酱是你做的
Yes, I did.
Would you say your pesto is the best-o? Heh.
I don't know. I would say it's pretty good-o.
我不知道 我会说它真的很棒
I still need the calamari and the salad.
- I like your necklace. - Oh, I made it myself.
- 我喜欢你的项链 - 那是我自己做的
- You are so talented. - Well, it's no pesto.
- 你真的好有天分 - 那不是青酱
All right, let's just cut to the chase. Okay? You're single, you're single.
我们就别玩游戏了 你是单身 你也单身
He gets off work at 11. She'll be waiting for your call.
他11点下班 她会等你的电话
I'll give him your number if I could just get calamari and caesar salad!
快给我乌贼跟凯撒沙拉 我就会给他你的电话号码
I did not yell. I am not putting a dollar in the jar.
我没有大叫 我不必被罚一块钱
# So no one told you life was gonna be this way #
# 没有人告诉你活着有多累 #
# Your job's a joke, you're broke, your love life's D.O.A. #
# 上班受罪 口袋空空 爱情变累赘 #
# It's like you're always stuck in second gear #
# 寂寞又潦倒 受气又受累 #
# When it hasn't been your day, #
# 日复一日 年复一年 #
# your week, your month, or even your year #
# 时运不济 活着受罪 #
# but I'll be there for you #
# 你我永不离弃 #
# 'Cause you're there for me too #
# 你我相偎相依 #
- Wow, Bing! Burning the midnight oil. - You know me, sir.
- 宾 你还在熬夜加班 - 你很了解我的 老板
Oh, I have a question. Do you know how can I get around the computer network...
...so I can access the really good Internet porn?
You're a joker, Bing.
你真爱开玩笑 宾
What's funny about that?
- Sorry I kept you waiting so long. - That's okay. Where do you wanna go?
- 抱歉让你等这么久 - 没关系 你想去哪里
Oh, uh, I think you know where I wanna go.
- The Hard Rock Cafe? - Yeah.
- 硬石餐厅 - 对
- Again? - Yeah.
- 又要去 - 对
- I'm telling you, I like the food. - You like the Purple Rain display.
- 我真的很喜欢那里的食物 - 你喜欢那里的紫雨展示品
- Hey, Bob. - Hey, Toby. Have a good night.
- 嗨 巴伯 - 嗨 托比 祝你今晚玩得开心
- Did that guy just call you Toby? - Yeah, he thinks that's my name.
- 那家伙叫你托比 - 对 他以为那是我的名字
- Why don't you correct him? - Oh, it's been way too long now.
- 你为什么不更正他 - 那是很久以前的事了
The first time, we were passing each other so I didn't say anything.
第一次我们错身而过 所以我什么都没说
The next time he said, "Hey, Toby, want a doughnut?"
第二次他说 "托比 你要吃甜甜圈吗 "
And I wanted the doughnut.
Five years later, the doughnut's gone and I'm still Toby.
五年后甜甜圈早就消化光了 我还是托比
- Five years? Chandler, you have to tell him. - No, that would be so awkward.
- 钱德 你得告诉他 - 那一定会很可怕
Besides, we work in different departments. He's on the sixth floor.
我们不在同一个楼层工作 他在六楼
So he calls me Toby once in a while. Big deal. Could be worse.
It's not like he's calling me Muriel.
Muriel. Why would he call you Muriel?
马利欧 他为什么要叫你马利欧
Oh, my God.
Chandler M. Bing.
钱德宾 字马利欧
It's not just an M. Your middle name is Muriel!
事实上不是马 你的字是马利欧
Shh! It is a family name.
Chandler Muriel Bing.
钱德宾 字马利欧
Your parents never even gave you a chance, did they?
你父母真的不给你任何机会 对吧
Drake, I've discovered the reason for your headaches and memory loss.
德瑞克 我找出你丧失记忆的原因了
What is it?
Apparently, your brain transplant was not entirely successful.
It seems your body is rejecting Jessica's brain.
Is it serious?
Not if we extract tissue from the original body...
...synthesize antibodies, introduce them into your system...
...which could stop you from rejecting the brain.
That sounds simple enough. Let's just do that.
听起来很简单 我们就那么做吧
We would, but when we went to exhume Jessica's body...
我们可以那么做 但我们想挖出杰西卡的尸体时…
...it was gone.
Cut. Very nice, people.
卡 非常不错 大伙们
- Let me change and we can go to dinner. - Wh...? Oh.
- 我换了衣服后我们就能离开 - 噢
- What happened to Jessica's body? - I'm not telling. You'll have to see it on TV.
- 杰西卡的尸体怎么了 - 你得看电视才会知道
- You don't know, do you? - No. Couldn't care less.
- 你不知道 对吧 - 我也不在乎
- Hey, good scene, man. All right. - You too.
- 你表现的很好 - 你也是
What? You weren't in it.
什么 你根本不是演员
Oh, sorry. Uh, Kash, this is my friend Rachel. Rachel, Kash.
凯许 她是我朋友瑞秋 瑞秋 凯许
- Hi. - How come I haven't seen you here before?
- 嗨 - 为什么之前我没有见过你
Well, heh. Joey probably just thinks I'll embarrass him.
He thinks I'm some kind of soap opera nut. Ha-ha-ha.
Which I'm not. I'm not. Ha, ha.
我才不是 真的
Although, I do know your favorite ice cream flavor is butter pecan.
And, uh... And your dog's name is Wally.
- Look at that, I'm just stroking your arm. - Here we go.
- 天啊 我在摸你的手 - 我们走吧
We're leaving. Bye, Kash. Say hi to Wally.
再见 凯许 帮我跟华利问好
- Oh, Monica. - Hi.
- 摩妮卡 - 嗨
Oh, my God, I had the best time with Tim last night. He is so sweet.
昨晚我跟提姆玩得很开心 他真的很体贴
Ugh! I can't wait to get "sous-neath" him.
- Uh, I... I have to fire him. - Why?
- 我得开除他 - 为什么
Because He's terrible. He's slow. He burns things.
他真的很可怕 他的动作超慢 还会把食物烧焦
Last night he lit my pastry chef on fire.
He was nervous. You can be very intimidating.
他太紧张了 你老是凶巴巴的
And I've met your pastry chef. She can stand to be taken down a peg.
Well, now she has no eyebrows. Mission accomplished.
现在她没有眉毛 任务完成
But Monica, he loves his job so much.
但摩妮卡 他热爱他的工作
Can't you just give him another chance, please?
你不能再给他一次机会吗 拜托
All right. But if he lights someone else on fire, he is out of there.
好吧 但如果他再放火烧别人 他非走不可
That's fair. Thank you so much. Thanks.
那很公平 谢谢你
Oops, looks like when he got the pastry chef, he got you a little bit too.
I paid to have this done.
Love it!
- Hey. - Hi.
- 嘿 - 嗨
Oh, you know, uh, Kash really liked you the other day.
知道吗 凯许真的喜欢你
He said he thought you were charming.
- I thought I was an idiot. - I'm with you.
- 我以为我是个白痴 - 我赞成
- He asked if you'd go out with him. - Oh!
- 他问你愿不愿意跟他约会 - 噢
Oh, I think I'm gonna throw up a little.
- What did you say? - I said, "No." Heh.
- 你怎么说 - "不"
I figured since you're pregnant, you're not gonna be seeing people.
我想因为你怀孕了 你不能跟别人约会
Okay, Joey.
好的 乔伊
First of all, Kash Ford? Not people.
首先 他是凯许·福特 不是一般人
Second, what did he say when you told him I was pregnant?
I didn't. I didn't know if you were telling people.
不 我不知道你要不要告诉别人
This was back when I thought Kash was still "people."
- Good. Don't. Just have him call me. - I really don't think that's such...
- 很好 请他打电话给我 - 我不觉得…
Okay, you go do it. I'll come back to that set.
照我的话做 不然我会回到摄影棚
- I'll meet more actors. I'll meet them all. - Yup.
- 泡其他的男演员 - 嗯
- Hey, Bob. - Hey! How's my pal Toby doing today?
- 嘿 巴伯 - 我朋友托比今天还好吗
If I see him, I'll ask.
Hey, Bing. Was that Bob from six you were just talking to?
- Yeah. - You know each other?
- 对 - 你认识他
We're on a semi-first-name basis.
What do you think of adding him to our team?
Bob? Ooh.
Working here with us? Every day?
Yeah, I don't know if he has what it takes.
- Really? They love him down on six. - But this is 11.
- 六楼的人很喜欢他 - 但这里是11楼
It's almost twice as hard up here.
Okay, I hear you loud and clear.
好吧 听清楚了
- Bob will stay put. - I think it's best, sir.
- 巴伯还是不能调职 - 我想那么做是最好的
We really do need to find somebody. Work is starting to pile up.
我们真的很缺人 工作开始越积越多了
I've got a stack of documents on my desk this high.
What you should do, toss them in the shredder...
...and claim you never got them.
That's a good one, Bing.
那真的很好笑 宾
What does a guy have to do to be taken seriously around here?
我该怎么做 他们才会觉得我是认真的
- Hey. - Okay, I gave him another chance...
- 嘿 - 我再给他一次机会
- ...but Tim has got to go. - But...
- 但提姆非走不可 - 但
No! No, no. He's totally incompetent.
不 他完全不称职
I called the chef who recommended him to me.
He said, "Ha, ha! Gotcha!"
他说"哈哈 整到你了"
- Okay, but you can't fire him today. - Why not?
- 但别在今天开除他 - 为什么
- Because I'm dumping him today. - What? You said he was sweet.
- 因为今天我要甩掉他 - 你说他很体贴
He is sweet. He's too sweet. He calls me all the time.
他太体贴了 他老是打电话给我
"Did you get home from work okay? Did you get out of the shower okay?"
"你平安回家了吗 你的洗澡水够热吗 "
- Just don't pick up your phone. - Then he comes over!
- 别接电话 - 他会亲自过来
"I was worried about you." Ugh, be a man!
"我好担心你" 有点男子气概吧
So now I'm not allowed to fire him?
You can't fire him and dump him in the same day. He'll kill himself.
让他在同一天被甩 他会自杀的
I fire him today, you go out with him another week.
我开除他 你再跟他交往一星期
Are you kidding? Another week with that simp, I'll kill myself.
你在开玩笑吗 再跟他交往一个星期 我会自杀的
Then we'll both do it today and he'll just have to deal with it.
我们都在今天跟他摊牌 他得自己想办法应付
Okay. But the question is, who's gonna go first?
好吧 但谁要先说呢
Whoever goes second is the bitch.
- What do you mean? - The boss that fires a guy...
- 什么 - 开除一个刚刚被甩的男人
...that's just been dumped? Bitch!
And the woman who dumps a guy that's just been fired?
Blond bitch!
I wanted to do this days ago, so I think I should go first.
我几天前就想这么做 所以我想应该让我先说
Ugh. All right, that makes sense.
好吧 你说的有理
Agh, but...
嗯 但…
...screw you! I'm going first!
去你的 我要先说
- Hey, Toby, you got a sec? - Sure, what's up?
- 托比 - 当然 你有空吗 什么事
I just had a meeting. I was hoping to get transferred up here.
But I found out it's not gonna happen.
Apparently somebody thinks I'm not "11 th-floor material."
Say, uh, who the hell is this Chandler?
What do you think is the better excuse for why I'm not drinking on this date?
今晚约会时 哪个借口最适合我用来挡酒
Um, "I'm a recovering alcoholic," "I'm a Mormon"...
"我正在戒酒" "我是摩门教徒"…
...or "I got so hammered last night I'm still a little drunk"?
或是"我昨晚喝太醉 现在还在宿醉"
- Hey. - Hi.
- 嘿 - 嗨
So, what do you want to do tonight?
There's a Ukrainian film at the Angelika that's supposed to be very powerful.
- Interested? - No. No.
- 你想看吗 - 不
But I'll go see a normal-person movie with you.
- Rach, you wanna come? - Oh, no, I can't. I got a date.
- 瑞秋 - 不行 你要一起来吗 我有约会
- Heh. A date? - Yeah. Why, is that weird for you?
- 约会 - 对 怎么了 很奇怪吗
Why, no. It's the opposite of weird. It's, uh... It's regular. It's, uh...
不 一点都不奇怪 那很正常
It's mundane. It's actually a little dull.
那太普通了 事实上还有点无聊
It's no Ukrainian film, I'll tell you.
Ooh! Earrings!
- A date? She's got a date? With who? - I set her up with this actor on my show.
- 她有约会 对方是谁 - 我撮合她跟一个男演员
- You set her up? - No.
- 你帮她牵红线 - 不
- Joey, what were you thinking? - That it would probably be okay...
- 你在想什么 - 那应该没关系…
...because Ross hasn't gone out with Rachel in five years.
Joey, I'm not worried about her. I'm worried about my baby.
Whoever she dates, my baby dates.
- Where is this "actor" taking them? - Hey! I'm an "actor" too.
- 这个"男演员"要带她们去哪里 - 嘿 我也是男演员
I'm not sure. I think they're taking the ferry
to some Italian place on Staten Island.
A ferry? My baby's going on a ferry?
Do you have any idea how dangerous those are?
Aren't we talking about those big boats that go, like, five miles an hour?
Why don't they just jump out of an airplane? That's a fun date.
Or burn each other with matches? That's fun too.
- Hey, Joey. - Hey, Kash.
- 嘿 乔伊 - 凯许
- Uh, hey, Ross, this is Kash. - Hey.
- 罗斯 他就是凯许 - 嘿
- Hey, I hear you're going on a ferry tonight. - Yeah.
- 我听说 今晚你们要去搭渡轮 - 对
Bit of a daredevil, are we?
Hey, you guys, do you think this is too slutty? Hi, Kash.
这件洋装是不是太露了 嗨 凯许
- Hey, Rachel. You ready to go? - Yeah. See you guys later.
- 瑞秋 你准备好了吗 - 是的 待会见
- Okay. Have a great time, you guys. - Thank you.
- 祝你们玩的愉快 - 谢谢
And yes, it is too slutty!
- Hi. - Ah!
- 嗨 - 嗯
I'm so glad you called. I feel like it's always me calling you.
我很高兴你打电话给我 我也觉得自己太黏你了
So, what's up? Is everything okay with Phoebe?
什么事 菲比没事吧
It will be in a minute. Listen.
- Tim, you're a really great guy. - That's because I'm with you.
- 提姆 你真的很棒 - 那是因为我跟你在一起
I'm just... I'm in a place in my life right now where I...
但我的人生 现在走到了…
Whoops! So sorry. "This just in." Heh.
抱歉 "刚刚有消息传过来"
It's 911 from the restaurant. That means Monica needs me.
是餐厅在呼叫我 摩妮卡要我马上赶过去
Oh, no, she doesn't! I know what that is. You can stay.
不 不是的 我知道发生了什么事 你可以留下来
I'll miss you too, Pheebs.
我也会想你的 菲比
And I will be holding you right here.
So, what movie do you wanna see? And not another one I have to read.
你想看哪部电影 我不想看那种得认真看字幕的电影
I get enough of that from books.
- Books? - All right, car magazines, cereal boxes...
- 书 - 好吧 汽车杂志 玉米片包装…
...but it's, like, enough!
I tell you what, why don't we...?
Why don't we stay. Let's not see a movie. We'll just hang.
Just wait for Rachel to come back from her date?
Hey, if that's what you wanna do, I'm not gonna say no.
如果你要那么做的话 我会说不
Dude, what is going on?
- I just... I have to find out how it went. - Why?
- 我得知道他们之间怎么了 - 为什么
This guy could be my baby's stepfather.
They go on one date and you're worried about them getting married?
He's not you.
I just, I can't believe she's dating.
- What did you think she was gonna do? - I don't know.
- 你觉得她该怎么做呢 - 我不知道
I guess I can't believe any of this is happening.
What do you mean?
I always thought when I had another kid, it'd be different.
I love Ben. But every time I drop him off at Carol and Susan's...
我爱班 但每次送他到卡萝跟苏珊家…
...it breaks my heart a little.
I've always had this picture of me and my next wife in bed on Sunday.
My kid comes running in, leaps up on the bed and we all read the paper together.
我的孩子跑过来跳到床上 我们会一起看报纸
You know? Maybe fight over the science section.
That's a nice picture. Maybe you can still have that.
那很棒 你还可以拥有那样的梦想
No, I can't. Rachel's out with some guy.
不 瑞秋跟别的男人约会
My baby went with her.
If anything, that picture keeps moving further away.
如果出了任何事 那个梦想会离我越来越远
Hey, can I ask you something?
In this picture of you and your wife, is your wife Rachel?
你想像你未来的太太时 她是瑞秋吗
It used to be.
Now she doesn't really have a face.
Smoking body, though.
Good call. But the face, Ross, the face isn't Rachel.
说的好 但是 罗斯 她已经不是瑞秋了
No. But, ugh, how much easier would it be if it were?
对 但如果是的话 事情会变得很简单吧
I know, but I don't think that's what she wants.
It's not what I want either.
And I can't force myself to fall in love with her again.
Ross, maybe you need a new picture.
罗斯 或许你需要新梦想
Okay? It's not gonna be what you thought. But no matter what...
它会跟你之前的梦想不一样 但不论如何…
...there's gonna be a brand-new little baby. Your baby.
都会有个新宝宝 你的孩子
Who cares what the picture looks like?
Hey, tell you what. Let's you and me go out and have some fun.
Huh? Whatever you want. Come on.
你想做什么都行 来吧
- We can catch that Ukrainian film. - No, I said fun.
- 我们还赶得上看乌克兰电影 - 不 我说好玩的事
- Hey, Toby? - Hey, Bobby.
- 嘿 托比 - 嘿 巴比
It's Bob, actually.
You work up here. Can you tell me where Chandler Bing's office is?
你在这里工作 钱德宾的办公室在哪里
Uh, yeah, it's right...
Right there. Let me ask you, why?
就在那里 你问这个做什么
Ha, ha, I wanna talk to that bastard, see what his problem is.
我想跟那个混蛋谈 看他有什么问题
Okay, Bob, listen. Uh...
好吧 巴伯 听我说
I'm the reason you didn't get the job.
- Toby, don't. - Bob.
- 托比 不要 - 巴伯
Toby, I'm not gonna let you cover for him.
托比 我不会让你帮他说话
Anything you say will just get me more upset with Chandler.
Well that puts me in a difficult position.
- I got your page. Is everything okay? - Uh, well, that depends.
- 我收到呼叫了 没事吧 - 那得视情况而定
- How are things with Phoebe? - It's great. Thank you for introducing us.
- 你跟菲比还好吧 - 很好 谢谢你介绍我们认识
Oh, my pleasure. Okay, I'm afraid I've got some bad news.
这是我的荣幸 好吧 我得跟你宣布一个坏消息
- Phoebe! - Monica!
- 菲比 - 摩妮卡
- I'm breaking up with you! - You're fired!
- 你被开除了 - 我要跟你分手
- What? - I'm breaking up with you.
- 什么 - 我要跟你分手
- You're fired. - Why?
- 你被开除了 - 为什么
I'm sorry. I'm not ready for a relationship right now.
抱歉 我还没有准备好跟别人长期交往
And I'm sorry too. But, well, I like things done a certain way.
我也很抱歉 但我喜欢凡事照我的方法来做
- And the chemistry's just not right. - Ooh, good. The chemistry thing for us too.
- 我们之间的化学反应不对 - 我们也一样
Wow, heh. Um, okay. Um...
I realize I came on a little strong.
But it's only because I think you're so amazing.
And, uh...
I just wanna tell you how much I appreciate you giving me an opportunity here...
我要告诉你 我很感激你给我机会
...because you're the most talented chef I've ever worked for.
Anyway, heh.
- Tim, wait. Wait. Um... - Yeah?
- 提姆 等一下 - 什么事
I think I spoke too quickly. There's a learning curve with this job.
我话说得太快了 这份工作需要时间学习
- Maybe we could try it again. - Really?
- 或许我们能再试一次 - 真的吗
Thank you so much.
- Because I know I can be better. - Okay.
- 我知道我可以表现的更好 - 好吧
And Tim, I just want to say good luck here.
提姆 我只想说祝你好运
- Hello. Ha, ha. - Hi.
- 你好 - 嗨
Uh, how was the date?
Well, I'm alone and I just bought $15 worth of candy bars. What do you think?
我一个人买了15块的糖果 你觉得呢
- Huh. What happened? - Made the mistake...
- 发生了什么事 - 我…
...of telling him that I was pregnant.
- He didn't, uh, take it so well? - Well, better than you.
- 他不能接受 - 他的反应比你好
- But still not what you want. - Oh?
- 但那仍不是你要的 - 喔
Yeah. He got all weird and sputtery. Then he said, uh:
对 他真的是吓坏了 然后他说
"I hear those hemorrhoids are a bitch."
- He sounds swell. - Doesn't he?
- 说的好 - 是吗
Hey, you want a little cheering up?
- Yes. Okay. - Sit down.
- 好 - 坐下
Guess whose middle name is Muriel?
- Chandler M. Bing. - Yu-huh.
- 钱德宾的字是马利欧 - 啊哈
Oh, my God.
- I'm sorry about your date. - It's all right.
- 我很遗憾你的约会没有成功 - 没事的
I guess I'm just done with the whole dating thing.
Just one more thing in my life that is suddenly completely different.
- This is hard. - Yeah, I know.
- 这真的很难 - 我了解
On the other hand, in, um...
In about seven months you're gonna have something...
...that you're gonna love more than any guy you've ever gone out with.
Just wait. Wait until, uh...
Wait until the first time your baby grabs your finger.
You have no idea.
Thanks, sweetie.
谢谢你 甜心
- You wanna grab some coffee? - No. I'm gonna go eat 10 candy bars.
- 你要喝杯咖啡吗 - 不 我要去吃掉10根棒棒糖
- I thought I cheered you up. - Oh, you did.
- 我还以为我让你心情变好了 - 没错
- There are 20 in here. - Right.
- 我刚刚买了20根 - 好吧
- Good night. - Good night.
- 晚安 - 晚安
- Ross? - Yeah?
- 罗斯 - 是吗
Hey, it's Mona. From the wedding.
我是蒙娜 我们在婚礼上见过
- Oh, hi! - Hi.
- 嗨 - 嗨
Wow, uh...
- How are you? - I'm good, except, um...
- 你好吗 - 我很好
...you still owe me a dance.
- Oh, that's right. - Mm.
- 没错 - 嗯
Well, uh, would you be interested in seeing a Ukrainian film?
Oh, you're serious. Sure.
你是认真的 好吧
Great. Well, uh...
太棒了 喔…
I think I might need one more cup of coffee.
- Sure, uh, let me get it for you. - Okay.
- 没问题 我去帮你拿 - 好
Bob? Bob!
- What the hell are you doing? - I just found out this is Chandler's office.
- 你到底在做什么 - 这是钱德的办公室
Come on, Toby. Give me a hand!
来吧 托比 快来帮我