老友记 第九季 Friends Season 9 第12集: 菲比的老鼠 The One With Phoebe's Rats

上映日期: 2,002

语言: 英语

影片类型: 喜剧 / 爱情

导演: Kevin Bright

演员: 詹妮弗·安妮斯顿 / 柯特妮·考克斯 / 丽莎·库卓 / 马特·勒布朗 / 马修·派瑞 / 大卫·休默

- Hey. - Hey.
- 嘿 - 嘿
- Where's Mon? - She's at home...
- 摩妮卡呢? - 她在家…
putting up decorations for Rachel's birthday party tonight.
- And you're not helping? - I tried...
- 你不用帮忙吗? - 我有试过…
but apparently singing "I Will Survive" in a helium voice, not helping.
但是很明显地 用氦语音唱 《我会活下去》并没有帮助
- Hey, you guys. - Hey.
- 嘿 你们好 - 嘿
Happy birth...
Shh. Don't say that loud. Gunther's gonna want to hug me.
别说那么大声 阿甘会过来抱我的
Uh, good news, everyone. We finally found a nanny.
好消息 我们终于找到保姆了
- This is Molly. Molly, Chandler, Joey. - Hi.
- 这位是莫莉 莫莉 钱德 乔伊 - 嗨
Ooh, somebody's getting a little fussy.
You're damn right I am. I've been waiting for a cookie for seven minutes.
你说的没错 我就是不高兴 我已经等饼干等了七分钟了
Okay. You know what, I'm just gonna take her outside.
好了 我想我带她出去好了
- No, you stay. I'll do it. - Okay. Thank you.
- 不 你留下来 我去 - 好的 谢谢
- Nice to meet you guys. - Yeah, you too.
- 很高兴认识你们 - 是啊 我们也是
- Wow, Molly's just great. - Yeah.
- 哇 莫莉真的很不错 - 是啊
Yes, bravo on the hot nanny.
是啊 真棒 请了个辣保姆
- What? You really think she's hot? - Are you kidding?
- 什么?你真的觉得她很辣吗? - 你看不出来吗?
If I wasn't married, she'd be rejecting me right now.
如果我未婚 她现在就在拒绝我了
How do you think she's doing?
Am I the only one that doesn't think she's hot? Ross?
- Ah, I mean, she's not unattractive, but... - Right.
- 我觉得她不算是没有魅力 但是… - 没错
but hot? Ah...
Thank you. Ha, ha.
Now that Rachel's gone?
瑞秋走了 说吧
So hot, I cried myself to sleep last night.
她真辣 我昨晚是哭着入睡的
Hey, Mike, what's the capital of Peru?
嘿 麦克 秘鲁的首都是哪呢?
- Lima. - No.
- 利马 - 不是
It starts with a V and ends with an X.
And hopefully with a T-O in the middle.
You know, come to think of it, the capital of Peru is "Vtox."
我仔细想想之后 我想秘鲁的首都 应该叫做"VTOX"
- Oh, God! - What?
- 喔 天啊 - 怎么了?
Okay. I don't want to freak you out or anything...
好了 我不想要吓坏你
but I just saw a rat in your cupboard.
Oh, yeah. No, that's Bob.
喔 是喔 那是霸柏
Well, he's your pet rat?
Well, not so much a pet as, you know, an occasional visitor...
不太算是 只是偶尔会来拜访
who I put food out for. You know, kind of like Santa.
Except Santa doesn't poop on the plate of cookies.
除了圣诞老公公 不会在饼干盘里便便以外
You can't keep a rat in your apartment. They're extremely unsanitary.
你不能在公寓里养老鼠 那很不卫生的
I mean, they transmit leptospirosis and hantavirus.
我是说 他们可能会 传染细螺旋体病或是汉他病毒
- What are those? - I don't know...
- 那是什么? - 我不知道
but they don't sound like spa treatments.
- You have to get rid of it. - Okay, fine.
- 你必须要处理掉他 - 好啦
If it means that much to you, I'll get rid of Bob.
如果你这么在乎 我会处理掉霸柏的
Thank you.
It's so weird you think he's so gross, yet you're willing to eat his crackers.
真奇怪 你觉得他很恶心 却又在吃他的饼干
- Hello. - Hello.
- 哈罗 - 哈罗
Gavin, I just want to say thank you again...
盖文 我想再次跟你道谢
for watching Emma yesterday during the presentation.
I really owe you an apology.
- For what? - When we first met, you know...
- 道什么歉? - 当我们第一次见面时 你知道的…
I thought you were pompous and arrogant and obnoxious.
我以为你是自负 高仿又讨人厌的人
Is this your first apology?
No, I just mean, you know, first impressions don't mean anything.
不 我是说第一印象 通常不是很重要的
And I think you're a really good guy. And I'm sorry that I misjudged you.
而我认为你是个好男人 很抱歉我错看了你
- Morning. - Hello.
- 早安 - 哈罗
But you know what? Hey, new day, new leaf.
但是你知道吗? 新的一天 新的开始
I am just really, really happy...
I'm sorry. Obviously, Heather's ass has something more important to say...
我很抱歉 很明显地 海瑟的屁股 有更重要的事要对你说
so I'll just wait till it's finished.
- What? - I was giving you an apology...
- 什么? - 我正在跟你道歉…
and you were totally checking her out.
I wasn't checking her out. I'm in fashion. I was looking at her skirt.
我没有 我是在时装业工作 我只是在看她的裙子
Or was it pants? I didn't really see what happened below the ass area.
还是裤子呢?我并没有看清楚 屁股以下的部位
Wow, you are really... You're really a creep.
哇 你真的是… 你真是小人
What do you even care if I was looking at her?
就算我是在看她 你又在乎什么呢?
Are you jealous?
Oh, yeah. I'm jealous.
喔 是啊 我好忌妒
"Oh, Gavin. Please, please look at my ass."
"喔 盖文 拜托请看看我的屁股"
Stop looking at my ass.
I mean, I just think you are totally inappropriate. Okay?
This is a work environment. She's your subordinate.
这是工作场所 她是你下属
But it was okay when you slept with your old assistant, Tag?
但是你跟你前助理泰格上床 却是可以的
That is totally different for two reasons.
那是不一样的事 因为两个原因
One, I didn't know that you knew that.
一 我不知道你知道这件事
And two, I wasn't some creep staring at his ass.
二 我不是盯着他屁股看的小人
We had a... We had a deep, meaningful relationship.
我们有很深入 有意义的交往
Huh. What was Tag's last name?
It was...
Oh, my God.
喔 我的天
He didn't have a last name.
It was just Tag, you know, like Cher or...
只是叫秦格而已 你知道的 就像雪儿或是…
you know, Moses.
But it was a deep, meaningful relationship.
但是那是很深入 有意义的交柱
You know what? My first impression of you was absolutely right.
你知道吗?我对你的第一印象 完全正确
You are arrogant. You are pompous. Morgan! Morgan!
你很高傲 你很自负 摩根 摩根
- Tag's last name was Morgan! Ha! - It was Jones.
- 泰格姓摩根 - 是琼斯
What are you, his boyfriend?
Man, I wish I had a nanny like you.
天啊 我希望我有个像你一样的保姆
You mean when you were a baby?
Would you stop staring at her?
I wasn't staring.
I was leering.
What's the big deal with her?
Maybe she's attractive in an obvious kind of way.
Yeah, obvious beauty's the worst.
是啊 很抢眼的魅力最糟糕了
You know, when it's right there in your face.
你知道的 当它就显现在你面前时
Me, I like to have to work to find someone attractive.
Makes me feel like I earned it.
Looks like Joey's doing all right with her.
Yeah. Hey, that was nice of you guys to back off...
嘿 你们两个这次愿意退让出…
and let Joey get the girl for once.
让乔伊去泡她 真是好心
- I'm gonna take her to the apartment. - Okay, I'll be home right after work.
- 我要带她回去了 - 好的 我下班之后就回去
- Okay. - Okay, bye, Emma-wemma-demma.
- 好的 - 好的 艾玛再见
I lovey-wovey-dove you.
- Bye. - Bye.
- 再见 - 再见
They've elected me to talk to you about the baby talk.
他们推派我来跟你说 你模仿婴儿说话的事
It's not so good.
I think it's sweet.
Bye, Emma-wemma!
再见 艾玛
Hey, listen, Joey. About Molly, I would really prefer if you didn't go after her.
嘿 乔伊 关于莫莉 我希望你不要去动她
Why not?
Because it took months to find a good nanny.
And I wouldn't want anything to, you know, drive her away.
So you think I'm just gonna sleep with her...
and never call her again, and things are gonna get uncomfortable?
之后就不再打电话给她 让一切都变得很尴尬吗?
Yeah, that sounds about right.
是啊 听起来好像也对
Come on, there are plenty of other women out there, okay?
别这样 外面到处都是女人
Just forget about her, okay? She's off-limits.
Oh, man. What'd you have to go and say that for?
天啊 你为什么要这样说呢?
Now that you told me I can't have her, makes me want her even more!
你这样说之后 我就更想要她了
- What are you, a child? - Yes.
- 你还是小孩啊? - 是的
Look, Joey, come on now. For me, please.
听着 乔伊 别这样 为了我 拜托
Just try to focus your sexual energy on someone else.
Take me home.
- Hey, Mikey. - Hey, Pheeb.
- 嘿 麦克 - 嘿 菲比
- What are you doing? - Setting rattraps.
- 你在做什么呢? - 放捕鼠器
- To kill Bob? - No. No, to test his neck strength.
- 要杀霸柏吗? - 不是 只是测试一下他脖子有多硬
But no, I don't want to kill him. I thought we were gonna capture him...
不 我不想杀死他 我以为我们要活抓他
and, you know, set him free in the countryside...
where he could meet a friendly possum...
and a wisecracking owl.
Okay, okay. I'll throw away the traps.
好了 我把捕鼠器丢掉
All right, I'll find Bob. I'll get him.
好 我会找到霸柏 我会抓到他的
Bob? Bob?
Wait, I think I hear him.
等等 我听到他的声音了
Oh, my God! Bob had babies! Bob's a mom!
天啊 霸柏生小孩了 霸柏当妈妈了
We'll have to think of a new name.
Oh, I don't know, I kind of like "Bob" for a girl.
我不知道 我喜欢"霸柏"当女生名字
No, no. I mean, I'm not sure that we...
不不 我是说我不确定我们…
Oh, my God. We killed Bob?
天啊 我们杀了霸柏吗?
Well, maybe it wasn't Bob. Maybe it was a mouse.
或许不是霸柏 或许只是另一只老鼠
What's up?
Seriously, dude. Three years ago.
真的 老兄 三年了
Listen, can you do me a favor? I'm gonna be out today.
听着 你可以帮我一个忙吗? 我今天要出去
Can you keep an eye on Joey...
make sure nothing happens between him and Molly?
- You don't trust him? - Well, no.
- 你不相信他吗? - 嗯 不相信
Some woman who sounded a lot like Joey called earlier...
昨晚有个听起来 很像乔伊的女人打电话来…
and asked for her daughter, uh, the "hot nanny."
Is this really your long-term plan, for me to run interference?
Because I could get a job any day now.
You do appear right on the cusp of something.
Look, come on, man. I'm sure he'll lose interest in a week or two...
听着 拜托 我确定他一两星期就会没兴趣了
but for now, could you please just do this for me?
但是现在 你可以帮我这个忙吗?
Fine, but don't blame me if it doesn't work.
好啦 但是如果失败可别怪我喔
Because you know once Joey sets his mind on something...
因为你也了解 乔伊一旦下定决心…
more often than not, he's going to have sex with it.
无论如何 他都会把她搞上手的
Well, I mean, we've gotta do something. Okay?
那我们得要做点什么 不是吗?
Nannies like her don't grow on trees.
像她那样的保姆是不会 凭空出现在树上的
- Picturing that tree? - I am, yes.
- 在想像那棵树吗? - 是的 没错
Where you going, Joe?
For a walk.
Oh, you mind if I join you?
Actually, uh, I'd rather be alone. You know, I really need to organize my thoughts.
事实上 我想要一个人去 我真的需要理清一些想法
Your thoughts?
All right, fine. I only have one thought.
好啦 我只有一个想法
It's about the hot nanny. I gotta see her.
就是关于那个辣保姆 我必须见到她
- I'm afraid I can't let you do that, Joe. - Now you're telling me I can't see her?
- 恐怕我不能让你去 乔伊 - 你是说我不能见她?
You guys are killing me. She's forbidden fruit. It's like, like...
你是在害死我 她是禁果 这就像…
Like she's the princess and I'm the stable boy.
Why are you doing this, huh?
Did Ross tell you not to let me go over there?
Yes, as a matter of fact, he did. So I can't let you go.
没错 事实上就是 所以我不能让你过去
Huh. Interesting. Now there are obstacles.
有趣 现在出现阻碍了
Hot nanny and me against the world.
This is the stuff great novels are made of.
- Great novels? - Fine. Mediocre porn.
- 伟大的爱情小说? - 好啦 二流的情色书刊
- Gavin Mitchell's office. - Rachel Green's office.
- 盖文米丘办公室 - 瑞秋葛林办公室
Give me that phone.
Hello, this is Rachel Green. How can I help you?
哈罗 我是瑞秋葛林 可以为您效劳吗?
Uh-huh. Okay, then. I'll pass you back to your son.
好的 我会把电话传给你儿子
Hey, Mom. No, that's just my secretary.
妈 不是 她只是我的秘书
Um, excuse me, Gavin. I have a question I need to ask you.
对不起 盖文 我有个问题必须要问你
Mom, I'll call you later. Yeah.
妈 我再回电给你 是的
- Yes? - If you like looking at butts so much...
- 怎样? - 如果你那么喜欢看屁股…
why don't you just go look in a mirror?
Thank God you finally said that.
感谢上帝 你终于说了
I saw you make a note on your pad three hours ago.
三个小时前我就看到 你写在笔记本上了
- Man, I really bug you. Don't I? - Oh, no. Please...
- 天啊 我真的惹你厌 是不是? - 喔 不 拜托…
I don't care about you enough to bug me.
我根本不在乎你 更别提讨厌你
In fact, from now on, I'm going to take the high road...
事实上 从现在开始 我会表现得很有格调
and I'm going to be very, very nice to you, you mama's boy...
而且我会对你非常好 妈妈的乖宝宝…
starting right now.
- Hey, Rach. - Hi.
- 嘿 瑞秋 - 嗨
- Ready for your birthday lunch? - I am.
- 准备好要吃生日午餐了吗? - 好了
But first, Monica, I would like to introduce you...
但是首先 摩妮卡 我想要介绍你认识…
to my very talented colleague and more importantly...
我非常能干的同事 而且更重要的是…
my wonderful friend, Gavin Mitchell.
我的好朋友 盖文米丘
- Pleased to meet you. - Pleased to meet you.
- 幸会 - 幸会
Are you coming to Rachel's party?
Oh, no, no, no. Gavin can't. He already has plans...
喔 不不不不 盖文没有办法 他已经有计划了
most likely with his mother.
I don't mind. I'll cancel them. I would never miss my secretary's birthday.
我不介意 我可以取消 我不想错过我秘书的生日
Why did you invite him? I can't stand that guy.
为什么你要邀请他? 我无法忍受那个男的
- You were being so nice to him. - I was faking it.
- 你看起来跟他很好啊 - 我是装出来的
Can't you tell when I'm being fake?
Hey, Mr. Phillips. Nice suit.
嘿 菲利浦先生 很好看的西装
- Right there. That was so fake! - Shh!
- 抓到了 真是好假 - 嘘
Oh, hi.
I still can't believe you invited Gavin.
我真不敢相信 你邀请了盖文
I mean, he is just the last person I want to see.
You're welcome for the party. I'm glad you're having a good time.
安排派对的事 不用跟我客气 我很高兴你喜欢
God, I hope he doesn't show up. Of course he's not gonna show up, the guy hates me.
我希望他不要出现 他当然不会 他讨厌我
- Does he? - What?
- 是吗? - 什么?
Maybe he keeps bothering you so much because he likes you.
或许他一直惹你生气 是因为喜欢你
It's like in first grade when Skippy Lange would push me...
就像在小学一年级的时候 史基蓝吉会推我…
because he secretly had a crush on me.
Oh, Monica, you think Skippy liked you?
摩妮卡 你以为史基喜欢你吗?
Honey, all those boys had a bet to see if he could knock you over.
亲爱的 所有的男生都在打赌 看他是不是有办法推倒你
- She's out. I'm gonna take her home. - Oh, okay. Thank you.
- 她睡了 我带她回去 - 好的 谢谢
Bye, sweetheart.
再见 甜
Do you see what all the guys see in her?
你有在她身上看到 那些男人看到的东西吗?
Wouldn't kick her out of bed.
No more vodka for me.
Hey, Rach. So can I sing "Happy Birthday" to you now?
嘿 瑞秋 现在可以 唱生日快乐歌了吗?
- Yeah, sure. - Oh. All right.
- 当然可以 - 好的
Happy birth...
See you later.
Hey, Rach. Somebody got you shoes.
瑞秋 有人送你鞋子
Give me.
- Wow. Wow. Oh, my God! - Careful! Careful!
- 哇哇 我的天啊 - 小心 小心
These are my rat babies!
Yeah. We have rat babies now.
是啊 我们现在有老鼠宝宝了
Oh, you brought rats to my birthday party?
So this is what a stroke feels like.
Well, I had to bring them. We killed their mother.
我必须要带着他们 我们杀了他们的妈
They're our responsibility now.
You know, they require constant care.
你知道的 他们需要一直被照顾
You should know that, Rachel, you're a mother.
你应该知道的 你自己也是母亲
Are you comparing my daughter to a rat?
No. Seven rats.
不 是七只
I think we should take them home. We need to feed them.
我们应该带他们回家了 他们需要吃东西了
Wait, you're gonna leave my party to take care of a box of rats?
你因为要照顾这盒老鼠 而离开我的派对?
Well, I'm sorry, Rachel, but I'm not like you. Okay?
嗯 我很抱歉 瑞秋 但是我不像你 好吗?
Not everyone can afford help.
Hey, where the hell are Joey and Molly?
嘿 乔伊跟莫莉去哪了?
I asked you to watch them.
I'm sorry. I got a little preoccupied.
我很抱歉 我有点分心了
Look, we have to stop them before something happens.
听着 我们要在发生事情前阻止他们
Right behind you, big guy.
我会跟随你的 大哥
So you see, Molly, what people don't understand...
所以你瞧 莫莉 人们不了解…
is that acting is a discipline. It takes a lot of hard work.
演戏是一种纪律 是很辛苦的工作
- So where'd you study? - Oh, I didn't go to college.
- 所以你是在哪里学的? - 我没有上大学
- No, where'd you study acting? - Molly, people don't study acting.
- 那 是从哪里学会演戏的呢? - 莫莉 演戏不是学来的
Molly, uh, do you mind giving us just a minute?
莫莉 可以让我们谈几分钟吗?
- Sure. I'll go check on Emma. - Thanks.
- 当然 我去看艾玛 - 谢谢
Will the stable boy never get the princess?
What do you think you were gonna do, have sex with her here on my couch?
你以为你是在做什么? 在我家沙发上跟她做爱?
No. The leather sticks to my ass.
不 沙发皮会黏住我的屁股
This isn't fair. What makes you think I'm gonna sleep with her...
这实在不公平 你凭什么认为 我会跟她上床…
and then blow her off, huh?
Can't you guys open your minds to the possibility that I actually like her...
你们难道不能敞开心胸接受 或许我是真的喜欢她…
and might want something real?
Look, the truth is I haven't felt this way about anyone since Rachel.
听着 事情是自从瑞秋之后 我就没有对任何人有过这种感觉了
Okay? I didn't think I could ever love again.
- Come on. - Joe.
- 少来了 - 乔伊
Hi. Is Molly here?
嗨 莫莉在吗?
Uh, yeah, yeah. Come on in. Molly?
在 请进 莫莉?
- Hey. Guys, this is Tabitha. - Hey.
- 嘿 各位 这位是塔比莎 - 嘿
- I'll see you tomorrow. - Okay.
- 明天见 - 好的
Uh, well, Joey, I guess we have no problem.
嗯 乔伊 我猜我们没事了
It's like my favorite fairy tale come true.
The princess, the stable boy and the lesbian.
公主 马僮跟女同性恋
Okay. Okay, you start preparing the formula...
好了 你先泡牛奶
and I'll start changing the box.
And then we gotta put them straight to bed.
When did we become one of those couples...
whose lives revolve around their rats?
Well, you know what? They're our responsibility now.
Okay, fine. These rats are our responsibility.
好的 这些老鼠是我们的责任
What happens when they mate and there are hundreds?
要是他们交配后 变成上百只呢?
Mate? They're all brothers and sisters.
Yeah, uh, not such a problem with rats.
是啊 但是对老鼠可不是问题
No, they're more of a "love the one you're with" kind of animal.
No. Really?
才不 真的吗?
Oh, my... Get off your sister! Ew.
Oh, my God. What are we gonna do?
我的天 我们该怎么办呢?
- The... We have seven rats. - Uh-huh.
- 我们有七只老鼠 - 嗯
So, what if each of them has seven rats...
and then each of those have seven rats? That's like...
都再生七只 那就是…
That's math I can't even do.
What are we gonna do?
Well, I know this is gonna sound crazy...
嗯 我知道这听起来很疯狂…
but we could not let the box of rats ruin our lives.
但我们可以不让这盒老鼠 毁了我们的生活
Yeah, okay. I guess you're right.
是啊 好吧 我想你说的对
All right, so we should just give them away.
好了 我们必须要送走他们
But to nice families with children and reduced-fat Wheat Thins.
但要送给有小孩 还有低脂饼干的好人家
Those were Bob's favorites.
It's gonna be okay.
- You must think I'm crazy. - No, I think you're sweet.
- 你一定认为我疯了 - 不 我觉得你很善良
This is just so hard.
It's hard for me to let them go.
I guess it just brings back memories, you know...
from when I gave birth to my brother's triplets and I had to give them up.
就像我怀了我弟的三胞胎 最后还是必须送回给他们养
I haven't told you about that yet, have I?
- Hey. - Hi.
- 嘿 - 嗨
Thanks for the party, honey. Should I help you clean up?
谢谢你帮我办派对 亲爱的 我应该帮你打扫吗?
No way. You had your party. Now I have mine.
不要 你的派对结束了 现在换我的
- Is everything all right? - I just get bummed...
- 一切还好吧 - 每次生日结束时…
when my birthday's over.
Well, at least you have one thing to be happy about.
- Mm? - That jerk, Gavin, from your office...
- 嗯? - 你办公室那个浑蛋盖文…
- didn't show up. - Ah.
- 没有来 - 哈啊
Yeah, I hate him.
是啊 他好讨厌哦
We weren't talking about you. We were...
我们不是在说你 我们…
No. No way to recover. No. Okay.
好吧 来不及转了 算了
- Fun party. - Well, it was.
-一定很好玩 - 嗯 是的
And you would have seen it if you didn't show up at...
你都错过了 因为你出现在…
Nine-thirty? God. Ugh, this party was lame.
九点半?天啊 这派对糟透了
Again, you're welcome.
再一次 不用客气
Look, I'll just give you this and go.
听着 我只是要给你这个就走人
Oh, you bought me a present. Why?
你买礼物给我 为什么?
Let me explain how birthday parties usually work. There are presents...
让我解释一下生日派对 是怎样的情况 通常有礼物…
and a cake, perhaps a fourth or fifth person.
有蛋糕 或许还有第四个或第五个人
Okay, I, uh...
好的 我…
I got you the present to make up for being such a jerk to you.
我送礼物给你 弥补一下我对你的恶劣
Aw. Well, okay. Well, that's very nice. And you wrote a card.
嗯 好的 真好 而且你还写了卡片
- "From Gavin." - I really mean it.
- "盖文赠" - 肺腑之言
Oh. Oh.
Oh, it's beautiful.
- If you don't mind? Let me. - No.
- 如果你不介意…让我来 - 不会
Well, what do you know, it fits.
谁知道呢 非常合适
See, Gavin. You're capable of being a nice guy.
瞧 盖文 你是可以当个好男人的
Why do you give me such a hard time?
I'm not sure.
Well, Monica seems to think it's because you have feelings for me.
摩妮卡好像认为 是因为你对我有感觉
I do have feelings for you.
- You do? - Yes. I feel that you're a little annoying.
- 真的吗? - 是的 我觉得你很烦人
See, why? Gavin, why?
为什么?盖文 为什么?
Right when I'm about to change my opinion of you, you go and you...
就在我要对你改观的时候 你就…
And you do that.
First I was afraid, I was petrified
起先我很害怕 怕的不知所措
- Hey. - Hi.
- 嘿 - 嗨
Listen, um, I think I left something here.
嘿 听着 我有东西忘了带走
Oh. Uh, well, somebody left this. Is this yours?
是有人忘了这个 是你的吗?
Oh. No, but I like it.
不是 但是我蛮喜欢的
No, I think I left one of my rat babies.
不是 有一只老鼠宝宝我忘了带走
Oh. Uh, well, no. I haven't seen it, but if I do, I'll let you know.
没 我没有看到 但是如果有 我会让你知道
Aah! Rat baby! Rat baby! Rat baby! Rat baby!
老鼠宝宝 老鼠宝宝 老鼠宝宝
Maybe that's him.