老友记 第九季 Friends Season 9 第15集: 打劫 The One With The Mugging

上映日期: 2,002

语言: 英语

影片类型: 喜剧 / 爱情

导演: Kevin Bright

演员: 詹妮弗·安妮斯顿 / 柯特妮·考克斯 / 丽莎·库卓 / 马特·勒布朗 / 马修·派瑞 / 大卫·休默

Guys! Guys! I've got great news. Guess what.
各位 各位 我有个好消息 猜猜看
- Uh, Monica's pregnant! - Really?
- 摩妮卡怀孕了 - 真的吗?
Let's get past the moment.
- What's your news? - Thank you.
- 是什么好消息呢? - 谢谢
I got a job in advertising.
- Oh, honey, that's incredible! - Wow.
- 亲爱的 这真是太棒了 - 喔
Gosh, what's the pay like?
天啊 薪水怎样呢?
Oh, come on, people.
喔 你们 别这样
If I don't know who makes the most...
how do I know who I like the most? Hi, Joey.
我怎么知道要最喜欢谁呢?嗨 乔伊
It pays nothing. It's an internship.
没有薪水 是实习的工作
We have interns at Days of our Lives.
Right. So it'll be the same, except less sex with you.
没错 所以是一样的东西 不同的只是不用常跟你上床
So, uh, what do you think they'll have you do there?
It's a training program, but they hire the people they like.
这只是个训练课程 但是之后他们会聘请他们喜欢的人
- That's great! - There's gonna be some grunt work...
- 太棒了 - 定会有些无聊乏味的工作让人讨厌
which will stink. A grown man getting people coffee is humiliating.
Humiliating and noble.
羞辱 却高贵
Thank you.
You know, if I didn't already have a job...
I would've been good in advertising.
Ross, you did not come up with "got milk?"
罗斯 "今天喝牛奶了吗?" 不是你想出来的
Yes, I did! I did!
是的 是我想的 是我
I should've written it down.
- Hey. - Hey.
- 嗨 - 嗨
Where's Chandler? I wanna wish him good luck on his first day.
And I smelled bacon. Ha, ha.
- He just left. - Who did?
- 他才刚走 - 谁才刚走?
Joey, you're never gonna believe it! She called!
乔伊 你不会相信的 她打来了
- She did'? - You got it!
- 是吗? - 你得到了
- I did? - What is she talking about?
- 是吗? - 她是在说什么呢?
I don't know, but it sounds great!
我不知道 但是听起来倒是挺棒的
No, your agent called. You got that audition!
你的经纪人打电话来 你得到试演的机会了
- With Leonard Hayes? - Yes!
- 跟李奥海斯吗? - 是的
Oh, my God, that is great! It's for a play on Broadway.
我的天啊 太棒了 这是百老汇的一出戏
And in a real theater. Not that little one underneath the deli like last time.
在一间真的剧院 而不是像上次一样 是在快餐店下面的那种
- Is it a good play'? - It must be.
- 是一出好戏吗? - 肯定是的
I read it and didn't understand a single word!
因为我读了剧本 而且根本连一个字都看不懂
- Leonard Hayes is starring in it. - Yeah, and directing.
- 李奥海斯也会参与演出 - 是啊 兼导演
Oh, he was so good in that movie of Macbeth.
- You saw that? - No, but I saw the previews.
- 你有看吗? - 没有 但是我看了预告
- They played it right before Jackass. - Ah.
他们在《蠢蛋搞怪秀》播出之前有预告 - 啊哈
Oh, yeah, yeah. He has.
哦 是的 是的 有
- He's done some amazing work. - Oh, yeah.
- 他做了些挺好的东西 - 喔 是啊
Oh, I loved him in those phone commercials.
When the monkey hits him in the face with the giant rubber phone. Ha-ha-ha.
Maybe the monkey will be at the audition.
Don't make me more nervous than I already am!
- Good morning. - Can I get you a cup of coffee, sir?
- 早安 - 我可以帮您倒咖啡吗?先生
Oh, no, no. I'm an intern, just like you guys.
喔 不 我是实习生 就跟你们一样
Except for the tie, the briefcase and the fact that I can rent a car.
除了这领带 公事包 还有我已到达 合法年龄可以租车以外
Seriously, you're an intern?
I'm heading in a new career direction and you gotta start at the bottom.
我更在转换职业跑道中 得要从基层做起
I know I'm a little older than you guys, but it's not like I'm Bob Hope.
我知道我比你们大一些 但不至于像许不了一样
The comedian. USO.
从前的一位喜剧演员 "小伯乐"
Uh, it's U.S.A., sir.
先生 是"老伯"了
This is Joey Tribbiani. Joey, these are the producers.
这位是乔伊崔比亚尼 乔伊 这几位都是制作人
And as you probably already know, this is Leonard Hayes.
而你或许早就知道了 这位是李奥海斯
It is so amazing to meet you. I am such a big fan of your work.
能够见到你真是太惊喜了 我是你的超级影迷
Well, I've been blessed with a lot of great roles.
Tell me about it, huh? "Unlimited nights and weekends!"
那倒是没错 "不限分钟 不限时数 "
Are you making fun of me? Because I am not a sellout.
I didn't do it for money. I believe in those phones!
我不是为钱而做的 我相信他们的电话好用
I almost lost a cousin because of bad wireless service.
一家很烂的大哥大电话公司 害我差点失去一个表哥
No, I wasn't making fun of you. I think you were great in those commercials.
不 我不是在取笑你 我认为你在广告里的演出很棒
- Really? - Yeah.
- 真的? - 是的
Well, I do bring a certain credibility to the role.
嗯 我倒是真的有说服力扮演那角色
- It's true. - Are you kidding?
- 真的 - 何止如此
When they shoot you out of that cannon...
"Hang up that phone!"
"挂掉那个电话 "
- One take. - Wow.
- 一次就拍成 - 哇
Did that in one. I know.
我知道 一次就成
- So shall we read? - Oh, yeah, sure.
- 那我们要开始了吗? - 喔 是的 当然
Top of Act 2. This is my entrance. You got it?
第二慕开始 我会出场 知道吗?
What the hell are you still doing here?
Oh. Uh.
- I think you know. - Bastard!
- 我想你知道 - 浑蛋
I am what you made me. You know what? I could go right now.
这都是你造成的 你知道吗?我现在就可以走
- Go! Go! - I can't.
- 走 走 - 我不行
Oh, I want to, Long Pause...
喔 我想要 长暂停…
but I can't.
I'm so sorry. You're not supposed to say "long pause."
很抱歉 但是你不应该说出"长暂停"
Oh! Oh, I thought that was your character's name. You know?
喔 喔 我以为那是你角色的名字
I thought you were, like, an Indian or something, you know, with the...
我以为你可能是印地安人 你知道的 名字都是…
- Sorry. - Long Pause.
- 抱歉 - 长暂停
No. Thank you so much for coming in. We appreciate it. Thank you.
不 谢谢你过来 我们很感激 谢谢
Sure you don't want me to do it again?
- I could do it with an accent. - No.
- 我可以加上口音喔 - 不用了
You know, Southern.
你知道的 南方的口音
"I could go right now, mon!"
"我可以现在就走 老兄 "
My God in heaven.
Joey, hang on for a second. Leonard, can we talk to you for a moment?
李奥 乔伊 等一下 我们可以跟你谈一下吗?
You've gotta be kidding. See, he can't act.
你是在开玩笑吧 他根本不会演戏
I don't care if you think he's hot.
If you wanna sleep with him, do it on your own time. This is a play.
如果你想要跟他上床 随你便 但是这是一场戏剧表演
No, listen, if you insist on this...
I will call my agent so fast...
on a cell phone connection so clear, he's gonna think I'm next door!
用话质清晰的大哥大打 让他以为我人就在隔壁
Uh, hi. Uh, thank you so much for whispering for my benefit.
嗨 谢谢你这么小声帮我说话
If you tell me what I did wrong, I would love to work on it and try it again for you.
跟我说我是哪里不好 我会改进 然后再表演一次给你看
And also, how you doing?
还有 你好吗?
Would you please just give me another chance? I really wanna get better. Please?
再给我一次机会 我真的想要改进 拜托
Well, if you wanna come back today...
- here are my notes. Ready? - Yeah.
- 这是我的建议 准备好了吗? - 好了
Um, you're in your head. You're thinking way too much.
你在你的脑子里 想太多了
I really doubt that.
No, no, no. It's that you're not connected with anything in your body.
不是 你并没有跟你的身体做连结
- No urgency. The scene is a struggle. - Uh-huh.
- 没表达出迫切感 这一慕是很挣扎的 - 啊哈
- It's a race. - Uh-huh.
- 是一种竞赛 - 嗯
Also, what you did was horizontal.
还有 你的表演是水平的
- Don't be afraid to explore the vertical. - Uh-huh.
And don't learn the words. Let the words learn you.
而且不要体会那些文字 让文字体会你
Couldn't I just sleep with the producer?
Hey, do you wanna go to dinner tonight?
嘿 要不要一起去吃晚餐?
Oh, I can't. I've got a date with that waitress, Katie.
不行 我要跟那个女服务生凯蒂约会
Yeah, I know we've only gone out, like, twice, but I don't know...
我们只有出去过好像两次 但是我不知道…
- I have a good feeling about her. - Oh, I hear divorce bells.
- 我对她的印象很不错 - 喔 我听到离婚的声音了
Give me your wallets, and there won't be a problem.
钱包给我 不然你们就惨了
- What? - I have a gun.
- 什么? - 我有枪
Okay, just relax, Phoebe. Just stay calm.
好的 不要怕 菲比 冷静一点
Oh, my God, I can't find my wallet!
我的天 我找不到皮夹子
- All right, lady, now give me your purse. - No.
- 好了 女士 该你把皮包给我了 - 不要
What do you mean, "no"? I knew you'd be my death, Phoebe Buffay!
"不要"?你什么意思?我就知道 我会死在你手上 菲比布菲
- Lowell, is that you? - Phoebe?
- 罗威 是你吗? - 菲比?
- Oh, my God! - Unbelievable! Oh, my God! Oh!
- 喔 我的天啊 - 真不敢相信 我的天啊
I'm sorry. Ross, this is my old friend, Lowell, from the streets! Ha, ha.
我很抱歉 罗斯 这是我 街头的老朋友 罗威
- Lowell, Ross. - Ross, nice to meet you.
- 罗威 这位是罗斯 - 罗斯 很高兴认识你
Yeah, a real pleasure.
是啊 真是高兴
- Oh, it's been so long! Oh, so long. - Ha-ha-ha.
真是好久了 哇 真久
- I can't believe you're still doing this. - Ah, I know. But I quit smoking.
- 不敢相信你还在干这行 - 我知道 但是我戒烟了
Good for you.
You look like you're doing well.
I guess your mugging days are behind you.
我猜抢劫的日子对你而言 已经是过去式了
Oh, my God. Phoebe, you used to mug people?
我的天 菲比 你以前会抢劫人?
Excuse me, Ross, old friends catching up.
对不起 罗斯 我们老朋友正在叙旧耶
- HeY! - HeY!
- 嘿 - 嘿
- How'd the audition go? - They wanna see me again, but, uh...
- 试演进行得如何呢? - 他们要我再去 但是…
boy, Leonard Hayes did not like me.
- What happened? - Oh, he said I wasn't urgent enough.
- 怎么了? - 他说我迫切感不够
Everything I did was horizontal, and I should be more vertical.
我演的是水平的 应该要垂直一点
- Oh, and he said that I should think less. - Well, so far so good.
- 他说我应该不要想太多 - 喔 目前为止还不错啊
Honey, I'm old!
亲爱的 我老了
What's wrong?
I am so much older than these other interns. I can't compete with them.
我比其他的实习生老太多了 我无法跟他们竞争
So you're a little older.
Look at the positive. You have all this life experience.
往好处想 你有更多的生活经历
Yes, but I don't think life experience is gonna help me with these.
是的 但是我不认为生活经历 可以帮助我这个
Wow! It's like they're on fire!
哇 它们就像着火了
- What are they? - Prototype sneakers.
- 这些是什么? - 样品鞋
I need ideas on how to sell them. Which I can't do...
我需要想出该怎么卖 而我办不到
because no self-respecting adult would ever wear these.
I'll give you $500 for them.
- What am I supposed to do? - Come on, sneakers are easy.
- 我应该怎么办呢? - 别这样 步鞋很容易啦
- You wear them all the time. - They're not called sneakers anymore.
- 你也常常在穿啊 - 它们现在不叫做步鞋了
They're called "kicks" or "skids." I think I heard somebody say "slorps."
改叫"溜鞋"或是"滑轮鞋" 我还听到有人说"轮鞋"
They've got wheels that pop out from the bottom so you can roll around...
它们底部有轮子突出来 让你可以滑来滑去
because apparently walking is too much exercise.
因为很显然 走路太耗费体力了
"Kids! Kids! Roll your way to childhood obesity!"
"孩子们 孩子们 向前滑到儿童肥胖区吧 "
Would you help me try to sell these?
Okay. Have you considered using a girl with huge knockers?
好的 有没有想过用大波霸呢?
That's not what they're looking for.
Hey, that would work on me.
嘿 那对我很有用喔
Why do you think I buy Mrs. Butten/vorth's?
- Hey. - Hey.
- 嘿 - 嘿
- Hey. - You'll never guess what just happened.
- 嘿 - 你不会相信刚刚发生什么事
- Phoebe and I got mugged! - Are you okay?
- 菲比跟我被抢了 - 你们没事吧
Yeah, because Phoebe knew the mugger.
没事 因为菲比认识那捆抢匪
How do you know a mugger?
I'm sorry, I have friends outside the six of us.
不好意思 除了我们六个人之外 我还是有其他朋友的
Know how she knew him? Because Phoebe used to mug people.
Well, I'm not proud of it, but, you know...
我不觉得很光荣 但是你们知道的
when I was living on the street and I needed money for food and stuff...
当我流落街头的时候 我也需要钱买食物之类的东西
- That is awful. - I wasn't rich like you guys, okay?
- 真是太糟糕了 - 我不像你们那么有钱 好吗?
I didn't eat gold and have a flying pony.
I had a hard life. My mother was killed by a drug dealer.
我的生活很苦 我妈被毒贩给杀了
- Your mother killed herself. - She was a drug dealer.
- 你妈是自杀的 - 她自己就是毒贩
It was a good thing Phoebe knew him. I was about to do some serious damage.
幸好菲比认识他 否则我会让他死得很难看
This must have brought back some bad memories for you, Ross.
这一定让你想起不好的回忆 罗斯
- Why? - Well, Ross was mugged as a kid.
- 为什么? - 罗斯小时候被抢过
- You were? - Yeah. And it was pretty traumatic.
- 是吗? - 是的 受到非常严重的创伤
It was outside St. Mark's Comics.
I was minding my business, seeing what kind of trouble Spider-Man got into.
我正在做我自己的事 看蜘珠人又惹上什么麻烦了
Ahem, Wonder Woman. Ahem.
Anyway, I was heading towards this bakery...
反正 我正在要去面包店的路上
to pick up a couple of dozen linzer tortes for someone...
when out of nowhere, this thug with a pipe jumps out and says:
然后不知道从哪里冒出来的恶棍 拿着一条管子跳出来说…
-"Give me your money, punk!" - Oh, my God.
- "小子 钱交出来" - 喔 我的天啊
I know. And the worst part was they took my backpack...
我知道 最糟糕的是 他们抢走了我的背包
which had all the original artwork I had done for my own comic book, Science Boy.
里面有我自己画的漫画 《科学小子》
Oh, yeah! What was his superpower again?
对啊 他的超能力是什么?
A superhuman thirst for knowledge.
I better get to class.
Are there any more of your friends I should look out for on my way?
你还有其他朋友 我需要小心的吗 菲比?
No. Actually, you might wanna stay away from Jane Street.
没有 事实上 你或许得离詹恩街远点
That's where Stabby Joe works.
- Okay, I think we have a problem here. - What?
- 我想我们有麻烦了 - 怎么了?
Well, um, back in my mugging days, I, um, worked St. Mark's Comics.
在我当抢匪的时候 漫画王是我的地盘
- Yeah? - Well, a pipe was my weapon of choice...
- 是吗? - 我用的武器是管子
and, um, preteen comic-book nerds were my meat.
而且小孩子 漫画书虫 都是我的目标
There was one kid who had a sticker on his backpack that said:
有一个小孩子 在背包上有张贴纸写着…
"Geology rocks!"
地质学酷毙了 地质学酷毙了
- Oh, my God! - I know! I mugged Ross!
- 喔 我的天啊 - 我知道 我抢了罗斯
- You're late. - I know. I'm sorry.
- 你迟到了 - 我知道 我很抱歉
But can I just run to the bathroom?
- No. Leonard doesn't wait. - But I am bursting with Yoo-hoo!
- 不行 李奥是不等人的 - 但是我快尿出来了
Joey, here we go! Let's go. Very quickly.
乔伊 来吧 我们开始 快一点
- I really need... - We must go now, quickly.
- 我真的想要… - 我们现在就得开始 快点
- Yeah. Yes, sir. Ahh. - Ready?
- 好 是的 - 好了吗?
- What the hell are you still doing here? - I think you know!
- 你还在这里做什么呢? - 我想你知道
- Oh, you sick bastard! - I am what you made me! Know what?
- 喔 你该死的浑蛋 - 这都是你造成的 你知道吗?
- What? - I could go right now.
- 什么? - 我可以现在就走
- Then go. Go! - Oh, I can't. I want to, but I can't!
- 那就走 走啊 - 喔 我不行 我很想 但是我不行
Cut. That was good!
停 演得好
- Very good. You did everything I asked. - I did?
- 非常精釆 你做到我的要求了 - 是吗?
Yes. Plus which, you've got this, I don't know, this squirmy quality...
是的 而且你把这种扭曲的特质…
you bring to the character I couldn't have imagined.
加入到这个角色中 我想都没想过
Wow, hey, here's what we're gonna do:
Come back tomorrow for the final callbacks.
Do all of this, what you got going now. But you know what?
照你今天演的 但是你知道吗?
More. More. Can you do that?
加强 再加强 你可以吗?
Sure. I don't have time to say thank you because I really gotta go!
当然 我没有时间说谢了 我真的得走了
Look at that! Still in character. I like him.
瞧瞧他 还那么入戏 我喜欢他
I plant seeds. I can't explain it. I don't know.
我播了种 快得无法解释 我不知道
- Hey. What are you doing? - Hey. Putting on the sneakers...
- 嘿 你在做什么? - 在试穿步鞋
to get in the young mindset, see if it sparks anything.
融入年轻人的世界 看会不会激发出什么点子
- Oh, anything yet? - Yes, how's this?
- 喔 想出什么了吗? - 是的 听听看这个
"They're so uncomfortable, it's like getting kicked in the nuts for your feet."
"它们舒服到就像是 被脚踢到蛋蛋一样"
- Hey. - Hey.
- 嘿 - 嘿
You're probably wondering what I'm doing. Ha, ha.
你可能很纳闷 不知道我在做什么
No, that seems about right.
不 看起来很正常
Yesterday at my audition, I had to pee. Apparently, that makes me a good actor.
昨天在试演的时候我好想尿尿 很明显地 那让我演的很棒
I got a callback, so I'm drinking everything. Oh, by the way...
可以参加最后试演 所以我要喝多一点东西 对了
- Mm-hm. - that eggnog in our fridge was great!
- Joey, that was formula. - We gotta get more of that.
- 乔伊 那是特调婴儿奶粉 - 我们一定要多买- 些
These aren't half bad. You should suggest these to Ralph Lauren.
这些东西挺不错的 你应该要向洛夫罗伦推荐
Okay, first of all, that's stupid. Second, I'm not allowed to talk to Ralph.
好的 第一 那很蠢 再来 他们不允许我跟洛夫说话
All right. I feel younger already.
好的 我已经开始觉得年轻多了
Yeah, I think I broke my hip.
PHOEBE: Hey, you! - Hey.
- 嘿 你来了 - 嘿
Hey. How was class?
嘿 课上得怎样?
No one ever asks me that. What's wrong?
没有人这样问过我 怎么了?
- Nothing. I really wanna know. - Oh, uh.
- 没事 我真的想知道而已 - 喔
Well, there was actually a rather lively discussion about the Pleistocene...
我们针对更新世 有很热烈的讨论
All right, nothing is worth this.
好了 我不需要这样折磨自己
Um, I have a confession to make. Um...
Okay, you know that, um, girl that mugged you when you were a kid?
你记得那个在你小时候 抢劫过你的女生吗?
What are you talking about? It wasn't a girl. It was this huge dude.
你在说什么呢?那不是女生 是个高壮的男生
You don't have to lie anymore. I know that it was a 14-year-old girl.
你不需要说谎了 我知道是个十四岁女生
- No, it wasn't. - Yes, it was.
- 不 不是 - 是 是的
No, it wasn't. You don't think I would have defended myself against a 14-year-old...?
你认为我不会反抗 一个十四岁女生吗?
- "Give me your money, punk!" - Oh, my God, it was you!
- "小子 钱交出来" - 我的天 那是你
I can't believe it. You mugged me?
我真不敢相信 你抢劫我
Yeah. And I'm so, so sorry, Ross. I'm sorry.
是的 而且我很抱歉 罗斯 我很抱歉
But, you know, if you think about it, it's kind of neat.
但是如果你仔细想想 这倒是有点酷
I mean, well, it's just that I've always felt kind of like an outsider.
我是说 我常常觉得我像是个局外人
You know, the rest of you have these connections that go way back...
and, you know, now you and I have a great one.
而现在 你跟我也有老交情了
It's not the best!
I know. Please forgive me. I don't know what to say.
我知道 请原谅我 我不知道该说什么
There's nothing you can say! That was the most humiliating thing ever.
你不用说什么 那是我这辈子 最可耻的事了
- Really? Even more humiliating than... - Let's not do this!
- 甚至比… - 我们不要说了
And then, at the end of the commercial, the girls get out of the hot tub...
然后在广告结尾 女孩子们离开浴池
and start making out with each other. Huh? Huh? Huh?
That's interesting.
Just one thought: You didn't mention the shoes.
顺便提一下 你没有提到鞋子
- Who's next? Chandler. - Okay.
You start on the image of a guy putting on the shoes.
- He's about my age. - Pfft! Your age?
- 他大约是我的年纪 - 你的年纪?
So he's rolling down the street and he starts to lose control.
他在街上滑行着 接着就失去控制
Maybe he falls. Maybe he hurts himself.
或许他跌例了 或者受伤了
Just then, a kid comes flying by wearing the shoes.
就在这时候 有个小孩 穿着这双鞋飞过去
He jumps over the old guy and laughs. And the line reads:
他跳过那个老男人 然后大笑 接着广告词出现…
"Not suitable for adults."
- Well, Chandler, that's great. - Oh, thank you, sir.
- 钱德 这个很棒 - 谢谢你 先生
Or, man who's two years younger than me.
或是 比我小两岁的人
You see, that has a clear selling point. It appeals to our key demographic.
你们瞧 销售讯息很清楚 抓住了我们主要客户群的心态
- How did you come up with that? - I don't know! I don't know!
- 你是怎么想出来的呢? - 我不知道 我不知道
I was just trying to get into a young mindset, and stuff started to flow.
我只是设法用年轻的心态去思考 然后点子就出现了
- That is great. Good work. - Thank you.
- 太棒了 做得好 - 谢谢
We'll see all of you tomorrow.
The cold weather hurts my hip.
Hey, Ross. I know you're still mad at me, but can I just talk to you for a sec?
嘿 罗斯 我知道你还在生我的气 但是我可以跟你谈一下吗?
Sure, go ahead. Oh, sorry. Sure, go ahead.
当然 说吧 喔 等等 当然 说吧
I just really wanted to apologize again.
And also show you something I think you'll find very exciting.
而且让你看些 你会觉得很兴奋的东西
Oh, my God! "Crap from the street!"
喔 我的天啊 "街上的垃圾 "
Look, Ross. In this box...
听着 罗斯 在这箱子里
are all the things I got from mugging that I thought were too special to sell...
都是在抢来的东西之中 我觉得太特别 而不想卖掉…
or smoke.
Anyway, I was looking through it, and I found...
反正 我在整理时发现了…
Science Boy.
Qh, my God!
喔 我的天啊
- I never thought I'd see this again. - Yeah.
- 我从没想过我会再见到它 - 是的
It's all here!
- Yeah. - Ha, ha.
- 是 - 哈 哈
What made you save it all these years?
I guess I just thought it was really good.
And maybe it would be worth something one day.
You really thought Science Boy was worth saving?
Yeah. But you should know I also have a jar of Vaseline and a cat skull in here.
是的 但是你应该知道 我还留了一罐凡士林跟一副猫骨头
Still, this is amazing!
不管 这还是很今人惊喜
Oh, my God. Thank you, Phoebe.
我的天 谢谢你 菲比
You're welcome. And thank you for Science Boy. I learned a lot from him.
不用客气 谢谢你的科学小子 我从他身上学到很多
You're welcome.
- I need an answer! - I can't tell you something I don't know.
- 我需要答案 - 我无法告诉你我不知道的事
- You know! - I don't know!
- 你知道的 - 我不知道
- I need an answer now! - You want an answer? The answer is...
- 我现在就要答案 - 你要答案吗?答案就是…
She never loved me. She only loved you.
她从未爱过我 她只爱你
You knew this all along and you never told me?
I can never forgive you, or myself. I have nothing to live for. Bang! And scene!
我永远都不会原谅你或是我自己 我没有活下去的必要了 结束
Absolutely amazing.
- The part is yours. - Thanks! Now I really got to get going.
- 这个角色是你的了 - 谢谢 现在我得要走了
Wait, wait, wait! Congratulations. You did it.
不 等等 恭喜了 你办到了
You did it. You can relax now. Yeah.
你办到了 现在可以放轻松了 是的
Wow! That's a big cable bill.
哇 第四台帐单真贵
Ha. You don't have a job, but you have no problem ordering porn.
你没有工作 可是倒很敢付钱看色情片啊
On a Saturday afternoon?
I was in the house!
Hey, uh, Phoebe didn't by any chance mention that...
嘿 菲比有没有提到…
She was the huge guy that mugged you? Yeah.
I see. You didn't happen to tell...
我知道了 你有没有告诉…
- Everybody we know? Yeah. - Great. Thanks.
- 我们认识的每个人吗?我有 - 太好了 谢谢