老友记 第十季 Friends Season 10 第1集: 乔伊亲了瑞秋之后 The One After Joey and Rachel Kiss

上映日期: 2,003

语言: 英语

影片类型: 喜剧 / 爱情

导演: Kevin Bright

演员: 詹妮弗·安妮斯顿 / 柯特妮·考克斯 / 丽莎·库卓 / 马特·勒布朗 / 马修·派瑞 / 大卫·休默

The way you crushed Mike at Ping-Pong was such a turn-on. You wanna?
你在乒乓球桌上痛宰麦克 真让我兴奋 你要不要…
You know, I'd love to, but I'm a little tired.
我很想 但是我有点累
- I'll put a pillowcase over my head. - You're on.
- 那我把枕头套盖在头上 - 我们来吧
- Hey. - What's up?
- 两位 - 怎么了?
Well, Mike's taking a shower, which, by the way, there's no law against.
麦克在洗澡 顺便一提 洗澡不犯法
And, um, then we're gonna grab some food. So if you want...
我们等一下要去吃点东西 所以你们要不要…
- Finally. - Is that Ross?
- 终于 - 那是罗斯吗?
Yeah. You can hear everything through these stupid walls.
对 这面烂墙 隔壁发生什么事 都可以听得到
- Sounds like he's with someone. - He could be alone.
- 他好像有同伴 - 他也有可能是自己一个人
This morning I heard him do pushups and then talk to his triceps.
今早我听到他在做伏地挺身的时候 跟自己的三头肌说话
Wait a minute, I think Phoebe's right.
等等 我想菲比说对了
Yeah, I hear someone else in there with him.
对 我听到他的房间里有别人
- Dr. Geller! - God, you're amazing.
- 盖勒博士 - 天啊 你真是太棒了
I didn't even have to ask you to call me that.
我竟然不需要请你 叫我盖勒博士
- Oh, my God, that's Charlie! - She's cheating on Joey with Ross!
- 我的天啊 那是查莉 - 她竟然背着乔伊跟罗斯偷情
Oh, that tart! Floozy! Giant!
这个又烂 又淫荡 女巨人
- I'm not sure about this. - Yeah, you're right.
- 我不太确定这样对不对 - 对 没错
This is none of our business.
I'm not sure it's the best way to hear everything. Get me a glass!
我不确定这样能不能听清楚一切 快拿个玻璃杯给我
No, I'm not gonna do this, okay? I'm not gonna eavesdrop on my friend.
不 我才不要这样做 我不要偷听朋友的隐私
Ha, ha. I love Barbados.
- I can't believe I'm kissing you. - Ha, ha.
- 真不敢相信我正在吻你 - 哈 哈
- I'm kissing Rachel! - Ha, ha.
- 我在吻瑞秋 - 哈哈
- I know. I'm her. Ha, ha. - Oh!
- 我知道 我就是瑞秋 - 哦
Rachel and Joey! It's Rachel and Joey!
瑞秋跟乔伊 是瑞秋跟乔伊
- What? - Get over here!
- 什么? - 过来这里
- Oh. - Whoa!
- 哦 - 哇哦
Oh, my God! I love how thin these walls are!
天啊 我爱死这些薄墙壁了
Thank you.
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Hey, before, you said that nothing could happen between us. What changed?
之前你说我们之间不会有什么的 为什么改变了?
- Well, I only said that because of Ross. - Mm.
- 我因为罗斯才那样说的 - 嗯
- And then I saw him kissing Charlie. - What?
- 但我看到他亲了查莉 - 什么?
Ross and Charlie?
Wow! She's really making her way through the group, huh?
哇… 她还真的在努力融入这个小团体
- Ah, who am I to talk? Ha, ha. - Yeah.
- 算了 我有什么资格说她 - 没错
I can't believe this. Rachel and Joey?
真是不敢相信 瑞秋跟乔伊?
How about the dinosaur twins in the other room?
- No one is manning that wall! - I'm on it!
- 那一边没有人顾了 - 我来顾
- Anything? - I think I hear curtains closing.
- 有动静吗? - 我好像听到窗帘拉上的声音
We've got shoes being kicked off over here.
Bedsprings! Unmistakable!
床里面的弹簧 绝对不会错
- You realize that's your brother. - Not until you said it. Somebody switch!
- 你知道那是你哥哥吗? - 你说了我才知道 谁来跟我换边
Wow! Wait a minute.
等等 等一下
Ross and Charlie. Joey and Rachel.
罗斯跟查莉 乔伊跟瑞秋
Phoebe and Mike. We're the only ones leaving with the person we came with!
菲比跟麦克 我们是唯一 到这里来…
That's not true. I came with Monica, I'm leaving with Weird Al.
不对 我跟摩妮卡一起来 但我会跟搞怪艾尔回去
Okay, I've had it with the hair jokes.
够了 别再笑我的头发了
- Tomorrow I'm going to the salon. - Okay, Buckwheat.
- 我明天离开前就去发廊 - 是的 蓦麦小姐
You gotta hear this, it's great! It's like free porn.
你们一定要过来听听 好像是免费的色情片一样
- Is everything okay? - It's just... I don't think I can do this.
- 你还好吗? - 只是… 我想我不能这么做
Oh, is it because of what might be on the bed?
- I saw that report, with the infrared... - No! No.
- 我看过报导 有红外线… - 不 不是
No, uh...
Look, I need to talk to Joey. I mean, you guys just broke up.
我必须跟乔伊谈谈 你们才刚分手而已
Before anything more happens between us, I need to know he's okay with it.
在我们进行下一步之前 我必须知道他的确不在意
- I, uh, completely understand. - All right, I'm gonna go find him.
- 我完全了解 - 好 那我去找他
I just need a second before I can, you know...
在去之前 我必须准备一下 你知道…
Grandma, Grandma, Grandma.
- Okay, I'll see you later. - Okay!
- 好 回头见 - 好
That's the door. He's gone.
关门的声音 他走了
And she's turning on the TV...
...and watching Miss Congeniality.
Honey? If you know it through a wall, you know it too well.
亲爱的 如果隔着墙都听得出来 你对那部戏就太熟了
Hey, what are you guys doing?
嘿 你们在干什么?
Oh, we're just... We're sad to go, so we're just saying goodbye to the hotel.
我们…很难过要离开了 所以正在跟旅馆道别
I love you...
...Paradise Hotel Golf Resort and Spa.
Yeah. We had a great time, thank you.
我们玩得很开心 谢谢你
Okay. Um, hey, have you guys seen Joey anywhere?
好 你们有看到乔伊吗?
He's probably in his room with his current girlfriend, Charlie.
他搞不好在房间里 跟现任女朋友查莉在一起
That's the situation as we know it.
If you see him, could you tell him I'm looking for him?
如果你们看到他 可以告诉他 我在找他吗?
- You got it. - Thanks.
- 没问题 - 谢谢
Thank you.
Other wall, people! Other wall!
另一面墙 两位 另一面墙
- Rach, you there? - Oh, my God, that's Ross!
- 瑞秋 你在吗? - 天啊 是罗斯
- What are we gonna do? - Okay, just be calm.
- 我们要怎么办? - 好 冷静一点
For all he knows, we're just hanging out.
他只需要知道 我们两个碰巧在一起就行了
All right? So just be nonchalant.
好吗? 表现出漠不关心的样子
- That's not nonchalant! - No idea what it means.
- 那不是漠不关心的样子 - 我不懂那是什么意思
Okay, just hide.
好吧 去躲起来就好
- Rach? - Coming! Try under the bed.
- 瑞秋? - 我来了 试试床底下吧
There's no room under the bed...
- Is everything okay? - Yeah.
- 切都还好吗? - 很好
- Hey. Do you know where Joey is? - Hi.
- 嘿 你知道乔伊在哪里吗? - 嗨
I really don't.
- Can I talk to you for a minute? - Yeah. Sure.
- 可以跟你谈谈吗? - 当然可以
I don't believe this.
- Have you guys been...? - Shh! This is the listening side of the wall.
- 你们一直在… - 墙的这一边是用来听的
Then she told me that she and Joey had broken up...
然后她告诉我 她跟乔伊分手了
...and part of the reason was she had feelings for me.
而其中一个原因是 她对我有特别的感觉
Uh-huh, right. Yeah.
You know I've wanted to ask Charlie out since the day I met her.
你也知道从见面的那一天 我就一直想约查莉出去
Oh, I know, I know. That's been really hard for you.
Anyway, one thing led to another, and...
算了 事情一直发展下去
...oh, before you know it, we were kissing.
不知不觉中 我们就接吻了
How angry do you think Joey's gonna be?
That is hard to say, Ross. That is hard to say.
很难说 罗斯 真的很难说
I gotta find him. He's gotta be here someplace.
我一定得找到他 他一定在这里的某处吧
You would think.
- Is he gone? - How are you doing this?
- 他走了吗? - 你是怎么办到的?
What? Hey!
What are you...? What is this? Have you been listening this entire time?
你们在干什么? 你们一直都在偷听吗?
Now, what is this?
What is this? Well, let's see. We kissed for 10 minutes...
怎么回事? 让我想想 我们亲吻了大概十分钟
...and now we're talking to our friends about it, so I guess this is sixth grade.
然后告诉我们的朋友 我想我们好像还在念小学六年级
No, no. Have you thought about how complicated this could get?
- What about Ross? - Well, he's with Charlie now.
- 那么罗斯怎么办? - 他现在跟查莉在- 起了
Yeah, but he wants to talk to you before anything really happens with her.
对 但他在进行下一步之前 想要跟你谈谈
And as his friend, I mean, don't you think he deserves the same from you?
身为朋友 你不觉得 自己也应该做相同的事情吗?
You're a pain in my ass, Geller.
盖勒 你真是太难搞了
Look, we appreciate all the advice...
各位 我们很成谢所有的建议
...but this is between Joey and me. We can handle it.
但这是我跟乔伊的事情 我们可以自己处理的
We'll go. Will you do one thing for us, the people that care about you?
好 但是可不可以 为关心你的人做一件事?
- Sure. - Enunciate.
- 当然可以 - 发音清楚一点
Get out!
Are they right?
Probably, yeah. I mean, maybe we should...
可能吧 我们也许应该…
...hold off until we talk to Ross.
Yeah. Yeah. We can wait. We don't have to do anything tonight.
也是 我们可以等的 又不是今晚一定要有什么事发生
Yeah, I think that would be best.
对 我想这样最好
So, I'm gonna... I'm gonna take off.
- Although... - I like "although."
- 然而… - 我喜欢这个"然而"
- Uh... - I mean, you know...
- 额 - 我是说 你知道…
Ross and I haven't dated in, like...
...six years.
Six years?
Wow. That's almost as long as high school.
Plus, you know, he is with Charlie now.
再说 他现在跟查莉在一起
- He's not thinking about you. - No.
- 他根本没把你当一回事 - 才没有
I'm thinking about you.
- Let's forget about Ross. - It's forgotten.
- 我们把罗斯给忘了吧 - 早就忘了
- What's wrong? - Nothing.
- 怎么了? - 没事
Seriously, what is it?
说真的 到底怎么了?
Nothing. It's really... It's nothing. Come here. Come here.
没事 真的…真的没事 来吧
What's wrong?
Ah. Sorry, I just, um...
对不起 我…
I can't seem to get Ross out of my head.
Well, maybe I can help.
Your lips are so soft. Do that again.
你的嘴唇真软 再来一次吧
- Yeah, we need to talk to Ross. Yeah. - Yeah.
- 没错 我们是该跟罗斯谈谈 - 是
- Hey. You guys ready to go? - Hey.
- 嘿 你们准备好了没? - 嗨
Not quite. Monica's at the salon, and I'm finishing packing.
还没 摩妮卡还在发廊里 我正在打包
Dude, you're not taking your Bible?
老兄 你不把《圣经》带走吗?
You're not supposed to take that.
Besides, it's a New Testament. What are you gonna do with it?
再说 那是《新约》 你要拿来做什么?
Learn about Jesus.
- Hey! - So did you talk to Joey?
- 嗨 - 你跟乔伊谈过了吗?
Uh, no. I couldn't find him. I'm just gonna talk to him on the plane.
还没 我没找到他 在飞机上我会跟他谈的
Okay. Sounds like a good idea, Dr. Geller.
这主意听起来不错 盖勒博士
Stop it.
You're filthy.
Hey. Have you guys seen Monica?
Uh, actually, I think she went to the salon.
Oh, yeah. Oh, she went to the salon, all right.
好吧 是的 她去发廊了
Check it out!
Whose day just got better?
Hey! Aah.
嘿 啊
- What do you think? - I think...
- 你觉得如何? - 我觉得…
- I think I can see your scalp. - Ha, ha.
- 我觉得可以看见你的头皮了 - 哈 哈
Don't you just love it?
Yeah. Yeah, you got shellfish in your head.
喜欢… 你头上有贝壳
It's, uh, something. You go, girlfriend.
那是 真有一套 太棒了 朋友
- You never said that in your life. - Not once.
- 你这辈子从没这么说过吧 - 从来没有
I thought so.
Oh, and listen to this.
What do you know? It's a treat for the eyes and the ears.
真出人意料 不只是视觉享受 这还是听觉享受
Wow, it's, uh, kind of weird that I'm sitting next to Charlie after we broke up.
Yeah. It's almost as if Air Barbados doesn't care about your social life.
巴贝多航空对你的社交生活 还真是不太贴
Does someone mind switching and sitting with Charlie?
有人愿意跟我换位子 坐在查莉旁边吗?
Oh, I mean, I... Dude, I spent the whole conference with Charlie.
老兄 我… 我跟查莉 整个会议都在一起了
- I understand. - No, I'll do it.
- 我了解 - 不 我跟你换
Wish I could switch. I really don't want to sit with Allen lverson over there.
希望我能换座位 我可不想跟亚伦艾佛森一起坐
Um, once we're in the air and the captain turns off the seat belt sign...
等升空后 机长解除安全带灯号后
...you feel free to roam about my cabin.
And you should be careful when checking your overhead bins.
- Because items may shift during... - Oh, you're not good at this.
- 因为物品在飞行中… - 你真的不擅长这个
- Do you have to go home tonight? - No, I think I could come over.
- 你今晚要回家吗? - 不用 我应该可以过去
- It's Saturday, right? - Oh.
- 今天是星期六吧 - 喔
- Um, I can't do anything tonight. - Why not?
- 我今晚不行 - 为什么?
- I have a date. - Wh...?
- 我有个约会 - 什…
- You have a date? With who? - Oh, it's my girlfriend.
- 你有约会?跟谁? - 我的女朋友
- You have a girlfriend? - Yeah.
- 你有个女朋友? - 对
Well, when you and I broke up, I started seeing someone.
我们两个分手以后 我开始跟别人交拄
- Well, for how long? - Three months.
- 那么 交往了多久? - 三个月
Three months?
This is none of my business, but, um, how long are you gonna keep seeing her?
这可能不干我的事 但你要继续跟她交往多久?
I'll tell her that it's over tonight at dinner. I promise.
今天的晚餐中我会告诉她 说我们结束了 我保证
Oh, okay, good. You do that.
好 很好 你就这么做
When you get home, maybe there'll be a special delivery package waiting for you.
当你回家的时候 会有个专送的包裹等着你
Maybe I'll sign for it, tear it open.
我也许会签名 撕闲包裹
- Pull out the packing material... - We'll have sex. Let's leave it there.
- 把包装的东西全部扯开… - 我们会上床 别再说了
All right, I'm gonna go talk to Joey. I think this is the right time.
好 我要去跟乔伊谈谈了 现在应该是时候了
He's in a good mood after the flight attendant says "duty-free."
在空中小姐说出"免税"之后 他的心情总是很好
Okay. Good luck.
好吧 祝你好运
Ross is coming over. I think now would be a good time to talk to him.
罗斯正要过来 我想是时候跟他谈谈了
Oh, I guess so. I'm just... I'm really nervous.
我想应该是 但是… 我好紧张
Well, keep in mind that by the time you're done...
这样想好了 等你谈完了以后
...they'll probably be serving dinner.
Still nervous?
I'm gonna get the lasagna.
- Hey, Rach, uh... - Yeah?
- 瑞秋 - 什么事?
- Do you mind if I sit here for a sec? - Yeah. Yeah, sure. Yeah.
- 我可以在这里坐一下吗? - 可以 当然可以
Good luck.
- Hey. Ha. - Hey.
- 你好 - 你好
So I, um...
I kind of need to talk to you about Charlie.
- Yeah? - Last night, after you guys broke up...
- 是吗? - 昨晚 你们分手以后
- So sorry to hear about that, by the way. - Hmm, yeah.
- 顺便一提 我很遗憾 - 呃 是
Well, Charlie and I were talking, and...
查莉跟我在聊天 然后…
- You kissed. - Wh...?
- 你们亲嘴了 - 什…?
What? Ha, ha.
What? Ha, ha. What would give you that idea?
- I saw you. - Yeah, we kissed.
- 我看到了 - 对 我们亲嘴了
But nothing else. Nothing else happened, okay?
但其他什么都没发生 好吗?
- Ross, Ross, Ross. It's okay. - What?
- 罗斯… 没关系的 - 什么?
It's okay. You know, look...
没关系 听好了
...I totally understand, all right? You guys...
我完全了解 好吗 你们…
...make way more sense than her and I ever did, you know? And...
- I want you to be happy. - Are you serious?
- 我希望你能快乐 - 你是说真的吗?
- Now I have something... - I am speechless.
- 现在轮到我有些话… - 我哑口无言了
I mean, the fact that you would put my happiness first like that, I mean...
你竟然把我的快乐 摆在第一位 我真的…
You're an incredible friend, do you know that?
你真是个好朋友 你知道吗?
- Oh, well, look, before you go... - No, I mean it.
- 听好了 在你走之前… - 不 我是说真的
I mean, you're so loyal, man. And selfless and generous.
你是那么地忠诚 无私又慷慨
I am those things, yeah.
对 我就是这样
I've known Chandler longer, so I think of him as my best friend. But now...
因为我认识钱德比较久 所以一直觉得他是我最好的朋友 但是现在
...I may have to rethink some stuff.
Hey, if there is ever anything I can do for you...
I can't think of anything. Ha, ha.
- Thanks. - Yeah.
- 谢谢 - 不客气
- So hi. - Hi.
- 嗨 - 嗨
- So, you, uh, talked to Joey? - Oh, yeah. We had a really good talk.
- 所以你跟乔伊谈过了? - 对 我们谈得很愉快
- Oh, that's great. - Yeah.
- 太好了 - 没错
- Oh. So everything's okay? Oh. - Oh, no, it's great.
- 所以一切都没问题? - 没问题 一切都太好了
- It's great. He's an amazing guy. - Oh, well, obviously, I think so too.
- 很好 他是个很棒的家伙 - 很显然地 我也这么觉得
Well, I'm so excited about this.
Really? Ha, ha. Excited?
真的吗 兴奋?
What, are you kidding? I have had some very dirty dreams about this.
Excuse me.
You didn't tell him, did you?
I couldn't. He was saying all these really nice things about me.
我没办法 他一直称赞我
I didn't want him to get mad and take them back.
我不能让他生气 收回那些话
- I'm gonna edge out Chandler! - Oh, God.
- 不然我会被钱德比下去 - 噢 天哪
Fine. Forget it. When we go back to New York, I will tell him.
算了 乔伊 等我们回到纽约 我来告诉他好了
Thank you. Yeah, I appreciate that.
谢谢 很感谢你这么做
- Hi, Mike's place. - Hey, it's Mike.
- 嗨 这是麦克的家 - 我是麦克
Ooh, that was fast.
Oh, uh, no, she's not here yet.
不 她还没到
You know, I'm just gonna take off and break up with her over the phone.
我想我还是离开 在电话中跟她分手好了
You can't do that. Oh, come on, Mike, strap on a pair.
你不能这样 拜托 麦克 要有骨气一点
Why don't you tell her that we got back together. Women appreciate honesty.
We also appreciate gentle spanking once in a while, just FYI.
只是让你知道 我们偶尔 也喜欢被轻轻地打屁股
One more thing. There might be a picture of Precious on my coffee table.
另一件事 茶几上应该有珍爱的照片
Her name's Precious?
Is she a pure breed, or did you pick her up at the pound? Ha, ha.
I just want to give you a heads-up.
Okay. And if she gets upset...
好 如果她难过的话
...just scratch her tummy and give her a liver snap.
只要抓抓她的肚子 轻轻抓抓肝脏的部位就行了
Hi. I'm Precious. Who are you?
嗨 我是珍爱 你是谁?
- I'm... I'm Phoebe. - Phoebe?
- 我是菲比 - 菲比?
Mike's ex-girlfriend, Phoebe? The love of his life? That Phoebe?
Oh, I can't wait for everyone at work to see these!
- You go back to work tomorrow night? - Yeah.
- 你明天晚上要去工作对吧? - 对
So if you want people to see them...
...you're not having them taken out, say, at the break of dawn?
那么你明天早上 就不会把那些拿掉对吧?
Well, if I had them taken out, then I wouldn't be able to do this.
如果我把这些拿掉的话 就不能这样做了
Aah! Aah!
啊 啊
You like that, right?
- What are you singing? - It's "Bolero" from 10.
- 你在唱什么? - 《第十号交响曲》的《波丽露》
It's "Ride of the Valkyries" from Apocalypse Now.
不对 那是《现代敔示录》里的 《女武神的飞行》
Here's the thing. The cornrows were a solution to your frizzy-hair problem.
听着 辫子头可以解决 你头发毛躁的问题
Now that we're home, you don't have that problem. If you think about it...
但是我们已经在家里了 你的头发也不会毛躁 所以麻烦你…
I hate them.
- What? You said you liked them. - Did I? Let's refresh.
- 什么?你说你喜欢的 - 是吗?我们来回想一下
I believe what I said was that I could see your scalp.
我相信我说的是 "我可以看见你的头皮了"
Well, fine. So you don't like them. Everybody else does.
好吧 你不喜欢又怎样 其他人都喜欢
Again, let's journey back.
As I recall, Rachel said she had never noticed the shape of your skull before.
我记得瑞秋说的是 她从来不知道你头壳的形状
And Joey? Well, Joey didn't realize there was anything different.
乔伊呢 算了 他根本没发现有不同的地方
You know what? I don't care. I like it, and I'm gonna keep it.
你知道吗 我不在乎 我喜欢 所以我要留着
You're just jealous because your hair can't do this.
你只是嫉妒罢了 因为你的头发不能这样
- Get yourself in the tooth? - And the eye.
- 打到自己的牙齿了吗? - 还有眼睛
Hi! There she is! Hi, Emma. Oh, my God, I missed you.
你好 艾玛 你来了 天啊 我好想你
Oh, Emma, I missed you so much. Hi.
艾玛 我好想你
Did you have a good time with Grandma Green? Huh?
Did she give you a bottle of antidepressants again to use as a rattle?
That was one time, Ross, and they were only, like, five milligrams.
只有一次而已 罗斯 而且只有五毫克
Ooh, hey, Emma, Daddy has some presents for you, okay?
艾玛 爸爸有个礼物要给你 好吧?
I want you to wait right here.
- Come here, sweetie. - Oh.
- 过来这里 小甜心 - 噢
Ross, um, actually, there's something that, uh...
罗斯 其实我有件事…
...I really need to talk to you about.
Okay, shoot.
好 你说吧
Okay. Um, all right, here's the deal.
好吧 事情是这样的
Ah! Oh, no!
不 糟了
- What is it? - Oh, major shampoo explosion!
- 怎么了? - 洗发液大爆炸
- Uh, look, Ross, this really isn't easy. - Oh, it's all over everything!
- 罗斯 这很不好开口 - 所有东西都沾到了
Why? Why me?
Because you took 300 bottles of shampoo?
I'm sorry. I'm sorry. You were saying?
对不起 你刚刚说到哪里了?
Well, yeah, uh...
- Look, it's about me and... - Oh, not another one!
- 听着 是有关于我跟… - 不要又来了
Oh, my God... Oh, and this is moisturizer! It's even harder to clean!
天啊 这是乳液 这个更难清洗
Why? Why do bad things happen to good people?
为什么 为什么坏事 总发生在好人身上?
- Wow. Clearly this is not a good time. - Uh, you think?
- 显然现在不是个好时机 - 还用说
Okay. Bye.
好吧 再见
All right, so Mike's on his way over.
好 麦克正在过来的路上
You thought you were meeting here, he thought at the restaurant, so...
你以为要在这里见面 他以为你们约在餐厅
It doesn't matter who's right or wrong. The point is, I'm gonna take off.
这没有谁对谁错 重要的是我要离开了
Wait. I'm not letting you leave until you tell me what's going on. I mean...
在你告诉我发生什么事情之前 我是不会让你走的
...are you guys getting back together or something?
All right.
Susie... Can I call you Susie?
苏西 我可以叫你苏西吗?
My name is Precious.
I can't say that.
Um, Susie, I'm gonna be straight with you.
苏西 我跟你直话直说了
Mike and I are back together. And, um, unfortunately...
麦克跟我复合了 而不幸地…
...that effectively ends your relationship with him.
He's very sorry about that, and wishes you the best of luck in all your endeavors.
他觉得很抱歉 并且希望 你之后的所有关系都能很幸运
I just can't believe this. Why?
我真是不敢相信 为什么这样?
- Well, I don't... - Why would he do this?
- 我不… - 他为什么要这样做
- What's wrong with me? - There's nothing wrong with you.
- 我有什么问题吗? - 你什么问题都没有
What the hell am I supposed to do now?
Damn it, woman! Pull yourself together!
真该死 女人 振作一点好吗?
Have some pride, for the love of God!
看在老天的份上 有点自尊吧
Okay, not a fan of the tough love.
好吧 这女孩不喜欢坚强的爱
I just can't believe that Mike didn't give me any warning.
不敢相信麦克竟然 没有给我任何征兆
He didn't know. He wasn't planning on coming to Barbados and proposing to me.
他并不知道 他也没有计划 要来巴贝多然后跟我求婚
He proposed to you? This is the worst birthday ever!
Look, Precious...
听着 珍爱…
Mike's not worth this. You're an attractive, intelligent woman...
麦克不值得你这样 你是个有魅力又聪明的女人
...and let's face it, Mike's kind of a wang.
面对现实吧 麦克有点烂
He proposed to me while he was still seeing you.
He was gonna break up with you on your birthday?
I don't like to kiss and tell, but he cheated on you a lot this weekend.
我不想得了便宜还卖乖 但他这周末骗你的可多了
Oh, my God, you know, maybe you're right. Maybe I don't need him.
天啊 我想你说对了 也许我真的不需要他
I deserve to be treated with respect.
Screw you, Mike. You're a coward and a bastard, and I hope you rot in hell!
去死吧 麦克 你这个懦夫混蛋 希望你下地狱
You're welcome.
Honey? You've been in there for a long time. Is everything okay?
亲爱的 你在里面待了好久 你还好吧?
Not really.
I have a problem.
Really? What happened?
真的吗 怎么了?
Well, I was dancing around and singing "No Woman, No Cry"...
我边跳舞边唱着 《没女人 没眼泪》
...and, um, I got stuck.
- You can't move at all? - Oh, I can move. Ha, ha.
- 你完全不能动吗? - 我当然可以动
If I untangle you, will you please get rid of the cornrows?
如果我帮你解开 请你去把辫子头弄掉好吗?
I guess so.
- Some of these look a little frayed. - Yeah, I tried to gnaw myself free.
- 看起来有点磨损 - 我试着把它咬开
- Hey. - Hi.
- 你好 - 你好
- So? Did you, uh, tell Ross? - Well, I tried...
- 你跟罗斯谈过了吗? - 我有试过
...but then he had a shampoo-related emergency.
- So I guess now it's your turn again. - No, no, no, no.
- 所以我想又轮到你了 - 不…
I think it's better if you tell him. You know, it's easier for a woman.
我想你来告诉他会比较好 女生做这种事比较容易
That way, you know, if he gets mad, all you have to do is go:
如果他生气的话 你只要说
"I didn't mean it.
I'm so sorry."
Yeah, because that's what we do.
对 我们就是那么做的
All right, all right, okay. Um, how about this? How about this? Tomorrow...
好吧 那么这样吧 明天…
Tomorrow we'll both go and we'll tell him together.
Okay, that sounds fair.
好 听起来很公平
- That just means, once again, we can't... - I know.
- 这表示 我们又一次不能… - 我知道
That's okay. I mean, we can control ourselves. We're not animals.
没关系的 我们会自我克制 我们又不是动物
- No! Pfft. Of course, we can wait. - Yeah.
- 当然 我们可以等的 - 对
All right, so I guess that means good night then.
好吧 那么就晚安了
Yep. Good night.
好 晚安
Good night.
- Good night. - Stop saying good night.
- 真的 晚安了 - 别再说晚安了
I'm so sorry.
Look what I found in the drawer.
And you said I'd never wear this.
Now that I untangled you, how about you do a little something for me?
不是要跟你邀功 可以为我做一件事情吗?
- Sure. What did you have in mind? - I think you know.
- 当然 你想要我做什么事情? - 我想你知道
- Really? I don't... I don't really feel like it. - This is what I want to do.
- 真的吗 我真的不太想做 - 这就是我想要的
I just don't get why you like it so much.
She's an FBI agent posing as a beauty contestant!
她可是参加选美会 卧底的调查局探员呢