老友记 第十季 Friends Season 10 第4集: 爱玛的生日蛋糕 The One With The Cake

上映日期: 2,003

语言: 英语

影片类型: 喜剧 / 爱情

导演: Kevin Bright

演员: 詹妮弗·安妮斯顿 / 柯特妮·考克斯 / 丽莎·库卓 / 马特·勒布朗 / 马修·派瑞 / 大卫·休默

- Hey, guys. - Hey.
- 嗨 各位 - 嗨
Honey, I got us that room at the Woodford Inn this weekend.
亲爱的 我这个周末 在坞福酒店订了房间
That place in Vermont? You can take a hint.
You can't go away this weekend. It's Emma's birthday.
你们这个周末不能离开 艾玛的生日到了
- Yeah. - We're having a party.
- 对 - 我们要开生日派对
Can't you have the party when we get back?
- No. - No. It won't be her real birthday.
- 不行 - 那就不是她真正的生日了
Gee, if only she were 1 and had no idea what the hell a birthday was.
天啊 但愿一岁的小孩 知道生日是什么东西
Come on, you guys, this is really important to us.
你们别这样嘛 这对我们真的很重要
Sorry, but Chandler and I could really use a weekend away...
抱歉 但是钱德和我 真的需要好好度个周末
...you know, to reconnect, emotionally. - There's this thing I really want us to do.
你知道的 重新培养感情等等 - 还有一些两人一起做的事
I read about it in Maxim.
Well, can't you just go to Vermont the next day?
Yeah, we want everyone to be there.
对 我们希望大家都在
As much as I hate to delay your doing weird sex stuff to my little sister.
虽然我讨厌耽搁你和我小妹 从事怪异性行为
And, I mean, you know, you guys, this is a big deal.
而且 各位 这是很重要的
I mean, how can we have her first birthday party...
...without her aunt and her uncle?
All right, we'll stay. We can just drive up after the party.
好吧 我们留下来吧 等派对结束后再去吧
Fine. But if we end up not doing this Maxim thing because of this party...
好吧 但如果因为派对 我们没做《格官》上教的动作…
Believe me, that is not why we won't be doing that.
相信我 我们没做不是因为那个原因
You know, Pheebs, when I was little, on my birthday...
菲比 我小的时候 每当生日时
...my daddy would hide a present in every room of the house.
我爸会在屋里每个房间 都藏个礼物
And then he would draw a treasure map to help me find them all.
然后他会画个宝藏图 让我把它们一一找出来
Aw, I love family traditions like that.
When Ursula and I were kids, on our birthday...
乌苏扛和我小的时候 每当生日时
...our stepdad would sell his blood to buy us food.
我们的继父就会去卖血 为我们买食物
- Hey, guys. - Hi.
- 嗨 各位 - 嗨
- I brought the camera for Emma's video. - Oh, good!
- 我带摄影机来拍要给艾玛的影片 - 太好了
We had this idea to make a birthday video for Emma...
...and we'll give it to her when she's 18. - Oh, cool.
等艾玛十八岁时送给她 - 太酷了
- Wow, it's like a time capsule. - Yeah.
- 这就像时光胶囊一样 - 没错
Oh, just think, she's gonna be watching that video on a TV...
想想看 她将在 现在还没发明的电视上…
...that hasn't even been invented yet...
...with friends who, right now, are just, like, babies.
And they'll be living in a floating city that the humans built...
...to escape the ant people.
That's the hope.
- So is Emma awake yet? - No, it's still naptime.
- 艾玛醒来了吗? - 还没 现在还是午睡时问
- But she'll be up soon. - Where's Joey?
- 但她应该很快会醒来 - 那么乔伊呢?
I said, it's still naptime.
我说过了 现在还是午睡时问
- Hey, there's Uncle Joey. - Hey.
- 乔伊叔叔来了 - 嗨
Hey, say something to Emma on her 18th birthday.
说些话 祝艾玛十八岁生日快乐吧
- Eighteen, huh? - Joey, no!
- 十八岁? - 乔伊 不要这样
What? What? It's for her hot friends.
When they see this, you'll be 52.
当她们看到这个影片时 你已经五十二岁了
And starting to think about settling down.
Hey, Joey, will you please set this up for people to put Emma's presents on?
乔伊 你可以帮忙把这架起来 让大家放送艾玛的礼物吗?
Love to. Yeah.
- We were supposed to bring presents? - Yeah. I wrote Emma a song.
- 我们应该要送礼物吗? - 对 我为艾玛写了首歌
Oh, yeah. How was I supposed to know?
是啊 我怎么会知道呢?
- Joey, it's a birthday party. - Yeah, but for a 1 -year-old.
- 乔伊 这是个生日派对 - 我知道 但她只有一岁
What's the point? The other day she laughed for, like, an hour at a cup.
这有什么意义?那天他对着杯子大笑一个多小时 只是一个普通杯子
Just a cup with a picture of Elmo on it, dressed as a farmer.
只因为杯子上有艾摩 穿得像农夫的照片
And he's standing next to this cow, and the cow says, "El-moo."
他站在一头牛的旁边 然后牛说"艾…摩"
Man, that's a funny cup.
天啊 那真是个好笑的杯子
- Where's the birthday girl? - Oh, she's still napping.
- 生日女孩呢? - 她还在睡午觉
She was probably up all night excited about the party she knows is happening.
她昨晚一定是因为今天的派对 而兴奋到睡不着
I know you guys really want to get to Vermont, and this isn't a big deal to you.
我知道你们真的很想去佛蒙特 而这对你们而言也没什么大不了
But it really is to us, okay? Emma will never have a first birthday again.
但这对我们真的很重要 好吗?艾玛不会再有周岁生日了
You're right. We're sorry.
你说得对 我们很抱歉
Let's wake up Emma and get the fun time started!
我们去把艾玛叫醒 开始庆祝吧
No, she didn't sleep well last night, so we can't wake her.
不行 她昨晚没睡好 所以我们不能吵醒她
Are you frigging kidding me, Green?
你在跟我开玩笑吗 葛林小姐?
- Hi! - Hey!
- 嗨 - 嗨
- I'm so glad you came. - I can't believe Emma's already 1.
- 真高兴你们能来 - 我不敢相信艾玛已经一岁了
I remember your first birthday.
Ross was jealous of all the attention we were giving you.
He pulled on his testicles so hard...
...we had to take him to the emergency room.
There's something you didn't know about your dad.
Hey, Mr. And Mrs. Geller. Let me help you with that.
盖勒先生 盖勒太太 我帮你们拿吧
- Thank you. - Oh, man, this is great, huh?
- 谢谢你 - 天啊 这真是太棒了 对吗?
The three of us together again. You know what would be fun?
我们三个又聚在一起了 你们知道怎样会更好玩吗?
If we gave this present to Emma from all of us.
就是我们三个 一起送艾玛这个礼物
Which one are you?
- I can't believe Emma's still asleep. - I know. What are we gonna do?
- 我不敢相信艾玛还在睡觉 - 对啊 我们该怎么办?
I've got a plan. I've got a plan.
I'm going to ram this platter really hard into your ribs.
我会很用力地 把这个盘子撞向你的肋骨
You're gonna scream out, and that'll wake her up.
然后你大叫 那就会把她吵醒了
I'm not going to Vermont with this Monica.
Hey, Pheebs? You know what?
菲比 你知道吗?
I was thinking since you wrote a song...
...maybe I could do something for Emma using my talents.
或许我可以用我的天分 送艾玛礼物
So you're gonna hit on her?
- No, no, no. My talents as an actor. - Oh.
- 当然不是 是我演戏的天分 - 噢
You know, I could, like, maybe...
I could do a dramatic reading of one of her books.
Or you could stick a fork in an apple.
- Hey, I think Emma might like it. - Oh, Emma might like what?
- 我觉得艾玛可能会喜欢 - 艾玛会喜欢什么?
- Uh, my present. - What did you get her?
- 我的礼物 - 你为她准备了什么?
- Actually, we prepared performances. - Separate performances.
- 我们准备要表演 - 个别表演
But equally real.
That sounds like fun.
You know what, actually?
People are getting a little antsy waiting for Emma to wake up from her nap.
So would you mind performing them once now?
所以你介意 现在先为他们表演一次吗?
- Sure, yeah! - Okay.
- 当然可以 - 好啊
Okay. All right. Everybody, let's get this party started, huh?
好了 各位 派对开始了
Joey and Phoebe are gonna perform a little something for us.
Oh, great.
Aren't you gonna be embarrassed having nothing prepared?
什么都没有准备 你不会不好意思吗?
I do it every week with three cameras pointed at me and a whole crew waiting.
我每个星期都这样 外加三台摄影机和整组人盯着我
So, Joey, what are you gonna do for us?
乔伊 你要为我们表演什么?
I will be doing a dramatic reading of one of Emma's books.
Oh, okay. Which one?
好吧 哪一本呢?
Uh, well, it's one of her favorites.
"Riding the Storm Out: Coping With Postpartum Depression."
《度过难关 如何处理产后忧郁症》
Love You Forever.
"Love You Forever, by Robert Munsch. Published by Firefly Books. Printed...
《永远爱你》 作者罗伯马修 萤火虫出版社
...in Mexico.
Ahem. A mother held her new baby and very slowly rocked him...
一位妈妈抱着她刚出生的小宝宝 轻轻地把他搂在怀里
...back and forth, back and forth, back and forth.
And while she held him, she sang, 'I'll love you forever.
轻轻地唱着 我永远爱你
I'll like you for always. As long as I'm living...
我永远疼你 在妈妈的心里
...my baby you'll be."'
"And while he rocked her, he sang:
轻轻地摇啊摇 她轻轻的唱起了
'I'll love you forever. I'll like you for always.
我永远爱你 我永远疼你
As long as I'm living...
...my baby you'll be."'
Oh, wow!
哦 哇哦
That was amazing.
Thank you so much for that gift.
I was not ready for this today.
- Amazing. Amazing. - Phoebe, I'm sorry.
- 太感人了… - 菲比 抱歉
- Phoebe has prepared something. - That's right.
- 菲比也准备了表演 - 没错
I prepared a song for Emma, from my heart to hers.
For there's no greater gift than the gift of music.
Your name poses a dilemma
'Cause not much else rhymes with Emma
Maybe the actor, Richard Crenna
He played the commanding officer in Rambo.
Happy birthday, Emma
祝你生日快乐 艾玛
Is that it?
No, of course not.
不是 当然不只
No, I've also, you know, prepared a reading.
不只这个 我还准备了朗读
Um, "Sex and the Single Mother."
- "Finding your G-spot." - Oh, no, no, no!
- "发现你的高潮点" - 别念了…
Hello, Emma. Happy 18th birthday.
艾玛 十八岁生日快乐
Right now, that seems so far away, 17 years.
现在看起来似乎好遥远 还有十七年
Yes. You'll be all grown up by then, and we'll be...
没错 到时你将长得亭亭玉立 而我们将…
Well, your grandfather and I might not be here.
That's true. This message could be coming to you...
没错 这讯息可能会从坟墓里
...from beyond the grave, Emma.
传送给你 艾玛
- After all, my parents died very young. - And my cholesterol's off the charts.
- 毕竟我的父母走得很早 - 而我的胆固醇已破表了
Remember, Emma, heart disease kills women too.
记得 艾玛 心脏疾病也会杀死女人的
Okay, cut! Great. Great. That was just...
好了 停 很好…那真是…
- Yeah. - Oh, good.
- 好吧 - 很好
Ross, uh, don't forget to get a shot of Emma's cake.
罗斯 别忘了拍一下艾玛的蛋糕
- It's in a box in the fridge. - Okay, sure.
- 就在冰箱里的盒子 - 好 没问题
You're gonna love this cake. I got it from a bakery in New Jersey, Carino's.
你一定会爱死这个蛋糕 我在新泽西的凯莉诺面包店买的
Oh, my God, that place has the creamiest frosting.
天啊 那里有最浓郁的糖霜
I used to hitchhike there when I was a kid.
Well, anyway, they make these great novelty cakes...
好 他们有许多不同形状 新颖小巧的蛋糕
...in all different shapes. And if you give them a photo, they'll copy it in icing.
如果给他们照片 他们会用糖衣翻印
- Did you do a picture of Emma? - Yes. On a cake shaped like a bunny.
- 你用艾玛的照片去做了? - 是的 印在兔宝宝形状的蛋糕上
Uh, Rach? Does this bakery by any chance also bake...
瑞秋 这家面包店是否也有做…
...erotic cakes?
Say, for bachelorette parties?
例如 给告别单身女子派对用的?
Ross, what are you talking...? Oh, my God!
罗斯 你在胡说些…?我的天啊
They put my baby's face on a penis!
Now it's a party!
Wait, you guys, this isn't funny, all right?
等一下 各位 这并不好笑
If I wanted this cake to be a disaster, I would have baked it myself!
如果我要用蛋糕来破坏派对 我自己做就可以了
Uh... Is it okay that I still think it looks delicious?
- Jack, look at this. - I know what you're thinking, Judy.
- 杰克 你看这个 - 我知道你在想什么 茱蒂
The resemblance is uncanny.
I am this close to tugging on my testicles again.
No, no, this is not what I ordered, okay?
不…这不是我订的 好吗?
I went all the way to New Jersey so that I could have the perfect cake...
我大老远跑到新泽西 就是为了替我的女儿
...for my daughter's birthday. And I need a bunny cake right now!
买个完美的生日蛋糕 我现在就要我的兔宝宝蛋糕
Ask them if it would be faster if we cut the baby's face off the penis...
问他们这样会不会快一点 如果把宝宝的脸从小弟弟上切下来
...so we could put it on the bunny.
That is a weird sentence.
Oh, believe you me, I am going to bring this cake back.
你相信我 我会把这个蛋糕送回去的
I don't even want it in my home. Don't touch it!
我根本不想要它出现在我家 乔伊 不要碰它
I'm so confused!
Yes, I still want my daughter's picture, but on a bunny cake!
是的 我还是要有我女儿的照片 但是要在兔宝宝蛋糕上
Yellow cake, chocolate frosting with nuts!
黄色的蛋糕 上面有巧克力糖霜和坚果
To be fair, this one does have nuts.
老实说 这个也有果子啊
Hey, Mon, it was nice of you to loan Rachel your car...
摩妮卡 你真好 肯把车借给瑞秋
...so she could get the cake. - It was nice of her to pull my hair...
让她可以去拿蛋糕 - 她更好 抓着我的头发
...till I dropped the key.
Well, while we're waiting, you could tape your message to Emma...
既然我们都要等 不如就来录…
...for her 18th birthday, huh? Okay?
你们要给艾玛十八岁的生日留言 好吗?
Hi, Emma. It's the year 2020.
艾玛 现在是2020年
Are you still enjoying your nap?
We're Aunt Monica and Uncle Chandler, by the way.
对了 我们是摩妮卡姑姑和钱德姑丈
You may not recognize us...
...because we haven't spoken to your parents in 17 years.
因为我们已经十七年 没和你父母讲话了
We used to be married.
But then we missed a weekend away together, and things kind of unraveled...
但我们错过了一次周末假期 一切都被破坏了
...because of you.
Happy birthday.
Ross, Rachel promised it would be over by now.
罗斯 瑞秋答应我们 此时派对早该结束的
We seriously have to go if we want to get to Vermont.
如果我们要去佛蒙特 我们真的该走了
- The last train leaves in a half-hour. - And I have a massage client soon.
- 最后一班火车半小时后离开 - 我有个按摩的客人就快来了
You guys, just, please, a little bit longer.
各位 拜托 再等一下
I promise, Rachel will be back with the cake any minute.
Monica, remember the frosting, huh?
摩妮卡 记得那些糖霜吗?
All right, five more minutes.
好吧 再等五分钟
Oh, no, what happened?
天啊 怎么了?
Okay, okay, where are you?
好… 你在哪里?
Okay, I'll be right there.
好 我 马上过去
Was that Emma? Is she up?
Rachel got pulled over for speeding.
瑞秋因为超速 被拦下来了
She forgot her license. So I have to bring it to her.
她忘了带驾照 我现在要拿去给她
- If you're leaving, I'm definitely going. - Wait, if anybody gets to go, it's us!
- 如果你走了 那我也要走了 - 等一下 要走也是我们
We've been complaining the longest!
No, wait, you guys. No, you can't leave.
不 等一下 各位 你们都不能走
Rachel already feels bad that the cake's messed up.
因为蛋糕的事 瑞秋已经很难过了
How do you think she'll feel when she comes back and you're gone?
如果她回来后看到你们都走了 她的感觉会是如何?
I don't know. You'll tell us on Monday.
我不知道 你星期一再告诉我们吧
Joey, you're in charge, okay? You make sure nobody leaves.
乔伊 你负责 好吗?不可以让任何人离开
Got it!
Hey! Where do you think you're going?
嘿 你要去哪里?
To the bathroom.
Well, the rest of you get comfortable, okay...
...because we are gonna be here for a...
- Wait, there's a window in there. - Oh, no! He's not getting away that easy!
- 等一下 那里面有窗户 - 可恶 他别想那么轻易逃走
What are you doing? Get the hell out of here!
Well, that one did not have Emma's face on it.
- No, it did not. - No.
- 对 没有 - 对
Well, we'd better get going. It's late.
我们要走了 太晚了
Jack's not allowed to drive at night anymore.
He has trouble staying in his lane.
Last winter I went up on a church lawn and drove right through a manger scene.
The papers thought it was a hate crime.
- Anyway, it was lovely seeing you. - Okay.
- 好了 很高兴见到你们 - 好
- Bye. Bye, dear. - Nighty-night.
- 再见 亲爱的 - 晚安
- Nighty-night. - Bye.
- 晚安 - 再见
- How could you just let them leave? - Hey, hey.
- 你怎么可以让他们走? - 拜托
I'm not gonna mess with Jack. He's a great man. He fought for our country.
我不会为难杰克的 他是个好人 他曾为我们国家奋战过
No, he didn't. He pretended to be a Quaker to get out of Korea.
不 他才没有 他假装是教徒来逃避韩战
Well, that's it. He's the last one to go. I'm locking you guys in. Ha.
好了 够了 他是最后一个了 我要把你们全锁起来
You do know I can just turn them the other way around, right?
Oh, I forgot you used to live here.
- Hello? - Joey, it's Estelle.
- 喂? - 乔伊 我是伊斯特
- Hey. - So how'd your audition go today?
- 嗨 - 你今天去试镜结果如何?
- What audition? - The one I told you about last week.
- 什么试镜? - 我上星期跟你说的那个
What? You never said anything about an audition.
Let me start over. I just got a call about an audition.
让我重来一次 我刚接到一通电话 叫你去试镜
I think you can still make it.
It's down at the Astor Theater, and you need to have a monologue prepared.
就在亚斯特剧场 你需要准备一段独白
A monologue? I don't have a...
I got it. Uh...
So I'm gonna take off.
- What? - What? Wait! You don't get to leave.
- 什么? - 不 等一下 你不能离开
I've got a massage client waiting outside my door any minute.
And we paid for a room that we're supposed to be in right now!
我们付钱订了房间 再不去就泡汤了
Well, okay, now...
...only one of us has to stay with Emma.
其实我们只要有一个人 留下来陪艾玛就行了
Okay, and as the person who realized that, I get to go.
好 既然是我想到的 我可以先走
No, no, no. No. No.
Let's figure out a fair way to decide who's staying.
我们要想一个公平的方法 决定谁要留下来
Oh, I got it.
Okay, everyone pick a number from one to 10, all right?
好 一到十 每个人选个号码 好吗?
Whoever gets the highest number gets to go first.
- Okay, 10. - Okay, Monica picks 10. I call nine.
- 好 10 - 摩妮卡选10 我选9
Anyone else?
- No, let's just draw straws. - Okay.
- 不行 我们来抽签吧 - 也好
Or we could flip a coin and multiply the answer...
或者我们可以丢铜板 然后乘以…
- I'm begging you to stop. - Right.
- 我求你别再说了 - 好吧
Okay, how about this? We got wind-up toys for Emma for her birthday.
好了 这样如何? 我们一人选一样艾玛的发条玩具
We can make them race, and whoever comes in last stays.
然后来比赛 最后到达终点的人留下来
Yeah, let's do that!
好 就这样
That sounds more fun than the thing we were gonna do in Vermont!
这听起来 比我们要在佛蒙特玩的更有趣
- Okay, everybody, pick your toys! - Okay. I want the dolphin!
- 好 各位 选好你的玩具 - 好 我要海豚
- That's a bear. - I'm too excited!
- 那是只熊 - 我太兴奋了
Phoebe, you get the bear. Joey, you get the robot.
菲比 你拿熊 乔伊 你拿机器人
- Oh, yeah. - And Chandler and I get the dog.
- 太好了 - 钱德和我拿小狗
And the race is going to go from here to here.
Now, the one who comes in last stays!
Okay, ladies and gentlemen, wind your toys.
好 各位女士和先生 上紧发条了
- Okay. On your mark, get set, go! - Go! Go!
- 好 就定位 预备 开始 - 加油…
Come on, robot!
加油 机器人
What are you barking at?
Well, how is that gonna help?
I bought you! How did I forget that that's all you do?
是我买下你的 我怎么忘了你只会那样呢?
Way to go, robot!
太棒了 机器人
Good job, Alan.
干得好 艾伦
- Hey, good race, you guys. - Yeah, see you later.
- 各位 真是场精彩的比赛 - 没错 待会儿见了
No. No, no. Wait.
We didn't lose.
The rules clearly stated that the last one to cross the finish line was the loser.
规则清楚说明 最后越过终点线的人就输了
Well, our dog never crossed the finish line. So technically...
我们的狗从没越过终点线 所以 严格来说…
They left.
There isn't time to go to the bakery. We're just gonna come home.
时间不够去面包店了 我们要回来了
Everybody left?
All right. Well, just tell Emma that we'll be there as soon as we can. Bye.
好吧 告诉艾玛 我们会尽快赶回来 再见
- Rachel! - Oh, God, sorry!
- 瑞秋 - 天啊 抱歉
I can't believe they gave you a ticket. You're such a good driver.
我不敢相信他们居然开你罚单 你是如此优秀的驾驶
- Emma's awake. - Yeah?
- 艾玛醒来了 - 是吗?
I can't believe this.
This is her first birthday, she's awake, we're not even there.
这是她的第一个生日 现在她醒来了 我们却不在那里
Everybody left. We still have this stupid obscene cake.
大家都走了 我们还抱着这个猥亵又愚蠢的蛋糕
Hey, maybe I can fix that. You know, try to turn it into something else.
或许我可以试着修改看看 看能否把它变成别的东西
Oh, don't even bother.
噢 别烦了
We've already ruined her first birthday.
And do you know how important these early experiences are, Ross? Very!
罗斯 你知道这些早年的经验 有多重要吗?非常重要
According to the back cover of that book that you gave me.
Rach, she's not gonna remember this.
瑞秋 她不会记得这个的
I guess.
Oh, I just had such an idea of what this day would be like, you know?
Emma laughing...
...and everybody gathered around her cake, singing "Happy Birthday."
大家聚在一起 围着她的蛋糕 唱着《生日快乐歌》
And then we would all... Hey, get out of the road, you stupid student driver!
然后我们大家… 滚远一点 你这个笨新手驾驶
They have to learn.
- Hey. - What?
- 你看 - 什么?
This is not bad.
Oh, my God. Look, you made it into a bunny. How did you do that?
天啊 你把它变成兔宝宝了 你怎么做的?
Well, I just made these two things cheeks.
And then I split this to make ears.
Well, I am very impressed.
Some can sing, some can dance.
有些人会唱歌 有些人会跳舞
I, apparently, can turn phallic cakes into woodland creatures.
很显然地 我就是能把阴茎的蛋糕 变成森林动物
Now, another way to organize your stuffed animals is by size.
另一个整理填充玩具的方法 是用大小分类
I'm sorry, is this a game for Emma or for Monica?
不好意思 这是艾玛的游戏 还是摩妮卡的?
Emma, do you even know it's your birthday today? You're 1.
艾玛 知道今天是你的生日吗?你一岁了
One year old. That's little.
一岁了 好小哦
That's my girl.
That's how old you are.
没错 你就是这么大
Did I teach her that? Did I just impart wisdom?
Aw, I want one.
Me too.
There's no one around. Why don't we just take this one?
既然现在没有别人 干脆我们带走这个 好吗?
- And head to Canada. - I was kidding.
- 然后逃去加拿大 - 我是开玩笑的
I wasn't. Let's get going.
我不是 我们走吧
- Hey, are Ross and Rachel back? - No, not yet.
- 罗斯和瑞秋回来了吗? - 没有 还没有
- Good, I didn't miss the party. - What about your massage client?
- 太好了 我没有错过派对 - 你的按摩客人呢?
I just felt so bad missing this. So I just slipped him a little something, you know.
我对错过派对感到过意不去 所以我弄了点东西给他喝
As long as I'm back in five or six hours, it'll be all right.
只要我在五或六小时内回去 就不会有问题的
If Ross and Rachel ask, I've been here the whole time. The whole time.
如果罗斯和瑞秋问起 要说我一直在这里…
I've been here the whole time.
Joey, we just saw you come in. You ran past us on the stairs.
乔伊 我们刚看到你进来 你在楼梯间冲过我们
I don't care that you left. I'm just glad that you're here. Thanks, you guys.
我不介意你们离开过 现在在就好 谢谢你们大家
Hey, guys, come on. You gotta see what Emma just did.
大家过来看看 艾玛刚做了什么
- What? - Emma, how old are you?
- 什么? - 艾玛 你几岁了?
How old are you today?
Oh, Emma, that's right. You're that many.
艾玛 没错 你一岁了
Oh, my God, our daughter's a genius.
天啊 我们的女儿是天才
- This means... - No! No science camp!
- 那表示… - 不行 不要参加科学营
- Damn it! I'll put a candle on the cake. - Oh...
- 可恶 我去把蜡烛插在蛋糕上 - 噢
Oh, and, Emma, look at your stuffed animals lined up so neatly.
艾玛 你的填充玩具 整理得这么整齐
Okay, here we go.
好了 来吧
Emma's first birthday cake.
Go ahead, Emma, blow out the candle.
来吧 艾玛 吹蜡烛吧
Come on, Emma. You can do it.
加油 艾玛 你可以的
- What's wrong? Are you okay? - Oh, yeah, nothing.
- 怎么了?你还好吗? - 还好 没事
These are happy tears. Ha, ha.
This is just what I wanted.
Hey, you made it into a bunny.
嘿 你把它变成兔宝宝了
What is wrong with me? It looked more delicious when it was a penis.
- Okay.Yeah. - Okay, you ready?
- 好了 你准备好了吗? - 好了
- And record. - Okay.
- 开始录影 - 好
Hi, Emma. Well, your first birthday is over, and...
嗨 艾玛 你的第一个生日已经结束了…
Go! Go! Come on!
加油 加油…
Go! Go, Alan! Run, you hairy bastard!
加油…艾伦 跑快点 你这毛茸茸的混蛋