咱们裸熊 第一季 We Bare Bears Season 1 第15集: 占领熊洞 Occupy Bears

上映日期: 2,015

语言: 英语 / 韩语 / 法语 / 日语

影片类型: 喜剧 / 动画

导演: 曼尼·赫纳德兹

演员: 埃里克·埃德尔斯坦 / 鲍比·莫尼汉 / 迪米特利·马丁 / 山姆·拉瓦尼诺 / 邓肯·乔伊纳 / 查琳·易 / 帕顿·奥斯瓦尔特 / 杰森·李 / 艾丽·坎伯尔

Da, da, da-ba-da, da, da, ba-da-ba-da-ba
# 哒 哒 哒吧哒 哒 哒 吧哒吧哒吧 #
da, da, da-ba-da, da, da, let's go
# 哒 哒 哒吧哒 哒 哒 我们走 #
We'll be there
# 我们同在 #
a wink and a smile and a great, old time
# 一个眼神 一个微笑 一声赞许 如往常一样 #
yeah, we'll be there
# 我们同在 #
wherever we are, there's fun to be found
# 无论身处何处 快乐永远同在 #
we'll be there when you turn that corner
# 转过街角 我们同在 #
when you jump out the bush
# 带着大大的熊笑 跳出树丛 #
With a big bear smile
# 我们同在 #
we'll be there
# 我们同在 #
Only the essentials.
- Hey! - Essential!
- 嘿 - 必需品
No! What happened?! Where'd you go!
不 怎么回事 白熊去哪儿了
Phew! We survived!
Hey, do you hear that?
- Huh, what's going on out there? - Could you put me down?
- 外面发生什么事情了 - 你能把我放下来吗
- What? - What?
- 什么 - 什么
- What's happening here? - What are they building?
- 这到底是怎么回事 - 他们在建什么
Ice Bear sees many code violations.
Hey, you there! Who are you guys?!
喂 那边的熊 你们是谁
What are you doing here?!
- We didn't do it! - This is a construction zone.
- 不是我们干的 - 这是施工区
The city has ordered us to put up a new cell phone tower
- at this location. - But we live here.
- 新的手机信号塔 - 但是我们住在这儿啊
Could you, like, move it somewhere else?
你们能不能 把它挪到别的地方去
Sorry, boss! I accidently made another hole!
对不起 队长 我不小心又弄出了一个洞
It's okay, Paul! We all make mistakes!
没事的 保罗 人人都会犯错嘛
Now, listen, we received no record that someone lives here.
听着 没有任何记录显示有人住在这儿
B-But this is our home! Wait, look!
但 但这就是我们的家啊 等等 你看
We have a welcome mat, see?!
我们有个迎宾门垫 看到没
喝吾安 欢 咿赢 迎
Whoops! Made another hole!
糟糕 又弄了一个洞
Sorry, but you're gonna need more proof than that.
抱歉 但是这个不足以当做证据
Well, then we'll get proof! You'll see!
好吧 我们有证据的 你等着瞧吧
Okay, we just need to know
好吧 我们需要了解
what counts as good enough proof.
Okay, here we are. How about...
在这儿 应该...
Ooh-ooh-ooh! Click on that.
唔 点击那个
Home damage. Home damage caused in the event
房屋损坏 如果房屋被误认为无人居住
we claim your home is unoccupied can be easily corrected.
而被损坏 这种问题可以轻松纠正
Simply show a copy of the deed or any other physical
evidence that shows five or more years of presence.
Once shown, we will completely back off. Promise!
我们承诺 一经出示证据 我们将立即停止施工
I like that it was a cartoon.
我喜欢这个 他们做成卡通动画了
We've totally been here longer than that.
I'm sure we have something from five years ago.
Okay, you, go stall the construction.
好吧 你 去拖延施工
Panda, you and me will find proof. Break!
胖达 你和我去找证据 解散
Gotta be something around here. No.
这里一定有 没有
Grizz, I found old stuff!
棕熊 我发现旧东西了
No, nope. Whoa! This is from forever ago!
没 没有 哇 这个好久以前的了
- Back when we first came to the city. - Hey, I remember this.
- 是我们刚来这里的时候 - 嘿 我记得这个
Well, here it is ... the penthouse!
好吧 请进... 这就是复式公寓了
- Whoa. This is massive. - Oh, this is crazy!
- 哇 好大的房间 - 哇 这个太酷了
Ice Bear has never seen a larger playpen.
Ooh, sounds like it's bigger than your last place.
噢 听起来这里比你们之前的住处要大
- Oh, yeah. For sure. - We just moved here to the city.
- 是的 确实是 - 我们刚刚搬来这里
That's wonderful. Where were you guys living before?
太好了 你们之前住在哪里
A cardboard box.
What's funny?
What's up, bro?!
你好吗 兄弟
What's up?!
So, this is the kitchen. You'll see it's already furnished.
这里是厨房 已经配有家具了
And here we have the deluxe industrial refrigerator.
And this is the hidden loft. It comes with the best connection
这是隐藏的阁楼 这栋楼新安装的网络
to our building's newly-installed internet lines.
I love this place. It's everything we've ever dreamed of.
我喜欢这个地方 它跟我们梦寐以求的一模一样
We'll take it.
Well, this is all great! I'll get started on the paperwork.
太好了 我会着手办理手续
You'll be able to move in as soon as we get first
我们收到第一个月的租金之后 你们就可以
- month's rent. - Actually, we can pay right now.
- 搬进来了 - 其实我们可以现在就付
- Uh, looks like I have about... $11. - I have 76 cents.
- 好像我有... 十一美元 - 我有七十六美分
Ice Bear has a recyclable bottle.
Let's just open ...
Hey, you should get out of here. It's not safe.
喂 你们得出去了 这里不安全
Quick ... move, move!
快点... 搬走 搬走
- Oh, got it! - Okay, not that many papers in here.
- 打开了 - 这儿也没多少文件
- Hmm. - Is this trash?
- 嗯 - 这是垃圾吗
Those won't help. But it's not trash.
这些都没用 不过这不是垃圾
- What's this? - Don't throw that away.
- 这是什么 - 别扔
I wish you didn't hold on to so much.
Is this a bill? No, just a credit-card application.
这是账单吗 不是 只是信用卡申请单
Probably save that for later, you know?
- Do we save any of our bills? - Do we pay our bills?
- 我们保存过账单吗 - 我们付过账单吗
- Huh? - Hey!
- 啊 - 喂
- No! - No! No! No!
- 不 - 不不不
- Sorry, we have to clear space. - Hey! Stop that!
- 抱歉 我们得清空场地 - 喂 住手
So, if I see any weird business, I kick you out, okay?
所以 如果被我发现有任何怪异行为 我就把你们赶出去 明白吗
That's great. We can't wait to see this place.
好的 我们迫不及待要看房了
If rent late one day, I kick you out, okay?
如果房租迟交了哪怕一天 我也会把你们赶出去 明白吗
You! I see you! I kick you out!
你 我看见你了 我要把你赶出去
I fix that door, okay?
我会修修这门 好吗
I kick out cat if you don't like. So, you like?
如果你们不喜欢 我可以把猫赶出去 那么 你们是喜欢猫咯
- I don't know about this. - Act cool, man.
- 我不确定要不要租这个 - 冷静点 兄弟
This is, like, the only place we could afford.
- What's wrong? - Ice Bear will wait outside.
- 怎么了 - 白熊还是在外面等吧
Um, why is the toilet in the middle of the house?
呃 马桶为什么在房子中央
- You can put curtain if you like privacy. - Oh.
- 如你想要私密些你可以挂个帘子 - 噢
See? Very solid.
看 非常坚固
There's a rat in the shower!
Rat?! Cat, why you no do your job?!
老鼠 猫 你为什么没干活
Bears, where you go?! I haven't shown you basement yet!
熊熊 你们要去哪里 我还没带你们看地下室呢
Come on, man! Sir, please be gentle with that!
别这样 老兄 先生 轻拿轻放啊
No! No, let go! Those are my diaries!
不不 放手啊 那些是我的日记
- Hey, man, you can't just take our stuff! - No! Oof!
- 嘿 先生 你不能就这么拿走我们的东西 - 不
This is getting kind of rude, don't you think?!
这有点粗鲁了 你不觉得嘛
- Hey, give that back! - Sir! Sir, so we checked with the guys.
- 嘿 把喇叭还给我 - 队长 我们去问了一下
Turns out we're not allowed to have the tower
on top of hollow ground.
Okay, just bulldoze the cave down, and we'll start over.
好吧 那就把洞窟铲平以后 重新开始
- Wait, what? - No!
- 等等 什么 - 不
Hey, boss, I got the last of the junk.
嘿 队长 这是最后一点垃圾了
Does it really make your dreams come true?
捕梦网 是印第安人传说中一种有魔力的东西可以抓住噩梦 也能实现梦想
Sure, man. Made it myself.
当然了 伙计们 我亲手做的
100% real twigs and yarn. These are legit, man.
百分之百树枝和线做的 都是合法
Will this help us catch our dream home?
Dream home, dream boat.
理想的家 理想的船
Just buy it, hold it, and dream your dream.
买下它 捧在手心 然后想着你的理想
Well... okay.
- This is all the money we have ... - Thank you, friend.
- 这是我们全部的家当了... - 谢谢了 朋友
Okay, let's make sure we dream the best home for us.
好啦 我们一定要想出个最棒的家
Go first, Panda. Dream big.
胖达 你先来 大胆的想
I dream for a home with high ceilings and minimal dust.
Good, good. I dream for lots of rooms
不错 我想家里有很多房间
for lots of buddies to stay in.
Ice Bear dreams for a good school district.
Okay. Now... we wait.
好了 现在 我们就等着吧
Oh, hey, little friend.
嘿 小兄弟
You must be homeless, too.
You want in on our dreams? Here, just dream about it.
你想跟我们一起么 给 你也发个梦吧
Hey! Where are you going?! You can't have that!
嘿 你要去哪里 你不能拿走它
Get back here with our dreams!
No, come back!
不 回来
Hey, wait!
嘿 等等
Wait. Please! It's all we have.
等等 别等样 那是我们的全部家当了
We got to find some shelter.
Huh? Quick ... in there.
快 那边
Ice Bear does not approve.
Come on, guys, it's just for one night.
别这样 兄弟们 只是一个晚上而已
Okay, are we ready? Hello, bay area.
好了 准备好了么 海湾区的大家 你们好
This is Rebecca Turnmen reporting live from the forest,
这里瑞贝卡 特曼在为您做现场报道
where, apparently, the city is trying to bulldoze
显然 政府试图在这里铲平一处洞穴
the cave that some local bears claim is their home.
Now, sir, can you tell our thousands of viewers
先生 你能不能跟电视前那么多的观众
more about your campaign to stop the destruction?
- Um... - Sir?
- 呃... - 先生
We are... just... trying to save our home.
Excuse me?
Okay, and you, sir. How do you feel about
好吧 还有你 先生
the impending destruction of your home?
- Ice Bear likes turtles. - Excuse me, bro.
- 白熊喜欢海龟 - 不好意思 兄弟
I'll tell you how I feel ... outraged!
You can't just destroy our home!
Stop the tower! #Savethecave!
信号塔停工 拯救洞穴
Stop that! Get out of here!
别这样 到镜头外面去
As you can see, tensions are growing high and ...
正如你们所见 这里双方的对峙越来越紧张
All right, fun's over!
好了 玩笑已经结束了
Clear out! We're tearing it down!
清场 我们要推倒这洞穴了
Never! Panda, take pictures with your phone.
别想 胖达 快用你的手机记录下来
He's going to take photos!
You know how many followers this guy has online?
Like, six. Maybe even 10!
差不多 六个 可能是十个哦
Wait! I know what to do!
等等 我知道要怎么办了
Here take this! Stall them!
拿着这个 拖住他们
Save the cave!
Got it!
Save the cave! Save the cave!
拯救洞穴 拯救洞穴
Please, please, please work!
拜托 一定要能用啊
Mm, yes!
恩 太好了
Proof! I have proof!
证据 我有证据
What's the meaning of this?
Look at the photo! Look at what it says!
你看这张照片 看上面怎么写的
Do you see how old it is?! See, this is our home!
看到是什么时候拍的么 看 这就是我们的家
Sir, tell us ... Is it true that these moderately
先生 请告诉我们 这些温和可爱的小动物
cute creatures have a right to live here?
How does it feel to be a monster?
Everyone, stop construction!
大家 建造停止
Stop everything! We got to look into this!
停下所有的工程 我们要研究一下这个
Uh, do we still get paid? Kind of made a lot of holes.
呃 我们的工钱还付么 还是打了不少洞的
And just like that, the bears'
所以就这样 这里的熊
cave has been saved.
- In what is another ... Ugh! - We did it!
- 换句话... - 我们做到了
Our home is safe!
You, guys!
Huh? Guys, wake up.
兄弟们 醒醒
You got to see this.
Where are we?
- Nice morning. - Yeah, I slept really well.
- 美好的早晨 - 是啊 我睡的特别好
- Hey, this place isn't so bad. - Ice Bear not entirely opposed.
- 这里不差啊 - 白熊并不完全反对了
Yeah, this place is great!
New window.
Ice Bear has made front door.
Okay, okay! I finally got it working, guys!
好啦 我终于知道怎么用了