伦敦生活 第二季 Fleabag Season 2 第2集: Episode 2

上映日期: 2,019

语言: 英语

影片类型: 喜剧

导演: 哈利·布拉德比尔

演员: 菲比·沃勒-布里奇 / 安德鲁·斯科特 / 奥利维娅·科尔曼 / 茜安·克利福德 / 比尔·帕特森 / 布伦特·吉尔曼 / 珍妮·莱恩斯福德 / 休·斯金纳 / 克里斯汀·斯科特·托马斯 / 费奥纳·

- 主赐平安 - 你也是 谢谢Peace be with you. Yeah, you too, thank you.
- 主赐平安 - 你也是- Peace be with you. - And also with you.
- 主赐平安 - 你也是- Peace be with you. - And also with you.
主赐平安Peace be with you.
主赐平安Peace be with you.
- 主赐平安 - 你也是- Peace be with you. - And also with you.
- 主赐平安 - 你也是- Peace be with you. - And also with you.
祈祷开始Let us pray.
我们在天上的父 愿人都尊你的名为圣Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name,
愿你的国降临 愿你的旨意行在地上thy kingdom come, thy will be done,
如同行在天上on Earth as it is in heaven.
我们日用的饮食 今日赐给我们 免我们的债Give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our trespasses,
如同我们免了别人的债as we forgive those who trespass against us
救我们摆脱诱惑and lead us not into temptation,
救我们脱离险恶but deliver us from evil.
伦敦生活 第二季 第2集
# 植根于地 嫁接自木 #Rooted, grafted, built on thee â
请坐Please be seated.
你也是And also with you.
抱歉 呃 今天...Um... Sorry, uh, yes, today's...
今天的新闻Um... Today's notices.
明天的游园会上有抽奖筹款活动There's a raffle at tomorrow's fete to raise funds for the...
抱歉... 为了卢尔德教区的朝圣活动Sorry... The diocesan pilgrimage to Lourdes.
祝贺埃塞雷德足球队Uh, congratulations to St Ethelred's Football Club.
三比一获胜Three one victory.
下周五是每月的第一个周五Uh, next Friday is a first Friday and I'm going to be
我照例要请病假 待在家里吃圣餐making my usual sick calls to the housebound with the Eucharist
最后 周四的圣餐准备课程and, finally, on Thursday I'm going to begin Holy Communion
要开课了 细节请见preparation classes and there are more details of that
教区报纸 上面还会有我最近的反思in the parish newsletter, along with my latest review.
就这些了 大家That's all, folks.
请起立为主祈祷Uh, please stand for God's blessing.
感谢你Thanks so much.
- 谢谢你 神父 - 一切安好 下周见- Thank you, Father. - All the best. See you next week.
一切安好All the best.
今天真的很棒 神父Really good one, Father.
很高兴见到你 吉娜Nice to see you, Gina.
好想知道你眼睛到底怎么了Loved the story about your eye.
放过我吧 代我向那几只鹦鹉问好Off you go. Give my regards to those budgies.
- 嗨 - 嗨- Hello. - Hi.
- 衣服挺帅 - 谢谢 谢谢- This is lovely. - Oh, thank you. Thank you.
还以为你现在会在监狱里I thought you'd be in prison by now.
我很努力了 但他们就是不收我Ah, well, I keep trying, but they just won't have me.
- 抱歉打肿了你的眼睛 - 没事的- I'm sorry about your eye. - Oh, that's okay.
平添了几分剽悍Gives me some edge.
我给他们编了个英雄事迹I've told them some heroic bullshit.
上帝保佑 桑迪Um... Bless you, Sandy.
- 谢谢你 神父 - 上帝保佑- Thank you, Father. - Bless you.
谢谢你 神父Thank you, Father.
- 谢谢 - 再见- Thank you. - Bye.
- 再见 祝安 - 上帝保佑- Bye now. Have a nice day. - God bless you.
- 再见 下周见 - 上帝保佑- Bye. See you next week. - Bless you.
我只是想把晚饭钱还给你...I just wanted to pay you back for dinner...
- 不用 - 真的谢谢你- Oh, no! - Thank you, honestly.
因为我...Because I...
- 不 没事 - 我说真的- No, no, really, - I insist.
我只能分期付给你...It'll have to be in instalments...
我不要 我不要I don't want it. I don't want it.
- 我没兜 - 拜托...- I've got no pockets. - Please...
真的 谢了 不用了Honestly, thank you. Nah-ah!
神父 需要剪烛心了 它们都凝在一起了I'm going to knife the candles, Father. They're a bit clogged up.
好的 帕姆Okay, Pam.
吹风机在坏了那个抽屉里Well, the hair dryer's in the, in the wonky drawer...
在坏掉的抽屉下面 我知道Under the wonky drawer. Yes, I know.
- 你好 亲爱的 - 你好- Hello, love. - Hi.
这是捐款吗 心地善良的好姑娘Oh, is that for the collection? How sweet. So kind.
谢谢Thank you.
那就是帕姆That's Pam.
想喝点茶吗Do you like tea?
- 茶来啦 - 好的- Tea! - Great.
不是我吹牛 但我泡的茶...I don't want boast, but I make a cracking...
天 我去 抱歉Oh! Bastard! Sorry.
我来擦Let me just get this.
- 完了 - 是圣物吗- Oh, dear. - Oh, is that holy?
没以前那么神圣了A bit less than it was before.
该死 算了Shit. Uh... Oh, well.
上帝会理解的 他很善解人意He'll understand. He's an understanding sort.
给There you go.
抱歉这么乱Sorry about all the tat.
明天有个花园筹款派对要用It's for a fundraiser garden party thing tomorrow.
那么多东西 人手不够So much stuff, absolutely no staff.
你想的话 可以来当义工You can volunteer if you want.
玩笑而已I'm only joking.
你也挺忙的You've probably got a life.
几点了What's the time?
你想喝点吗 我有几听金汤力Do you want a proper drink? I've got cans of G&T.
超市买的From M&S.
- 呃 有点... - 你喝我就喝- Well, it's... - I will if you will.
看来你是一个很酷的牧师啊So, you're a cool priest, are you?
- 很酷的牧师 - 对- A cool priest? - Yeah.
我只是个没什么朋友的书虫No. I'm a big reader with no friends.
那你酷吗Are you a cool person?
- 我很一般 - 一般吗- I'm a pretty normal person. - A normal person?
- 对 挺一般的 - 你怎么一般了- Yeah, a normal person. - What makes you a normal person?
我不信上帝...Well, I don't believe in God...
我超爱他显灵的时候I love it when He does that.
我昨晚为你祈祷了So, you were in my prayers last night.
节哀顺变I'm sorry for your loss.
你的孩子Your baby.
哦 对 谢谢你Oh! Yeah, thank you.
谢谢你 对 我...Thank you. Yes, I...
谢谢你Thank you.
孩子爸爸还好吗Is the father all right?
他其实...Well, he doesn't really...
我懂I understand.
葬礼上的圣餐仪师说The funeral liturgy says
生活从来只是改变 不会终结that life is changed, not ended.
我很喜欢这句话 不知是否能帮到你I've always loved that, if that's of any help.
谢谢你 但我是无神论者Oh, well, thank you very much, but I really am an atheist.
你刚刚闻圣经的时候我就意识到了Yeah, I gathered that by the smelling of the Bible.
新的训诫吗New sermon?
不不 那是我写给...Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no. That's... I write, uh...
教区杂志的餐厅评价...restaurant reviews for the parish magazine
我正在写最后一篇and I was just finishing up the last one.
我刚想到了一个绝妙的题目I actually just came up with a really good title.
是吗 叫什么Ah, what is it?
- 算了吧 - 说吧- No. - What?
算了 不怎么酷No, it's not cool.
我们都是普通人 没关系...Well, neither are we, so...
我愿花四十个日夜品味那道甜点"I'd spend 40 days and 40 nights in that dessert."
该死 我湿了Oh, God, I fancy a priest.
天主教 神父 性爱
给There you go.
店里有什么活动吗Are you having an event?
为什么这么多人Why are there so many people here?
生意好 没办法Well, it's just successful, I guess.
怎么每个人都在聊天Why is everyone talking to each other?
今天是唠嗑星期三Oh, it's Chatty Wednesday.
凡是在这儿消费If you buy something, you have to have a chat
- 都必须和陌生人聊天 - 什么- with someone you don't know. - What?
为孤独买单Loneliness pays.
能聊聊...Listen, can we...
我知道我们好久没有...I know you and I haven't...
你去做检查了吗Have you had a check-up?
做了 没什么大问题Yes, it's fine. It's really not a big deal.
- 常有的事... - 你好- It happens all the time... - Hello!
- 别 - 你是哪儿的人- No. - Where you from?
我不是... 我没有参与你们的聊天活动I'm not... This isn't... I'm not part of this.
我用不着... 我不想告诉你I shouldn't have to... I don't want to tell you that.
不好意思No. Sorry. No.
她什么也没点 乔She hasn't bought anything yet, Joe.
我去 对不住了大妹子Oh, shit. I'm so sorry.
马丁知道吗Does Martin know?
未满三个月不能告诉任何人...You're not supposed to tell anyone for the first 12...
- 告诉当爸的总行吧 - 我没告诉他- Well, you can tell the father. - I just haven't told him.
那他知道什么Okay, but what does he know?
别问了 行吗I don't want to talk about it, okay?
我不想让任何人知道And I never want anyone to know about it.
你来搞定You have it.
你更擅长处理糟心事You're better at dealing with awful things anyway.
- 我也不想啊 - 你认下了- I don't want it. - Well, you took it,
所有人都认为是你 所以你来搞定now everyone thinks you have it, so you have it.
鞋还挺时髦They're some pretty funky trainers.
我说了我没事I said I'm fine.
我只是不想让大家I just really, really don't want anyone to make
在这件事上小题大做 知道吗a big deal out of this, okay?
残忍 太残忍了Brutal. Just brutal.
你受苦了You must feel rotten.
是不是感觉糟透了Do you feel rotten?
我不想聊这事I'd rather not talk about it if that's okay.
听你的 亲爱的 进来吧Of course, darling. Come on up.
拜托 克莱尔 把门关上Claire get the door, for God's sake.
你知道孩子他爸是谁吗Did you know who the father was?
我现在真心不想讨论这个问题Um, you know, I'd rather not talk about it if that's okay.
没关系 亲爱的No, of course, darling.
我已经准备好了 迫不及待I've got a set up I'm very excited about.
- 一定很惊艳 - 酷- It's going to be very striking. - Cool.
克莱尔 你坐在这里So, Claire, if you just sit here.
很好That's lovely
亲爱的 你坐在她旁边And, darling, just beside her like that.
身子侧过来一点...Actually, if you could just...
对 好了That's it, that's it.
再侧一点Just a bit.
再来一点Bit more.
好了 完美There, perfect.
漂亮 就这样Gorgeous, yes.
抱歉 你得转过去...Sorry, no, if you could just...
对了 谢谢宝贝That's it. Thank you, darling.
- 所以... - 她忍不住的- So, um... - She can't not talk about it.
- 我有六个朋友... - 撒谎- You know, I have six friends... - A lie.
都流过产who've had miscarriages.
五个后来再也没有怀过Five of them never managed to produce a child afterwards,
剩下那个是例外 但非常后悔but the sixth one did and rather regretted it,
所以也许不是件坏事so I think you've probably done the right thing.
谢谢Thank you.
你没想过要小孩吗Did you never want them?
我还在考虑Oh, I'm still thinking about it.
我爸在吗 我给他发了短信 但...Is Dad here? I texted him, but...
- 我看到了 - 所以他在家- Oh, I saw that. - Oh, so he is here?
不在 我在用他的手机Sorry, no, I've got his phone today.
我喜欢那个颜色I love that colour.
哪个Which one?
- 那个 - 那是三种颜色- That one. - Oh, that's three colours.
你提醒了我 得把它处理掉Right. I'm getting rid of it.
画那幅画还挺刺激的But it was quite an adventure painting.
完成的时候我都高潮了I had an orgasm as I finished it.
希望我们都能从中获得这样的乐趣Well, let's hope we all get as much pleasure out of this one.
别转过来No, no. Could you...?
我下午非常忙 所以...Um, I have a pretty full afternoon, so...
你还要回芬兰吗Oh, have you got to go back to Finland again?
不了 那边的人会过来No, Finland are coming here.
那你就轻松多了Oh. Well, that's easier for you.
你方便去取请柬吗Are you still okay to pick up the invitations?
可以 没问题Oh, yes, of course.
挑好束花的丝带了吗And did you find that ribbon thing for the flowers?
- 挑好了 - 很好- Yes. - Great.
马丁的鼻子好些了吗And is Martin's nose on the mend?
巴松管独奏安排上了吗And how's the bassoon solo coming on?
还在练习Oh, yes, he's practising.
- 老天 我还要... - 干嘛- Oh, God, and now I just have to... - What?
克莱尔 麻烦把头抬高一点Sorry, Claire, can you look up, please?
谢谢Thank you.
为颁奖典礼准备点心Organise canapes for an awards ceremony.
天呐 你肯定累坏了Oh, gosh, you must be exhausted.
小咖啡馆能做点心吗Does the little cafe do canapes?
当然可以It totally could, yeah.
好了 这不就解决了Well, there you are. That's one off the list.
老天 你脖子真是粗得可爱Gosh, haven't you got a lovely, thick neck?
- 很有趣 - 谢了- That was fun. - Thank you.
点心的事包在我身上I really can help with the canapes if it's...
- 我长话短说 听好 - 好的- I'm going to say this quickly. Okay? - Okay.
马丁准备告你袭击罪Martin wants to press charges against you for assault.
我曾尽力说服他 但坦白说 你确实把他I've tried to talk him down, but to be fair, you did hit him
- 打得很惨 - 什么- fucking hard. - What?!
我会给你找最好的律师I will provide you with exceptional legal advice as long as
只要你能在这件事上you don't tell anyone I'm
为我保密providing you with exceptional legal advice.
- 搞毛 - 木已成舟- What?! - This is happening.
我也很尴尬 但木已成舟I am mortified, but it is happening, okay?
我会雇律师把他吓撤诉I will hire this lawyer to scare him off
我也会雇你准备点心and I will hire you to do the canapes.
- 律师是谁 - 一个朋友- Who's the lawyer? - Oh, he's a friend.
他主要为强奸犯辩护He mainly defends rapists.
他成功率很高喽He has a high success rate then.
战无不胜 走吧Undefeated. Come on.
我跟他说了一些基本情况I've filled him in with the basics.
- 说没说你老公是个禽兽 - 严肃点- That your husband's an animal? - Be serious.
他说什么就照做 别勾引他Just do whatever he says and don't flirt with him.
我才不会勾...I'm not going to f...
干 好吧Fucking hell, okay.
- 克莱尔 - 大卫 非常感谢- Claire! - David, thank you so much...
抱歉Oh! Sorry.
小心我告你哦I can take you to court for that.
这位就是调皮蛋喽This the little trouble maker, then?
- 你好 - 你好- Hi. - Hi.
听着 我把话说在前头 无论如何Now, listen, I just want to be clear that whatever happens,
我都不跟客户上床 清楚了吗I don't sleep with people I work with, okay?
开个玩笑I'm joking.
进来吧 女士们Slip on in, ladies.
如果判你有罪Well, if you spit guilty,
短期的牢狱之灾是逃不掉的you'll have to swallow a short jail term,
运气好的话会安排你社区服务or community service if you're lucky.
- 你先动手的 - 是的- You definitely started it? - Yes.
- 有目击证人吗 - 大概三十个- Any witnesses? - About 30.
亲爱的 最重要的是The most important thing, honey,
无论哪种情况 你都不必道歉is that you do not, under any circumstances, apologise.
- 我可以 - 我们之前不是这么商量的啊- I can do that... - No, that's not what we discussed.
这么做是认罪的表现Well, that can be taken as an admission of guilt.
我猜你认识被害者I assume you know the victim personally?
- 是的...- 不 能先别叫他- Yes... - No, and let's not call him
- 受害者吗 - 他就是啊- the victim yet, shall we? - Well, that's what he is.
是的 没错Yes. Right.
他们肯定上过床They've definitely fucked.
先用律师函吓他撤诉We just want a letter to scare him off
如果他停止采取行动if he ends up seeking proper action.
- 没什么意义的 克莱尔 - 也许没上过- Really doesn't make sense, Claire. - Actually maybe not.
我觉得特别有意义I think it makes perfect sense.
- 我只是想采取主动 - 我也懵逼了- I just want to be ahead of the game. - God, I can't tell.
- 听说这是你的习惯 - 懂了- That's a habit of yours, I've heard. - Oh, I've got it.
- 是吗 - 他们还没上床...- Is it? - They haven't...
你得告诉我是谁告诉你的You're going to have to tell me who said that.
- 偏不 - 但是会上床的- Never. - ...but they're going to.
- 大卫 - 我还是走吧- David. - Oh, God, I've got to get out.
- 克莱尔 - 不好意思- Claire. - Excuse me.
你去哪儿 小美人Where you off to, little lady?
我要去... 有事...I'm just going to let this... Yeah.
你还好吗You all right?
当然 你来搞定就行了Yeah. Just thought I'd leave you to it.
- 抱歉 - 抱歉啥- Sorry. - What?
他说你必须跟他喝一杯He says he'll only talk you through potential proceedings
他才会告诉你诉讼流程 - 啥- if you go for a drink with him. - What?
- 我懂 - 小坏蛋- I know. - Outrageous.
- 别笑了 - 他不是对你有意思吗- Stop smiling. - I thought he was after you?
我也觉得是 但刚刚我的发型不是很好看So did I, but my hair isn't great at the moment.
不管怎么样 别乱搞Either way, it's very inappropriate.
- 别和他上床 - 我不会的- Don't sleep with him. - I won't.
- 不要 - 我保证- Don't. - I won't.
我不再乱搞了I don't do that anymore.
什么 为什么 你生病了What? Why? Are you ill?
- 没有 - 那为什么- No. - Then what?
我只是...Well, I just...
天啊 你恋爱了Oh, my God. Have you met someone?
也不算是Well, not really.
- 和哈里旧情复燃了 - 没 只是...- Back with Harry? - No, it's actually...
- 新对象吗 - 其实...- Someone new? - Well...
- 单身吗 - 算是吧- Is he single? - Sort of.
拿着Take this.
我会试着说服马丁 如果你需要就打给他I'll try talk Martin down, but call him if you need him.
他是个好律师He's a very good lawyer.
...竟然有颗少女心...tender underneath it all.
果然有一腿Knew it.
你在餐馆做的事不可原谅What you did in the restaurant was unforgiveable.
我知道I know.
谢谢你Thank you.
好吧...Okay, well...
听着 我只是想给你... 这个Listen, I actually just wanted to give you... this.
只有一个疗程It's just one session,
你最近经历了太多 所以我只是...but you've been through a lot, so I just...
上帝啊 我说了我很好Oh, my God, I said I'm fine.
我好得出奇I'm weirdly fine.
我宁愿要钱I'd rather have the money.
抱歉 我小臂皮肤很干Excuse me, I've got dry forearms.
你为什么来这儿So, why have you come to the session?
这是我爸给我的生日礼物Oh, it was a birthday present from my father.
你在开玩笑吗Is that a joke?
在这里最好别开玩笑It would be good not to make jokes in here.
以防因为玩笑 而错过了重要信息Just in case anything gets lost in humorous translation.
我控制不了我自己Oh, I don't know if I can do that.
你在开玩笑吗Is that a joke?
别开玩笑 至少别太隐晦Oh, just try not to, or make it very obvious.
你觉得为什么So, why do you think your
你的父亲建议你来这里咨询father suggested you come for counselling?
因为我妈死了 而我爸不愿说起这件事I think because my mother died and he can't talk about it
我和我姐一年没说话了 因为她觉得and my sister and I didn't speak for a year because she thinks
我想和他丈夫上床 也因为I tried to sleep with her husband and because I spent most
我把大部分时间用来做爱of my adult life using sex to deflect from the screaming void
以此来填补我内心的空虚 我好能扯啊inside my empty heart. I'm good at this.
虽然我不再这么做了Although I don't really do that any more.
你和家人关系好吗You close with your family?
关系挺不错的We get on with it.
- 你喜欢交流吗 - 当然不- Do you talk? - God no!
有朋友吗Any friends?
- 抱歉 - 有朋友吗- Sorry? - Any friends?
没有 我没有时间...No, I don't really have time for...
我养了一只豚鼠 但是她的性情反复无常Well, I have a guinea pig, but she blows hot and cold.
没开玩笑Not a joke.
谈谈性生活吧Tell me about the sex.
全部吗All of it?
你说你现在不做爱了You said you don't do that now.
是的 我现在打网球Oh, no, I just play tennis now.
那帮人不好搞Tough crowd.
我只是...I just...
性不会带来什么...Sex didn't bring anything...
好事 所以我试着不去...good, so I'm trying not to...
但是我...But I've...
在禁欲后 你有何感受And what have you found in your abstinence?
我现在非常好色 看谁都想扑上去Well, I'm very horny and your little scarf isn't helping.
你性欲旺盛吗So, the impulse is still there?
是的 性欲...Yeah, the impulse is...
性欲特别旺盛The impulse is very much still there.
但是总遇不到对的人It's just never the right person.
有没有一个你不会和他做爱的人So there is a particular person you're not having sex with?
我俩之间没什么 我只是...Well, look, nothing's happened. I just...
他不可以的He's not available.
- 恋爱吗 - 是的 很糟心- In a relationship? - Yes, a bad one.
为什么呢Oh, really? How so?
没有轰轰烈烈的感觉- It's a sort of relationship where one partner
- 特别平淡无奇 - 你爱他吗- tells the other how to dress. - Are you in love with him?
这很好笑吗Why do you find that funny?
我...Well, I...
我没 我只是...I dunno, I just...
我没有... 不是I don't... No!
- 不是在谈恋爱吗 - 不是- Just not a romantic? - No.
一个没有朋友且内心空虚的女孩a girl with no friends and an empty heart?
你自己说的By your own description.
我有朋友I have friends.
所以你有可以聊天的人Oh, so you do have someone to talk to.
你们经常见面吗Do you see them a lot?
他们...他们一直都在Oh, they're... they're always there.
他们永远都在They're always there.
为什么你会觉得好笑Why do you find that funny?
听着 我不需要你分析我Listen, I don't need to be analysed.
我生活的很好 我只是...I have a nice life. I just...
我只是想把这张劵兑现I just wanted to exchange the voucher for the money.
现在说有点迟了It's a bit late for that now.
我才呆了五分钟I've only been here five minutes.
我想兑现I want the money.
我想和一名牧师上床I want to fuck a priest.
- 天主教徒 - 是的- Catholic? - Yes!
- 人好吗 - 当然- A good one? - Yes!
- 人很帅 - 是的- Looks good in the... - Mmm, yes.
明白I understand.
你是想和牧师上床Do you really want to fuck the priest,
还是想和上帝上床or do you want to fuck God?
- 能和上帝上床吗 - 当然- Can you fuck God? - Oh, yes.
在我被捕之前 告诉我如何才能Look just please tell me how to not fuck a priest,
不和牧师上床before I get arrested.
我觉得和牧师上床Well, I don't think fucking
并不能让你摆脱那种a priest will make you feel as powerful
- 无力感 - 你能直接告诉我该怎么做吗- as you think it will. - Can you just tell me what to do?
你知道的You know.
你知道自己要做什么 每个人都知道You already know what you're going to do. Everybody does.
你心里已经有主意了You've already decided what you're going to do.
你想说什么So what's the point in you?
你知道自己该怎么做You know what you're going to do.
- 不 我不知道 - 你知道- No, I don't. - Yes, you do.
- 我不知道 - 你知道- I don't! - You do!
- 我不知道 不知道 - 你知道- I don't! I don't... - You do!
- 祝你好运 - 谢谢- Good luck! - Thank you.
闭嘴Shut up.
请给我两张彩券Hi, can I have two raffle tickets, please?
- 我的天 - 我的天 嗨- Oh, my God. - Oh, my God, hi!
嗨 你Hi! You're...
- 没错 - 和孩子- Yeah! - ...with child.
- 是的 -太酷了- Yes. - Cool!
- 你留刘海儿了 - 没错- You, you got a fringe! - Yeah!
酷Yeah. Oh, cool.
- 你一直想要孩子 - 你一直想留刘海儿- Aw, you always wanted a baby! - You always wanted a fringe.
她超棒的She is amazing.
- 带孩子很苦 但感觉超棒 - 是吗- I mean, it's been tough, but amazing. - Oh, yeah?
生孩子太痛苦了Yeah, I mean, the birth really took its toll.
是吗 很麻烦吗Oh, really? Was it a tricky one?
我记不太清了I can't really remember it now.
但整件事真的改变了我But the whole thing has just really changed me.
我的情绪...I just don't feel...
平稳了很多You know, my emotions are up and down.
身体也感觉不一样了My body just feels different.
伊莲很了不起 特别支持我I mean, Elaine is being amazing, so supportive...
听上去你得了产后抑郁症啊It sounds like you have got post-natal depression.
是的 但已经好了I do, yeah, but we're working through it.
- 是吗 - 只是来告诉你- Sure. - Just to let you know,
乐队在几分钟后就开始演奏了the band is going to start in a couple of minutes.
神父 这是苏兹Hey, Father. This is Suzie!
抱歉 我不知道怎么跟宝宝交流Aw, I don't know how to talk to babies, sorry.
你俩认识吗Do you guys know each other?
- 是的 - 我们曾经...- Uh, yeah. - We sort of used to...
我曾经是她的女朋友I used to be her girlfriend.
真酷Oh, cool.
不错Good for you!
我该走了 去带她看椰子I'm going to go and show her the coconuts.
- 她数数特别好 - 好的- She's really good at counting. - Okay.
打扰一下 各位Excuse me, everyone!
少年乐队将要演奏颂歌了The Youthy Band is about to play the ode to something!
- 开心吗 - 是的- You having fun? - Yes, yeah.
- 卖得好吗 - 挺好的- Selling well? Good. - Yes, I think so.
字谜 我喜欢猜字谜Oh, puzzle. I love a puzzle!
- 少年乐队就要... - 听到了 帕姆- The Youthy Band are about... - Yes, I heard you, Pam.
谢谢你 真的很感谢 谢谢Thank you, thank you so much. Thank you.
- 今天的重头戏 - 对- Ah, there's the main event. - Yeah!
- 很有才华 - 她...- Very talented. - She, uh, she...
不要说 她 她...Don't say it. She, she, actually...
不要说Just don't say it.
她画完的时候高潮了She actually orgasmed when she finished it.
还是说了I just said it.
有用就好Well, whatever gets you there!
神父 神父 纸杯蛋糕这边出事啦Father! Father, we have a cupcake situation over here!
好的 帕姆 这就来Okay, Pam! I will be there to cupcake.
感谢你的帮助Thank you so much for helping.
摸我胳膊了Arm touch.
至少我儿子在少年乐队里 你的借口是什么At least my son is in the Youthy Band, what's your excuse?
我来帮牧师I'm helping the priest.
你真的很爱挑战 对吗Wow, you do love a challenge, don't you?
我只是想说...Hey, I just want to say something...
省省吧 我上周已经听过了It's from River Island. I got it last week.
不 我是想对我说过的话表示歉意No. I want to say that I'm sorry for saying what I said.
我对你的遭遇表示同情I'm sorry for what you went through.
对不起I'm sorry.
我知道你在做什么 我不会说的I know what you're doing. I'm not going to say it.
我只是想道歉I'm just saying sorry.
我不会说的I'm not going to say it.
对不起I'm sorry.
谢谢你And thank you.
我和她从来没这么好过She and I have never been better.
你起了很大的作用You had a big part in that.
真为你高兴I'm happy for you.
我很高兴你能从自己的可怜I'm happy you've found a way to deflect from your pitiful,
自暴自弃 自负 自慰self-sabotaging, ego-driven, masturbatory...
真不敢相信我竟说的如此流畅I cannot believe how well this is coming out.
猥琐 阴险 太他妈阴险了...pawing, insidious, insidious,
极致平庸的性格中转移出来overwhelming mediocrity,
最终发现在自己内心深处only to finally figure out that at your very core,
你就是个病弱鬼you are a weaky.
- 病弱鬼 - 该死 该死- A "Weaky"? - Damn! Damn!
病弱鬼Wow. A "Weaky"?
既然如此 我想让你知道In that case, I just wanted you to know
我对你的恢复能力印象很深that I'm impressed with how you just keep bouncing back.
真的I really am.
你是个强者You're a strongy.
太棒了 儿子That was awesome, man.
奇葩杰克 口头禅是Creepy Jake, mainly says things like...
- 克莱尔在哪儿 - 以及- Where's Claire? - ...and...
克莱尔在哪儿Where's Claire?
她来不了 儿子She couldn't make it, man.
我们真走运 你阿姨热衷做礼拜Lucky for us, your aunt is an avid church goer.
谢谢观看Hi. Thanks for watching.
你太棒了Oh, you were excellent.
小心 朋友Careful there, buddy.
你会因此而倒霉的You could go down for that sort of behaviour these days.
- 只是个拥抱 - "只是个拥抱"- It was just a hug. - "Oh, it was just a hug!"
你要表现得更好才行 儿子You got to do better than that these days, boy.
- 这娘们脾气太暴 - 但我没做...- Specially round this firecracker. - But I didn't do...
够了Come on.
我不想做混蛋I don't want to be an asshole.
我只是想让她高兴I just want her to be happy.
她一直很开心And she has been really happy...
直到她看到你...until she saw you.
说说而已Just saying.
嘿 杰克Hi, Jake. Ooh.
叫她离开他Tell her to leave him.
叫她离开他Tell her to leave him.
总有一天 他会杀死某人的He's going to kill someone one day.
- 嘿 - 是的 神父- Hey! - Yes, Father?
是的 神父Yes, Father?
有点难以启齿 但是...I can't believe I'm saying this, but...
上帝啊Oh, God.
我能把椰子要回来吗 其实是租来的Can I get that coconut back? They're actually on hire.
我都不确定它们是不是都是真的I'm not sure if a lot of them are even real, actually,
虽然有点不太道德which is morally a bit dubious,
但我们总得想办法挣点钱but we've got to make money somehow.
- 谢谢 - 白激动了- Thank you. - Knuckle brush.
还有 我希望你不要介意Also, I hope you don't mind, but, um...
我标记了几页 我想也许...I've marked a few pages in here that I thought might be...
不不 我不是要...No, no, no, no. I'm not trying to...
几段话而已They're just words.
好吧 我想我大概明白了Okay, it's just I... I think I know what happens.
读读吧Come on, have a read.
我想知道你的看法I'd like to know what do you think.
如果你想...And if you ever want to...
聊聊的话 随时恭候talk about stuff, I'm here.
再一起喝点金汤力With a G&T, of course.
随时恭候You can come whenever you want.
如果有帮助的话I'd like you to come,
希望你能来找我if it helps.