伦敦生活 第二季 Fleabag Season 2 第6集: Episode 6

上映日期: 2,019

语言: 英语

影片类型: 喜剧

导演: 哈利·布拉德比尔

演员: 菲比·沃勒-布里奇 / 安德鲁·斯科特 / 奥利维娅·科尔曼 / 茜安·克利福德 / 比尔·帕特森 / 布伦特·吉尔曼 / 珍妮·莱恩斯福德 / 休·斯金纳 / 克里斯汀·斯科特·托马斯 / 费奥纳·

你在想什么What are you thinking?
只是...I just...
说嘛Come on.
- 我只是... - 别卖关子了- I just... - Come on.
我不敢相信我们做爱了I just can't believe you did that.
我知道I know.
- 真高兴见到你们 - 好开心- So good to see you! - We're over the moon.
很高兴见到你们 那人谁啊Good to see you! Who was that?
衬衫不错Love the shirt.
- 是... - 别碰- Is this the, um... - Don't!
会弄掉的It'll come off.
谢谢Thank you.
你把牧师怎么了What's happening with the priest?
你们能来救我实在是太好了Ooooh! So good of you to come and get me!
- 救你 - 看望我- Get you? - See me!
- 嗨 杰克 - 克莱尔在哪里- Hi, Jake. - Where's Claire?
就这里Just there.
你爸爸就在那边Your dad's just down there.
裙子很漂亮Nice skirts.
你们想听煽情的话吗Do you need me to say anything emotional about today?
- 不 不用了 - 不用了 谢谢- No, no. We're good. - I think we're all right, thanks.
你喝龙舌兰吗 我去拿一杯Do you want tequila? I'm going to get one.
你好 很高兴...Hi! Nice to...
科莱尔怎么样了How was Klare?
他对我很是痴迷Well, he's crazy about me.
- 简直是场噩梦 - 噩梦- So, that's a nightmare. - Nightmare.
反正他今天就回芬兰了 松了口气He's back to Finland today, anyway, which is good.
没关系 一点关系也没有It's fine, it's totally fine.
听起来确实没关系Sounds like it's fine.
是啊It is.
今天会很顺利吧It's going to be a lovely day, isn't it?
恐怕是的I'm afraid so.
这是我一位非常有趣的朋友 丹尼尔 聋哑人This is my very interesting friend Daniel, who's deaf.
我在一个学生画廊开幕式上认识他的I picked him up at a student gallery opening.
特别棒Utterly fascinating.
啥也听不见Can't hear a thing,
却会用绝妙的手语和唇语跟人交流but is a fabulous physical communicator through hands and lips.
太可爱了Oh, I love that!
这是我超牛的朋友 弗朗辛And this is my extraordinary friend Francine,
肯定是拉拉she's a lesbian.
这是阿西夫 你应该没见过 亲爱的And this is Asif, my bisexual, Syrian refugee friend,
我的双性恋 叙利亚难民朋友who you haven't actually met yet, darling.
阿西夫 他就是And, Asif, this is, um...
我的天Oh, my God.
就是...This is... this is...
天哪 我竟然... 我总是叫你亲爱的God, how extraordinary. I just, I always call you darling.
我一生的挚爱This is the love of my life!
我该把这个放哪Is there somewhere I can put this?
都说了不要礼物 你真贴心We said no presents! Oh, you're such a sweetheart.
她就爱打破规则She's a natural rule breaker.
今天可不行Not today!
我一直在试着改变自己Ah, well I've been trying to get rid of it for ages.
谢谢Thank you.
我要在垃圾桶旁打开它I'm going to open it over a bin,
这样就有地方丢包装啦so I've got somewhere to put the paper.
过来一下Um, come with me!
你缺服务员吗 还是需要我...Uh, are you short on staff or where, do you need me, or...?
没有 我只是好奇你今天又准备闹哪样No, I just wondered if you had a little show planned?
- 什么 - 没事找事啊- What? - Well, you normally do.
如果你今天又要搞事情And I wondered if there was anything
麻烦提前告诉我I might need to know about, that might happen later?
如果你控制不住你自己 还请告诉我Well, let me know if you change your mind.
因为今天是我一生中最重要的日子Because today is the most important day of my life
我非常爱你的父亲and I love your father very much.
而且我想将来你宁愿And I imagine you'd rather have me
让我来照顾他looking after him in the years to come
而不用你自己动手than having to do it yourself.
所以 不要再流产了So... no more miscarriages.
它很贵重It's worth a lot.
谢谢Thank you.
我要把她放回到她原来的架子上I'll go and put her straight back on her shelf.
你知道吗 我总是很奇怪 我这么多作品Do you know, I often thought it strange that of all my pieces
你为何偏偏选了她you chose to take her.
因为原型是你母亲She was based on your mother.
物归原主真是太好了So nice to have her back in the house.
- 天呐 你在这儿 - 我操 天呐- Oh! Oh, God. Fuck, you're here. - Oh, fuck! Oh, Jesus.
我以为是只狐狸 原来是你I thought you were a fox. You're not.
我不知道你在...No, are you? I didn't know you were...
没事 我没事 抱歉No, no, I'm fine, sorry.
我只是不想... 我在练习祝词No, I just didn't want to, I'm practising the homily.
- 练得怎么样 - 不太好 我不能...- How's it going? - Not good, not good. I can't, I can't...
你真美You look lovely.
谢谢 你也是Thank you. So do you.
一会儿我穿戴整齐后Wait till you see me in the full shebang,
你一定会疯掉you're going to lose your fucking mind.
等这事结束 我们就可以...We just need to get through this bit and then we can...
- 可以... - 是的- We can... - Yeah.
- 我得去换衣服了 - 祝你好运- Better get changed. - Yeah, good luck.
天呐Oh, my God.
- 你嘴上全是唇膏 - 我靠- You have lipstick all over... - Oh, fucking hell.
被人发现就完蛋了 擦干净了吗That would not look good, has it gone?
我的妈呀Oh, fucking hell.
我不知道 不知道...I don't know, I don't know...
我不懂这种感觉Oh, I don't know what this feeling is.
上帝还是我Is it God or is it me?
我不知道I don't know.
我不知道I don't know.
去你的吧Fuck you, then.
你那个牧师呢Where's your priest?
不知道I don't know.
你还好吗You okay?
你说呢Yes, well, um...
我讨厌我的丈夫 我爱的人要回芬兰了I hate my husband and the man I love is on his way to Finland,
感觉很奇怪so pretty weird.
你是来抢我风头的吗Oh! Way to upstage the bride!
尽了全力Tried my best.
袍子好帅Cute dress.
看Oh, look. Woooo!
我们时髦的牧师This is our very chic priest.
你看出来了 真有眼光Oh, good, I was aiming for chic.
- ...这边特别好 - 谢谢夸奖- It's particularly good around the... - Thank you.
- 神父 你记得马丁吧 - 你好吗 老兄- Father, you remember Martin. - Hey, how you doing, man?
有点紧张 马丁Bit nervous, Martin.
- 杰克 你见过的 - 杰克 你好吗- And you know Jake. - Yes, hello, Jake. How are you?
这位是露西 很风趣And this is my very interesting friend Lucy,
她是主教代表who is a surrogate.
- 你好 - 怪怪的- Hello. - Oh, weird.
这是我喜怒无常的继女And this is my unstable step-daughter,
她刚流产who's had a miscarriage.
- 很高兴又见面了 - 我也是- Nice to see you again. - You too.
你知道的 你当时在场But you knew that, you were there.
流产的是我It was my miscarriage.
是他妈的我流产了It was my fucking miscarriage.
是吧 我就知道你们觉得很搞笑Yes, I thought you'd find that funny.
真有意思How interesting.
她只是在帮我打掩护She was just covering for me.
你怀孕了What, we were pregnant?
- 是的 怀了几周 - 孩子是我的吗- For a few weeks, yes. - It was my baby?
打断一下 流产的不是你Sorry, so you haven't had a miscarriage?
不是我 抱歉No, sorry.
这他妈究竟是怎么一回事Wait, what the fuck is going on here?!
孩子是我的I...It was, it was my baby?
应该是你的孩子I guess it was your baby's way of saying
不想要你当他爹吧it didn't want you as it's father.
就像金鱼不想待在鱼缸里Like a goldfish out of the bowl sort of thing.
抱歉 不管是谁流产了Sorry, but whoever had a miscarriage,
请去厨房讨论could you take it to the kitchen, please?
不行 别跟着我 杰克No! Don't follow me, Jake.
还有 我俩到此结束Oh, and this is over.
你走吧You're leaving me.
- 冷静 - 现在就走- No, no, no. - Yes!
你喝醉了吗Are you drunk?
- 是又怎样 - 你清醒吗- Yes. - Are you sober?
还行 你能不能滚远点A bit. Could you just fuck off?
- 没门 - 不 我就待在这儿- Oh, absolutely not! - Okay, no, no. I'm staying right here.
我们离婚吧I want you to leave me.
听我说 我只是...Listen to me, I just, I have...
又要发表长篇大论I think he has a little speech.
我确实有很多话想说...I have a little speech that's building here.
我明白你的小心思Now, I know you look at
你觉得我只是一个胡子拉碴的混蛋罢了me and you see a bad man with a big beard.
你嗜酒如命 还跟我妹妹眉来眼去You are an alcoholic and you tried it on with my sister.
她生日那天 我是想亲她来着I tried to kiss your sister on her birthday.
是我的生日My birthday!
行 我搞混了 我也的确嗜酒如命Fine! I mix up birthdays and I have an alcohol problem,
在这个操蛋的国家 谁又没有借酒浇愁呢just like everyone else in this fucking country.
但我对你不离不弃 默默付出But I am here and I do things.
我天天接送杰克 做复活节甜点I pick up Jake up from shit, I make dessert for Easter,
打扫楼下的厕所 炒了那个聒噪的清洁工I organise the downstairs toilet, I fired the humming cleaner.
你不也享受其中You enjoyed that.
我还把车洗得干干净净I hoover the car.
我把你的奖状都挂了起来I put up all your certificates
你不跟我做爱 我也不怪你and I don't make you feel guilty for not having sex with me.
我不是混蛋I am not a bad guy!
我就是性格不好 但这不是我的错I just have a bad personality, it's not my fault.
有的人天生性格就不好Some people are born with fucked personalities.
杰克不就是Look at Jake.
他怪里怪气的 但又不是他的错He is so creepy, it's not his fault!
为什么要安排大管演奏Why the bassoon!?
你知道大管意味着什么吗You want to know what the bassoon is!?
救救我It's a cry for help!
最大的问题是 你他妈根本就不喜欢我The main fucking problem here is that you don't like me.
十一年来 我都为此心碎不已And that has been breaking my fucking heart for 11 years.
我爱你I love you.
我逗你开心I make you laugh.
我很蠢 但我能逗你开心I'm a douche, but I make you laugh.
你说过这才是最重要的You said that that was the most important thing!
我觉得你最讨厌自己的地方I think the thing that you hate the most about yourself
是你其实也爱我is that you actually love me.
所以 除非你跪下来求我So, I am not going to leave you,
否则我是不会离开你的until you are down on your knees begging me.
求求你 离开我吧Please, leave me.
天呐Oh, man.
没想到你真忍心下跪I didn't think you'd do that in that dress.
行吧Right. Well...
那我也只能送你一句I guess the only thing left for me to say is...
操你妈Fuck you.
操你妈Fuck you.
你对他做了什么What have you done with him?
- 谁 - 你爸- Who? - Your father.
婚礼马上开始了 怎么都找不到他The wedding is about the start and no-one can find him anywhere.
想想办法Can you do something?
- 我去花园 - 你去楼上- Garden. - Upstairs.
我出不去了I can't get out.
你可以的 爸Okay, Dad, you can.
不行 这是个陷阱I can't! It's a trap.
我卡住了I'm stuck.
- 不是的 爸 - 我无能为力- No, Dad... - I just, there's nothing I can do.
大家都会理解的...everyone will understand.
给他们每人一瓶酒带回家就行Just give them all a bottle to take home.
说实话 他们能理解Honestly, they, they'll be relieved.
我是说我的脚 卡住了My foot... is stuck.
"大家都会理解的"什么意思Everyone will understand?
帮帮忙W-Will you help me, please?
- 怎么卡住的 - 帮我弄出来就行- How is it stuck...? - J-Just help me get it out.
我简直惹祸上身I'm gonna be in so much trouble.
你在这上面做什么What are you doing up here?
我突然记起几周前I... I just remembered that I'd left a...
在这里放了一个捕鼠器a friendly mouse trap up here a few weeks ago
但我当时没检查好不好使and I hadn't checked it.
所以我过来确认一下And I just wanted to make
它有没有夹到老鼠sure that one little chap hadn't got, uh,
看看老鼠被夹死没有trapped in it and was, uh, was suffocating up here.
我知道该怎么弄I think I've worked out what we need to do.
那赶紧的吧Let's... Let's do it.
快点Do it.
只要你跟我说实话 我就帮你I'll do it if you tell me why you're up here.
我只想听句实话Just one honest answer.
我 啥意思 我没撒谎I... What, what? I, I don't think...
一句完整的话One full sentence.
我来检查捕鼠器I was checking on the mouse.
你想逃婚的话 可以用咱妈的礼裙把你裹起来Do you want to make a run for it? I can smuggle you out in one of mum's dresses.
我承认你有这个胆量You would, as well.
我知道 她不是一个Look, I-I know she's not...
人见人爱的女人...everyone's cup of tea.
你也不是啊 亲爱的And neither are you, darling.
我是说 我爱你I mean, I'm sorry, I love you,
但我不确定but I'm not sure that I like you...
我一直喜欢你All the time.
我再奇葩 也是你亲生的Hey, you created this monster.
你的性格脾性 不是来自我You're not the way you are because of me.
我知道I know.
是你妈妈把你塑造成了这样You're the way you are because of her.
你千万不要丢掉它们And it's those bits that you need to cling to.
好了 现在能把我的鞋弄出来了吗Right, can you get my shoe out?
我只想让你们为我骄傲I just want you all to be proud of me.
爸 我们为你骄傲We are proud of you, Dad.
你有两个爱你的女儿You have two daughters who love you,
虽然你不喜欢她们even if you don't like them.
我喜欢克莱尔啊I like Claire.
够了 爸Jesus, Dad!
谢谢Thank you.
走吧Come on.
我觉得还是不行I-I don't think I can.
走吧 振作起来Come on. Buck up.
带上你的笑容和魅力 出去吧Smiles, charm, off we go.
你比我们任何人都更懂爱I think you know how to love better than any of us.
所以你才会觉得爱很痛苦That's why you find it all so painful.
我不觉得痛苦I don't find it painful.
他们来了They're there.
好 去吧 去吧Okay, go, go, go, go.
好了 爸Okay, Dad.
别走 和我一起No, no, no. Stay with me.
抱歉Oh, sorry.
大家下午好Good afternoon, everybody.
感谢大家今天前来庆祝Thank you for coming today, to celebrate the love between
这两位特别的人 喜结连理these two very special people.
在我们开始之前 杰克想用大管Before we start, uh, Jake has asked to play another piece
再奏一曲on his bassoon.
我没法致辞I can't do this reading.
- 那就算了 - 什么- Don't do it. - What?
我来I'll do it.
- 你去找他 - 我不能去- You go and get him. - I can't go and get him.
- 为什么 - 太晚了- Why not? - It's too late.
我不能逃掉我爸的婚礼I can't leave my father's wedding.
他为什么偏偏叫"科莱尔"He's called "Klare" For God's sake
而且他已经在机场了and he's already at the airport, anyway.
那你也去啊Well, there you go.
机场狂奔这点儿小事你都不愿为他做吗Is it running through the airport kind of love?
我不会去机场I'm not going to the airport.
他会觉得我疯了He'd think I was insane.
- 我是说... - 飞机场- I'm just saying... - The airport.
我要怎么找到他How would I even find him?
没有登机牌我都过不了安检You can't get through security without a boarding pass.
- 不是 我不是说... - 我为了进门- No, I wasn't suggesting... - I'd have to buy a dummy ticket
还得买张票just to get through the gate.
我都不知道他的航班号 在哪个航站楼I don't know when his flight is or which terminal.
就算我知道Imagine if I knew that.
就算最后我站在他面前Imagine him finding out I knew all that.
他在五号航站楼的药妆店买镊子的时候Imagine if he was just in Boots buying a pair of tweezers
我突然出现了in Terminal 5 and suddenly I was there,
"嗨 科莱尔""Hello, Klare."
好吧 是有点尴尬Yeah, okay, that would be intense.
能让我跑过机场的只有你The only person I'd run through an airport for is you.
谢谢你 杰克 美妙的大管演奏Thank you, Jake, for that beautiful bassoon piece.
特地为今天创作的Uh, written especially for today.
名字叫做...I believe it's called...
"克莱尔哪去了""Where's Claire?"
我觉得你们非常有勇气I think what you guys are doing is amazing.
靠 我在干嘛Oh! Fuck me.
抱歉 昨晚没睡好I'm sorry, didn't get much sleep last night.
想对爱情发表自己的看法So, it turns out it's quite hard to come up with something
真的挺难的original to say about love.
但我还是想试试But I've had a go.
爱情不是什么好东西Love is awful!
爱很糟糕It's awful.
很痛苦 让人害怕It's painful. It's frightening.
让人自我怀疑 自我评判Makes you doubt yourself, judge yourself.
把你从原本的生活中剥离Distance yourself from the other people in your life.
让你自私Make you selfish.
让你变得吓人Makes you creepy!
让你不停摆弄头发Makes you obsessed with your hair.
让你变得残忍Makes you cruel!
让你说一些做一些你从没想过自己会做的事情Makes you say and do things you never thought you would do!
你家牧师有点问题There's something wrong with your priest.
大家都渴望爱 得到了 却又开始煎熬It's all any of us want and it's hell when we get there!
怪不得我们都想在爱中给自己找个伴So, no wonder it's something we don't want to do on our own.
我听说 如果我们生来就会爱I was taught if we're born with love,
那么生活就是为它找个窝then life is about choosing the right place to put it.
大家都这样说People talk about that a lot.
"有感觉了" "有感觉了 就会水到渠成"It "Feeling right". "When it feels right it's easy."
但我不确定是否真的是这样But I'm not sure that's true.
想知道什么是对的 需要勇气It takes strength to know what's right.
软弱的人 不配拥有爱情And love isn't something that weak people do.
浪漫的人 永远满怀希望Being a romantic takes a hell of a lot of hope.
我觉得人们的意思是I think what they mean is...
找到了你爱的人...when you find somebody that you love...
就像找到了希望...it feels like hope.
现在 马上 从过道出去Go out the side way, now.
感谢你们让大家聚在这里So, thank you for bringing us all together here today.
正如这本爱之书所说To take words from this book of love,
凡是对上帝充满希望的人be strong and take heart,
要坚强 也要用真心all you who hope in the Lord.
让我们进入正题Um, let's get on with the big bit.
你在这啊Oh, there you are.
不管了Fuck it.
谢了Thank you.
谢谢你And thank you.
牧师在找你Oh, the, uh, the priest is looking for you.
别让他伤心Don't break his heart.
- 多谢你了 - 嗨- Oh, thank you so much. - Hiya.
- 你要走了吗 - 其实- Oh, are you leaving? - Oh, actually, well,
我以为你...I thought you were...
- 我去换衣服了 - 这样啊- I was changing. - Oh, yeah.
你怎么回去 是要坐公交吗 还是...What do you do? Do you get the, get the bus or...?
对 我搭公交Yeah, I get the bus.
- 在路边吗 - 就在路边- On the road? - Just on the road.
- 我坐公交 - 好- I go on the bus. - Cool.
- 再见 我的女儿 - 好的- Well, bye, my daughter. - Okay.
再见 爸爸Bye, Father.
再见 神父Bye, Father.
- 拜 - 拜- Goodbye. - Bye.
你讲得真好You nailed it.
176路 四十六分钟到站
站牌根本不准 没准车一会就到They always lie, it'll magically come in a minute.
他们俩真的很相爱 很甜They're really into each other, those two, it's nice.
他们真的修成正果了They really pulled it off.
你姐姐还好吗Was your sister okay?
- 她好像有点紧张 - 对 她赶去...- She seemed a bit on edge. - Yeah, she... she had to run off...
- 工作 - 哇 好投入- ...to a work thing. - Wow, dedicated!
是上帝的旨意吧It's God, isn't it?
你知道 最糟的是You know, the worst thing is...
我他妈的爱上你了...that I fucking love you.
我爱你I love you.
别别 没事No, no, don't.
就让我稍微澎湃一下No, let's just leave that out there just for a second on its own.
我爱你I love you.
会过去的It'll pass.
- 公交车也许不会来了 - 我走回去吧- This bus is not magically coming. - I think I'll walk.
星期天见吗Uh, see you Sunday?
开玩笑的 你再也不准进我的教堂了I'm joking. You're never ever allowed in my church again.
我也爱你I love you, too.
176路 班车取消
# 我不停希望 #I just kept hoping
# 不停地希望 #I just kept hoping
# 生活会越来越好 #The way would become clear...
他往那边走了He went that way.
# 我用尽全力 #I spent all this time
# 想要表现得更好 #Trying to play it nice
# 虽然现在的生活 #I found my way here
# 过得并不如意 #See, I've been having me a real hard time
# 我却觉得很好 #But it feels so nice
# 我知道一切都会变好 #To know I'm going to be all right
# 那我就继续做梦吧 #So I just kept dreaming
# 是啊 我就继续梦着 #Yeah, I just kept dreaming
# 其实不难 #It wasn't very hard
# 只是这些时日 #I spent all this time
# 我想要明白 #Trying to figure out why
# 为何没人在我身边 #Nobody on my side
# 我自己过得很好 #See, I've been having me a real good time
# 没什么大不了 #And it feels so nice
# 我知道一切都会变好 #To know I'm going to be all right
# 只要我想 #Yeah, if I wanted to
# 一切都会变好 #I'd be all right