和莎莫的500天 (500) Days of Summer

上映日期: 2,009

语言: 英语 / 法语 / 瑞典语

影片类型: 剧情 / 喜剧 / 爱情

导演: 马克·韦布

演员: 约瑟夫·高登-莱维特 / 佐伊·丹斯切尔 / 吉奥弗瑞·阿伦德 / 科洛·莫瑞兹 / 马修·格雷·古柏勒 / 克拉克·格雷格 / 帕特里夏·贝尔彻 / 瑞秋·波士顿 / 敏卡·凯利 / Charles

This is a story of boy meets girl.
The boy, Tom Hansen of Margate, New Jersey,
男主角汤姆·汉森 来自新泽西州的马盖特
grew up believing that he'd never truly be happy...
until the day he met "the one."
This belief stemmed from early exposure to sad British pop music...
and a total misreading of the movie The Graduate.
和对整部 毕业生 的误读
Elaine! Elaine!
依莲 依莲
The girl, Summer Finn of Shinnecock, Michigan
女主角莎莫·芬恩 来自密歇根州的辛尼克
did not share this belief.
Since the disintegration of her parents marriage
she'd only loved two things.
The first was her long dark hair.
The second was how easily she could cut it off...
而第二是 她可以轻易的把它剪掉
and feel nothing.
Tom meets Summer on January 8.
Tom 在一月八号那天遇见了 Summer
He knows almost immediately she's who he's been searching for.
他在那一刻突然明白了 Summer 就是他要找的那个人
This is a story of boy meets girl.
But you should know up front
this is not a love story.
♪ They made a statue of us ♪
♪ And put it on a mountaintop ♪
♪ Now tourists come and stare at us ♪
♪ Blow bubbles with their gum ♪
♪ Take photographs of fun ♪
♪ Have fun ♪
♪ They'll name a city after us ♪
♪ And later say it's all our fault ♪
♪ Then they'll give us a talking to ♪
♪ 'Cause they've got years of experience ♪
♪ Living in a den of thieves ♪
♪ Rummaging for answers in the pages ♪
♪ Living in a den of thieves ♪
♪ And it's contagious ♪
♪ And it's contagious ♪
We didn't know who else to call.
It's Amanda Heller all over again.
You did the right thing.
Now where is he?
Thomas. Thomas.
Rachel. What are you doing here?
瑞切尔 你怎么在这儿
I'm here to help you. Help me how?
我来帮你 怎么帮我
First' put down the plate.
首先 把碟子放下
Drink this.
- What is that? - Vodka.
- 那是什么 - 伏特加
Um' does Mom know that you're here?
嗯.. 妈知道你来这儿了吗
'Cause it's probably past 10:00. Don't worry about it.
现在应该快10点了 别担心
Just start from the beginning, and tell us what happened.
先从开始讲 告诉我们出什么事了
Things were going so well.
Then what?
I think we should stop seeing each other.
Just like that? Just like that.
- 就这样 - 就这样
- Did she say why? - I mean' this thing - what are we doing?
- 她说为什么了吗 - 我说这个.. 我们在干什么
I mean, is this normal?
我的意思是 这很正常吗
Norm- l- I don't know. I don't care. I'm happy. Aren't you happy?
平常.. 不 我不知道 也不在乎 我很开心 你不也是吗
You're happy? You're not?
- 你很开心 - 你不是吗
All we do is argue. That is bullshit.
- 我们总是在争吵 - 胡说
Maybe she was just in a bad mood.
Yeah, maybe like a- a hormonal thing.
对,可能只是.. 激素什么的
- P.M.S.? - What do you know about P.M.S.?
- P.M.S. (经前综合征) - 你是怎么知道 P.M.S. 的
- More than you' Tom. - Then what happened?
- 比你知道的多 Tom - ..之后呢
This can't come as a total surprise to you.
I mean, we've been like Sid and Nancy for months now.
我们像 Sid 和 Nancy 那样 几个月了
Summer, Sid stabbed Nancy... seven times with a kitchen knife.
Summer Sid 刺伤了 Nancy ... 七次 用菜刀
L- I mean, we have some disagreements, but I hardly think I'm Sid Vicious.
我的意思是 我们有点分歧 但我认为我才是 Sid Vicious
No. I'm Sid.
不 我是
Oh, so I'm Nancy?
哦 那我是 Nancy 了
Let's just eat, and we'll talk about it later.
先吃吧 过会再聊
Mmm. That is good.
嗯 味道不错
I'm really glad we did this.
I love these pancakes.
Tom, don't go. You're still my best friend!
Tom 别走 你还是我的最好的朋友
- Jesus. - You've broken up with girls before.
- 上帝 - 你以前甩过别的女孩
And girls have broken up with you before.
This is different. Why?
这不一样 为什么
'Cause it's Summer.
因为是 Summer
So you'll-you'll meet somebody new.
所以你要.. 你要再找一个
Point is, you're the best guy I know. You'll get over her.
重点是 你很棒 你会忘了她
I think it's kind of like how they say. There's, uh-
就像俗话说.. 呃..
There's plenty of other fish in the sea.
No. They- They say that.
- 不对 - 俗话是这么说的 ..
Well, they're lying.
好吧 他们在说谎
I don't want to get over her.
I want to get her back.
Maybe playing it safe is the wrong approach.
The nuclear family is dead'
and we need a new holiday that recognizes that.
May 21 st.
Other Mother's Day.
Thank you.
I'd say we've got some potential here. What do you think, Hansen?
我觉得很有市场 汉森 你怎么看
Could you write up some prototypes for these?
Uh' Mr. Vance, there's a telephone call for you on line three.
Vance 先生 三线有电话找你
Oh. Thank you. Uh' everyone, this is Summer, my new assistant.
哦 谢谢 呃.. 各位 这是 Summer 我的新助理
Summer just moved here from-
Summer 刚从.. 那什么地方搬来
Michigan. Right. Michigan. Right.
密歇根 对 密歇根
Uh, Summer, everyone.
Summer 这是 "各位"
Everyone, Summer. Excuse me. I have to take this.
各位 这是 Summer 抱歉,我得去接个电话
It's nice to meet you all.
There's only two kinds of people in the world.
There's women, and there's men.
Summer Finn was a woman.
Summer 是个女人
Height, average. Weight, average.
身高 平均数 体重 平均数
Shoe size, slightly above average.
鞋码 比平均数略小
For all intents and purposes,
Summer Finn, just another girl.
Summer 只是普通的女孩
Except she wasn't.
To wit, in 1998,
比如 在1998年
Summer quoted a song by the Scottish band Belle and Sebastian...
Summer 在她的高中毕业纪念册上
in her high school yearbook.
"Color my life with the chaos of trouble."
" 生命因坎坷而精彩 "
This spike in Michigan sales of their album...
让他们的唱片 " 系着阿拉伯皮带的男孩 "
The Boy with the Arab Strap...
continues to puzzle industry analysts.
Summer's employment at the Daily Freeze during her sophomore year...
Summer 大二的时候在冰淇淋店打工
coincided with an inexplicable 212% increase in revenue.
这家店的收益也莫名其妙的增加了 212%
Every apartment Summer rented...
每次 Summer 租房
was offered at an average rate of 9.2% below market value.
价格都比市场均价低 9.2%
And her round-trip commute to work...
averaged 18.4 double takes per day.
平均每天让人回头 18.4 次
It was a rare quality, this "Summer effect."
这是很稀有的现象 " Summer 效应 "
Rare, and yet something every post adolescent male has encountered...
稀有 却是所有青春期的雄性动物遇到过的
at least once in their lives.
For Tom Hansen to find it now in a city of 400,000 offices,
对于 Tom 在这城市里 400,000 个办公室
91,000 commercial buildings and 3.8 million people-
91,000 栋商业大厦 3,800,000 人里 遇到她
well, that could only be explained by one thing:
Dude, I hear she's a bitch.
嗨 我听说她是个婊子
Yeah. Patel tried to talk to her in the copy room. She's totally not having it.
对 Patel 在复印室跟她搭讪 她甩都不甩
Maybe she was just in a hurry.
And maybe she's an uppity, "better than everyone" superskank.
也可能她是个高傲女 " 比所有人都优秀 " 真扯蛋
Damn. I know. She's pretty hot.
小子 我看到了 她很火辣
That sucks. Why is it pretty girls...
真混蛋 为什么漂亮的女孩
think they can treat people like crap and get away with it?
认为她们能把人们当成垃圾 而且还做到了
Centuries of reinforcement.
You know what? Screw her. I don't care.
随便她 跟我没关系
If she wants to be that way, fine.
她想那样 随便她
♪ Driving in your car♪
♪ Oh, please don't drop me home ♪
I love the Smiths. Sorry?
- 我喜欢史密斯 - 什么
I said I love the Smiths.
我说 我喜欢史密斯的歌
You have- You have good taste in music.
你 嗯.. 你品位不错
You like the Smiths? Yeah.
- 你喜欢史密斯的歌 - 对
♪ To die by your side is such a heavenly way to die ♪
I love 'em.
Holy shit.
There you go. Have another piece.
这是你的 再来一块
Ah. Drinks?
Arthur, did you get a piece? Thanks.
- 亚瑟 你有蛋糕吗 - 谢谢
Want one? Yeah.
- 来一杯 - 好
Want one? Mmm.
- 来一杯 - 嗯
Summer, right? Oh. Yeah.
- Summer - 恩
Smiths fan. Yeah. Tom.
- 史密斯迷 - 哦 我是 Tom
Want some, uh, uh-
- 想要一点吗 - 嗯
It's not champagne. I don't know what it is. Sure.
- 不是香槟 我不知道是什么 - 好吧
So, how's it goin'?
Pretty good. You just moved here, right?
- 很好 - 你刚搬来吧
Mm-hmm. When?
嗯.. 什么时候
Saturday. Oh, wow.
- 周六 - 哦 哇
And, uh, what brought you?
呃 .. 什么把你招来了
Boredom mostly.
Wanted to try something new and exciting. Mmm.
- 想找点新鲜事干 - 嗯
Well, clearly you've come to the right place.
So, have you worked here long? About three or four years.
- 那 你会在这呆多久 - 三四年吧
Wow. You've...
哇 你..
always wanted to write greeting cards?
No, I don't even want to do it now.
不 我现在就不想
Well, you should do something else then.
Yeah. I studied to be an architect, actually.
其实 我是学建筑的
You did? That's cool. What happened there?
是吗 真棒 然后呢
It didn't work out.
I needed a job, and here we are.
我需要一个工作 然后是这样了
You any good?
Well, um, I wrote this one.
好吧 我写了这个
"Today you're a man.
" 今天你是个男人了
Mazel tov on your bar mitzvah."
成人礼贺词 "
It's a big seller. I meant as an architect.
- 很畅销 - 我是说建筑方面
I doubt it. Well,
我觉得不行 恩
you're a perfectly adequate greeting card writer.
Thank you. That was actually my nickname in college.
多谢 他们在大学经常叫我的外号
They called me "Perfectly Adequate" Hansen.
他们叫我 " 完美Hansen "
They used to call me Anal Girl.
他们以前叫我 " 肛门女 "
I was very neat and organized.
Well, I should get back, so- Uh-
我该过去了 所以 .. 呃 ..
All right. See you later.
好吧 回见
I don't know, man. I think it's official.
我不知道 好吧 我认为这很正式
I'm in love with Summer. I love her smile.
我爱上 Summer 了 我爱她的笑
I love her hair. I love her knees.
爱她的头发 爱她的膝盖
I love this heart-shaped birthmark she has on her neck.
I love the way she sometimes licks her lips before she talks.
I love the sound of her laugh.
I love the way she looks when she's sleeping.
♪ She's like the wind ♪
I love how I hear this song every every time I think of her.
I love how she makes me feel.
Like anything's possible, or like- I don't know. Like-
就像什么都有可能 或者 - 我不知道 像 -
Like life is worth it.
This is not good.
She likes Magritte and Hopper.
她喜欢马格利特和霍普 [画家]
And we talked about Banana fish for like 20 minutes.
We're so compatible, it's insane.
我们很合适 真疯狂
She's- well, she's not like I thought at all. She's amazing.
她- 好吧 她一点都不像我想的 她很迷人
Oh, boy. What?
- Oh 孩子 - 什么
Just 'cause some cute girl likes the same bizarro crap you do,
that doesn't make her your soul mate, Tom.
并不代表就是你的精神伴侣 汤姆
Red team wins! - What do you mean?
红队胜! - 你说什么
- It's off. - What?
- 完蛋了 - 什么
- Me and Summer. - Was it ever on?
- 我和Summer - 曾经好过吗
No, but it could have been, in a world where good things happen to me.
没有 但是如果走运的话 还有可能
- Yeah, well, that's not really where we live. - No.
- 对 可现在不是 - 对
So, what happened?
那么 发生了什么
All right. You ready? Yeah.
你们准备好了 恩
So there we are. Nine more floors to ride, just me and her.
这样 还差九层的时候 就我们俩
Hey, Summer. Hey Summer
Hi Hi.
How was your weekend?
It was good.
Can you believe that shit?
I'm sorry. What shit?
等等 相信什么
- I think I missed something. - She said, "It was good." Emphasis on the "good."
- 我听漏什么了 - 她竟然说 棒极了 "极" 加了重音
She basically said she spent the weekend having sex with some guy she met at the gym.
她的意思是说 她整个周末都在健身房和某个小子做爱
Skank. Whatever. I'm over it.
- 无语凝噎 - 管他呢 我放弃了
What the hell is wrong with you? She's not interested in me.
- 你丫到底怎么了 - 她对我没兴趣
There's really nothing I can do about that.
Just because she said it was good? And some other things.
- 只是因为她说 棒极了 - 还有其他事
Like, did she say, uh, "hey" instead of "hi"?
就像她说.. 恩.. "你好" 而不是 "嗨"
I mean, 'cause you know that that- that means that she's a lesbian, right?
我是说 你就知道她是女同了 对吧
I gave her plenty of chances.
I'm going to the supply room. Do you guys need anything?
我要去库房 你们谁要带点东西
I think you know what I need.
Uh, toner.
呃.. 墨盒
Okay. Sure. No problem.
好的 没问题
♪ Good times for a change ♪
♪ See, the luck I've had ♪
♪ Can make a good man turn bad ♪
♪ So, please, please, please ♪
♪ Let me, let me, let me ♪
♪ Let me get what I want ♪
Whatever, man. It's fine. I don't need this crap really. I just, you know-
现在好了 不管怎样 我不想了 我只是.. 你知道
I'm comfortable. I'm unhassled.
我很平静 很淡定
People don't realize this, but loneliness-
人们没发现 但寂寞...
- It's underrated. - You could just ask her out.
- 很淡定 - 你可以约她
Don't be stupid.
This Friday, all you can karaoke at the Mill. No.
- 今天周五 去唱歌吧 - 不去
Come on. They're not gonna let you back in there after last time.
- 别 - 上次那事以后 他们不会让你进店了
Ah, I wasn't that bad.
呃.. 没那么糟吧
Dude, you threw up on the stage, you tried to fight the bartender...
哥们 你吐到台上 差点跟酒保打起来...
and you threatened to burn the place down.
But I didn't burn the place down. We're not going back there, man.
- 但我没有真的烧了它 - 我们不会再去了 哥们
Look. It's not like that, okay? It's a work thing. The whole office is going.
不是那样 好吧 这是工作 所有办公室的人都要去
I can't go, even if I wanted- You're not listening to me.
- 我不去 哪怕... - 认真听我说
What? The whole office is going.
- 什么 - "所有"办公室的人都要去
♪ Just like every cowboy ♪
♪ Sings a sad, sad song ♪
♪ Every rose has its thorn ♪
Hi. Hi.
- 嗨 - 嗨
They said you weren't coming. You asked if I was-
- 他们说你不来了 - 你过我...
Goddamn. That song is brilliant!
What's up, Hansen? Summer. Summer
- 怎么了 Hansen - Summer Summer
That's me. Come on up.
- 该我了 - 快上来
Okay. I'm new, so no making fun of me. Whoo!
- 我是菜鸟 别笑我 - 哇!
Thanks, chief.
多谢 头儿
Ah, thanks. Yeah, man.
- 哦 谢了 - 干杯
♪ I got some troubles but they won't last ♪
♪ I'm gonna lay right down here in the grass ♪
♪ And pretty soon all my troubles will pass ♪
♪ 'Cause I'm in Su-Su-Su ♪
♪ Su-Su-Su ♪
♪ Su-Su-Su-Su-Su-Su ♪
♪ Sugar Town ♪
Like, that's what I was- I guess.
- 以前是 - 我猜的
Hello. Hi.
- 嗨 -嘿
I didn't, uh- I didn't know you were gonna join us.
我..呃.. 我不知道你要加入我们
I would have gotten you, you know, a drink, or-
我应该给你拿... 拿一瓶-- 或者--
I'm good. You're good?
- 已经有了 - 恩
You- You were great- great up, uh, singing. Thank you.
你 你很棒 太棒了 唱的 - 谢了
I wanted to sing "Born To Run," but they didn't have it.
我本来想唱 "生来奔波" 可他们这没
I love "Born To Run." Me too.
- 我喜欢 "生来奔波" - 我也是
Tom's from New Jersey. Really?
- Tom 是新泽西人 - 是吗
Yeah. I grew up there. Uh, I lived there till I was 12.
恩 我在那长大 12岁才离开
I named my cat after Springsteen.
No kidding. What-what was his name?
- 别开玩笑了 那它叫什么
Oh. That makes sense.
哦 很形象
So, do you have a boyfriend?
那么 你有男朋友吗
- No. - Why not?
- 没有 - 为什么不找个
- 'Cause I don't want one. - Come on. I don't believe that.
- 因为不想 - 别逗了 我不信
You don't believe that a woman could enjoy being free and independent?
Are you a lesbian?
No, I'm not a lesbian.
不 我不是
I just don't feel comfortable being anyone's girlfriend.
我只是感觉不舒服 作谁的女朋友的话
I don't actually feel comfortable being anyone's anything, you know.
- I don't know what you're talking about. - Really?
- 我不知道你在说什么 - 是吗
Okay. Let me break it down for you.
好吧 那我 "说来话长" 了
- Break it down. - Okay. I like being on my own.
- 说嘛 - 我喜欢做我自己
Relationships are messy, and people's feelings get hurt.
关系太复杂 人们觉得受伤
Who needs it? We're young.
谁希望这样 我们还年轻
We live in one of the most beautiful cities in the world.
Might as well have fun while we can and...
save the serious stuff for later.
Holy shit. You're a dude. She's a dude.
操蛋 你是个花花公子 她真花心
Okay. But wait, wait. What happens if you fall in love?
好好 等一下 如果你恋爱了怎么办
Well, you don't believe that, do you?
It's love. It's not Santa Claus.
是爱 不是圣诞老人
Well, what does that word even mean?
好吧 那个字代表什么
I've been in relationships, and I don't think I've ever seen it.
我有过那种关系 但我不觉得我见过
Well, maybe that's- And most marriages end in divorce these days.
- 好吧 可能... - 大多数婚姻中途就完蛋了
Like my parents. Okay. Mine too, but-
- 就像我父母 - 我也是 但...
Me thinks the lady doth protest too much.
The lady dothn't.
There's no such thing as love. It's a fantasy.
没爱情这回事 那是童话
Well, I think you're wrong.
Okay. Well,
好的 那么
what is it that I'm missing then?
I think you know it when you feel it.
I guess we can just agree to disagree.
- Okay. Who's singing next?
那么 下一个谁来
I nominate Young werther here.
I'm not nearly drunk enough to- Bartender.
- 我还没有喝到... - 酒保
♪ Outside there's a boxcar waiting ♪
♪ Outside the family stew ♪
♪ out by the fire breathing ♪
♪ Outside we wait till our face turns blue ♪
♪ I know the nervous walking ♪
♪ I know the dirty beard ha-ha-hangs ♪
♪ Out by the box car waiting ♪
♪ Take me away to nowhere plains ♪
♪ There is a wait so long So long, so long ♪
♪ There is a wait so long ♪
♪ Here comes your man ♪
whoo! You're good! ♪ Here comes your man ♪
Is it- ♪ Here comes your man ♪
It's not? No, that's not it.
- 不是吗 - 不是
What is that then? I don't know. That-
- 那是什么 - 我不知道 恩 ..
That- That's something, but that's not it. I know.
什么来着 不对 我知道
Ah, I used to watch it every week. Oh. Yeah!
- 我以前每周都看 - 哦 对
It was the best show on TV. I know.
- 那是最好的电视节目 - 我知道
Knight Rider? Come on. And the theme song is really good.
霹雳游侠 对吧 主题曲太棒了
So good. This is gonna bother me for a week.
- 太棒了 - 我惦记了一周
Me too.
♪ And I'm proud to be an American ♪
♪ Where at least I know I'm free ♪
♪ And I'd like to entertain- ♪
- You were amazing. I know, buddy.
- 你太棒了 - 我知道 哥们
You're amazing.
This was so much fun. Yeah.
You guys are so much- Wait! Wait! Hey.
你们太.. 等 等一下 嗨
What's up? Not you.
- 什么 - 不是你
He likes you. Okay.
- 他喜欢你 - 好了
He likes likes you! Good night, McKenzie.
- 他喜欢你 - 晚安 肯德基
Why don't you just tell her, Tom? Yeah.
- Tom 你为什么不告诉她 - 好了
You guys are the best! Sorry you had to see that. He's-
- 你那么棒 - 抱歉 你看到了 他..
Happens every time we come here. He, uh- I don't know.
- 每次都这样 他 .. 可能..
Something about that guy and singing.
Is that true? Yeah, yeah.
- 真的吗 - 对 对
He drinks, and he sings and just loses his shit.
他喝醉了 唱歌 醉得一塌糊涂
No, uh, not McKenzie.
不 不是麦肯奇
Um, the other thing.
What thing?
Do you... like me?
你.. 喜欢我
Yeah, of course I like you.
对 当然 我喜欢你
As friends?
Right. As friends.
对 朋友
Just as friends?
Yeah. I mean, l- I don't know. I hadn't really thought about, um-
我的意思是 ... 呃 ... 我没认真想过... 呃 ...
Yes. Why?
对 怎么了
No reason. I just-
没什么 我只是
I think you are interesting, and I'd like for us to be friends.
觉得你很有趣 我倒是很想跟你做朋友
Is that all right?
Yeah. It's, um-
当然 那么...呃...
Yeah. You and me. We should be friends. Mmm.
对 你和我 我们应该成为朋友 嗯
Okay. Good.
恩 好的
Well, I'm that way, so-
那么 我走这边
Okay. Well, good night. Good night.
- 好吧 晚安 - 晚安
- Hey. - Hi.
- 嗨 - 嘿
So, that was fun the other night.
那 .. 那天很开心...
You son of a bitch. Shh!
- 你丫个混蛋 - 嘘
The same girl you've been obsessing over for weeks now? I've not been obsessing.
- 几周啦 怎么还对那妞还念念不忘 - 我没有
The girl you said was out of your league, that you'd never have a chance with.
你不是说过高攀不上 100万年也搞不定的
That girl. Paul, seriously.
- 那妞 - 保罗 安静点
Did you bang her? No.
- 你上她了 - 没有
What, hum job? Hand job? Man, no.
- 什么 口交 手淫 - 没 老大
No jobs. I'm still unemployed. We- We kissed.
没有 还早着呢 我们..我们接吻了
Level with me, man. Come on. This is your best friend, huh?
跟哥说实话 我是你最好的朋友
Your best friend who tolerated you whining about this girl for weeks on end.
Paul- You were essentially stalking her!
- 保罗 - 你根本就是盯梢她
- Paul! Shh!
保罗 闭嘴
- Hi. - Hey.
- 嗨 - 嗨
I'm Summer. Summer.
- 我是Summer - Summer
I'm Paul. Hi, Paul. Nice to meet you.
- 我是保罗 - 嗨 保罗 很高兴见到你
Well, I gotta go. I gotta do some, you know.
好吧 我该走了 我还有些事 饭还在锅上
Yeah, man. Um, pretend I was never here.
- 对 哥们 - 呃.. 当我没来过
Oh, wait! Tom, Tom, Tom, Tom. Um, if any jobs come up-
哦 等 等一下 Tom 呃... 如果有什么...
Thanks, Paul! See ya!
谢了 保罗 回见
He's, uh, you know, an old friend.
他.. 呃 老朋友了
If you heard any of, um-
Heard what? Nothing. You wanna go?
- 听到什么 - 没什么 你要走了吗
Yeah. I'm stalking. I mean, I'm starving.
对 我在盯梢 我在盯梢
Ah, hon?
哦 亲爱的
Our sink is broken.
Man, all of our sinks are broken.
What are we looking for again?
Uh, trivets. How 'bout a fly gel?
- 三角架 - 买个台灯吧
No, I don't think so.
不 算了吧
No? You don't want a fly gel?
是吗 你不想买个台灯
Home sweet home.
家 温暖的家
Our place really is lovely, isn't it?
咱们家可真好 是吧
Ooh! Idol's on.
哦 "美国偶像" 开演了
The TV's not working.
Well, I'm famished.
好吧 我饿死了
Let's eat.
Mmm. Smells delicious.
嗯~ 真好闻
Oh, honey, that's because it is delicious.
哦 亲爱的 它真的很好吃
I made it myself.
Bald eagle. Your favorite.
- 贝果[硬面包圈] - 你的最爱
The sink's broken.
Well, that's okay, because...
没事 因为 ..
that's why we bought a home with two kitchens.
就是为什么 我们有两个厨房
You're so smart.
I'll race you to the bedroom.
♪ Left behind ♪
♪ There goes the fear again ♪
♪ Let it go ♪
♪ There goes the fear♪
Darling, I don't know how to tell you this,
亲爱的 我怎么跟你说
but... there's a Chinese family in our bathroom.
可是... 那些中国人在咱们浴室
This is fun.
You're fun.
Hey, um,
嗨 呃
I just wanna tell you that, um,
I'm not really looking...
for anything... serious.
Is that okay?
'Cause some people kind of freak out when they hear that.
No, not me.
You sure?
Yeah. Like, casual. Right? Take it slow.
就像暧昧 对吧 慢慢来
No pressure.
Can you, uh- Can you wait one second?
等等... 你能等一下吗
Okay. Settle. She's just a girl.
冷静点 她是个女孩
Just a girl.
She wants to keep it casual,
which is why she's in my bed right now.
But that's casual. That's what casual people do.
但是暧昧... 那正是暧昧的人该做的
That's fine. That's great.
好吧 没事
Hi. Hi.
- 嗨 - 嗨
♪ What I want you've got and it might be hard to handle ♪
♪ Like the flame that burns the candle ♪
♪ The candle feeds the flame ♪
♪ Yeah, yeah what I've got full stock ♪
♪ of thoughts and dreams that scatter♪
♪ You're pullin' them all together ♪
♪ And I can't explain oh, yeah ♪
♪ Well, well, you ♪
♪ Ooh-ooh, ooh, ooh-ooh ♪
♪ You make my dreams come true ♪
♪ Ooh-ooh, ooh, ooh-ooh ♪
♪ Ooh-ooh well, well, well, you ♪
♪ Ooh-ooh, ooh, ooh-ooh oh, yeah ♪
Thanks. ♪ You make my dreams come true ♪
♪ Ooh-ooh, you, ooh-ooh Yeah, oh, yeah ♪
♪ You ♪
♪ on a night when bad dreams become a screamer♪
♪ when they're messin' with the dreamer ♪
♪ I can laugh it in the face ♪
♪ Twist and shout my way out ♪
♪ And wrap yourself around me ♪
♪ 'Cause I ain't the way you found me ♪
♪ And I'll never be the same oh, yeah ♪
♪ Well, well, you ♪
♪ You make my dreams come true ♪
♪ ooh-ooh, you, ooh-ooh whoa, yeah ♪
♪ Ooh-ooh well, well, well, you ♪
♪ Ooh-ooh, ooh, ooh-ooh Whoo-whoo ♪
♪ You make my dreams come true ♪
♪ ooh-ooh, you, ooh-ooh ♪
♪ oh-oh-oh, yeah Ooh-ooh ♪
♪ Now listen to this ♪
♪ I'm down on my daydream ♪
♪ oh, that sleepwalk should be over by now ♪
♪ Oh, no ♪
♪ Yeah, you ♪
♪ Yeah ♪
You know, I'm gonna- I'm gonna- I'm gonna get Alfredo's number.
给我... 给我 阿弗雷多的号码
Okay. And I'll- And I'll bring it to you.
好的 过会给你
Okay. Okay?
- 行吗 - 没问题
Is this Solitaire?
So, did you get her back yet or what?
Working on it.
Hey, maybe you should write a book. What?
- 也许你该写本书 - 什么
Well, you know, Henry Miller said the best way to get over a woman...
亨利·米勒说过 忘掉一个女人的最好方法...
is to turn her into literature.
Well, that guy had a lot more sex than me.
Oh, this is it! This is it!
哇 就是这个 就是这个
So great to hear from you.
I can't this week, but maybe next?
但是这周不行 要不下周
I hope this means you're ready to be friends.
我希望这代表着 你已经准备好做朋友了
Yeah, that's it. That is it.
对 就是这个
Your girl is losing it.
Can you just be serious, for just a second?
I am being totally serious. No, you're joking around.
- 我很认真 - 不 你一点也不
No, I am not joking around. "Octopus's Garden"?
- 我没有 -“章鱼花园”
Yes, "octopus's Garden" is the best Beatles song ever recorded.
“章鱼花园” 是披头士发行的最好的歌
Why don't you just say "Piggies"?
你怎么不说是 “猪猡”
Come on. I love Ringo Starr!
别闹了 我喜欢 林戈·斯塔尔
Nobody loves Ringo Starr. That's what I love about him.
- 没人喜欢 林戈·斯塔尔 - 那正是我喜欢他的原因
No, no.
不 不
Ooh, this looks good.
哇 看起来不错
Gets really good reviews.
You know what? That looks pretty doable.
你知道吗 看起来太难以置信了
Why are you asking me now? Because this was your idea.
- 你这时候要我干嘛 - 这是你的主意
Put your hand there. Wait one second.
- 手放这 - 等一下
Okay. Three, two, one! One.
好了 三 二 一
Yeah, the street level isn't so exciting, but-
逛街可能没那么好玩 可如果...
Like, if you look up- ♪ Sweet ♪
♪ Disposition ♪
The Fine Arts Building.
The guys who designed this, Walker and Eisen, are... two of my favorites.
这栋楼的设计师 沃克和艾森 我最喜欢的两个
Isn't that cool? ♪ Never ♪
♪ Too soon ♪
This is my favorite spot. This is?
- 这是我最喜欢的地方 - 这吗
This is your favorite spot?
Right here.
How come?
Uh, I don't know. It's kind of hard to explain, I guess.
我不知道 很难解释 感觉
Well, try.
Um- Well, okay.
Like, that building- that's, uh-
就像 那座建筑
That's been there since 1911.
它 1911 年就在那了
And that- that's the Continental. That's L.A.'s first skyscraper.
还有那座大陆风的建筑 是洛杉矶最早的摩天大楼
It was built in 1904.
1904 年建成的
What is that?
That's a parking lot. Oh!
- 那个是停车场 - 噢
Yeah. That's- That's also a parking lot.
那些 还有那些 全是
That's, um- Yeah.
There's a lot of beautiful stuff here too though.
还有很多漂亮的建筑 虽然...
I don't know. I just... wish people would notice it more.
我只是... 我只是希望人们更多的注意到
If it were me, then, uh-
If it were you what?
I don't know. I think I'd... make 'em notice.
我是说... 如果是我的话 我会让人们注意到吧
How would you make them notice?
I don't know. There's a lot of different stuff you could do.
我不知道 太多要做的了
Show me.
Please. I don't know anything about architecture.
拜托 我对建筑不是很懂
You want me to draw you something? Yeah.
- 你想让我画出来 - 对
I don't have any paper. Well, use my arm.
- 可没带纸 - 用我的胳膊吧
Please, I need a tattoo.
求你了 我想要个纹身
Well, let's see your arm. That's the spirit.
- 让我们看看你的胳膊 -多有灵感
Well, the buildings need to be integrated better, so-
要把建筑描绘得更精确一些 所以
You could maximize light capacity here.
It's kind of messy.
That's okay.
For Tom Hansen, this was the night where everything changed.
对于 Tom Hansen 从这个晚上开始 一切都变了
That wall Summer so often hid behind-
那堵 Summer 用来躲避的墙
the wall of distance, of space, of casual-
那堵 关于距离 关于空间 关于暧昧
that wall was slowly coming down.
For here was Tom, in her world,
是 Tom 进入了她的世界
a place few had been invited to see with their own eyes.
And here was Summer, wanting him there.
Summer 希望他进来
Him, no one else.
他 而不是别人
Have you ever been in a tornado? No.
- 你见过龙卷风吗 - 没有
It's that and my teeth falling out.
I have that too! You do?
- 我也是 - 是吗
Yeah! It's so weird. It's like being an old man.
恩 真怪异 好像我老了
What else do you have?
Um, earthquakes?
呃 地震
Really? No.
- 真的 - 假的
You know, I dream sometimes about flying.
我曾经做过一个梦 我在飞
It starts out like I'm running really, really fast.
开始的时候我只是跑 那么快
I'm, like, superhuman.
就像 超人
And the terrain starts to get really rocky and steep.
And then I'm running so fast that my feet aren't even touching the ground.
我跑的太快了 离开了地面
And I'm floating, and it's like this amazing, amazing realness.
我飞起来了 很奇妙 奇妙且真实
I'm free. I'm safe.
感觉很自由 很安全
Then I realize,
l'm completely alone.
And then I wake up.
As he listened, Tom began to realize...
他听着 Tom 开始发觉
that these weren't stories routinely told.
These were stories one had to earn.
He could feel the wall coming down.
He wondered if anyone else had made it this far.
Which is why the next six words changed everything.
而后面的话 改变了一切
I've never told anybody that before.
I guess I'm not just anybody.
我猜我不是 别人
- So what are you exactly?
I don't know. Are you her boyfriend?
- 我不知道 - 男朋友
It's not that simple. Sure, it is.
- 很显然不是 - 对
What, like, are we going steady? Come on, guys.
就像 你们恋爱了吗 拜托
You know, we're- we're adults. We know how we feel.
我们.. 我们是成年人 你知道我们在想什么
We don't need to put labels on it.
I mean, "boyfriend," "girlfriend."
就像 "男朋友" "女朋友"
All that stuff is- It's really juvenile.
那些东西都... 太幼稚了
You sound gay. You really do.
- 听起来好像你是同性恋 - 确实
Okay, first of all,
好吧 首先
your last girlfriend was Amy Sussman in the seventh grade,
你最后一个女朋友是 七年级的艾米·苏斯曼
and you dated for, like, three hours.
跟你约会 大概才三个小时吧
And you- you've been with Robyn since what- like 1998?
而你 你和瑞比从... 1998 年开始的吧
'97. '97. See-
- 97年 - 对 97年
I don't think the two of you are exactly authorities on modern relationships.
我觉得你们俩不是 现代爱情方面的专家
So, what should I do? You should ask her.
- 那我该怎么办 - 你该去问她
Well, why rock the boat, is what I'm thinking.
我在想 干吗要自找麻烦
I mean, things are going well.
You start putting labels on it, that's like the kiss of death.
你想确定关系 但那可能就完蛋了
It's like saying, "I love you." Yeah, I know what you mean.
- 就像 " 我爱你 " - 好了 我知道你说什么了
That's what happened between me and Sean.
Who the hell's Sean? My boyfriend before Mark.
- 哪的混蛋肖恩 - 马克之前的男朋友
Who the- Never mind.
谁是... 算了
So, what you're saying- I'm saying you do want to ask her.
- 那么 你的意思是 - 我是说你确实想问她
It's obvious. You're just afraid you'll get an answer you don't want,
很明显 你只是怕答案不是你想要的
which will shatter all the illusions of how great these past few months have been.
Now look, if it were me,
这样 如果是我
I'd find out now before you show up at her place...
我会现在就弄清楚 而不是稀里糊涂地回到家
and, well, she's in bed with Lars from Norway.
Who's Lars from Norway?
Just some guy she met at the gym...
with Brad Pitt's face and Jesus' abs.
Wait! No, Coach. We're not done here.
等等 不 我们不能这样结束
Rachel! Look, it's easy, Tom.
- 雷切尔 - 这很容易 Tom
Just don't be a pussy.
You okay?
Yeah. You sure?
- 恩 - 是吗
Summer, I gotta ask you something.
Summer 我得问你点事
What? What are we, um-
- 什么 - 我们...
What are we doing? I thought we were going to the movies.
- 我们在干嘛 - 我们不是要去看电影吗
Yeah. Nah, I mean, like, what are we, like-
对 我的意思是 我们...
What's going on here, with us?
I don't know.
Who cares?
I'm happy. Aren't you happy? Yeah.
- 我很开心 你不也是吗 - 开心
London, 1964.
伦敦 1964
Those girls knew how to dress.
Nowadays, it's all these giant sunglasses...
可今天 到处都是墨镜和
and tattoos.
It's handbags with little dogs in them.
Who okayed this? Some people like it.
- 谁允许的 - 有人喜欢
I like how you dress.
I was thinking about getting a butterfly tattoo about yea big on my ankle.
我考虑过 在我脚上刺个蝴蝶
How's it going?
Uh, okay.
You live around here?
Um, yeah, not too far.
对 不是很远
I've never seen you here before.
You're not too observant.
That's funny. You're funny.
很好笑 你很幽默
So let me buy you a drink. No, thank you.
- 请你喝一杯 - 算了 谢谢
You with this guy? Hey, I'm Tom.
- 你在和他约会 - 嗨 我叫 Tom
Whatever. So, come on. One drink. What are you drinking?
随便 来吧 请你喝一杯 你喝什么
I said no, thanks.
我说了算了 谢谢
You're serious? This guy?
- 你还挺认真 这小子
Hey, buddy- You know what? Don't be rude.
- 嗨 哥们... - 你想干嘛 别那么野蛮
I'm flattered, but I'm not interested.
我在敷衍你 我没兴趣
So why don't you go over there and leave us alone? Thanks.
你为什么离我们远点 谢谢你了
It's a free country.
I can't believe this is your boyfriend.
What are you doing?
It was really just a crazy thing.
It happened like- It felt like it happened fast, but really,
它.. 发生的太快了 但是..
it- it also felt like it was happening really slowly,
like everything all was just-
I don't know. It doesn't feel like you think it would-
很难表达 就像... 你理解不了
Hey, what's the matter?
嗨 你怎么了
I just- I can't believe you.
我只是.. 我无法相信你
You can't believe me?
You were so completely, completely uncool in there.
你很 非常 不冷静
Wait. Are you mad at me? I just got my ass kicked for you.
等等 你生我气了 我是在保护你
Oh, really? Was that for me? Was that for my benefit?
是吗 是为我吗 保护我
Yes, it was.
Okay, well, next time don't, 'cause I don't need your help.
好吧 那下次别这样做 我不需要你帮忙
You know what? I'm really tired.
你知道吗 我很累
Can we talk about this tomorrow?
No. You know what?
不 知道什么
I'm not going anywhere till you tell me what's going on.
我哪都不去 除非你告诉我怎么了
Nothing's going on.
We're just...
What? We're just what?
什么 我们只是什么
We're just friends. No! Don't pull that with me!
- 我们只是朋友 - 别拿这个当借口
Don't even try to.
This is not how you treat your friend.
Kissing in the copy room? Holding hands in IKEA?
在打印室里接吻 牵着手逛家居
Shower sex? Come on! Friends, my balls!
鸳鸯浴 算了吧 朋友 真是蛋疼
I like you, Tom. I just don't want a relationship
我喜欢你 Tom 我只是不想恋爱
well, you're not the only one that gets a say in this!
I do too! And I say we're a couple, goddamn it!
我也有 我说 我们是一对 操蛋
After you, please.
I shouldn't have done that.
Done what? Gotten mad at you.
- 不该什么 - 生你的气
I'm sorry.
Look, we don't have to put a label on it.
好吧 我们不需要贴上标签
That's fine. I get it.
这很好 我明白了
But, you know, I just- I need some consistency.
但你知道 我只是.. 需要点默契
I know.
I need to know that you're not gonna wake up in the morning...
我只是想弄清楚 你不会一天早上醒来
and... feel differently.
感觉.. 不一样
And I can't give you that.
Nobody can.
That hurt? I'm sorry.
很抱歉 让你伤心了
No, it doesn't hurt.
I like you.
All right.
♪ You loved her You were kissing ♪
Shh. Well, what about you? Did you ever even have a boyfriend?
那么 你呢 有过男朋友吗
Well, of course. Yeah?
- 当然 - 恩
Yeah. Well, tell me about them.
- 恩 - 跟我讲讲
No. Oh? Why not?
- 不 - 为什么
Because it's not important.
I'm interested.
All right. Fine. You want to go there?
好吧 你想听
Yeah. I can take it. Fine.
Well, in high school there was Markus.
- Quarterback-slash-homecoming king?
四分卫 肩带 返校节国王
No. He was a rower.
不 他是个赛艇运动员
He was very hot.
For a brief time in college there was, um- there was Charlie.
大学里有一阵子 和查理在一起
She was nice, but-
她 人很好 但是...
And then there was my semester in Sienna.
Fernando Belardelli.
Also known as "The Puma."
他绰号叫 "美洲狮"
- The Puma? - Yeah, The Puma, 'cause, you know.
- 美洲狮 - 对 美洲狮 因为...
Oh, that's it? The ones that lasted, yeah.
- 就这些吗 - 相处过一段时间的就这些
What happened? Why- Why didn't they work out?
然后呢 为什么.. 他们为什么出局了
What always happens. Life.
世事难料 人生就是这样
That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard.
这是我听过的 最白痴的事
No, it's not. It's awesome. Trust me.
肯定不是 那很了不起 相信我
I'm serious.
I'll go first.
Penis! Penis!
- 鸡巴 - 鸡巴
Penis! There's kids around.
- 鸡巴 - 孩子们在附近
There are no kids around.
Penis! Penis!
- 鸡巴 - 鸡巴
You having fun? Yeah.
- 很好玩 - 对
This is the kind of thing you did with The Puma, isn't it?
Oh, we rarely left the room.
不 我们很少出门
Sorry. Tourette's. You know how it is. Penis!
- 抱歉 妥瑞氏症 你们知道的 - 鸡巴
She has it too. Penis! Penis!
- 她也是 - 鸡巴 - 鸡巴
Shh. Everyone's looking over here. I'm done. I'm done.
- 小声点 人们都在看你 - 好了 好了
Are you done? I'm done.
- 不喊了 - 恩
You're done? Yeah.
- 真的 - 恩
This is too much. Unleash me. I'm done.
- 太过分了 - 放开我吧 我不喊了
Promise? I promise.
- 保证 - 保证
I promise.
It's very complex. Mmm.
- 很复杂 - 恩
In a way, it sort of, like,
某种程度上 有点像
says... so much...
表达.. 很多东西..
saying so little.
Do you want to go to the movies? Yep.
- 想去看电影吗 - 恩
So much suffering.
Suffering. Suffering.
心碎了 心碎了
T-Tom T-Tom?
Mr. Vance would like to see you in his office.
Tom Tom.
Have a seat.
Has something happened to you recently?
What do you mean?
A death in the family, someone taken ill- Anything like that.
家里某个人死了 还是生病了 之类的
Look, I don't mean to pry, but...
我并不是在刺探你 可..
does this have something to do with Summer leaving?
和 Summer 的离开有关吗
Who? My assistant.
- 谁 - 我的助理
Your, um- Tom, everyone knows.
- 你.. - Tom 大家都知道了
Never mind.
The reason I'm asking is, lately your work performance...
我找你来 是因为你的业绩
has been... a little off.
有点.. 下滑
I'm not following. Okay.
- 等等 你说什么 - 好吧
Um, here's something that you wrote last week.
呃.. 这些是你上周写的
Uh, "Roses are red, violets are blue.
恩.. " 玫瑰是红色的 紫罗兰是蓝色
Fuck you, whore."
滚一边去 混蛋 "
Now, most shoppers at Valentine's Day-
Mr. Vance, are you firing me? No. No.
- 万斯先生 你要解雇我吗 - 不 不
Relax, Hansen. You're one of the good ones.
放松点 Hansen 你是我见过的最好的一个
Okay. Uh, yeah, I'm sorry.
恩 呃 抱歉
Things have been a little difficult.
That's okay. I completely understand that.
没事 我很清楚这一切
I'm just saying that perhaps you could channel those energies,
um, into something like this.
Funerals and sympathy.
Misery, sadness, loss of faith,
痛苦 悲伤 失去信心
no reason to live.
This is perfect for you.
Uh- Good. Okay.
- 呃.. - 很好
Now back to work you go.
- 继续工作吧
Thank you.
Hey. Hey.
- 嗨 - 嗨
Don't you have, like, 20 cards to write by Friday? Nope. All done.
- 你不是周五前要写20张卡片吗 - 全写完了
Really? Can you help me? 'Cause I've run out of ways to say "congrats."
真的假的 能帮帮我吗 我已经用尽那些 " 恭喜 " 了
Okay. I got "Good job," "Well done" and "Way to go."
我这里有 " 不错 " " 好样的 " " 干得好 "
That's it.
How 'bout, "Every day you make me proud,
" 你每天都让我感到骄傲
but today you get a card."
但今天我送你张卡片 " 这个怎么样
Shit, that's good! I know.
- 操 真棒 - 当然
Have you tried "Merry"?
" 欢乐" 怎么样
Wow! That's perfect! Merry! Wow!
哇 太棒了 欢乐 哇
We've been stuck on this for an hour.
Hmm. How about...
恩.. 那么...
"I love us"?
" 我爱我们 "
I hate Summer.
我恨 Summer
I hate her crooked teeth.
I hate her 1960s haircut.
I hate her knobby knees.
And I hate her cockroach-shaped splotch on her neck.
I hate the way she smacks her lips before she talks.
And I hate the way she sounds when she laughs.
♪ She's like the wind ♪
I hate this song!
Son, you're gonna have to exit the vehicle.
孩子 你还是下车吧
I normally don't do blind dates,
but Paul and Robyn spoke very highly of you.
Ah. They said you write greeting cards.
- 哦 - 他们说你写贺卡
That's so interesting. I wanted to write.
太有趣了 我也想写
I actually majored in English in college,
but what are you gonna do with that degree?
I went to Brown. Where did you go? Alison.
- 我去了布朗 你去过哪 - 埃里森
Listen, it's great to meet you,
and... you're a very attractive girl.
恩.. 你是个很有魅力的女孩
I just wanted to say up front that this isn't-
我只是想事先说明 这不是...
It's not gonna go anywhere. Oh.
I liked this girl. I mean, I loved her.
我曾喜欢过一个女孩 我爱她
What does she do?
She took a giant shit on my face.
Literally. Literally?
- 真事 - 真的假的
Not literally. That's disgusting. Jesus.
- 假的 - 天哪 真扯淡
What's the matter with you?
The point is,
I'm messed up. I am.
我纠结了 真的
You know, on the one hand, I want to forget her.
一方面 我想忘了她
On the other hand,
I know that she's the only person in the entire universe that will make me happy.
我知道她是整个宇宙 唯一能让我快乐的人
Mm-hmm. You ever do this?
- 恩 - 你曾经这样过吗
You think back on the times you had with someone, replay it in your head over and over again,
不断回忆你们在一起的时光 一次又一次
and you look for those first signs of trouble.
There's two options really.
Either... she's an evil,
一个是 她邪恶
emotionless, miserable human being,
没人性 卑鄙
or... she's a robot.
或者 她是个机器人
Small Wonder. You know, Vicki.
That would explain a lot actually. Can I ask you a question?
- 这样一切都能解释了 - 我能问你个问题吗
Yeah. She never cheated on you?
- 好的 - 她劈过腿吗
No. Never. She ever take advantage of you in any way?
- 没有 - 她利用你了吗
And she told you up front that she didn't want a boyfriend.
她之前说她不想要男朋友 对吧
I got a great idea.
♪ Well, some things you can explain away ♪
♪ But my heartache's in me every day ♪
♪ Did you stand by me No, not at all ♪
♪ Di- ♪
Oh, fine! Go! That's fine. See ya.
好吧 走吧 再见
Waste of time. You don't look anything like Summer.
浪费时间 你跟 Summer 差太远了
Now departing on Track 2, Pacific Surfliner.
Full service to Santa Barbara.
All aboard, please.
Hey, baby. Hey, you here?
- 嘿 小子 - 你在哪
Hell no. What do you mean, "Hell no"?
- 我没在 - 你什么意思 没在
I'm not going to that. Yes, you are.
- 我不去了 - 是吗
No, man. It's gonna be all old people.
哥们 那全是老人
Yeah, but you said you were going. That's why I'm going.
对 是你说你要去 我才来的
And that's why I called her last night, told her I was sick.
所以昨晚给她打电话 说我病了
Like a ninja. Dude! I'm gonna- I'm not gonna know anybody at this thing.
- 就像忍者 - 我& 我.. 我不会去那找马子的
Maybe you'll meet some hot granddaughters or something.
也许你能碰见个 性感小萝莉什么的
I'm hanging up now. Bye, baby.
- 我挂了 - 再见 哥们
May I have your attention, please?
Passengers boarding the train in Los Angeles, please...
have your tickets out and ready for collection.
Hi, Tom!
嗨 Tom
Hey. Summer.
嗨 Summer
I must have walked right by you. Yeah.
- 我刚才没注意到你 - 是吗
Well, um, what are you doing? Are you going to Millie's?
你是要去哪 米莉家么
Me too. Cool.
- 我也是 - 太好了
- I forgot you knew her. - Yeah, we worked together all that time, so-
- 我忘了你认识她 - 恩 我们一起工作...
of course. I love Millie. She's the sweetest.
- 当然 - 我喜欢米莉 她很可爱
She is.
- How are you? - I'm good.
- 你怎么样 - 不错
Good. L-I wrote to you. I never heard back, but-
恩 我给你写信 但没收到过你的 ..
Yeah. Yeah. Sorry about that. L- I just, you know-
哦 抱歉 我只是..
It got kind of crazy, and the holidays came up, so work was-
这些天过得一团糟 这放假了也不得休息 工作...
You still working for Vance?
Well, I was gonna go get a coffee if you wanna-
哦 我正要去喝杯咖啡 你 ..
"The Architecture of Happiness."
" 幸福建筑 "
Yeah. That looks like a good book.
Yeah, it's-
恩 ..
Well, I don't want to bother you. No, no. I, um-
- 我不想打扰你 - 不 没事
Yeah, let's get coffee.
走吧 喝杯咖啡
After you.
♪ Sweet ♪
♪ Disposition ♪
♪ Never ♪
♪ Too soon ♪
♪ A moment, a love A dream aloud ♪
♪ A kiss, a cry our rights, our wrongs ♪
You look nice. Thanks.
- 你看起来很精神 - 谢谢
So do you. ♪ Sweet ♪
well? ♪ Disposition ♪
I now pronounce you husband and wife.
You may kiss the bride.
♪ Helping the kids out of their coats ♪
♪ Wait, the babies haven't been born ♪
♪ Oh, oh, oh-oh-oh-oh, oh ♪
♪ Unpacking the bags and setting up ♪
♪ And planting lilacs and buttercups ♪
okay. What else you got?
Well, you snore. No, I don't.
- 你打呼噜 - 没有
You do. No, I don't.
- 当然有 - 我没有
Yeah. Well, you do too.
好吧 你也打过
Oh, I definitely do. And your feet reek.
- 当然 - 你脚还臭
That one time! No, every time.
- 就一次 - 每次都是
That one time! No.
- 就那一天好吧 - 别狡辩了
That one time especially, but every time.
- 每天都是 那一次格外臭
And when you wake up, your hair, it sticks up like that.
你起床的时候 头发都竖起来了
It's ridiculous. You're ridiculous.
- 真好笑 - 你真恶趣味
Your favorite Beatle is Ringo.
Damn right!
Ringo's the best. Ringo is-
- 林戈最棒 - 林戈..
Goose! Oh! Oh! Oh!
Man! He's fast. Damn! All right.
他太快了 算了
You got me. Duck.
你抓到我了 我是鸭子
♪ At last ♪
♪ My love has come along ♪
♪ My lonely days are over ♪
One, two, three.
一 二 三
♪ And life is like a song ♪
Wanna dance? Yeah.
♪ Oh, at last ♪
Hey, I was wondering, um- ♪ The skies above are blue ♪
I was gonna maybe have a party on Friday, um,
on our rooftop that has, like, a really nice garden,
在我家屋顶上 那个小花园
if you want to come.
那个 你来吗
Yeah. ♪ For you are mine ♪
If you're not busy.
I don't think I will be. ♪ At last ♪
They're good, huh? They are good.
- 很不错 对吧 - 很棒
I guess I just got lucky.
Um, we met in elementary school.
In seventh grade we had the same class schedule,
and, uh,
we just clicked, you know?
Shit, I don't know.
该死 我可不太懂
As long as she's cute and she's willing, right?
只要她愿意 又可爱 对吧
I'm flexible on the cute, so-
Twenty-one years.
She's the light that guides me home.
Yes, that is from one of our cards.
好吧 没错 是我引用贺卡上的话
No. Someone else wrote it.
不 别人写的
Doesn't make it less true.
I think technically the "girl of my dreams"...
我认为纯粹的 " 梦中女孩 "
would probably have, like, a really bodacious rack, you know.
要有.. 呃... 火辣的身材
Maybe different hair.
Probably- You know, she'd probably be a little more into sports.
喜欢运动 的更好点
But, um, truthfully,
Robyn's- Robyn's better than the girl of my dreams.
She's real.
♪ He never, ever saw it coming at all ♪
♪ Never, ever saw it coming at all ♪
Tom walked to her apartment,
Tom 去了她的公寓
intoxicated by the promise of the evening.
He believed that this time...
his expectations would align with reality.
♪ It's all right ♪
♪ Hey, open wide Here comes original sin ♪
Hi. Hey.
- 嗨 - 嘿
You look nice.
Yeah. Thanks.
I like your tie. Wow! Hi.
How you doing? Good. How are you?
- 最近好吗 - 还行 你呢
♪ It's all right It's all right, it's all right ♪
♪ It's all right ♪
I, um, brought you something.
That's so nice.
Thank you.
You shouldn't have. That's so nice. It's the-
你太客气了 真不错
Thank you so much. No problem.
I'm excited to read it. Yeah.
Come on.
♪ And we're going to these meetings ♪
- So, Tom, what is it that you do? - Uh, I write greeting cards.
- Tom 你做什么工作的 - 我为贺卡撰写贺词
Tom could be a really great architect if he wanted to be.
如果 Tom 愿意 他会是个很棒的建筑师
That's unusual.
I mean, what made you go from one to the other?
我是说 你怎么会放弃当建筑师
I guess I just figured,
why make something disposable, like a building,
与其做那些一次性的东西 比如建筑
when you can make something that lasts forever, like a greeting card?
不如做些永恒的东西 比如贺卡 你说呢
♪ It's all right It's all right ♪
♪ It's all right It's all right ♪
Do you guys know each other?
♪ No one's got it all ♪
♪ Power to the people We don't want it ♪
♪ we want pleasure And the TVs try to rape us ♪
♪ And I guess that they're succeeding ♪
♪ And we're going to these meetings ♪
♪ But we're not doing any meeting ♪
♪ And we're trying to be faithful ♪
♪ But we're cheating cheating, cheating ♪
♪ I'm the hero of the story Don't need to be saved ♪
♪ It's all right ♪
♪ It's all right It's all right, it's all right ♪
♪ It's all right It's all right ♪
♪ It's all right It's all right, it's all right ♪
♪ It's all right It's all right ♪
♪ No one's got it all ♪
♪ All, all ♪
♪ All, all ♪
♪ Hung up and bent on a stranger ♪
♪ Just trying to swing a full-time ride ♪
♪ I never knew the cold hand of danger ♪
♪ Till I met this one and took it inside ♪
♪ Now I can't get near it ♪
Get a room! Really.
♪ My cover's blown ♪
♪ I walked in the rain like a drone ♪
♪ All the way to Marquette ♪
♪ The infinite pet ♪
♪ Oh, no ♪
♪ No, no, no, no, no ♪
♪ Cheaper than all your threats No, no, no ♪
I've been calling you every five minutes. Are you okay?
我每5分钟给你打次电话 你没事吧
I'm great. What happened to you?
- 我很好 - 你怎么了
I don't wanna talk about it. You always wanna talk about it.
- 我不想谈这个 - 你以前可不这样
Not this. Okay. Well, come on. Let's go.
- 这次不一样 - 别这样 走
Where are we going? It's Thursday!
- 去哪 - 今天是周四
This one says, "Go for it!"
这个人说 " 加油 "
And this one says, "You can do it!"
这个说 " 你能做到 "
We have a whole line of inspirational photographic cards...
featuring Pickles, my cat.
上面都是我的小猫 " 泡菜 "
I think people will really enjoy them.
- Thank you. Good job, Rhoda.
- 谢谢 - 干得不错
That's inspirational stuff.
Okay. Who's next?
好的 下一个是谁
We haven't heard from Sympathy in a while.
Hansen? Yeah?
- Hansen - 哦
The Winter Collection? Do you have anything to contribute?
冬日收藏系列 你有什么建议么
Uh, no.
I really don't.
We'll come back to you. Uh, McKenzie?
过会再叫你 麦肯齐
Actually, you know what? Yes, Tom?
- 事实上 那些.. - 什么
Can I say something about the cat? Well, okay.
- 那只猫 我能说两句吗 - 当然
Yeah, uh, this is-
那么 .. 这样
And, Rhoda, no disrespect here,
罗拉 我只是就事论事
but, um, this is total shit.
Tom! "Go for it" and "You can do it"?
- Tom - " 加油 " 和 " 你能做到 "
That's not inspirational. That's suicidal.
那不是创意 那是自杀
If Pickles goes for it right there, that's a dead cat.
如果 " 泡菜 " 真的去寻找了 它就成死猫了
These are lies. We're liars.
骗人的 我们都是骗子
Think about it. Why do people buy these things?
想想吧 为什么人们买这些
It's not 'cause they want to say how they feel.
People buy cards 'cause they can't say how they feel, or they're afraid to.
人们买贺卡 是因为他们不能或不敢 说出他们想说的
We provide the service that lets them off the hook.
我们提供服务 好让他们摆脱这些
You know what? I say, to hell with it! Let's level with America.
知道吗 这真扯蛋 让我们对美国人说实话吧
At least let them speak for themselves! Right?
I mean, look! What- what is this? What does it say?
看看 这些都是什么 写的什么
"Congratulations on your new baby." Right?
" 恭喜你喜得贵子 " 是吗
How 'bout, "Congratulations on your new baby.
为什么不是 " 恭喜你鬼混出来的儿子出生
- That's it for hanging out. Nice knowing you." - Sit down, Hansen.
认识你真高兴 " - 坐下 Hansen
How 'bout this one, with all the pretty hearts on the front? I know where this is going. Yep!
这个呢 这个有爱心封面的 我知道里面是什么
"Happy Valentine's Day, sweetheart. I love you."
" 情人节快乐 甜心 我爱你 "
That sweet? Ain't love grand?
真甜蜜 爱情多伟大
This is exactly what I'm talking about.
What does that even mean, "love"?
它到底是什么 爱情
Do you know? Do you? Anybody?
你知道吗 你 谁知道
Tom Tom.
If somebody gave me this card, Mr. Vance, I would eat it.
如果谁给我这样的卡片 万斯先生 我就吃了它
It's- It's these cards, and the movies, and the pop songs-
就是这些卡片 电影 流行歌曲
They're to blame for all the lies...
and the heartache, everything.
心痛 和所有的一切
And we're responsible. I'm responsible.
我们有责任 我也有责任
I think we do a bad thing here.
People should be able to say how they feel- how they really feel-
人们说出他们的感受 他们真实的感受
not, you know, some words that some strangers put in their mouths.
Words like "love"...
就像 " 爱 "
that don't mean anything.
Sorry. I'm sorry. I, uh-
对不起 抱歉
I quit. I'm-
There's enough bullshit in the world without my help.
这世界已经够扯蛋了 不需要我了
All right. Next we do running drills.
好了 下次我们做跑步练习
Hey, you're sketching again.
嗨 你又在描了
Yeah, well, just doodling.
Okay, Tom. We got 20 seconds. Talk to me. You okay?
Tom 我有20秒 告诉我 没事吧
Yeah, I'm good. I'm great.
没事 我很好
You know, my friends are all in love with you.
You know, it's like we said.
Plenty of other fish in the sea. Thanks.
- 海里还有很多鱼 - 谢谢
But, uh, those are guppies.
Hey, Tom? Mmm.
- Tom - 嗯
Look, I know you think that she was the one,
我知道你你认为 她就是你的命中注定
but I don't.
Now, I think you're just remembering the good stuff.
Next time you look back, I, uh-
下次 当你回首往事的时候..
I really think you should look again.
It's playing at 5:00. Do you wanna see it?
- 5点开始 - 你想去看吗
Um, I don't know. We could just go back to your place or-
不知道 你该回去了
No, I really want to see it. Let's go.
不 我想去看 走吧
♪ Time it was and what a time it was ♪
♪ It was ♪
♪ A time of innocence ♪
♪ A time of confidences ♪
You okay? Yeah.
- 你没事吧 - 没事
What- what is it? The movie?
怎么了 电影..
It's nothing. I'm just- I'm just being stupid.
没事 我 我太傻了
Yeah? Yeah.
- 是吗 - 恩
♪ Preserve your memories They're all that's left you ♪
It pains me we live in a world...
where nobody's heard of Spearmint.
I've never heard of them. I put 'em on that mix I made you.
- 我就没听说过他们 - 我把他们放进了我给你的混音碟里
They're track one.
Oh, yeah.
哦 对
So, what do you wanna do?
那么 接下来干嘛
I think I'm just gonna call it a day.
You don't wanna get some dinner? Are you hungry?
不想一块吃晚饭吗 你不饿吗
You all right?
I'm just tired. Okay.
- 我只是有点累了 - 好吧
I got it. Pancakes!
我有个好主意 薄烤饼
♪ Oh, girl, I don't know all the reasons why ♪
♪ I found the answer looking in your eye ♪
♪ I go out walking all day long ♪
♪ Take away this lonely man Soon he will be gone ♪
♪ 'Cause I'll tell you everything ♪
♪ About living free ♪
♪ Yes, I can see you, girl ♪
♪ Can you see me ♪
♪ You don't need to know what I do all day ♪
♪ It's as much as I know watch it waste away ♪
♪ 'Cause I'll tell you everything ♪
♪ About living free ♪
♪ Yes, I can see you, girl ♪
♪ Can you see me ♪
♪ 'Cause I'll tell you everything ♪
♪ About being free ♪
Hey, Tom.
嗨 Tom
I thought I might see you here.
I always loved this place, ever since you brought me.
你带我来过后 我就爱上这里了
So I, uh-
那么 ..
I guess I should say congratulations.
我是不是该说 恭喜了
Only if you mean it.
Ah. Well, in that case-
好吧 既然这样..
So, are you okay?
I will be, eventually.
You wanna- Hmm.
你 ..
I like your suit. Ah, thanks.
- 这件衣服真不错 - 谢谢
You look sharp.
So do you. Thanks.
- 你也是 - 谢谢
I quit the office. You did?
- 我辞职了 - 真的吗
I didn't know. That's great!
我都不知道 真棒
And you, um-
you're married.
Yeah. It's crazy, huh?
很难以置信 对吧
You should have told me when we were at the- I know.
- 以前你告诉过我 在 .. - 我知道
You know, at the wedding when we were dancing.
在婚礼上 我们跳舞的时候
Well, he hadn't asked me yet. But he was in your life.
- 当时他还没有向我求婚 - 但是他已经走进了你的生活
Yeah. So why'd you dance with me?
'Cause I wanted to.
You just do what you want, don't you?
你只是做你想做的 是吗
You never wanted to be anybody's girlfriend,
and now you're somebody's wife.
Surprised me too.
I don't think I'll ever understand that.
I mean, it doesn't make sense.
我是说 这不合情理
It just happened.
Right, but that's what I don't understand. What just happened?
对 可这就是我理解不了的 怎么就这样了
I just- I just woke up one day, and I knew.
我只是一觉醒来 然后就明白了
Knew what?
What I was never sure of with you.
那些和你在一起 一直不能确定的
You know what sucks?
Realizing that everything you believe in is complete and utter bullshit.
It sucks. What do you mean?
- 真糟 - 什么
Uh, you know, destiny, and soul mates, and true love,
就是 命运 精神伴侣 真爱
and all that childhood fairy tale nonsense.
那些童话 什么的
You were right. L-I should have listened to you.
你是对的 我应该听你的
No. Yeah. What? What are you smiling at?
- 不 - 什么 你笑什么
Tom. What?
- Tom - 恩
What are you looking at me like that for?
Well, you know,
I guess it's 'cause...
I was sitting in a deli and reading Dorian Gray
我在店里看 道林·格雷
and... a guy comes up to me...
and asked me about it,
and... now he's my husband.
现在 他是我的丈夫
Yeah. And... so?
So, what if I'd gone to the movies?
What if I had gone somewhere else for lunch?
What if I'd gotten there 10 minutes later?
It was-
It was meant to be.
And I just kept thinking,
Tom was right. No.
- Tom是对的 - 不
Yeah, I did.
I did.
It just wasn't me that you were right about.
I should go.
But I'm really happy to see that you're doing well.
看到你过的不错 我真的很高兴
Summer Summer!
I really do hope that you're happy.
Most days of the year are unremarkable.
They begin and they end...
开始 结束
with no lasting memories made in between.
Most days have no impact...
on the course of a life.
May 23 was a Wednesday.
5月23日 一个星期三
Are you interviewing? Sorry?
- 你是来面试的吗 - 什么
Are you interviewing for the position?
Oh, yeah. Why? Are you? Yeah.
- 对 什么 你呢 - 也是
My competition.
It would appear.
Yeah. So, a little awkward.
Well, I hope you, um, don't get the job.
那么.. 祝你面试失败
Well, I hope you don't get the job.
那我也祝你 面试失败
Have I seen you before?
Me? I don't think so.
Do you ever go to Angelus Plaza?
Yes. That's, like, my favorite spot in the city.
当然 那是我最喜欢的地方
Yeah. Okay. Except for the parking lots, but-
Yeah. L- I agree. Yeah, yeah.
- 同意 - 对
I think I've seen you there. Really?
- 我见过你 - 真的
Yeah. I haven't seen you.
You must not have been looking.
If Tom had learned anything,
it was that you can't ascribe great cosmic significance...
to a simple earthly event.
Coincidence. That's all anything ever is.
巧合 每时每刻都在发生
Nothing more than coincidence.
Tom Hansen. Yeah.
Tom Hansen 恩
Come on back. Thank you.
- 该你了 - 谢谢
Tom had finally learned there are no miracles.
Tom 终于明白了 没有奇迹
There's no such thing as fate.
Nothing is meant to be.
He knew. He was sure of it now.
他懂了 很确定
Tom was- Sorry. Um-
Tom- 抱歉
I just left, uh- Can l- one second.
我忘了.. 等一下
He was pretty sure.
- Hey. - You again.
- 嘿 - 又是你
Yeah. I, uh, was just wondering...
if maybe after this, if, um, you-
也许在面试过后... 你..
you want to get some coffee or something.
Oh, I'm sorry.
I'm sort of supposed to meet someone after this.
What's that? Why not?
- 什么 - 没问题
Okay. Well, then I'll just, uh- I'll wait for you-
- 好 那我过会... 我等你
we- We'll figure it out. We'll figure it out.
- 我们再商量吧 - 我们再商量
- My name's Tom. - Nice to meet you. I'm Autumn.
- 我是 Tom - 很高兴认识你 我是 Autumn
♪ She's got you high and you don't even know yet ♪
♪ She's got you high and you don't even know yet ♪
♪ The sun's in the sky It's warming up your bare legs ♪
♪ And you can't deny you're looking for the sunset ♪
♪ She's got you high and you don't even know yet ♪
♪ It's the search for the time before it leaves without you ♪
♪ Have you lost your mind or has she taken all of yours too ♪
♪ What's this about I figured love would shine through ♪
♪ We've lost romance This world, its turns will see you through ♪
♪ open your mind Believe it's gonna come true ♪
♪ Keep romance alive and hope she's gonna tell you ♪
♪ What's this about I figured love would shine through ♪
♪ We've lost romance This world, its turns will see you through ♪
♪ open your mind Believe it's gonna come true ♪
♪ Keep romance alive and hope she's gonna tell you ♪
♪ She's got you high and you don't even know yet ♪
♪ The sun's in the sky It makes for happy endings ♪
♪ You can't deny you want a happy ending ♪
♪ What's this about I figured love would shine through ♪
♪ We've lost romance This world, its turns will see you through ♪
♪ open your mind Believe it's gonna come true ♪
♪ Keep romance alive and hope she's gonna tell you ♪
♪ She's got you high ♪
♪ What's this about I figured love would shine through ♪
♪ We've lost romance This world, its turns will see you through ♪
♪ open your mind Believe it's gonna come true ♪
♪ Keep romance alive and hope she's gonna tell you ♪
♪ What's this about I figured love would shine through ♪
♪ We've lost romance This world, its turns will see you through ♪
♪ open your mind Believe it's gonna come true ♪
♪ Keep romance alive and hope she's gonna tell you ♪
♪ She's got you high ♪